2-1F How did you do?

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Athnul, Ranzak, Koren

We actually had some trouble with time on this one.

We decided Athnul would be dragon bait for the game, she did so... reluctantly.

Since our group is con fort heavy we had little to no trouble on the checks. And Athnul happened to pick up a potion of fortitude and a potion of energy resistance this game, lol.

Anywho, Athnul kept throwing d6-1 what we needed to attempt the close, so we had to burn through almost every card.

We chased the beast to the Woods where its 18 check to defeat was outmatched by Koren's 31, bwahahaha.

My only thematic question is when did Black Fang kill Thelsikar? When it landed? Or one of its random pot shots from the sky?

Alas, we prevailed, returned to Sandpoint, and made our farewells as we left for Magnimar, The City of Secrets awaits!

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