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Mutagen: 1d6 ⇒ 6

Fanatic Background: 1d6 ⇒ 4 You hate a particular group of people—mutants, gangers, or someone else of your choice. You believe these a#+!$@#s are to blame for all the s@#~ that’s gone wrong.

Starting Junk: 1d6 + 1d20 ⇒ (1) + (7) = 8 A bag of polyhedral dice
Age: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 1) = 7 Young Adult
Looks: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 4) = 9 Normal
Height: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 5) = 13 a little taller than average
Weight: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 6, 4) = 14 bulky
Distinguishing Features: 2d20 ⇒ (9, 7) = 16 body hair at all
Social: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 3, 1) = 10 You get along with other people about as well as anyone else does. You’re not particularly outgoing but you’re not all quiet and reserved either.
Connections: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 5) = 11 You know people, have several friends, and a few close relationships.
Sanity: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 6, 5) = 13 You’re pretty stable. You have few illusions and do what needs doing.
Goals: 1d20 ⇒ 17 You want power.
Motivation: 1d20 ⇒ 15 You’re afraid of the hatred you feel.
Obligation: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 1) = 7 You might keep your promises, but you might break them too. You look after what best serves you.
Morality: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 1, 1) = 4 You are selfish and petty. You never think twice about hurting others if it means getting ahead.
Name: 1d6 + 1d20 ⇒ (3) + (2) = 5 Hag

No worries, we are all learning together!

Got it, no worries. I'll probably still take the missionary background and play a religious character. Just have to pick a different deity.

Cult of the Redeemer Queen

As of the new edition, Nocticula has officially ascended as a new goddess. There's a 2 page spread about it in the last issue of Tyrant's Grasp. I can send you the relevant pages.

Would it be possible to play a follower of the Redeemer Queen? :)

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4d6 - 1 ⇒ (2, 1, 6, 6) - 1 = 14
4d6 - 2 ⇒ (3, 2, 4, 5) - 2 = 12
4d6 - 5 ⇒ (6, 5, 6, 6) - 5 = 18
4d6 - 3 ⇒ (4, 3, 6, 6) - 3 = 16
4d6 - 1 ⇒ (2, 3, 1, 1) - 1 = 6
4d6 - 4 ⇒ (6, 5, 5, 4) - 4 = 16

I can work with that. Since lots of people are already going the Sex Symbol route, I'm thinking a divine caster with Furtive Follower and Murmillo traits. I have a busy weekend coming up so I likely won't have a chance to make a character until Monday or Tuesday at the earliest.

EDIT: Considering an oracle or shaman.

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Considering building Deirdre the Priestess as a cleric with the blossoming light archetype.

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I am thinking of writing up Deirdre.

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Doting for interest. I will see what I can come up with if time allows.

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I had hoped to get my part of the backstory written today but things were too busy. I will try to do it Sunday morning. In the meantime here is an image of Tygrah!

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Wow! Short and stout, Ash!

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Alright, here comes Tygrah*, Battle Bride of Ashlion! She's a dual-wielding half-orc ranger with a burning hatred of reptiles for reasons that will become clear once I figure them out. ;)

Waiting on Nik's character to finalize backstory details, but here is the crunch:

Female half-orc ranger 1
CN Medium humanoid (human, orc)
Senses: Perception +5; darkvision 60 ft.

Initiative +2
AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+4 armor, +3 Dex, +1 dodge)
hp 13 (1d10+3)
Fort +4; Ref +4; Will +1
Defensive Abilities orc ferocity

Speed 20 ft.
Melee scimitar +5 (1d6+4/18-20) or kukri +5 (1d4+4/18-20)
Ranged longbow +3 (1d8/x3)
Special Attacks favored enemy (reptilian humanoids +2)

Str 18, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 11, Wis 13, Cha 7
BAB +1; CMB +4; CMD 17

Feats: Dodge
Adventuring Skills: Heal +5, Intimidate +0, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +4, Knowledge (nature) +4, Perception +5, Stealth +3*, Survival +5 (+6 to follow tracks)
Background Skills: Handle Animal +2, Knowledge (geography) +4
Armor Check Penalty: -3
Languages: Common, Orc
SQ: Track +1, wild empathy -1

Gear: Hide armor, scimitar, kukri, longbow, 20 arrows, ranger's kit*, traveler's outfit, potion of cure light wounds, 2 gp

*Ranger's Kit: This includes a backpack, a bedroll, a belt pouch, a flint and steel, iron pot, mess kit, rope, torches (10), trail rations (5 days), and a waterskin.

And some random rolls:
Age: 1d6 ⇒ 5 + 14 = 19
Height: 2d12 ⇒ (11, 4) = 15 + 53 = 68 inches = 5'8"
Weight: 2d12 ⇒ (5, 4) = 9 x 7 = 63 + 110 = 173 lbs.

