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Game Master Radiant Mercy

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If I had any idea how to build a character for this, I'd try. :P 'Unfortunately', I do most of my PF character construction work via Hero Lab.

So do I. Building as an NPC and using the customizable section to add abilities worked great. XD

Yeah, but I don't even know what the 'pseudostalt' stuff is, so ...

That's in the first post. XD "Pseudogestalt functions as gestalt in most respects, but players combine skill points per level from each of their classes and choose one side of their gestalt to gain stats from (BAB, saves, HD size, et cetera)."

Wait, so, I guess I misunderstood too.

If I have a 2 + int mod class on one side and a 4 + int mod class on the other side, I actually get 6 ranks + int mod per level?

In other words, I get the base ranks from all of my class levels total, plus my int mod * level, yes?

Yep. Otherwise, you get the whole chassis (BAB, HD, saves) from one side or the other, but you can't take the best of each, or the saves from one side and the BAB from another.

Great! That really gives my character a lot of extra skill points (I am almost done mechanically, by the way. The only thing I have left to do is to choose gear, which is my least favorite part) (it got extra complicated, with abilities from six classes, martial maneuvers, and both arcane and divine magic).

I will post up... tomorrow, I think. I need to flesh it out to my satisfaction before I'm ready.

OK, I have finished Fen of Trederra, my half-troll holy warrior sweetheart. Below is his description, 10-hour backstory and his intended party role. This is also reproduced in his profile. His profile contains his statblock.

He is a mythic guardian, and a warder/bloodrager/cleric/battle templar.

Let me know what you think.

= = =

Description: Fen is a manifestation of divine wrath. Originally a holy warrior from another universe in a conflict between order and individuality, Fen is shamed and humbled by his faction's defeat in that war, but he has only become more driven to oppose oppressors, robots, vile evil and sameness.

Fen is very large, and has a lanky, lopsided appearance to him. His dark skin ripples with different colors according to his mood, from a near-purple when he is calm to a sharp red when he is raging. He surpasses seven feet easily, although he frequently hunches. His arms are freakishly long, and he most often puts them in specially-tailored pockets or links them behind his back for comfort. Despite his strange, alien appearance, he has a noble bearing and a kind mien, with gentle eyes even though his tusks are intimdating.

He wears spiked gauntlets on each arm, each of them engraved with twisting runes and symbols, and each made from a different metal. On his shoulders are draped a flowing red cloak, and underneath a battered and scratched and dirty breastplate. For pants, he wears common woolen pants most of the time, and a pair of boots. Fen also loves jewellery, and his long, pointed ears bear a dozen piercings. He wears multiple necklaces, and wrapped around the spikes of his gauntlets are several jewelled fetishes. His nose and eyebrows are also pierced with shiny metal studs. He would get tattoos, but his troll-blood ensures that they fade away so quickly, it is hardly worth the effort of getting them.

Role, Abilities: Fen is primarily what you would call a "tank". With Guard's Glare, Cornugon Smash, argimer's mark and his Eternal Guardian maneuvers, he moves into melee combat with foes and makes it very difficult for them to move away from him, debuffing their attacks against his allies and sometimes outright preventing foes from disengaging. He also has potent divine spellcasting abilities, although his domains and archetype force him to focus on Destruction domain spells, which are mostly about dealing damage. He has several auras which buff the attacks and damage of either all nearby creatures or all allies, making melee combat with him involved fast, brutal, and powerful. Ruled by fear in his young days, he is now nearly immune to it, with large bonuses to saves versus fear.

He also, courtesy of his aberrant bloodline and fiend's grip weapon, possesses a natural 15' reach, which, combined with stances that control areas within his reach (for instance, Vigilant Keeper's Stance, which makes his threatened zone difficult terrain for enemies) and his 7 AoOs per round, mean that he is capable of commanding all melee combatants in a wide swath of the battlefield.

He is also a battle templar, a prestige class which gives him the ability to initiate maneuvers and use divine magic simultaneously, and heal himself whenever he initiates a maneuver. Combined with his troll-blood natural healing rate (a night's rest every hour) he is able to keep going for a long, long time.

10-minute Backstory:
5 points:

1. Fen was created as a living weapon in a lab by a god of perfection and modification. He was not given a name, and he was endlessly experimented on in horrific scientific endeavors that were excruciatingly painful.

2. He was rescued by the followers of a goddess of outcasts, and brought to live with her in her paradise of the lost. There, he found his own identity for the first time.

