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And any juicy bits about the Citadel of the Black or the Ocean of Mists and the city on Castovel?

Generic Villain wrote:
Kevin Mack wrote:
Really liked the investigators journal at the start seems they may be building up to something more in Razmir in the future (At least I hope)
Combine that with The Ancient One hanging out in a Razmiran cave, the hints that Sivanah is involved in Razmir's charade, and the fact that big R himself has to be approaching death by old age, and this nation is all but bursting with Adventure Path potential.

Who or what is the Ancient One hanging out in the cave?

How is the art for the Yithian Elder, Liavaran Dreamer, Neothelid Overlord and Tychilarius?
And any new information regarding Tychilarius and the Dominion?

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James Jacobs wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:

So can you reveal who/what the deity articles will be about?

I can.

At this point, there's going to be a larger article about many of the great old ones and outer gods in the 1st adventure (similar to the Egyptian deity article we did for Mummy's Mask in appearance but not in content, of course).

The 2nd adventure will have an article about ** spoiler omitted **

The 5th adventure will have an article about ** spoiler omitted **

(If I can get my act/energy together, all three of those will be written by me.)

Any chance the "Speaker in Storms" from the blindstone is mentioned?

And any other continents apart from Casmaron mentioned

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The book is truly awesome! Glad to have backed it at kickstarter.

Now i really hope they take the east with Cathay, Sikkim and Khandiria as their next kickstarter project!

James Jacobs wrote:
DragoDorn wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
I wonder if this product might be hint of what kind of AP we will be getting after Hell's Rebels.

We'll be revealing the next AP at Paizocon... but to manage expectations...

No. Distant Shores is NOT a hint about the next AP.

Is it a hint about the adventure path after that?


If folks really really like what we do with Distant Shores... then we might just start doing more with those Distant Shores. Sort of how the result of folks' approval and interest in Distant Worlds resulted in us having an increased presence of outer space stuff in adventure paths like Reign of Winter and Iron Gods.

Sorry to hear that as i had hoped for a new AP out of the Inner Sea Region. Perhaps with the upcoming Occult Adventures we get to see some more of Castrovel as Vudra seems to be out of the race for next year. As one can see here there seems to be quite the demand for further exploration of Golarion or it´s neighbors.

That said i´m really looking forward to this book, finally getting some information about Southern Garund, Arcadia and Vudra.
Have to say i really like the picture of Kintargo in the Blog-Post about the fall 2015 releases so i hope the cities in this book get equally evocative pictures.

James Jacobs wrote:
AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:
OMG Why hasn't a Garund book happened yet?!?!?

Because the plans I have for it aren't QUITE yet ready for prime time.

Of all the continents we've yet to do much with... Garund is probably the one that I'm the most interested in, personally.

Really looking forward to it! Any small spoilers as to what else to expect in Southern Garund? What´s going on with the tree cities?

Any new information on Castrovel?

And what´s in the "continue your campaign" section?

Generic Villain wrote:
Albus wrote:

What´s the rhu-chalik like? And any new information regarding the dominion?

** spoiler omitted **


Is there any new information regarding Vudra in the Rudrakavala article?

Generic Villain wrote:

The rhu-chalik's description in the Bestiary just made the Dominion of the Black seem way, way more terrifying. On account of...

** spoiler omitted **

What´s the rhu-chalik like? And any new information regarding the dominion?

Very nice they put some aliens in the bestiary. Hope they continue with that.
Are the aliens from the Golarion solar system or from some other planet?
And any new information regarding the dominion of the black?

How is the art? Any nice pictures of Castrovel or Triaxus? And are any other worlds outside the Golarion solar system mentioned?

Could anyone give a short summary of the mysteries chapter? And which secret societies and books are mentioned? Thank´s in advance!

Mark Moreland wrote:
The image with the filename, Aroden, is in fact a cleric of Tsukiyo. It appears in the book on the page on other human deities, illustrating those worshiped by humans in Tian Xia.

I wonder wether deities from Vudra, Arcadia or Garund will be mentioned as well?

And let´s hope for more art like the temple of Pharasma!

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"Jungle orcs of southern Garund"? Sounds intriguing! Hopefully some insights into southern Garund.

I wonder wether we´ll get to know a little about the kasatha homeworld? Or any other planets beyond Golarions solar system?

Anything about the countdown clocks or the dominion of the black in the book?

Old Cults would be amazing! Hope the Dominion of the black is in there as well.

Cthulhudrew wrote:
BTW, Mikaze, did you note that in the youtube panel discussion of Paizo's 2014 line they mentioned that the Dominion of the Black would be discussed in the Cults of Golarion book?

Cults of Golarion? Sounds very interesting! Any more information?

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

as i´m really looking forward to the "Iron Gods"-AP, are there any bits of information you could already spoil about the dominion of the black? Will it receive a support article in the AP?