*Name subject to change between now and game start.

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Yeah, I was planning a TWF fighter Nairb. Using scimitar and kukri. :(

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Planning a ranger now. Itzi, what are good choices for favored enemies?

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Nice! Sent you a note about possibly linking backstories, Nik.

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Dot for interest. Druid, maybe? I will have to do some thinking.

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Eyeballing a sylph detective bard. Will work on the stats and backstory soon.

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Dotting for interest. Will think of a concept and try to get it done by the end of the week.

Any chance we could get a list of completed submissions? That will help guide my class selection. Thanks. :)

EDIT: By my quick count, we've got a brawler, oracle, cavalier, swashbuckler, alchemist, gunslinger, rogue, and two rangers up for consideration. Looks like I'll make an arcane character. Details to follow.

Okay, think I'm actually going to take ley-line guardian. Not really feeling the Gambit shtick. :D

Nik, is our family Varisian, Kellid, or otherwise? Trying to decide on an avatar and backsory.

I'm going to take Sensitive Mind for my campaign trait. Still working out the other details, hopefully will have my character done a little later today.

Okay, no problem.

GM, did you see my earlier question about aging modifiers?

Female, most likely, as most of my characters are. :)

Backstory looks good, Nik. I'm thinking of either a cartomancer or a ley line guardian. If I go cartomancer, I could also combine it with hedge witch to provide more healing depending on what Solicitor settles on.

@GM Mort, my character will likely be middle-aged. Should I apply the aging modifiers to ability scores, or just ignore them?

That's awesome and a great fit, IMO. :D

Sounds good. I will wait for you to present your character background, then I will create mine as appropriate.

Nik, still want me to play your parent?

@Nikolaus: I hadn't settled on anything yet. I'd be open to an existing relationship with your character, parent/child or otherwise. We can discuss it here or via PM.

Hmm, okay. Maybe a healing-focused witch? That could fill in the Knowledge gaps and have full arcane casting with enough healing to keep the party patched up.

Hey, all! Following up on the invite from Kilarra. I'm giving everything a looksie now, but I am tentatively interested in joining this game.

It sounds like an archivist bard might be a good fit for the party. I'll consider some options and work on something later today.

The discussion thread for Signal of Screams is up now. You may also dot in at the gameplay thread.

You are welcome to join too, of course. :)

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Alright, I will run the game then! I will get a thread up and post more details in the morning, but in the meantime you can start thinking of 7th level character concepts.

Diedre Lhashi wrote:
Or am I in too many of your games already?

No such thing!

I have only seen Starfinder in action up to level 4 so I'm interested in how higher level play works. And the first adventure is really well-written.

By the way, I'm considering running the Signal of Screams AP if any of you might be interested. It's a horror themed campaign that starts at level 7 and goes to about 13.

Working on an orc gladiator soldier.

Jimbles, are the races from AA2 available to choose from for my character?

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It's me! Greetings, all!

Congrats on the baby, Jimbles! They are a lot of work but super rewarding. I hope you are prepared to stop sleeping for a while. ;)

Looks like you will need a beefy guy/girl/being to replace Jehir. I will probably make a soldier or solarian, or maybe an exocortex mechanic. I will consider my options and make a character soon.

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The gameplay and discussion threads are up for you to dot in.

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The game is mostly meant to be cooperative, but the mechanic exists to interfere with somebody if their actions run counter to your goals. We can limit or eliminate that use of Pal if it bothers the group though.

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Yes, it's still open, though you'll be the last player, Wastrel. Everybody who has expressed interest so far will have a spot in the game.

More system information will be posted tomorrow likely. Didn't have as much time this weekend.

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Alright, it looks like we will have enough for a game, so here are the character creation guidelines. To create your character, first you must assign numbers to your five main stats. Assign each of the following to the stat of your choice: +2, +1, +0, +0, -1. The stats are as follows:

Main Stats:
BRAVE: Levelheadedness, calm, strength of presence; used for the basic move be bold and daring. This stat is triggered whenever a character pushes the envelope of what he or she is doing: charging an animatronic bull that’s tearing through a crowd; standing up to a murderous manager who has just thrown someone from the balcony; or getting a pack of children to safety while the building is collapsing around them.

STOUT: Strength, endurance, athletics; used for the player move go the distance. This stat is triggered when a character does something physical or performs a feat of strength: lifting a door that’s about to crush a small child; leaping from a moving platform onto a steamboat; swinging from a treehouse onto a jungle ship; or wrenching a Mr. Mouse toy from a thieving child.

