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Erryn Canmore wrote:
Also, Jak: since you're level 3, the spells from your healing font are heightened to level 2, so your 2 action heal should be for 2d10+16!

Ah... didn't know that. Still learning 2e rules.


Sounds interesting. I'll start thinking up a character I would like to play.

roll4initiative wrote:
grimdog73 wrote:
level 6-7 in core?
Bonekeep Level 2, yes.

Darn... My Hskoro just freed up and turned lvl 6. He is the definition of Tank. Unfortunately he is Standard not Core.

Definitely interested.

I'm thinking of a Kitsune Bard (Voice of the Wild) character.

Deaths Adorable Apprentice wrote:
Banesama wrote:

I created a Human Vigilante. I'll work on the background later this week.

Here is the PDF created by Herolabs to looks over:
Strol Vandough

Anything on the background?

Strol has many faces in Absolom. His most familiar and social face is as a prominent Engineer that is contracted by the government and many merchants for various projects. He is a well respected individual in the community.

His darker more sinister face is as a vigilante, known as Scarlet Blood, that hunts down criminals and recovers stolen objects for clients. This is how Asheron Coyl knows him, for he hired Scarlet Blood to recover some stolen art for him.

His other faces is that of mundane city folk that would be easily overlooked.

In is vigilante form, he usually works alone but there have been occasions where he has worked in groups for things that might be a little bit more 'legal' than his normal work.

I created a Human Vigilante. I'll work on the background later this week.

Here is the PDF created by Herolabs to looks over:
Strol Vandough

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Sounds interesting. I'm still relatively new to PF2 but I have been playing a Cleric of Pharasma in PFS games. He is close to becoming 3rd level.

For this game, I'm thinking of a Human Ranger. He'll be the typical solitary hunter type, low/moderate social skills. I figure when he sees signs of the undead horde heading toward Willowbridge, he will rush back only to be too late. He'll look for survivors to help and feels obligated to try to keep everyone alive.

As for me...:
I'm in my mid 40's and grew up as an Air Force brat. I moved around a lot during my childhood due to the military and have lived in several States plus Japan and England. Use to know enough Japanese to be able to hold a conversation but that old saying, 'use it or lose it' kicks in and since I didn't have a use for Japanese as a child when I left Japan in 1986, I forgotten most of what I learned.

I started roleplaying with the original DND system when I was six. My neighbor use to babysit me and her husband introduced me to DND. From there I have played every edition of DND (2E being my favorite). In high school, my best friend, introduced me to other rpgs. Primarily Shadowrun, Rifts, Macross/Robotech, and Star Trek.

I play all of my current games over the internet. Most of them are PbP here on the Piazo's forum but I still have contact with my high school best friend and he runs a Shadowrun game every Saturday using Discord/Roll20.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Since I am playing a Tiefling Cleric/Warlock in another game, I'm thinking of a Fey Wanderer Ranger, not sure what race yet. Be a good scout.

Sounds very interesting.

I'm more familiar with PF1 but I have recently gotten into a 5E game where I am playing a Cleric/Warlock. So I am still learning 5E but either system is okay with me.

DM Lil" Eschie wrote:
Voices in my head+ Nagaji character: a Randy Orton pun? ;-)

hehe... I have a human MMA magical adept fighter in a Shadowrun game I'm in that I play like Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Sounds interesting and I have been watching a lot of Isekai anime lately. I've also read a few novels that were "Isekai" before that term came into being.

Such as the Guardian of the Flames series by Joel Rosenberg.

I'm interested.

I have two characters that would like to start playing again.

A 4.2 lvl Nagaji Fighter
A 5.1 lvl Half-Orc Unchained Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager)

I haven't play any parts of the Series so would love to play all three parts.

I'm interested too. I don't think I have played every Blackros Museum storyline. I a have a few replays available to me.

I have a 4th level Fighter and a 5th level Barbarian that I would love to get back into play. So either of them, hopefully would work.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

Any adventures for 4th-5th level characters? I just noticed I have an exceptional number of them at present, all eager for adventure and advancement!

Modules would be especially appreciated.

Interested as well. I have several 4th lvl characters and a 5th lvl Barbarian eager to get back into the mix.

So many high level characters. My highest level is 6th.

Blake's Tiger wrote:
Wolfykip wrote:
Jayson Ghita wrote:
I use Pathbuilder. It's free unless you want to use animal companions or familiars, and then there's only a one time fee. I make characters on there all the time on my phone.
Ya but I don’t think it’s has an i phone verson or that it’s pfs legal but idk jack
HeroLabs isn't "pfs legal" either.

Are you sure about that? I remember reading somewhere (haven't relooked) where it stated that when using Herolabs resources you still have to own the physical or pdf copy of the material used for your character.

Orovan wrote:

Orovan strikes out again with his spear, trying to give the automaton something else to think about.

[dice=Spear]1d20+8, [dice=Damage]1d8+6
[dice=confirm]1d20+8, [dice=Extra Damage]2d8+12


wow... I've never given/sold my rpg books and stuff. I still have my original D&D books from the early 80's (and the dice that came with them) and every rpg book since then. Though most of them are boxed up and put away.

I have a few characters I can bring.

Fighter L3
Unchained Monk L2
Kineticist/Fighter L2/L1
Warpriest L3
Magus L3
Brawler L2
Druid L2
Fighter/Wizard L1/L1

I'd be interested in "What the Helms Hide." I have not played through that one yet. As for posting through the holidays, that is no problem for me.

Sounds very interesting.

Thanks for selecting me to join the group. I'll play the credit to my Nagaji character. Seems appropriate, since he is a reptile too.

