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Thursday, August 12, 2010

We’re back from Gen Con, and in addition to the usual scramble to meet deadlines and recovery from horrifying illnesses contracted by shaking hands with approximately ten bajillion people, that means it’s time for everyone to vote on the contestants in the Third Annual Gen Con Pathfinder Cosplay Contest!

We had an extraordinary number of contestants this year, and all of them did bang-up jobs! Yet only one can be the official winner of the grand prize (both a pile of Paizo store credit and bragging rights), which is where you come in. At the bottom of this blog, you’ll see a link for comments. Sound off and place your vote for the best costume in that thread. You have until the end of the weekend to make your selection. On Monday morning, we’ll tally all the votes, and announce the official winner in a blog post next week.

Ready? Here are this year’s fine contestants, in no particular order:

Lora as Feiya, the iconic witch. Jason as Damiel, the iconic alchemist.
2009 contest champion Kelly as Harsk, the iconic ranger. (Maybe he’s a little tall for a dwarf, but how can you say no to a hand-made crossbow and his adorable animal companion, Biter?) Blake as Nethys.
David as a paladin of Iomedae. Corienne as a Tien monk.
2008 contest champion Tiffany as the Harrower from the campaign setting hardcover. (You can’t see her wayfinder here, but it came with its own ioun stone!) Jean-Marc with his adventurer’s sash from Seekers of Secrets.
Noel as Trifaccia from Pathfinder Adventure Path #12. Look out, he's got a whip! Honorable Mention: Jodi as Amiri, the iconic barbarian, who despite her amazing costume has removed herself from the running, on account of already being Sean Reynolds' girlfriend (and isn't that prize enough?).

So what are you waiting for? Cast your votes now!

James L. Sutter
Fiction Editor

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Jason as Damiel

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Pathfinder Accessories Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

Tiffany the Harrower

Lantern Lodge

Im going to vote for Tiffany, because i've always loved the Harrower artwork, and the costume is great:D I must stress though, that everyone is simply amazing!

Dark Archive

Witchy Lora gets my vote!

Although I'm loving the Harrower as well!

Lora as Feiya gets my vote!

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

David as Harsk. Come on, people. He made his own badger!

Dark Archive

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

It is awesome to see the support for a game manifest in such a fashion. The time and effort that each of these fine and dedicated folk put into their costume, the attention to detail and imagination deserve a truck load of Kudos, each.

I love Jean-Marc's Adventurers Sash
The details that Jason, Laura and Jodi put into their costume, wow.
Everyone did a superb job, however
there can be only one.

I cast my vote for Laura as Feiya the iconic Witch

I'm going to vote for Lora as Feiya, even though picture doesn't really show off the costume very well. There was another picture that was posted that was much better (but I think it had someone else in it).

It was a tough call between Lora and Tiffany.

A lot of great costumes here, but my vote goes to Lora as Feiya, for all the detail on that outfit, and the great matching hair.

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Adventure, Adventure Path, Lost Omens, Pathfinder Accessories, Rulebook, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

My vote is: Lora as Feiya, the iconic witch.

All the costumes look great, everyone, but her's has a lot of detail.

The Exchange

-Corienne as a Tien monk.

My vote goes to Kelly as Harsk - very well done!

So many cool costumes. What to do?! I have to say, having seen some of these up close and personal, the pictures don't capture all the detail on some of these. Then again the number of pictures required for that would go on for more than one simple blog post. Hmm who to vote for... Ok after much deliberation I'm going to vote for my fellow Jason as Damiel.

My vote:

Feiya the Witch. That costume has some fantastic detail and it's very, very easy to recognize the Iconic that she is portraying.

Dark Archive

Jean-Marc. I can really see him as a character showing up in a game.

Close second, Tiffany asa a Harrower.

Jodi don't have the sword well not Jodi then i vote for Kelly as Harsk because he have the pet :D

Scarab Sages

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Tiffany as a Harrower

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

Tough choice!

Choice: Nethys as Nethys.
Runnerup: Kelly as Harsk.

Shadow Lodge

Has anyone counted up all the vote at this point? Because I think Witch is beating the Alchemist at the moment...

Dark Archive

I'd go for Feiya first, Nethys second (I think I might try to go as Nethys myself for Halloween this year ...)

My Vote: Lora as Feiya, the iconic witch.

I was able to see this costume in person with my game group and we all were very impressed with how much she was able to capture the iconic witch!

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 4

I vote for Blake as Nethys.

Dark Archive

I think Jodi is the best of the group. Other than her, I'd go with Tiffany.

Jason as Damiel, the iconic alchemist
because alchemists are cool.

Liberty's Edge

Tiffany as the Harrower

Liberty's Edge

Jason as Damiel. That is some pretty tight work.

Damn thats hard....

Lora as Feiya, her costume looked like it took a lot of work, detailing and effort and it turned out great!

I vote for Lora as Feiya; she's done a good job at capturing both the look and the pose of the iconic witch. A close second, to me, is Tiffany as the Harrower.