3. He became the herald of this goddess after her previous herald was destroyed in an invasion of the body-snatchers. Thereafter, he crusaded relentlessly on her behalf, fighting for the lost and disenfranchised and alone everywhere.

4. He and all of the other followers of his goddess were defeated in a final conflict between his faction and the faction of an opposing god. As a final gift to him, his goddess exiled him from their dimension to save his life, and he ended up in another universe.

5. For a time, he wandered alone, eventually coming to the City of Seven Sigils. When he discovered the city, he realized that there was more to the multiverse than the one universe he knew, and that somewhere out there, his goddess might still exist.

6. At the same time, he knew that the forces he opposed under her banner were still out there. Fen is a weapon against sameness, oppression, conformity, automation, convenience, and against solitude. Until he finds his goddess again (and likely afterwards as well) he plans to crusade on without her.

2 Goals:

1. To defeat a powerful lawful foe representing ultimate law, such as an insect queen whose swarms threaten to blanket the multiverse, a robot who wishes to absorb everything into its AI, or a tyrant king who wishes to conquer areas that are not rightfully his.

2. To console or rescue a lost hybrid or outcast, somebody who everybody else has given up on, such as a creature with a horrific appearance but inner goodness or an orphan who has lost everything that she loved.

2 Secrets:

1. Due to his realm of interest, Fen has found the locations of many a gang hideaway, criminal burrow, or other home of unsavory types. However, he keeps all of this kind of information to himself. He knows exactly why people like that do what they do, and it isn't too often due to an inner desire to do evil for evil's sake. Most of the time, crime is driven by desperation. So he does what he can to help those people, and he keeps their location a secret from those who draw a harder and less compromising line.

2. One of Fen's friends found the location of a mirror of his home realm, Trederra. However, they did not tell him about it. This is because the in the alternate dimension, Myra never lost, but instead is simply locked in an eternal and bloody war with her enemy, Centrum. Fen's friend is afraid that if he were to find out about this discovered realm, he would run away and waste his life on a pointless, endless war.

3 Contacts:

1. Green Aulana, a young changeling girl. Fen found her in the midst of being tempted by her hag mother into becoming a hag herself to try and alleviate her loneliness, and uncovered that the mother had driven away everyone Aulana had known in an attempt to coerce her in this way. Fen uncovered the evidence of the hag's duplicity and brought Aulana under his wing at the same time.

2. Tucceia, a middle-aged tiefling who runs a civil rights group inside of the city. With so many minorities, there is bound to be some racial conflict, and Tucceia works to resolve it when she can. While Fen's hulking form stands out in her small office, he is always welcome there after exposing and catching a couple of goons who were perpetrating hate crimes.

3. Bolgrim, a dwarven hunter that Fen met on one of his excursions outside of the city. Bolgrim is another powerful adventurer who is capable of plane-hopping. Unfortunately, like most dwarves he hates giants, and thinks little more of Fen than as another creature for him to hunt down. The few times they're run into each other have sent Fen scrambling for cover from Bolgrim's attacks, as Fen has no wish to kill him.

3 Memories:

1, Terror: 'Waking alone in a cold, chrome and steel room. The flush of relief as I realize that I am alone. They have left me here, blessfully, to rest. It is dark, but the eyes they gave me see through that. Suddenly, light is cast across the room. A single square of light in the door, and half of a visible human head. A shot of fear through my heart as I realize that it's starting again.'

2, Joy: 'My laughter echoes in my chest as I get my second piercing. It is painful, but that is nothing compared to the thrill of doing something subversive and strange. The first one was addictive: The feeling of meeting someone, of catching their gaze as they disapprove of such an anachronistic decoration. The thrill of remembering that there is nothing they can do about it. It was a thrill I couldn't deny, and I had to return for a second.'

3, Wrath: 'I do not remember crossing the distance between the bridge where I was enjoying a nighttime walk and the alleyway where I saw him, but I remember the surging feeling as my arm became liquid and the crashing sound as he hit the wall behind himself. I remember the whimpering of the beaten escort below him, and the way that he immediately began to snivel and beg when faced with something bigger and stronger than he. Coward. Even today, my lip curls at the thought.'

Oh, I've just realized: I'm still going through the Suzerain book for the Telesma feats. I will let you know when I've done that, but please give me some notes on what I've done already!

I actually do need a bit of info for my paladin before I go in hard on the concept.

