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Aha, I was under the misapprehension that in order for the shield bonus to function, it needed to be used for offense, much like weapons with the defending enhancement.

... Of course, it was less than 24 hours after I posted my observations about Sleipnir's fragility that I had the epiphany that a Nexus could always just take Noble Astrologist (or dip Zodiac) and use a constellation champion as a considerably more sturdy mount that comes online much sooner...

Thank you for your time, Mr. Sayre, and for the clarifications.

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A fan of your work, Mr. Sayre. Very much enjoyed Akashic Realms and am looking forward to the next one. That said, I do have a question...

Michael Sayre wrote:
In the Asgardian Saga, Gungnir can be wielded in one hand while you're mounted (such as on Sleipnir or even Geri and Freki, depending on your size), and Gungnir grants a shield bonus that scales with essence, so the general idea was that you would basically be using Mjolnir as your primary weapon, but with the ability to guard yourself with Gungnir thanks to its greater reach and shield bonus. I think it works pretty neatly when you've got the various pieces of the set up and running, but YMMV.

While I can appreciate the intent, using Sleipnir to invoke a phantom steed only becomes an option for a Nexus (the only class with all of the Asgardian Saga on their class veil list) at level 16, at which you have a steed with an AC in the teens and a hit point total in the twenties. This feels quite late for the fighting style to be used to its full effect, especially since it requires not only Mounted Combat but Two Weapon Fighting to use fully, while suffering the penalties for using two weapon fighting without one of the weapons being a light weapon, meaning either the full style must wait until level 19 to have all the pieces and take the feats, or the feats must be taken ahead of time and will have at least one level where they're still waiting for the style to come online.

Of course, a small character can sidestep this, as you mentioned above, using Geri & Freki.

I'm not sure if maybe there's something I've missed, but as I'm looking into running this, I'm trying to figure out how to keep the PCs from going off-track by using plane shift to head to another plane as early as level 9 (and by level 13, certainly), then plane shifting a second time, this time sending themselves back to their home planet, bypassing everything up to the end of Depths of Desperation. Advice, anyone?

Any timeline on when we might see Akashic Realms Volume 1 available for sale on paizo's site, Mr. Sayre?

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Rysky wrote:
GM PDK wrote:
Rysky wrote:
They even have a thematic Prestige Class for such an endeavor :3
What's the best way to qualify for this prestige class? (i.e. anyone knows if a certain class or PrC or archetype gives you these for free: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (sawtooth sabre), Great Fortitude, Weapon Focus (sawtooth sabre) )
Inquisitor is probably your best bet, due to the high 3rd level spells requirement.

Warpriest with or without the Mantis Zealot archetype gets free proficiency and free Weapon Focus, but won’t get 3rd level spells until 7th level. Still nets more of the prereq feats than Inquisitors, though, and gets bonus combat feats to make up for taking Great Fortitude.

Would you be so kind as to tell us a little about your gloomblade tengu (Michael Sayre mentioned the character when referencing the Return of the Runelords office campaign) and what the experience of playing that archetype has been like?

How do you feel about shipping Godzilla and Mothra?

Jereru wrote:
Belltrap wrote:
Given his parentage, you could just copy the solar ability and have every arrow loosed from his bow become a slaying arrow of the appropriate type.

That sounds a bit too much, doesn't it? I was thinking something along the lines of "casts is own fiery/shadowy bolts so doesn't need ammo, like the old D&D cartoons one". Am I being too conservative?

Regarding Parities, yes, I was thinking maybe the character could join one in the future when he's forgiven, but for now he's an ex-Lawbringer and thus Parity-less.

The DM has said we effectively have endless mundane ammo already.

Jereru wrote:

Ah, yes, the artifact... I honestly can't think of something other than a bow. In his Sol Invictus incarnation, Gabriel had a Legendary bow called Solar Wind. I guess the weapon could have turned "black" together with the owner, reversing powers and aspect as well and changing its name.

All of this Sun/Black Hole, Light/Dark and Fire/Gravity thing reminds me of the Starfinder Solarian, maybe Gabriel is a Solarian without even knowing about them... sounds cool.

Also, I know barely nothing about Astronomy, so bare with me if I mess things up.

Given his parentage, you could just copy the solar ability and have every arrow loosed from his bow become a slaying arrow of the appropriate type.

