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A player in my game brought up that in srd, tripping with a weapon does not provoke an AoO. I did not see this mentioned in PRPG. Is this ruling gone in PRPG? Does tripping always provike AoO unless you use improve trip?

Good point! I forgot about that last session when my players pointed out a goblin warchanter should have an AOO for attacking with a whip.

I would assume the SRD rule about weapon based trip attacks not provoking AOO's would carry over to PF RPG (because otherwise at low levels there is no incentive to do trip attack otherwise, because the AOO might get you killed).

Still, it would be good to get this offically nailed down.

Shadow Lodge

I suppose another aspect of this would be if you fail your trip attempt, can you still drop your weapon to avoid being tripped yourself? It is not listed so I assume not.

Liberty's Edge

You can make trip attacks only with the following weapons:
Chain, Spiked
Hammer, Gnome Hooked

If you don't have that weapon, you have the judo option, i.e. you use your natural attack to trip the opponent. That draws an AoO.

The Alpha 3 text looks like it could use some clarifications.

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