How frequent is mythic in this campaign? Should I just assume all of the "vs non-mythic creature" abilities are going to be a waste of my resources? Or will we actually interact with a significant number of normal foes?

very interested, will have to come up with an entry into this very soon

Question; how are we handling Magical Traditions for spherecasters? Are we able to choose whatever drawbacks and boons suit our characters, or limited to the printed examples? Is not having one an option?

Looking over things I've been realizing again just how terrible Kichiro's AC is for someone whose primary contribution to combat is melee. The trouble is I'm not sure how to improve it further. I've already spent a mythic path ability, a feat, and an ioun stone on AC, and I'm not really sure what more I can do given we're doing ABP.

Kichiro, can Shifters wear armor? Is there a version of Wild that works for them?

You may want to hold off for a bit of final fiddling once the party is selected. For example (if selected) Clara could happily provide fizzy drinks of barkskin (+5 natural armor).

Another option is gear (or class abilities) that protects you in other ways, e.g. something to give you displacement or uncanny dodge.

Kichiro Hayashi wrote:
Looking over things I've been realizing again just how terrible Kichiro's AC is for someone whose primary contribution to combat is melee. The trouble is I'm not sure how to improve it further. I've already spent a mythic path ability, a feat, and an ioun stone on AC, and I'm not really sure what more I can do given we're doing ABP.

Depending on your favored combat style, a buckler gives you a shield bonus and does not interfere with attacking too much. If it does interfere, a couple feats will give you the ability to ignore penalties. I do not think shields interfere too much with natural attacks... The attendant property from Spheres would allow you to call it to hand without too much trouble. And as gyrfalcon says, party composition will affect some things. Azuriele is planning on taking a feat which will effectively increase the AC of all party members by a fair chunk within 2 rounds (Dark Allure), but can probably shake some things up to bring it into play sooner.

Dark Archive

I'm in the same boat. Basically, unless you are heavily Dex-focused or get 2+ stats to AC, you're gonna have mediocre AC. That said, Tarov has a basically absurdly deep pool of temp HP, turns a bunch of damage per round into nonlethal (which he can heal with Resolve) and has some DR/- on top of that, so I figure it's not the worst state for him.

Kichiro does have some other methods to avoid getting hit--he can turn himself invisible when he teleports around and make illusory duplicates of himself, and he does have decent HP. Just still nervous about being too squishy.

As I understand it, Wild armor would actually not help me much right now. I get +4 Armor bonus to AC from my mythic path ability, which is the best I could get from light armor (The Wild ability would entirely eat up the enhancement bonus). I suppose if I went for a Wild mithril breastplate it would actually help by 2, which is nothing to sneeze at.

I don't think I can really use a buckler given my natural form and a lot of the forms I'm likely to turn into don't have hands, though. :D

I think you're right about not worrying about it unless I get picked--I doubt my AC number has much bearing on recruitment.

My character is essentially relying on defensive offensive (lots of AoOs) and plenty of self-healing through martial healing and Reach of the Divine to keep himself safe, not AC. AC is not really a sustainable way to avoid attacks into the high levels, so.

I added a little more to Fen's profile (found above).

I also looked through Kichiro's profile and think our two PCs would get along really well!

@Kichiro considering your main weapons in combat are your natural weapons, maybe trade away spell-less ranger’s martial proficiency for a martial tradition that gives Unarmored Training? If you want to keep your bow, you can pick up an archery martial tradition but see if you can squeeze Extra Combat Talent into your feats.

Ah, I hadn't looked at Spheres of Might yet. That would be a possibility. The fact that shapeshifting other than the blank form would lose the bonus would hurt, but I'm honestly probably going to use the blank form more often than not, because a 25-foot-long winged fox with four clawed arms sprouting out of his back should be a terrifying enough combat form. :D I could also grab Blur and/or Decoy from the Illusion sphere for more options.

But I think I will wait until after recruitment is done to decide what to tweak.

Rednal wrote:

Yeah, Gonzo has a lot of fun stuff. XD It's definitely worth a look on the wiki if you haven't gone through it before. I actually considered a Phantom Thief myself, but after some mulling about, I thought it would be more effective in a live game where you can react to stuff much better and really go all-in on it, so I settled on Atomic Adept instead.

Also, I tweaked Eirian's build a bit to get rid of some things I didn't really need and add a few more useful magic talents.

Hmm, after looking at Gonzo stuff, there is a lot of fun in there. I am thinking either an Architect or a Warpmaster, depending on if we are more in need of range or melee.