My vote is for Lora as Feiya! Also, Tunnel Orcs rule! (She'll know what I mean. ;) )

Sovereign Court

My Vote: Lora as Feiya, the iconic witch.

In absence of Seoni (she must not have gone to Gen Con), I vote for:

Lora as Feiya, the iconic witch.

Tiffany the Harrower :)

The Exchange

The monk.

Scarab Sages

I'm throwing my vote in with the Witch.... safest way to avoid that evil eye!

Dark Archive

fanguad wrote:

I'm going to vote for Lora as Feiya, even though picture doesn't really show off the costume very well. There was another picture that was posted that was much better (but I think it had someone else in it).

It was a tough call between Lora and Tiffany.

I hear ya! Here's a picture of Myself, Blake, and Lora--you can see her costume much better!!! I wish I had the higher resolution version of this...Blaaaaaaaake???


Click HERE --> Iconics Pic!.

Dark Archive

Nightfall wrote:

You know if Jodi hadn't taken herself out of the running, she's my first choice. (Even if she is shorter than I expected...)

That being said, my choice is Lora, as Feiya the Witch.

Awe thank you! And yes, I'm SO short! But It works because Sean likes me tiny! Perhaps I dressed as the Amiri miniature??? :o)

Dark Psion wrote:

I vote for Lora as Feiya, the iconic witch.

I also suggest that Jodi get the original print of the art from page 56 of Pathfinder 36.

I assume that's Sean at the bottom of the throne ;)

Why? What's different about it? I actually probably already have seen it I just cannot remember. I'm compiling a folder of ALL the Amiri artwork that I can find...Help me Sarah R! :oD

toxycycline wrote:

Jodi as Amiri is the best.

That being said, my vote would have to go to Lora as Feiya.

Dawww, thank you so much!!!

Uninvited Ghost wrote:

Usually in costume contests, there's a few lame ones, but I sincerely think they're all really good!

I vote for Jodi.


I vote for Lora.

Yeah, I know what you mean! Usually there is at least one costume where the person is all dressed up but they're wearing tennis shoes! Cracks me up! I saw a looooot of those at GenCon, thank goodness none of them were Pathfinder characters! I believe it was Erik and Wes personally thanked me for not wearing Nikes with my outfit, lmao! I thought they were exaggerating but boy were they right--people actually DO THAT! And if any of you out there have done that before, it's okay, but please email me so I can teach you how easy it is to make boot/shoe covers for a costume! ;o) Thank you for "voting" for me even though I'm not in the running.

Daniel Marshall wrote:

I'd have to go with Lora as Feiya. The accessories are what did it I think. She seems to have ALOT of extras.

And Sean... well done my friend... well done.


And yes, accessories! That's Wayne Reynolds for ya!

Did you all notice how many people dressed as Drow for GenCon? How great is that?! One fella took a picture with me as Amiri and him in his Drow costume, and I wish I could get him to post that because it was one of the best Drow costumes I have seen in a while because most people don't get the makeup done correctly (it's tough around the eyes) but his was a great job! Either he normally wears makeup outside of GenCon OR his spouse helped him out! :oD

The Exchange

Jodi Lane wrote:

And yes, accessories! That's Wayne Reynolds for ya!

Speaking of accessories. I've been wanting to ask, why no Big Damn sword? Not that your costume didn't rock without one.

My vote is for Jason, that outfit is dang cool.

My vote goes to Feiya.

The Exchange RPG Superstar 2010 Top 16

Chris Mortika wrote:
David as Harsk. Come on, people. He made his own badger!

Sorry. Misread. Kelly as Harsk.

David's paladin is cool, and he cops a good paladin-y attitude. But there's not the level of Golarion detail that other costumes have.

I'm still voting for Jodi

I vote for Jodi as Amiri. I don't see why the connections matter if the voting is left up to Paizo fans/ web site/ forum posters. I don't care if my vote is wasted.

I am curious about the Seoni costume. What happened?? :)

I vote for Lora. The detail of the accessories of the costume on this one really stood out for me. The alchemist was a close second, but I actually think all were very well done.

Liberty's Edge

For me it's between the witch and barbarian.

The barbarian gets my vote. Always just missed the chance to get a photo. Maybe next year.

So barbarian gets my vote. Although they were all great.

Scarab Sages

Lora as Feiya.

Shadow Lodge

DarkArt wrote:
I am curious about the Seoni costume. What happened?? :)

She posted somewhere about scheduling problems or something, so she wouldn't be able to make it to gencon. I believe she did say she's going to try to make it to dragoncon, though.

Ahhh super hard choice!

Jason as Damiel!

Sorry Lora, I would have voted for you if you'd brought a familiar! Great costumes, all!

Liberty's Edge

Lora as Feiya, Human Witch, carrying on the great tradition of 3 winds greatness.

Tiffany as the Harrower

My Vote:Jason as Damiel, the iconic alchemist.

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