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GenCon '07

Writer's block and crunch time...

Deities articles

Charter's Prestige Class

Thank You Greg Vaughn

Submission Guidelines?

Savage Tides and Ocean south of Magnimar

Quick notes for the Introducing Pathfinder stuff.

Are you taking my ideas?

Hasty Notes from the writing for pathfinder bit

Shyama Marfan, in her own words.

Orcs in Pathfinder

The Pathfinder organization as a player affiliation

Extra Pathfinder / Gamemastery Source Books?

Hollow's Last Hope

Dr Jacobs on #greytalk

This Week's Dragon Trove Question

Magnimar: Help FWS develop this city!

Demi Humans


On Korvosa

Symbols of the Seven Sins


Will there be magical firearms?

Ships this week?

Bisons in Varisia?

How about a making of?

Who's going to be the French?

Is the sample representitive of the PDF quality?

Introducing Campaign Information?

More Pathfinder goodies in the 2007 Summer Catalog


Pathfinder Online Supplements

The (true) Seven Lords of Sin

Please redo the planes!

Pathfinder has inspired me to create this....thing.

Player's Guide and Subscriptions

#pathfinder tech announcement

Compiled Pathfinder

Not so short question

Pathfinder on Amazon

Use of WotC's Copyright in OGL Adventures

Any Pathfinder goodness at Gen Con?

What's the Dif?

Wouldn't a Freeport Adventure Path be great?

Non-OGL Classes

Where to put Freeport in Varisia?

WooT !!! Ye Gods indeed!

Elven Doom???

Half-Races in Pathfinder

Pazuzu, Pazuzu, Pazuzu

Sin, Sin Everywhere

Yay Hou!

You got peanut butter in my chocolate!

I'm Back...

AP Playtesting

Is it too late to drop firearms from the Pathfinder world?

SCAP, AOW, STAP Setting in Pathfinder

Pathfinder & Tome of Horrors


The 'How long will Logue's 2 week silence last this time' - Sweepstake #2

Halflings, Gnomes and Kobolds oh my!

Gnome obsessions

Size of Pathfinder

Converting Older Adventure Paths to the World of Varisia?

Signing Off!

Weekly Chat Summary (22 May 2007)

Will Dragons stay colour coded?

What Sorts of Monsters

I don't seem to be able to select UPS Ground...

City scales . . .

Miscellaneous questions

Star of Desna

A city like Scuttlecove.

I did it!

Hey Babe! Nice Tats!

Weekly Chat Summary (15 May 2007)

In lieu of slaadi / gith / yugoloths / etc.....

OK...I'm now officially lost!

The anti-horror / gritty / lovecraftian Varisia anyone?

Will I Not Hate Elves?

What's the size of Varisia in terms of, say, The Flanaess?

Would any writers / designers care to describe the flavor of the new Pathfinder Game World, Variaia-or whatever its called?

More Goblin Love

Winner - The How Many Hours will Nick Logue's 2 week Silence Last? Sweepstake'

Weekly Chat Summary (8 May 2007)

Why not have ads?

Other payment options?

Pathfinder Iconics


Pathfinder campaign world?

Racial Pantheons?

Request for Fluff

Will we see cartoons / comic in Pathfinder?

High seas to high lands

Pathfinder Villain Campaign

Varisia for Runelords only or all APs?

Guilds!! What about guilds??

Another question

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