My Campaign has Gone off the Rails HELP *Plot Spoilers within*

Age of Ashes

Book 1 Hell Knight Hill:
My players helped Voz take over the Castle and the Portal Room. Now she is in charge, running the castle and the neighboring town of Breachill, What are her goals now?

Book 2 Cult of Cinders:
My players have spread the Werewolf curse to the Ekujae Elves. How do they behave now that more then 75% of the population are Werewolves?

The players are currently lost in the Mwangi Jungle, the second book doesn't say where the Akrivel village is located in this huge jungle continent.

Also Where on the world map is book 3s town of Kintargo?

I'm looking for any ideas on how to get them to book 3's location!...?

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Wow, thread got posted three times O_o

But yeah, uh, I think your campaign might be bit too much off the rails. Also where the heck they got werewolf curse and how they spread it?

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Kintargo is the capital of Ravounel, which is in the Old Cheliax region.

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This probably should be in the Age of Ashes subforum.

How did Voz take over Breachill? Why did they allow it? Where did they get find werewolves?

Yes, my first thought when reading that was, where the heck did a werewolf come from.
Kintargo is on the topish left of the world map. It is on the map from the world guide. At the end of the book 2 it states that the elves could travel to Breachill in about 3 weeks if trade is established. So maybe that ca. Help with travel time.

Have an... ancient red dragon show up and eat them, then poop them out in Kintargo? The dragon is also a werewolf

I am really hoping this is just a troll...

1. Voz's ambitions were to make a combination assassin's guild/necromancy laboratory, so I imagine she would use her new resources to further those ends.

2. Ok, so. There's no werewolf curse in this campaign, as written. I didn't even know that PF2E had werewolves until I read this post. In general, I would not recommend adding things like contagious curses to campaigns that do not contain them, and I feel like you now know why.

That said, the Ekujae have access to magic, between their own mages and their relationship with the Magaambya Academy. They can cure themselves of the curse over time, and they likely would.

3. Akrivel is in the Northwestern reach of the Mwangi jungle, just east of the Lirgeni coast. This information is printed on page 12 of book 2.

4. You can get your party to Ravounel by having them take the portal in the basement of Citadel Altaerein. If they enabled Voz to take power in the area, I can't see why she would object.

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Please tell me there's an Actual Play podcast of what happened, it has to have been amazing.

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I would bet this is BS...

The GM has no problem rolling with the story, putting a villain in charge, giving a whole community lycanthropy, but is getting hung up on where they are in a jungle?

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