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I can't believe I forgot her skills. I'll work on that right away.

-Irrisen, near the Hoarwood.

-Normally a hag gives some leeway to the daughter for her to join her or not, which makes things easier for the changeling to avoid the mother since she is really powerful. In Ahti's background, her mother went after her, so she must be special. There is not much information about changelings but I think it is safe to assume that the hag has some way to find her daughter, so how you managed to flee from her from the north all the way towards Cheliax? Did you get some help? What is keeping your mother to take you? Perhaps her bauble? Perhaps the Hellknights helped her?

-From what I can tell, Changelings seek out the Hag. Mostly it's just been luck and decent Disguise uses. More in a PM I'll sent shortly. It's very likely she had Hellknight help though.

-I had thought she'd work with them. Not as an official member, of course, but more of a on-call mercenary. For some reason I hadn't realized there were no Hellknights around.

-The bauble was just a bit of a flavor piece. Like a holy symbol for the Eldest.

-I admit I have trouble creating contacts and allies for characters. It's not my strong suit, but with her travels it probably wasn't going to be easy anyway.

-Bitterness and a slow-stewing desire for revenge.

Ahti is now done with the last of her creation: buying gear. It was at the same time the hardest and easiest experience buying gear I've ever had.

This is my Cyrokineticist. If you want I'll send you the pm talked about in the 10 Minute Background.

Changeling Kineticist 1

I have a Spirit Summoner with the Life Spirit> Combine Samsaran(getting cure spells from the Witch list) and I have healing comparable to a cleric for a while. And a two headed hydra-esque eidolon.

Changeling Kineticist 1

While I normally wouldn't mind starting again, I really like Ahti and this is the first time I've gotten to play her. So... I'm iffy either way.

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I'll definitely be using healing from now on. Dumb Fast Zombies...

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Ahit cries out and falls to the ground quickly after the zombie's attack.

Stabilize, DC 10: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (18) - 1 = 17

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but burning hands and fireball work differently too. Why can a first level ability set creatures on fire, but a third level spell can't? Because magic is weird and doesn't have to be the same.

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It's a nit picky, but flame jet can't set objects on fire, only creatures that fail their saving throw.

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I moved my icon very easily. It's really refreshing to be able to do that.

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Spellcraft: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9

Ahti let's out an unladylike hollar and takes a quick, desperate swipe at the undead before she backs away quickly.

Spider-leg Sickle, Power Attack, one handed: 1d20 + 2 - 1 ⇒ (11) + 2 - 1 = 12
Damage: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

5ft step away from the dead things.

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Ahti takes her strange, creepy looking sickle out and looks around carefully before moving a few feet towards the cart. She didn't seem bothered by all gore around her either.

"Kandar, who was in the carriage before the attack? Do you know?"

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"I'm ready to go. I just hope this isn't a mistake on our part, and that she's still alive."

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"I knew I should have asked for different spells." Ahti sighs. "As a rule, I don't like fey. Unfortunately, I don't have any weapons, and one one spell today that might help keep one person safe. Safer."

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"I think maybe if we knew more of what happened we could help more." Ahti adds, pulling her hood tighter against the cold. This weather was very disagreeable, and she would much rather be inside by a fire place right now.

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"Are we sure there is no one else who could go? Ahti quietly asks her companions as they walk.

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"I honestly do not know what it could be. This cold this time of year.. even the fox doesn't like it." She replies softly, looking down at the fox at her feet. Both her and the animal got quiet when the guardsman calls out.

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I think it wouldn't have been difficult to say I joined up after helping out someone with some herbs. It's always good to have a healer around, right?

Either that, or my fox was telling me to do something again...

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While being around others is kinda worrisome for her, Ahti isn't apposed to having others around for protection purposes. Safety in numbers beats out potential danger.

Thank you for pointing that ot! It was indeed set to private, but is now a public character.

Ahti, the changeling Shaman, is very nearly done. All I need do is pick our the spells she has prepared and the rest of her quipment. Her background and a link to her character sheet in in this profile.

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As long as it isn't the evil eye. Kinda my sthick. >.>

Back, I guess. I'd need to see the new alterations though.

A hex* on you all!

*of good gaming

Did you get my pm with Ahti's concept and character sheet?

Jorn Winterbourne wrote:

@ Ahti Send me your character so I can review it.

Sending it now.

I'll gladly send you Ahti's stuff if you'd like. I'm eager to play her.

Here. :)

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Imagine a kingmaker with all of us...

Ahti is done, but for story reasons I've kept her sheet hidden, giving or wonderful GM a link to it. >.>

Bandw2 wrote:

well... i was considering asking about spheres of power... if you catch my drift.

wtf did i just say? *facepalms with both hands*

Have you seen that spell component pouch though? Totally worth the five gold, let me tell you.

Witches and Oracles all over the place I see. >.>

Anyone else really, really eager for this game?

I pretty much took a campaign trait and wrote my backstory around that.

I'm down to spells, equipment, and backstory for my character.

She's an Oracle/Witch, pretty good at subterfuge so far(for a 1st level character). Debuff and a little healing.

Also: Hi, Shi'Vatha! Good to see you again.

Edit: This is the characters alias and backstory.

Changeling Kineticist 1

Heh, yeah, Mr. Leaffur has that title already.

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"I.. Honestly am better, I believe, in helping take down one of your summoned creatures." Ahti admits. "I'm capable of singling out targets, so.. whatever everyone else wants to do I will agree too."

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"So we're pest control to make Avalon look good?"

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"I don't particularly like getting attention, but I'll do this for the school. If needed."

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"I'm not sure what my demonstration would be. I mean, I have some talent for lying, intimidation, and knowing when others are lying, but other than that I don't.. I mean, there's one thing, but I doubt iTs anymore useful at showing Avalon's standards then the other things I said."

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"We're supposed to be representatives of Avalon to show the Dean that it would be a good idea for a branch of the school to be opened here, furthering educational advancements, yadda yadda yadda." Ahti recites before getting herself a mug of lemon water.

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Which is why Ahti was being loud. :p

"I'm sure she'd consider it, if not accept right out. Honey is quite useful, after all."

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"Thought of what?" Ahti asks loudly as she walks by Coco and sits at the table. "what's for breakfast?"

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Same. I believe I've talked with one of you about a plot.

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Me too. DndSheets got really slow when it comes to typing lately. :(