TheGoofyGE3K wrote:
Oh man oh man oh man do I want to make the flash by combining monk, kineticist, and either fighter or alchemist to get the science in there lol. Decisions decisions...

It may be worthwhile to consider the Voyager class from Dreamscarred Press, a movement-oriented psionics class.

Tenro wrote:
Kigvan wrote:
Krigare wrote:
@Kigvan - How are you getting a +19 to init? Especially with a 12 dex.

Noble Scion (War) changes Init from a Dex check to a Charisma check,

+8Cha, +4 Improved Initative, +4 Insight (Powerless Prophecy Curse level 5 benefit), +3 competence (Circlet of Persuasion)

Circlet of persuasion? I thought with ABP we couldnt buy items that have enhancement bonuses.

Kigvan spelled out that Circlet of Persuasion is a competence bonus. You may be thinking of Headband if Alluring Charisma. Specifically, Circlet of Persuasion gives a bonus to “Charisma-based” checks and without modifying the base Charisma itself, much like cloak of elvenkind doesn’t modify Dexterity.

So the Circlet does not increase spell save DCs, spell slots, divine grace, etc.

Are there any limits on stacking sneak attack? For instance, if a character was rogue 10/stalker (vigilante) 10/alchemist (vivisectionist) 10, could they start with 14d6 sneak attack?

@JankInTheTank As someone also looking at playing a gunslinger myself I think the Spell Cartridges feat from Heroes of Golarion might be of interest to you.

Certain triclass prestige classes like the Trinity Angels and Trinity Knights are a part of one of the Parities in Co7S. Would access to them be restricted? What about other classes like eldritch knight, mystic theurge, etc?

What about custom races based on existing Paizo Starfinder races like Skittermanders?

What level of firearms are available?

Is there a recruitment deadline or cutoff?

You have my interest, definitely.

Some questions:

You mentioned wanting to tightly control equipment in this game. To what extent are firearms allowed?

How would a skittermander be handled mechanically? I do have some ideas, but I wouldn't want to presume.

Almonihah wrote:
Hmmm... looking at possibilities, I'm actually leaning Unchained Rogue... but still not wanting to step on the Investigator's toes. Thinking of building to emphasize stealth, sneak attacks, and lots and lots of skills (particularly ALL THE KNOWLEDGE). Would that conflict too badly with the Investigator?

As a note, while my pixie will probably not be as knowledgeable, I will be working on a naturally invisible character with as many dice of sneak attack as I can wring from the build.

@Kichiro considering your main weapons in combat are your natural weapons, maybe trade away spell-less ranger’s martial proficiency for a martial tradition that gives Unarmored Training? If you want to keep your bow, you can pick up an archery martial tradition but see if you can squeeze Extra Combat Talent into your feats.

Ouachitonian wrote:
How do you feel about templates? I’m thinking about a natural werebear druid who becomes a demigod of good lycanthropes. Or possibly a half-dragon who becomes a demigod of Draconic-allies humans (Apsu generally being concerned only, or at least primarily, with true dragons).

I get the sneaking feeling someone's itching to take the new Bear Sphere for a spin.

Oh lord, the Dreamstone. Just finished running the House on Hook Street on Roll20 earlier this year.

EDIT: Given the intent to have players be built using class levels, would it be inappropriate to play a creature such as a daemonic harbinger/empyreal lord/archdevil/psychopomp usher that are sorta demigod-ish? Or would that get too far away from your idea of "demigods as people"?

Thank you for the answers.

I apologize for reiterating a question, but Wicked Fantasy Orks lack the weapon familiarity of standard orcs. Would I be required to take EWP for proficiency with an orc hornbow, or would I be allowed to treat it as a martial weapon, if I decide to stick with standard proficiencies over a martial tradition?

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Aw, Modrons only get two arms... There goes the idea for a bolt ace homage to Nordom...

Delmoth, how would you feel about a variant orc inspired by Wicked Fantasy's orks? Feels like a good fit for the Athar, with the orks having rejected the control of their gods by devouring the orc pantheon after going to orc valhalla.

Thank you for the advice everyone! Still working on the ork character, hoping to meet the deadline.

A few questions.

How does vital strike interact with barrage? Does it apply to the first hit, or the first attack?

For a gestalt character like a fighter (impossible warrior) 1/conscript 1, would the character maintain all martial proficiencies while also getting a martial tradition, or would they only be able to choose one or the other?

