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In Pathfinder Society adventures, characters are not permitted to be a member if they are of any evil alignment. Presumably, if they become evil, they get kicked out of the society.
So, if a characters alignment becomes evil, are they allowed to use prestige points for an atonement spell?

I think you might be better served asking this in the Pathfinder Society forum.

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I would say yes, but as you would have to mark the expenditure on the chronicle, the GM might note the need for attonement, so if you need it more than once, it might not work. you would also have to pay for the attonement prior to leaving the table, as the GM would have to report you as dead if you don't.

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My most "evil" character needed multiple atonements during his career.

Sometimes bad habits are difficult to overcome.

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Roleplaying Guild Guide Page 14 wrote:
If infractions continue in the course of the scenario or sanctioned module or Adventure Path, an alignment change might be in order. If you deem these continued actions warrant an alignment change, you should note it on the character’s Chronicle sheet at the end of the session in the notes section The character can remove this gained condition through an atonement spell. If the condition is removed, you should also note it on the Chronicle sheet.

The Pathfinder Society has evil people. You're just not allowed to play one in official games.

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