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After I earn a die bump, when can I opt to use it?

Must I announce that I will use a bump prior to making my check?
Can I use it after my (or someone else's)roll to ensure the successful check?

Does location matter?
Do I need to be at the same location to assist another player?
Can anyone use it from any location for another's check at any location?

Thank you in advance.

Silver Crusade 4/5 ***

You can use your die bump after you roll, and you can use your die bump to help anyone at the table regardless of location.

It's a Blessing of You!

Sovereign Court

Wow, you can use it after you roll? That's awesome.

(continues hoarding die bumps)

Grand Lodge

And if a character dies in-game, for three die-bumps (which can come from anyone at the table), the character comes back to life after the scenario is over and receives rewards as usual.

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