SWEET: Persuasiveness, looks, charm; used for the player move charm a heart into deciding. This stat is triggered when a character tries to persuade, sell, or even manipulate people: haggling with a churro vendor; convincing a teenager to put down the butcher knife; coercing the ride operator to take the roller coaster one more time; or talk your way out of a kidnapping.

WICKED: Aggressiveness, forcefulness, sneakiness; used for the player moves break some femurs and bare your teeth and ambitions. This stat is triggered when a character wants to intimidate someone, commit an evil act, or be sneaky: steal a plush Mr. Mouse from a vendor; scare a parent into moving a stroller; throw down with a vampire trying to suck your date’s blood; or get a bunch of school kids to run away from you so you can have some damned peace and quiet.

WISE: Wisdom, understanding, insight; used for the player moves dig a little deeper and find something there that wasn’t there before. This stat is triggered when a character taps inner knowledge, uses critical thought, or performs a skill: rewire a ride so that it goes faster; navigate through the secret areas of the park; make observations that can help you get out of the car that’s sinking into the bayou; or get the combine to stop shredding guests alive.

There are also two special stats, Pal and Twinkle. We'll figure out their values before we start, but they are detailed below:

Special Stats:
PAL: A stat that represents your relationship with other player characters and varies depending up which player character you are talking about; used as the stat for many basic moves instead of other stats, because you are trying to affect another player character: assisting another player character who is trying to escape a possessed truck; convince a player character to help you steal ice cream; discover if a player character is lying about having stolen the ice cream; or shove a player character out of the way of an axe.

TWINKLE: Your ability to plug into the higher powers of Mouse Park is both a stat and also sort of currency. The stat is triggered when characters perform moves that call upon the powers of the Great Mouse to perform what appear to be miracles. One particular move, wish upon a star, will add +1twinkle whenever it is used. Some special moves use Twinkle as a bonus to the roll. When a character has taken on 3 Twinkle, the debt to the Great Mouse must be paid. No one wants to be around when that happens.

Every character has access to the following basic moves:

Basic Moves:
When you face danger with unblinking courage and push forward against the odds, roll +brave; get away, finish something before someone catches you, jump between cars on a moving roller coaster, swim through a vat of snakes, sneak up behind someone, or smash a large spider.

When you need to do something while the stakes are high, roll +brave.
• On a 10+ you keep calm and do what you need to do.
• On 7-9 your courage falters, so while you manage to do what you need to do, something else goes wrong.
• On a 6 or less, prepare for the worst.

When you want to help a player character who is in trouble or you want to make things difficult on a player character that is succeeding, roll the Pal stat you have with that character.
• On a 10+ they take +2 (get a friend unstuck) or -2 (stick it to a friend) to their roll (or to the roll that just prompted this move).
• On a 7-9, they take +1 (get a friend unstuck) or -1 (stick it to a friend) to their roll (or to the roll that just prompted this move).
• On a 6 or less you make a mess of things.

When you want to search to find something you didn’t see before, roll +wise. On a 10+ hold 2, and on a 7-9 hold 1. 1 hold can be spent to ask the Narrator one of the following questions.
• What happened here?
• What here is useful?
• How much time has passed?
• Which enemy is the biggest threat?
• Is there something secret or hidden about this?
• What or who should I be on the lookout for?
If you act on the answers, you take +1ongoing as you act using the relevant information. On 6 or less, the Narrator gives you a choice between a missed opportunity, a horrible distraction or delay, or a difficult obstacle.

When you want to physically attack someone, roll +wicked.
• On a 7+, you inflict harm according to the rating of your weapon (or if not applicable, the established dangers in the game), and your enemy inflicts their attack’s harm rating on you.
• On a 10+ choose an extra effect:
• You gain the advantage: take +1forward, or give +1forward to another player character.
• You inflict terrible harm (+1harm).
• You suffer less harm (-1harm).
• You physically force them where you want them.
• You impress, dismay, or frighten them and they get +1shock.
• On a 6 the Narrator will determine if you will suffer terrible harm (+1harm), suffer shock (+1shock), or suffer a terrible setback (-2forward).

When you want to pick up on someone’s “tell” to see if they are lying, bluffing, hiding something, really a demon mouse in disguise, is a faerie posing as a person, a four-year-old who is hiding cotton candy he stole, or any person you want to read further and check out.

When you ask something and closely observe responding behavior, roll +wise for an NPC, or +pal for a player character.
• On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. When you are talking or engaging with the person, spend your hold to ask the Narrator or the Player questions, 1 for 1.
• Are you telling the truth?
• What are you really feeling?
• What do you intend to do?
• What do you wish I’d do?
• What do you not want me to know?
• How could I get you to _______?
• On 6 or less prepare for a terrible reaction, and if missed against a player, he or she gets +1experience for not answering.