And, as Jalmeray is part of the Inner Sea region, will the Inner Sea Gods hardcover have some information about the Vudrani pantheon?

Thank´s in advance!

Any more details about the Leng article? And what´s in the bestiary?

Thanks for the information!

Any cool new info in the Qlippoth article to share? Which Qlippoth lord is featured?
And what about the new monsters?

Thanks in advance.

Any chance of posting a list of the creatures in the book?

Much appreciated!

Has anyone already got it?

If yes, how´re the Qlippoth and Groetus articles? And what about the new monsters?


How about a little comprehensive list?


Dear Mr. Jacobs,

1. are there any Dark Tapestry oder Dominion of the Black related creatures in the Inner Sea Bestiary?

2. any chance of introducing a new Old One in AP #65?

3. and some little spoiler for Southern Garund? What´s up with the termite mounds or the cities in the trees mentioned in the Campaign Guide?

Thank´s in advance!

Adam Daigle wrote:

Here're a couple more teasers for now:

Fairly early on, the PCs get to test drive an artifact (and hold on to it.)

At least three of the adventures are taking place off the Inner Sea map. We've talked about all three before (in extremely varying degrees).

Each of the times the PCs visit somewhere not super-detailed in a previous book, there will be a large gazetteer of that particular region/location.

That sounds interesting. We know of Iobaria and Triaxus; i wonder what the third one is? Perhaps the First World, staying in the fairy tale theme?

Rovagug as a qlippoth lord becoming a deity sounds intriguing...i hope we´ll get to know more about the other Qlippoth lords and their planes in the abyss soon.

Really looking forward to that Qlippoth aricle...i hope we get to know some more about the layers they live on and the Qlippoth lords!

Any mor information on the 7 new monsters?

And how´s the fluff? Especially about Jistka, Lirgen, Yamasa and Ghol-Gan?

Thank´s in advance!

Seems like a pretty interesting book...!

What do the mechanical Aballonians, the Contemplatives of Ashok and the Brethedans look like?

And who or what is the Forever Queen?

And, last question, any information about Aucturn, the Dark Tapestry or the Dominions of the Black to share?

Thanks for the information!

Really nice cover...i wonder what the 4-armed giant is?

I hope Mr. Sutter puts a creepy little insect-civilization in there somewhere. Perhaps Formians on Castrovel...?
And can hardly wait for more onformation on Aucturn, the Dominion of the Black and the Dark Tapestry!!

First, thank´s for the information...!

What´s going on with Shaguang and the ancient empire? Shory?
And any Lovecraft influence in Wanshou?
And any information to spare about the Darklands?

Does anyone already have the PDF?
Any information to spread? What about the new gods? The role of dragons? New factions? Is Nagajor as interesting as it sounds?

Any new information is much appreciated...!

Larcifer wrote:
I would love to see more on the Jistka and their imperium. A detailed map of their territory and other cities during their hey day. More on their Magistracy, Golem Artificers, the fiends behind their downfall, and how they became the morlocks found in their ruins today. A look into the technology and golem crafting during their time. Details of their temple-foundries, and maybe a statblock or two of new constructs from that era such as a Jistkan War-hound and/or Jistkan Behemoth. A look into the fiend-fueled,green oily residue-like essence that animates their creations. I could go on and on. :)

Jistka sounds really interesting...! Any references in the current books about their temple-foundries or the green residue?

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

any chance of a little sneak peek regarding the 15(?) new gods of the upcoming Dragon Empires?

Thank´s for the answer!

In the new Kobold Quarterly there is a huge Dragon Empires preview...
Pretty cool stuff, ranging from sort of Old One worship in the swamp nation Wanshou, to an Elf nation, over to a flying city of Sky Spirits (Shory?) in the great desert.
Overall, a really nice read. Seems the book is getting pretty awesome...

Having just read the "Welcome to the Dragon Empires" article ind KQ, i was wondering wether the strange gods worshiped in Wanshou are an allusion to Lovecrafts Old Ones?

And any spoilers to share about how "imperial dragons mix with humanity to shape the flow of fate"?

Thanks in advance!

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

i was wondering wether there will be more than the 5 Imperial Dragons mentioned in the "Dragons of Golarion"-Book (Metal, Wood, Fire, Earth, Water) covered in the Bestiary 3?

And will there be more information about the Dominion of the Black in the upcoming "Distant Worlds"-Book?

Thank´s in advance...!

Having just finished Master of Devils, i was wondering wether some of the flavour like the levitating mountains or the celestial dragon will make it into the book?
Anyway, i can hardly wait for the product...!

And some more stuff about Aucturn...hopefully some mention of the Dominion of the Black as well!

James Jacobs wrote:
Azure_Zero wrote:
Any new gear or feats to be found in this book?
No. You'll want to check out the Dragon Empires Primer in the Player's Companion line for things like feats and gear.

Out of interest; ist the "Heroes of the Dragon Empires (title subject to change)" the same book as the Dragon Empires Primer or can we expect two still unannounced products?