Wicked Fantasy Orks lack the weapon familiarity of standard orcs. Would I be required to take EWP for proficiency with an orc hornbow, or would I be allowed to treat it as a martial weapon?

I didn't see the question asked before, but I have trouble imagining it wasn't – so I'm sorry for missing it, but are characters required to be members of Parities to participate in the Wardens?

It's probably a mistake to make an attempt to pull something together at this late stage when I haven't even finished reading Co7S yet and am unfamiliar with vast swathes of the 3PP material available... but it's Co7S, and if I don't take a shot now, who knows when the next chance will come along, so what's the harm?

I remember not being enamored with Wicked Fantasy: Orks: Children of Pain's mechanics, but loving the flavor, so maybe I'll go back and give them another chance.

Brief mechanical sketch at this point would be a fighter (impossible warrior) 12 and brawler 6/??? to build a relatively straightforward iron caster ork (or maybe half-ork?), probably using an orc hornbow. If anyone has recommendations to round out the build, I'd be appreciative.

I am leaning strongly, at the moment, towards a pixie rogue. As such, a few questions for the illustrious DM. Does pixie dust work only on bows and arrows or could it hypothetically work on a crossbow and bolts?

Accomplished sneak attacker references character level. For purposes of ASA, would a Pixie Rogue 6 be character level 6 or 10, taking into consideration the 4 racial hit dice?

Just to confirm, if we roll stats, we can still later choose to play a monster character instead?

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I was pretty let down to see that the biohacker equivalent of the technomancer's "magic hack" was "biohacker theorem" instead of "life hack".

Michael Sayre wrote:
(Xibalba, maybe? Though that's a little darker than I'd like to aim for)

I don't know if it makes any difference, but Xibalba is already in use in the Golarion setting as the name for the demiplane the sahkils have carved out of the Ethereal Plane to be their personal Silent Hill.

Salutations Mr. Hodge. I have a question regarding something fairly late in the module...

How does Nahum cast dominate on Maynard without access to 5th level spells? A scroll? Was it an artifact from a previous draft where he was an arcane caster or psychic rather than occultist?

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Is "monitor" the new term for "morally neutral outsider", functioning in a manner similar to "celestial" and "fiend"?

Blosodriette wrote:

Kudos to whoever wrote the backstory on duskwalkers! I am thoroughly fascinated by this new race addition.

Could that glorious person please provide any additional insight about the race, advice, comments, anecdotes or any other stories you have about it? Thank you!

Any advice on alternate racial traits that could replace the ghost touch weapon feature for something else? (for divine or arcane casters, for instance?) NOTE: not for PFS, but for homebrew campaign purposes... conceptual / general ideas only...

Judging by the description, the Plane-Hopper's Handbook that is currently available for purchase may have the answers you're looking for. Inquiries as to the general nature of information contained therein, including alternate racial traits, are generally answered, though the particulars of the mechanics may be kept vague.

Salutations, Endzeitgeist. Thank you for all your diligent work on reviews.

Judging by this review, it sounds like the new Power Word spells mentioned in your review for the GM's guide to Kaidan didn't make it into the Player's Guide. Is it correct that the only place to find these spells would then be the GM's guide?

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While unofficial, Adam Daigle has been kind enough to take a stab at what Fear-baby-blooded tieflings would look like, in case the book doesn't include them.

SheepishEidolon wrote:
Since Unfettered Wild Shape replaces "just" Wild Shape, it has to be roughly as powerful. Which means the player has to pay a significant price for the much higher flexibility of regular Wild Shape. That might be frustrating sometimes, but I consider it better than powercreep via new archetypes.

Not every trade is 1 for 1. Consider archetypes where a class gets diminished spellcasting, but gets more powerful class features elsewhere to make up the difference.

The Edict Dragon has age categories.

It does not gain the command rider on its breath weapon until it reaches great wyrm. When it reaches adult, however, it can fill the area of its breath weapon with stone spike, in addition to the full damage of the breath weapon. It does not have to choose between stone spikes or command, but can do both without penalty.

Is it just me or does this sound a lot like the backstory of

Grandmaster Torch

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Well that’s mortifying. What I get for posting when drowsy. I apologize, Mr. Stephens.

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Hello Mr. Stevens. To what extent have you run adventures for players with your Really Wild West setting hack/microsetting? Would you kindly share a bit about any of those adventures with us?

