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Steve Geddes wrote:

If you’re buying through Paizo, there’s very little reason to preorder. A subscription will get you the PDF as well (which a preorder won’t).

Even if you just want the CRB but not the bestiary, for some reason, I’d add a subscription and ask Customer Service to ensure you only get the one you want.

Thanks for the answer. If I subscribe now when am I likely to get the books?

Is their any value in pre-ordering at this point? I haven't seen anything about a cut off date for pre-orders. Thanks.

When can we start subscriptions for the new stuff?


It's been waaaaay too quiet on the news front. A starter box is all I am aware of so far. Any thing else announced? Thanks.

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Aaaaaaand another week passes with no player's guide. This is... words fail me.

Anyone else think it's odd we've heard no official update on the status of the player's guide in a while?

Can we PLEASE, please, please get an updated status on where the guide is at? Pretty pretty please? Yes I know, I'm sad, but sometimes begging and pleading in a pathetic way can pan out. :)

Pre-story stuff they want me to run about how everyone met in the party. Some revisions may be necessary if the player's guide doesn't come out until next week.

It would be nice to get an official update. I am running it this weekend.

I'm guessing no one has news on the player's guide?

I wish they'd tell us when we might see it. Guess it won't be today.

I'm kind of in the same boat as it pertains to playing it soon. I hope we hear something in the near future one way or another. Although yes, I do see Gorbacz point. I have run APs as they've come out and had no real issues with it but I do see the advantages of waiting.

Any news or updates on the player's guide? Thanks.

Are orders still being processed for today? I received my notice over a week ago and haven't seen anything since. With the holiday I wasn't sure if they were still being processed or not.

Will it be soon? :)

Howdy. As a subscriber it looks like I will be getting the first installment this week. Does that mean we will also be seeing the player's guide this week as well? Thanks.

Hi. Not sure if this has been brought up or not but is their anyway to get more than one attack per round? Thanks.

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Sara, I think we all hear and appreciate what you're saying and appreciate the hard work you all do, but is mine ready yet? IS IT??? I have to know!!!


Sorry, please carry on.

Will there be a Starfinder subscription service and if so how soon can we sign up?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone ask if they're going to offer a Starfinder subscription service. Also, please ask if space dwarves still have Scottish accents. :)

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Ok, how about an AP that let's you play as dragons? No, I'm serious. How amazing would that be?

Dear Paizo. I want you to come out with a supplement that lets me play a dragon of my choosing. That is all. Thanks!

I agree with you. I will have kids in the survivor group when I run this because it adds that element of desperation and realism to this AP that I felt like it needed. Now that doesn't mean I will be overtly cruel by having kids there but I think it is an element that helps sell the need for the party to help these people survive more than it would if it were a bunch of adults at the camp. It's a survival story at first and this adds a great little shot of extra tension to the mix.

Hi. Just like the title says, what would be a good alchemist build be for this AP. Advice appreciated. Thanks.

Ok, perfect. That's the kind of advice I was looking for. Thank you.

Hi. I've heard this is a tougher AP than most so I'm wondering how viable gestalt might be for my players. Has anyone run an AP with 4 gestalt players, and if so what was the experience like at higher levels?

Any advice or shared experiences are welcome. I'm still debating if I want to allow gestalt or not and your thoughts can help.


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That's a deep quote from the Mummy. Well done.

What about a symbiote like Venom or Carnage? I'd love to play something like that in Hell's Vengeance.

Ooh, did I make the 10? I love dinosaurs!

Is the first installment of this being released at Gen Con? Shouldn't we be seeing this soon? Just curious.

Awesome book, but I can't un-see the "unicorn" on page 63.

I hear that.

So James, if I'm understanding you correctly, calling the group Team Jacob or Team Edward would be a bad idea? :)

Just wondering when we might see it. Thanks.

Hi, my group is getting ready to kick off this AP but I'm looking for some thematically appropriate healer class ideas. Normal clerics are boring to me as they rarely get to do anything other than spam heal in our games. The big thing is I want it to be fun and feel right for the setting.

Thanks in advance.

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Please tell me their is someway I can play the scorpion guy. That would be freakin' sweet.

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I've always wondered how a 20/20 gestalt class stacks up against a 20th level class with 10 levels of mythic. Would they be comparable or would one blow the other out of the water?

Ah, thanks.

Will April get a double release or are the other installments getting pushed back?

Any updates on the status of this? Wow is this thing behind schedule.

Any chance subscribers will get their notifications this week?

Will subscribers receive their notifications this week? Man I hope so.

Mark, in regards to another thread written on the topic of Kineticists, have you given any thought to lesser elemental effects such as starting a camp fire, chilling a mug, creating a comforting breeze, etc? I guess they'd almost be like cantrips in a way.

For the record, I'm guessing you have but is there any chance we will see something like it in the final product?


Powerful? No. Mildly annoying, yes.

First of all how often, statistically, is this likely to come up in a game really? Second, as we are dealing with the use of elements here, I would imagine that beyond this one example we will see many others where elemental abilities might fizzle out spells or spell-like effects. I don't see that as a deal breaker so much as a natural cause/effect thing. Regardless, I can't imagine that over a character's life this will come up more than a hand full of times at most.

Speaking of meetings, has the meeting we're all waiting for finally happened yet?

I hope that meeting occurs soon. I will be playing a hydrokineticist this weekend. I'm excited to play this class.

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Kajehase wrote:
nighttree wrote:
Are we going to get any word from the designers regarding what they learned from the playtest, and potential changes/directions for these classes in the final product ?
Yes. In the form of a big book.

It's always nice when people jump in to provide dumb responses. As I understand it, a meeting was supposed to happen last week that got moved (possibly) to this week and from that meeting we will see some feedback. Enough, hopefully, to make these classes closer to what the end product will be once the book comes out.

People are still posting things about the class which is what this thread is about. Not PFS.

Not relevant to the topic. Move it on.


Sorry, did that come off as overenthusiastic?

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