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Chris Mortika


61; Birthday in April

Special Abilities

Programming in LOGO, extensive research on the Cups & Balls magic trick; also, thumbs bend backwards


Minneapolis, MN


Math goon

About Chris Mortika

When I entered college in 1980, there was a beginning-of-the-year RPG meeting where various GMs introduced any of their campaigns that had openings. I picked one guy's AD&D campaign --with the sparkling new DMG, oooh!-- and here we are today.

In some alternate reality, I would have decided to try another guy's TRAVELLER campaign instead. That would have been a seriously different life path.

I am considerably more interested in threads detailing someone's real campaign, than discussions regarding a theoretical "Platonic ideal" of how D&D or Pathfinder is supposed to work. I am also an unapologetic simulationist.