Recently you mentioned you're currently playing in a campaign with mythic PCs.

Could you share a little about the campaign and your character?

CorvusMask wrote:
Ah, yeah, now that I think about it few pictures related to Doomsday Dawn we have seen have related to Osirion. I hope it won't be the case were the whole dominion thing will be taken care in seven playtest adventures and never actually get its own ap <_<; That would be anticlimactic

James Jacobs has confirmed Doomsday Dawn will be about the 4718 AR Dominion of the Black countdown clocks.

Very much looking forward to both Planar Adventures and Sandpoint.

While I recognize the rest of the schedule for what remains of 1st edition Pathfinder is likely set by now, on the off chance voicing myself could make a difference, where would be the best place to make it known that I hope the Dominion of the Black countdown clock to AR 4718 plot thread is addressed before 2nd Edition officially pushes the timeline to AR 4719?

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Errant Inlad wrote:
*Edit replacing Deadly Aim with Rapid shot, as DA doesn't work with touch attacks.

Firearms are explicitly compatible with Deadly Aim. It's in the Firearms section of Ultimate Combat / the PRD.

I volunteer!

I volunteer as tribute!

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Now don't take this as gospel, but if memory serves, while they do have an internal explanation, it's been said by one writer that the intention isn't for the readership to be able to piece together the Paizo's internal explanation.

Rather, they have an internal explanation so that, if it ever did get out what happened to Aroden, everything else that might have been published that's related to Aroden's death will fit. If someone is able to use what's known to extrapolate Paizo's internal explanation, that would be coincidental, and not intentional – at least on the part of the writer who spoke on the subject.

I hope I'm remembering right, and it may be that this is only the intention of the particular writer who spoke to the subject, rather than the Paizo-wide intent, but I haven't seen any Paizo writer say that they're doling out breadcrumbs with the intent of letting some clever segment of the audience to tease out Paizo's internal explanation.

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Todd Stewart wrote:

I'll get back to you on this one later today or tomorrow.

In Golarion where they're native to the Ethereal Plane rather than one of the evil, outer sphere planes, no I don't consider them fiends. They're horribly evil but they're not formed of the substance of metaphysical evil itself. However if future material on the Night Hags provides a more convincing rationale as to why they should be considered actual fiends I'm open to changing my opinion. [For what it's worth I'd consider the night hags from D&D to be fiends since they're native to the Gray Waste as evolved hordelings]

The Maelstrom is infinite, so yes, there's room for more than one race of CN outsiders (just as there's room for multiple TN outsiders for instance, psychopomps and aeons, who both occupy entirely different metaphysical niches within that alignment). Of course different types of proteans could fill most any niche I think, and the more myriad the proteans the better.

Looking at her character sheet from when I played her in RotRL, and based on what I remember using, her favorite spells were: magic missile, fireball (acid substituted usually), confusion, black tentacles, a custom spell called protoplasmic burst (fireball but acid substituted and if you failed the save you're stuck to the ground as if by a tanglefoot bag), baleful polymorph, disintegrate, energy hammer, prismatic ray, and maze. She was an arcanist so by the end of the game at level 17 she hadn't gotten level 9 spells.

Thank you for the answers and the patience.

By your definition of fiends, then, do oni, rakshasa, and sahkil not qualify as fiends to your mind?

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Alright, something a little less cruel. Do you have any thoughts you'd be willing to share on whether Fear Baby-blooded tieflings exist, and if they do, what they might be like?

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Do you have any thoughts on Shadow Sandpoint (that is, the reflection of Sandpoint on the Plane of Shadow) that you'd be willing to share with us at this time?

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I did mean all the non-big nine races, eheh. I suppose it's only fair to list the rest if I want an answer, though. So the ones I neglected to fully list were... Demodands, Div, Garuda, Kami, Kyton, Peri, Psychopomps (if you count Aeons as the 'big nine' representative for TN), Manasaputra, Qlippoth, and Rakshasa.

Do you count night hags as fiends?

Do you think there's room for more than one race of CN outsiders in Golarion's cosmology or do you feel Protean fills all/any potential needs?

What have been some of Il'setsya Wyrmtouched's favorite and/or signature spells?

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Favorite Fear Baby Tormentor? (I know, I'm asking you to choose a favorite child. How evil!)

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