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Alpha Playtest Feedback General Discussion

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Welcome to the Pathfinder RPG

Pathfinder Open?

Where in the world is Pathfinder?

Syl's Pathfinder RPG suggestions: Death & dying

Will Pathfinder have 'Epic' levels?

A request for permission from Paizo

Pathfinder Beta Character Sheet?

Making New Gods

Egyptian / Osirioni Two-Bladed Sword???

Ogre song

Buff the Druid and Bard healing pls. (for alternatives to a cleric)

Pathfinder Basic

How have you balanced the Cleric and Druid?

Age of Worms in Golarion

Thoughts from a newbie

Will there be a Pathfinder RPG Specific SRD?

Sorcerer vs Wizard... FIGHT!

Will Pathfinder fix 3.5e PC's excessive dependance on magical items?

When should PCs die? (also why, where and how)

When Is Beta Being Released?

Could I have been wrong?

What does 25,000 unique downloads really mean?

Pathfinder Character Sheet


When do we see the Beta rules forum?

HELLO COMMUNITY ...what else I would like to see!

Swarm of Mooks proposal

Pathfinder Forum Response Times

Now What?

Just pondering...

High Level Play or Backwards Compatability

Pathfinder RPG / Sticking with 3.5 Seminar from Origins 2008 posted

Pathfinder Beta release date

Will the Revised GSL affect the Pathfinder RPG?

Pathfinder-Specific PrCs I Wanna C

Necromancer Games, Clark, and the Paizo

Pathfinder RPG Electronic Products: CRPGs

Wayfinders and Ioun Stones

State of the Pathfinder RPG

Help me fill this dungeon :)

Adding "minions" to Pathfinder

Pathfinder RPG with a Low / Moderate Magic Setting?

Blasphemy? Using some ideas from 4E.

Wizards in Beta

Is the Beta in Paizo's Warehouse Yet?

PFRPG beta support in Pathfinder APs

Pathfinder RPG going to be living campaign?

Crossbow Mastery?

Paladin Alignment Restrictions??

Where's the protest against WotC?

Is the pathfinder paragon path (4ed) a violation of the PATHFINDER TM ?

How are the Planes handled in PfRPG?

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game entry in Wikipedia

Compatibility logo, et cetera

Making a Con Appearance

10ft pole still more expensive than 10ft. ladder?

Free Web Enhancement: Paizo Iconics Revisited (Pathfinder Beta)

Naming NPCs

Deity Conversion Chart

Confused - D&D 3.75???

Beta PDF Preview - Equipment


Beta Preview #4: Bracers of Armor

PRPG Final Print Suggestions

The Temptation to break from your character plan

Pathfinder Playtest Game Locations

Growing hostility against Paizo

Looking for a dragon hunt adventure

The Beauty of the D&D rule system...

Any infos on Castrovel

Distribution question / rant

Facebook Pathfinder Group

Questions about the spells left out of the Beta Print Version, the Web Enhancement, and the Final Version Next August

Versions of D&D

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Alpha PDF tops 25,000 downloads!!

To ME... and several local gamers, Pathfinder IS D&D

PHB-2, PHB-3, etc Pathfinder style?

What Would You Like To See In Pathfinder Core?

Contest Idea?

CMB - share your uses

Pathfinder Planetouched!

Square grid vs Hex grids

Rogues - Magic Tricks

Monster conversion... help!?


Well, that's it! I'm leaving!

New alpha? (question / request)

Well I'm going buy now

Hero Labs to support Pathfinder

"Stealing" ideas from 4E

Holidays in Golarion

Proposal for new boards

Hear that sucking sound?

Action Jackson, Back in a flash!

How much Fluff need the Coreclasses?

Craft Undead feat

Online Merged Ruleset ALA

What 3rd Party Products Do You Want to See?

Character Traits?

Last plea for Half-Orc Iconic.

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