Player Name: Banesama
Character Name: Hskoro Tailfeather
PFS # 138079-5
Day Job: Profession (Soldier): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (8) + 5 = 13

I'll go with the cleric, Skyrahk.

Throw my hat in also to be selected to play this scenario.

DoubleGold wrote:
Now recruiting for We be goblins 1 and We B4 Goblins. Short scenarios, very short, so I can handle them. Plus I have tons of held DMing chronicles for my one PC and I can't level him up until I get him past level 1. It would be awesome when the DM runs a high level game, say book 6 of an AP and I end up bringing in a never played PC cause he got there via Dming credits.

I'm interested.

Rumple Dergskin wrote:
Question: I have a -1 on my to hit(and damage) because of strength. Does that apply for touch attacks?

Yeah. But not necessarily damage. Most Touch attacks are spell based or special abilities.

If you add strength damage to your touch attack then you would subtract strength damage too.

Ah... how nice. It is always a pleasure when people celebrate to thank me. :P

Effie Gee wrote:

Hi GM, I shall sadly have to withdraw. I am relocating next month, somewhat sooner than I anticipated, and need to reduce my commitments to Gameday games accordingly. (Nothing horrible - but I'll not have as much free time as I thought I would have and I don't want to stretch myself too far.)

Please give my place to someone on the waitlist.


Just checking in. Looks like you missed this message.

Orovan wrote:
Minimum of 1 nonlethal! But you should have a crossbow.

Been thinking about a hand crossbow that I can use poison bolts with.

Yes. It is turn based. It is an isometric single-player RPG like the old Baldur's Gate game or Pillar's of Eternity for a more modern dated game.

Go ahead with six, GM Valen.

GM Valen wrote:
@ Hudor - Glad to see a familiar face! Unfortunately, these quests are Tier 1 only, and can't be played by level 2 characters.

No problem.

Same here. I have a level 2 CORE sorcerer that is not in any gameday game.

Have two character available.

Nuethro Hisk a L2 Unchained Monk.
Aurk Threelhammer a L1 Druid.

I have a Level 2 Brawler (Jerrid T'Clur) that I can take.

Arin Qualnoh wrote:

Great! I have this idea for a creepy gnome... joking joking.

The interesting thing about starfinder is that I don't feel so invested in classes or races that such preferences hinder open character concepts. So I might throw out some pretty random concepts and see where it lands.

hehe... here is a character concept for you. Here!

Banesama wrote:

I have these characters available.

L2 Fighter
L2 Unchained Monk
L2 Hydrokineticist
L2 Brawler

hehe... It just happens all of my available characters are Level 2. I've never played Silent Tide, so it would be a new experience for me if I win one of the spots.

I also just got a L2 Magus that became free.

I have these characters available.

L2 Fighter
L2 Unchained Monk
L2 Hydrokineticist
L2 Brawler

hehe... It just happens all of my available characters are Level 2. I've never played Silent Tide, so it would be a new experience for me if I win one of the spots.

I think he was wounded by 4 points. He has HP 11/7 written down. Perhaps he can separate his HP and AC with |.

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El Garrapata wrote:
GM Chyro wrote:
I haven't fully read it just yet. What kind of 'mad' are we talking of here?
He's a clone of the Tick, so loud pronunciations of 'profound' wisdom and frequent misinterpretation of actual hostile intent as being "just a little friendlier than most."


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vdj88ANPhPYw0PA1arfBh0G9gqOeqHGif_t SWFutIvs/edit?usp=sharing

Yeah. It put a space between f_t and S.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vdj88ANPhPYw0PA1arfBh0G9gqOeqHGif_t SWFutIvs/edit?usp=sharing

Still put a space there as a URL code.

2nd part of the Outpost convention is taking place. So most regular GMs are probably busy with that.

Wylka thinks to himself, "Too bad I don't have that purifying water spell prepared. Could win this with ease then."

"I'll just provide moral support for those that will enter the contest. I don't believe I would be successful at competing in this type of contest."

GM Ietsuna wrote:
I am looking to run another game to GM myself. Will be core 1-5, but just working out what to run. Anyone want anything in particular. I have seasons 4, 5 and 6.

I have both a L2 Core Cleric and a L2 Core Sorcerer available.

Will do the attack aid thing also.

Melee Attack: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (14) + 2 = 16

This is the first place to look for a PFS game. A warning though, games usually fill up quickly.

Hasn't mustered yet:
Line 40 | Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible

Bigguyinblack wrote:
Does the special count against our 3 game limit?

Wow... I completely missed that. Shows I need not to be in such a rush to sign up for events like this. Went back and took my name off a couple to make sure I am not signed up for more than 3 games.

Redelia wrote:
Please do not try to sign up for the special yet. More details on that will be coming soon.

hehe... looks like you are too late. Some of the games are already filled up. I'll wait for the official post though to sign up for some games.

I'm interested in Subtier 1-2.

I have two existing characters available now. A Level 1.2 Warpriest and a Level 1.1 Magus.

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The Silverhex Chronicles

I'm playing a half-orc barbarian that runs around with an earthbreaker and a fellow player of mine, she is playing a timid wizard that doesn't like violence. Some very good internal party roleplaying with this group.

Well we just spoiled an assassination attempt on an NPC we came to trade/protect. We managed to surround them and proceeded to take them down one by one. The last assassin, which was a Halfling who decided to flee. He started to run and my barbarian chased him down. I wasn't raging at the moment, so I offered him a chance to surrender. Foolishly he didn't. So I swung my massive weapon and what do you know, I rolled a critical hit and did 48 damage. Splattering the poor halfling's remains all over the timid wizard who was standing nearby. She fainted and our bard just started laughing.

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