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I have been tinkering with a custom AP. In the scenario the villain is a necromancer. The henchmen are... for lack of a better description "resurrection" baddies. During the scenario when a monster would be defeated from a location, put it under the location card. When you encounter the henchman, if undefeated shuffle all monsters back into the location deck.

So, here is where I need some help.

Thematically, I think a human necromancer underling works well, but what should the check to defeat include? Combat or Divine, Combat then Divine, just Wisdom Divine? Arcane?

Then I suppose is the necromancer immune to any traits? And what powers should they have?

I only own RotR with all expansions. I looked at the villains with the necromancer trait.

Azaven is also undead so he is immune to mental and poison, but why to cold and electricity? Is this from the "Lich" trait? He has a before the encounter Con, Fort check... I feel doesn't work in my scenario.

Barl Breakbones is not immune to any traits. He has a After the first check, which was neat, but doesn't seem to make sense for mine.

Mammy Graul is not immune to any traits, and her before is interesting. Before the encounter each character at this location summons and encounters an Ancient Skeleton henchman. Now this thematically makes sense, so I think I will use this.

So, here's what I have got for the henchman:

Traits: Human Necromancer
Powers: Before the encounter, each character at this location summons and encounters an Ancient Skeleton henchman.
If the "Necromancer" (I haven't named the henchman yet) is undefeated, shuffle all monsters under the location back into the location deck.

I suppose the villain would have the same powers, but also include Mammy Graul's final power: The first time in this scenario the anyone would defeat Mammy Graul, she is undefeated.

I like the idea of an undying necromancer that forces you (the player) to at least once in the game shuffle all the defeated monsters from a location back into the location.

Any thoughts? Also don't forget, I need help deciding the check to defeat.

I think this mechanic of shuffling monsters back into the location is very cool.

Having a mandatory Divine check is a hard thing. Anyone without the skill or a stat-stone (or equivalent) is rolling a d4. I agree it makes some sense with a Necromancer. Not sure what to do here. A Wisdom althernative might be a fair compromise (e.g. Combat then Divine/Wisdom).

I figure, if the check to defeat is missed, then the necromancer has time to "raise dead" or some such mumbo. Feels realistic to me.

I can understand the divine argument. Maybe meet in the middle with a (for example) combat 22 or divine 14 roll.

Give the option. I have seen some villains with this type of approach. With an "or" option, the or is usually an easier numerical check, but also limited in the skill abundance.

Just thinking out loud here.

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