Abzug's build is amazonian, simultaneously muscular and lithe, more akin to one of the great predator cats than a bear. Her skin is green, she has undercuts on both sides of her head. The hair that remains is a lustrous black mane, worn long in a pair of loose braids that end in iron rings. Abzug also has matching black tattoos with a sleeve-like design that covers her biceps, with a bear paw on her shoulders. She tends to wear sleeveless clothes that leave these tattoos on display, preferring practical clothing that allows for ease of movement. She can't remember the last time she wore a skirt, generally preferring breeches.

10 Minute Background:
Five Things:
• Abzug is descended from orks reject worship of the gods, claiming to have killed the orcish gods that created them to be slaves in a war against the gods of the humans and other demihuman races.
• Abzug prefers to communicate through actions and deeds rather than words, and so prefers messages that are easier to communicate with actions and deeds.
• Abzug is proud of her ork heritage. She is unapologetic and unashamed of being an ork, and sees no contradiction between this and maintaining cordial relations with races that, on other worlds, might consider orcs natural enemies.
• Abzug is adopted. Her heritage can be traced back to the Shadow Steppers tribe, but her adopted father, Balthor, an ork preacher of the godless gospel of pain and freedom to orcs from across other Material Planes, is from the Guile of Khusmet tribe.
• Despite her disdain for divinities themselves, Abzug tries (though does not always succeed) to judging mortal servants of the divine by their actions and not their beliefs, just as she hopes that those of other races will judge her not by her race but by her actions.

Two Goals:
• Abzug wants to convince her father that her approach to spreading the ideas of rejecting ork gods in favor of freedom is valid (not necessarily superior, but valid) and when she dies, to leave both orcs across the planes, the ork race, and Hyraeatan better than when she came into the world.
• For Abzug to obtain an orc hornbow worthy of becoming a legendary item.

Two Secrets:
• Abzug has kept knowledge of the Telesma secret from all but Illyat, fearing that if her father were to know she is in possession of a direct link to the progenitor of her Shadow Stepper heritage, it might strain their relationship beyond hope of repair.
• When the progenitor of the Shadow Steppers tribe, Tuvanka, murdered Shuvalah, the trickster god of the orc pantheon, and ate his heart, she gained his powers, but also inherited the dark bargain Shuvalah had made with dark things to make his power. This dark bargain hangs over all Shadow Steppers, a dark secret they keep form the other tribes. (See Illyat, under People for more.)

Three People:
• Balthor, Abzug's foster father, is an ork of the Guile of Khusmet Tribe and a preacher of the godless gospel of pain and freedom to orcs from across other Material Planes. He and Abzug love one another, but do not see eye to eye on how to spread the word to orcs of other worlds, with Abzug favoring spreading word by action rather than her father's methods.
• L'Kor, a brewkeeper devotee of Cayden Cailean who runs Abzug's favorite bar. Despite their differences of opinion, Abzug respects that on any given day, it's a coin toss which one of them drinks the other under the table. It doesn't hurt that whenever he comes up with a wild, new concoction, he'll give her a free sample in exchange for her feedback.
• "Illyat"/??? the gavah, the blood shaman, of orkish Guile of Khusmet tribe located in Hyraeatan is, in fact, Abzug's birth mother. Having recognized her daughter's potential at birth, the Shadow Stepper master of disguise has spent the years since Abzug's birth grooming her birth daughter as a sacrifice to those dark things, pushing Abzug to her full potential, much like fattening a calf.

• Abzug strongly remembers her father's participation in defending Hyraeatan against the Lightbringer Incursion, fighting alongside him to protect their adopted home.
• Similarly, she remembers how viciously she and her father fought when he decided after the end of the Incursion that rather than continue spreading word of the orks by example and deed, he instead returned to his preaching across the Material planes using Hyraeatan as his base of operations.
• The first time her father took her with him to a Material plane, realizing how large the world outside Hyraeatan itself was, how radically different as she stared up into a wide blue sky, awestruck by the infinite possibilities of the planes. One thing she misses most about no longer accompanying him and acting as his bodyguard is that she no longer travels as widely nor sees as many worlds anymore.

Character sheet is still very much a work in progress.

*Excitedly notes it's the 20th*
*Keeps tails crossed*

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Absolutely! Looking forward to decisions. Good luck y’all!

The hype increases! Good luck everyone!

I'm not sure we can afford to wish luck to others. The competition for this game is brutal.