Dear Mr. Jacobs,
out of curiosity regarding the Blindstone in Ardis; which Old God/Great Old One is the "Speaker in Storms" referring to?
And thanks for the fantastic Rule of Fear and Wake of the Watchers supplements!

Lord Gadigan wrote:

Each one has an overview map, a history of the dungeon, a description of each level of the dungeon, a descriptive section on inhabitants, and three plot hooks. There aren't random encounter tables.

There are example traps, a new monster, four new templates (two of which have example monsters, one of which is for Numerian robots), a couple fully statted NPCs, and various items and spells related to the dungeon; which of these things each dungeon gets depends on the dungeon.

Two of the dungeons: Candlestone Caverns and the Red Redoubt have a full level presented, with encounters, a level map, and room descriptions.

Gallowspire gets one template, an example monster, some rules on various magical effects that are present in the dungeon, two traps, and a writeup of one of the Whispering Tyrant's artifacts in addition to the things that each dungeon has.

There's also an intro section that gives one-paragraph overviews of several other megadungeons on Golarion.

I haven't read too much of it yet, but I'm liking what I've seen so far.

Thank´s for the information!

Are the overview maps of the dungeons comparable to the map of Kaer Maga in "City of Strangers"?
And what other megadungeons are mentioned in the intro section? Are they just from the Inner Sea Region or from other continents as well?

James Jacobs wrote:
TheLoneCleric wrote:

Okay. Just so I follow. There is no big Hardbound book for the setting. Just his Gazetter, the Player's Primer, and the AP right?

Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Advanced Race Guide fill out the rest of the tangental information?

Or are there going to be more books?

I'd LOVE to see a "this is the set" information provided like what you all did with Serpent Skull and Carrion Crown.

Initially, the books that'll contain your Tian Xia information will mostly be:

Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat (for stuff like geishas, magical monks, ninja, samurai, martial arts, etc.)

Jade Regent All six volumes of this AP will contain new stuff to expand Tian Xia, from ecologies on things like kami and oni to Tian magic items to examinations of ninja clans to gazetteers of Minkai and so on.

Dragon Empires Gazetteer This book will focus on the regions of Tian Xia; it'll be a "core" book for GMs who want to run adventures there.

Heroes of the Dragon Empires (title subject to change) Not officially announced yet (although we mentioned it at PaizoCon); this'll be a Player's Companion for Tian Xia. Just as the 64 page gazetteer will focus on the flavor of the continent, this book will augment that one by focusing on the world-specific rules of Tian Xia. It'll be a "core" book for PCs who want to build Tian Xia-themed characters, or for GMs who want to run adventures in Tian Xia.

Of course, once Dragon Empires is out, we'll probably be expanding Tian Xia intermittently through ALL of our books after that. For example, if we decide to do a book like "Swamplands of Golarion," we might do an entry on the Sodden Lands, the Mushfens, Tanglebriar, Frostmire Fen, and Hooktongue Slough (all Inner Sea region swamps), but we might also throw in a chapter about Wanshou (a swamp nation in Tian Xia that's ruled by a kraken).

Likewise, if we did a book like "Defenders of Golarion" we might do a chapter on the Risen Guard, the Knights of Ozem, the Eagle...

Thank´s so much for the information Mr. Jacobs; that´s really appreciated!

This book in conjunction with the Jade Regent AP is certainly the Pathfinder product i´m most looking forward to this year!

I´m really wondering how they´ll handle asian touchstones like the Great Wall, Holy Mountains, Tibet or the Terracotta Army in the setting.

And i certainly hope they managed to squeeze an nice Tian Xia Magocracy into the book...

So, i´m probably going to buy two of the books just to slightly increase the probability of a hardcover somewhere in the future!

Close runners up:

1) Revealing the map of Tian Xia.
2) Revealing the art for the first few Jade Regent covers.
3) Running Call of Cthulhu and running Unspeakable Futures.
4) Meeting Clark Peterson.
5) Chatting with freelancers and fans.
6) Signing a 4th edition D&D book (the Demonomicon). Ha!

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

any chance of seeing the map of Tian Xia as a preview in one of the blogs befor the release of the Jade Regent AP?

Many thanks in advance!

Wanda V'orcus wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:

The nightgaunt AND the flying polyp got cut, much to my sadness and chagrin.

I'm hoping we'll be able to get them IN print in a Jade Regent installment.

I'm glad that you included the Elder Things, though! And the thought that they battled with the aboleth -- and lost -- is a kewl one.

If the polyps do make it into a future installment, is there any chance of the Great Race of Yith as well??

Including the Great Race of Yith in Golarion would be really cool...seems they would fit pretty well into Sarusan and it´s "out of time"-theme!

Any new information regarding the Dominions of the black or Aucturn? And which Old Ones /Elder Gods are covered in the article? Thanks...!

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