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Ability Scores and Races

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Errata and Typos (Ch2 and Ch3)

Welcome to the Design Forums

Plane-touched Pathfinder.

Why Half-Orc ?

Extra hit points at first level: NPCs and monster as well?

Elves, Half elves and hieght

Slow and Steady question

Shout Out! Props on the Improved Half Elf

Realistic hybrids?

Modifying Races for Pathfinder: Goliaths

Doppleganger and / or changellings

Ability score increases

An old gleemax homebrew i am trying to adapt.

Elven Ears

Races with Level Adjustments?

Small Humans

Intelligence Increases and Skill Points - Option

Do We Still Need To Bribe Players To Play Their Race's Favored Classes?

The Drow

Aquatic Races in Pathfinder - Triton

Starting Hit Point Options

help with dragonborn

Random Human Height / Weight

Races: Inherent and Learned Features

Human Fighters

Ability Increase Feat

Page 11 - Halfling Racial Traits

Point buy

Elves, Dwarves - What did they do with their early years.

Disabled & Hit Points

Half-Elves: Still the worst race?

Dvati Golarion background

Gnome Abilities

Ditch the CHA penalties for dwarves...

Clarify the Creation / Level Process

PFerized Kobolds as Characters

STR - Clarify Modifier vs Bonus

Regarding Eberron specific races

New Races?

Custom Races with LA0

Adjust the base AC for each race maybe?

Orc Ferocity bug

Greed! Now THAT's a true Dwarf!

Human Racial Feature Weapon Training suggestion

Power Creep in Pathfinder - the +2 / +2 / -2 Ability Score Power Boost

Dwarf: Stonecunning bonus to Knowledge(dungeoneering)?

[Rant / Non-Rant] "Racial Builds" - a proposed "fix" for Pathfinder Races

Half-Orc: Wisdom Bonus

KnightErrantJR's Rise of the Runelords Character Creation / Race & Ability Score Thread

Racial Example / Underwear Art

Half-Elves and Humans cannot have as high ability scores as others

Pathfinder Goblins!!!

Why tall elves?

What happened to half-orcs' Cha penalty?

Reason for dwarves' CON bonus revealed!

Dwarven Greed vs. Elven Magic

Turin's Observations on Ability Scores and Races

Half race : a simple rule ?

Racial Weapon Familiarity and Proficiency

A Tweak to "Stat Bumps"

Class Hit Dice

Eberron Upgrades

Please read my house rules and comment

2 feats at character creation

Ineffectual Poisons

Grant a Racial Bonus to Saving Throws Instead of the +2 to Good Saves at Level 1

Improving Intelligence and Skill Points... why isn't it like Con and HP?

Racial Abilities - Half-Elf and Human

Psionic Races

Half Orc -- Why Barbarian?

Keen Senses for Half-Orcs and Halflings p.10-11

Fun Methods: Ability Score Generation

Petition to remove physical attractiveness from Charisma

[Designers] Question on Integrated Suggestions & the Paizo Use of WotC Races

Gnome Spell-Likes

Racial bonus languages

Racial Balancing

Half-Orc: Orc Ferocity

Ability Scores and Encounter Level

Tell Me the Justification for Racial Preferred-Class Bonuses

Suggested Halfling Bonus and Favored Class

New suggestion for Dwarven and Elven / Half-Elven racial traits

If I Could Change One Thing...

Why are things named what they are named?

Suggestion: Remove the ECL

Vital Statistics and Alignment

Why do the core rules have to be be married to Golarion?

Weapon Familiarity needs racial weapons - and here they are!

[THINK TANK] Racial Feats

Living Constructs and Level Adjustment

Nisei elves?

Getting rid of "non-abilities"?

A thought experiment, Cafeteria Style Racial Traits.

Ability Scores - Issues and Suggestions

I've Started Creating New Pathfinder Races: Brownie, Arimaspoi, etc.

Favored Class discussion

[Think-Tank] ECL Races in PRPG

Strength & Acme

Statistical Averages for Stat generation methods

Playtesting Human Martial Wpn- Exotic Wpn Clause Edition

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