But, eh, good luck anyway.

I'm ready, Mr Krabs!

Good luck indeed!

I've got fizzy drinks here for everyone, whether we get in or not.

Best of luck to everyone! There is some serious competition here. :)

Good luck to all and here’s hoping for myself!

In the process of formatting the character sheet now, but Abzug's sheet is 95% done, in case it's not too late for her to be considered.

Deadline date has come and gone with no word... worrying.

Restless Flame wrote:
Deadline date has come and gone with no word... worrying.

I wouldn't be too worried, Mercy was around within the last few days, and already expressed difficulty in formulating the perfect party and having to make tweaks to the adventure. I expect it might still be a couple of days before anything is announced.

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

True, with a game with as many complex submissions as this, it's understandable that Mercy is a bit late.

In activitites of leisure, always treat deadlines as polite suggestions, if you ask me.

Yaksha91 wrote:
In activitites of leisure, always treat deadlines as polite suggestions, if you ask me.

Exactly! Mercy also mentioned a possible extension of the deadline because of several real-life delays and the website eating some posts. But really, this is for fun - enjoy the process, and if things happen - great! Trying to rush things along will not affect the outcome, either.

The recruitment is officially closed!

I meant to post at midnight mentioning that the recruitment was now closed, but prepping for the end-of-semester grading crunch saw me preoccupied. I was trying to go ahead and get that out of the way so it doesn't impede any of my upcoming projects: this game, another campaign I will be working on in the coming month, two JRPG playthroughs that have been on the backburner for a while now, a replay of Borderlands the Handsome Collection in anticipation of Borderlands 3, the dissection of Lovecraft's works for hidden symbolisms and metaphors that I can use to both spice up next semester's class and get them thinking outside the box, and what have you. It bears noting that the 20th was the deadline for submissions, though not necessarily selections.

I will be spending the next day or so reverse-engineering the newer submissions, re-checking the older submissions, messaging people for clarifications on things that look off, and what have you. There is a good bit of work left to do, given recent submissions and my own nature to double-check what I have already checked. I am therefore setting a tentative one or two day deadline before I post my selections. I would suggest looking out for a post no sooner than tomorrow afternoon.

As Douglas Adams once said, "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by."

I have both Discord and Skype if you need to contact me with any questions! Take as long as you need, I got nowhere to be.

My apologies! I hope it's okay that I'm putting the stats on a separate page from my profile, easier to keep up to date that way. They're also not finished.

I wanted to ask before I took them, but are Advanced Magic Talents kosher? Specifically looking at Cataclysm and Penetrating Blast talents from Destruction.

Honestly I wouldn't have been surprised if we hadn't heard from you until today, given yesterday was a holiday for certain parts of the world.

Jeez I'm so amped for selections I'm checking every time I get a chance

I've finished roughly half of the submissions. I started with those less than four pages in length and went onwards, so some of my more arduous re-examinations are yet to come. Tomorrow is a faculty off-day and I hope that I can finish this recruitment by tomorrow night.

Some of you have questions waiting in your inboxes. Others will likely receive some shortly requesting clarifications, more information, and what have you. Be sure to check your inbox every so often to ensure your character gets their fair shake!

Vetting higher-level sheets is "fun", isn't it? XD

Avatar of the Source wrote:
I've finished roughly half of the submissions. I started with those less than four pages in length and went onwards, so some of my more arduous re-examinations are yet to come.

Yorick watches his character never get reviewed.

Seriously, though, it's a colossal undertaking, I definitely don't envy you right now.

Thanks for giving us all a thorough review!

I definitely have more experience than most GMs with higher-level games, but only rarely do I make my games quite this expansive in terms of character creation guidelines unless I personally know the players.

I will freely admit this is hard work, especially since I unwisely set the closing date near the end of the semester and, as a teacher, that is one of the worst times to commit to anything.

But all that is fine. I have learned over the years that, to win big, you have to play big and that holds doubly true in Pathfinder. Basic CRB-only games can be fun at times, but real fulfillment is had by pushing the envelope both in mechanics and concept.

Exposition aside, there has been another round of messages sent out. I should have about five more sent out over the next twenty or so minutes.

I believe that everyone now has a new set of questions, critiques, and concerns in their inbox. If you do not, please message me. I decided to send those whom I had no questions for messages intuiting as much, so everyone should at least have received that.

Ouch, I can only imagine how much work this is on top of finishing a semester. XD You are a brave person, and you have my awe.

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