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Combat & Magic

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DCs for spell vs spell-like domain powers different. Why?

Optional rule: Scaling Spell DCs

CMB waving goodbye?

Arcane and Divine Scrolls

At-will cantrips changing the game more than anticipated

Natural healing

[Design Focus] Spells

craft wonderous item and make less craft feats

craft wonderous item

Strength Bonuses for wielding two-handed

Save or Die (Death Effects): Thresholds better than boring flat hit point damage

Temporary vs. Permanent Ability Score Bonuses (pg 148)

Wish Spell & Inherent Bonuses

Is Hand of the Apprentice a superset of Mage Hand?

Polymorph options should be monster-independent

Find the Path

Critical hits

A Minor Omission for Enhancing Double Weapons

Are spell DCs too high? too low? or just askew overall?

Please rethink Slay Living

Headband pricing error?

Poison Playtest Stumbling and Questions

Hit dice restrictions and fear spells

Great swords

Is Baleful Magic Evil

CMB & Fighting Defensively / Full Defense

Wands and Charges

Necromancy School

Quicken Spell

Dimension Door and then Stop

Alter Self any good?.. plus best race choices

The Weapon of My Family is Scrap

Combat Maneuvers: Grapple (p. 81)

Why no Scalykind domain?

Finding the path suggestions

Leaving spell slots unprepared?

Creatures - Imp Grab vs CMB

Polymorph spells still lacking. . .

How do you disarm spellcasters?

Disabled, Dying and Dead

Channel energy and Trip CMB description oddities

CMB and Boni to attack rolls

A reason to review CMB

Mage's Disjunction killing artifacts

Divine Power vs Divine Favor: Divine Power useless ?

Grappling worked out well - CotCT

Universal School & the Magic Domain (I got 2 Hands!)

Range Penalties for Small and Smaller Characters?

Entangled - Foes or Creatures?

CMB and prone

Polymorph and Other Transformation Spells: Why not 1 Spell = 1 Form?

Spell Like Abilities while grappled or pinned

Change to DR mechanic: good? bad? meh?

Combat maneuvers

Polymorph and Other Transformation Spells - Why not 1 Spell = 1 Form?

Enhancements to Amulets of Mighty Fists and Bracers of Armor

Honestly ... what is wrong with Save or Die?

Some New Ideas - Combat and the Cleric

Suggestion: Deadlier Critical Hits and Fumbles

Good domain

Can we do away with crit confirmation?

Scry Buff Teleport

Jason... Some problems with CMB and grappling and fixes for them.

Death spells revisited

Spells of the Detect Magic and Arcane Sight Family + Specialists

Playtest-Based Suggestion: Combat Maneuver Defense (CMD)

Playtesting-Based Suggestion: CMB Defense (CMD)

Interesting development in the SoD discussion.

Staffs / staves??? and the whole 10 Charge thingy...

Spell-like ability for Universal School Wizards

Playtest Feedback: Problems With Summoning

At Will Orisons / Cantrips (pg 23)

Cover - Complicating what doesn't need to be more complicated!

Polymorph Index and Questions

Protection from Evil: Can we get a nerf in here?

Sorcerer Abilities in melee combat

Speak with Dead

Fighter damage


Grapple playtest feedback

trip with a weapon

Grapple, trip, other CMB stuff after my first real play test.

Entangle - no 'entangled' condition. Should it say 'grappled'?

Length of time of a round

Polymorph Index and Questions

Combat Maneuvers & AoO

Just how versatile is grapple?

Two worthwhile (if cheesy) spell ideas


Nerfed Spells: Please Consider Giving Back Their Edge

Beast Shape IV vs. Form of the Dragon I

Respect for Shields

Full Defense

Minor staff pricing oddity [pg 146]

Invisibility + Hand of the Apprentice

Attacking a grapple opponent?

Why were the skills removed from the cleric domains?

Expanded and new spells

Cmb and Rangers

Adjusting away from Rage points.

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