When you want to charm, persuade, manipulate, or seduce someone, tell him or her what you want to do and then roll +sweet with NPCs or roll +pal with player characters.
• On a 10+, an NPC will comply if you promise them to do something they want, a PC gets +1experience and +1pal with you if he or she complies.
• On a 7-9, an NPC will do it but only if you do something they want for them right then and there to show that you mean it; a PC will get +1pal with you if they do what you asked.
• On 6 or less, an NPC is offended or enraged at your audacity and will react accordingly; a PC gets +1experience if they decide not to do what you ask.

When you want to influence someone through intimidation, tell them how you present yourself and then roll +wicked. Roll +pal when moving against another player character.
• On a 7+ an NPC will do what you want, within reason and a PC must be bold and daring or suffer -1forward on the next move
involving you if he or she refuses
• On a 10+ choose an extra effect:
• You make the character ridiculously frightened (+1shock)
• You stun the character with your threat (-1forward for a PC, or a hesitation from the NPC)
• You make an NPC hide or run away, or you gain +1 experience if a PC agrees to do what was wanted
• On a 6 or less you fail to intimidate the NPC, and for a PC you can choose to take +1experience and suffer a -1pal with the PC, and they can do the same.

When you want to accomplish a physical feat or an act of strength or endurance, roll +stout.
• On 10+ succeed in the physical feat and take no harm yourself.
• On 7-9 you succeed in the physical feat, but must choose one of the following:
• You take +1harm
• If someone is near you, he or she takes +1harm
• You avoid harm but stumble, taking -2forward
• On 6 or less, prepare for the worst.

When you make a wish in Mouse Park to better your situation, you may choose to negate all harm, negate all shock, or reroll a die roll you just made. Every time you do this you earn +1twinkle—a debt to the powers of Mouse Park. When you get to 3 twinkles, you’ve exhausted the park’s generosity and a horrible doom befalls you causing either +1trauma or +1injury. Once you’ve suffered the trauma or injury, your debt is paid and all twinkles are then erased.

Next choose, one of the following personality types, and choose one personality move from the appropriate list:

Sanguine people are extroverts, excitable, positive, openly emotional, and enthusiastic. They love to be surrounded by people and make friends quickly. Preferring to talk rather than listen, they can be self-focused and oblivious to the feelings of others. While they make friends easily, they may change friends easily as well. Attention-lovers and highly expressive, they are often the center of fun and the most dramatic.

If you are Sanguine, choose one of the following personality moves:

Roll +brave when you want to inspire with rallying words or song and improve a character’s moves.
• On a 7+, anyone within the sound of your voice gets a +1forward.
• On 10+ choose one extra effect:
• You get +1experience for being so aweinspiring
• Player characters that are inspired by you get +1experience for going along with what you say
• On a 6 or less you fail to inspire them, prepare for a terrible reaction and PCs get +1experience for ignoring or mocking you.

Since everyone is your friend, you can choose to use +sweet on every move that uses +pal.

After you fail a move using +stout, you can try the same move again using +brave instead.

Leaders, confident, and proud, Choleric people are the “alphas” of a group. Happy when in control of a situation, they will constantly try to make sure others follow their lead. Confident and certain, they are prone not to listen to others and can be bull-headed and challenging. Fast to anger and sometimes aggressive, they will fight for being right over everything else.

If you are choleric, choose one of the following personality moves:

When you insult someone, roll +wicked to demoralize the person.
• On 10+ the person you insulted is dismayed and you and the other player characters get a +1ongoing on any move against that person.
• • On a 7-9 the character you insulted is now a target, so you and the other player characters get a +1forward on any move against that person.
• On a 6 or less, prepare for a terrible reaction.

Get a +1 to your bare your teeth and ambitions move by including an empty and ridiculous threat.

Get a +1 to harm whenever you fight angry.

Highly sensitive and introverted, melancholic people tend to be perfectionist and technical-minded. They have high standards for themselves and will be hard on themselves if those standards are not met. They are very analytical, highly intelligent, and witty, but they can be pessimistic, lost in their thoughts, or emotionally volatile. Prone to complaining, they can be argumentative if things seem wrong or contrary to their logical framework.

If you are melancholic, choose one of the following moves:

Use all available resources, online or otherwise, to learn new information that you didn’t have
access to before. Roll +wise.
• On a 7+ you find the information you were looking for, explained by the Narrator or through the narrative.
• On a 10+ you can choose an additional effect:
• You discovered a litany of information, all of your moves as a result of this information get a +1forward.
• The Narrator reveals another secret that you were not looking for, but is useful to the situation.
• Your research explains a great deal more about the overall situation and eases the impact of what has happened to you, restoring -1shock.
• On a 6 or less you’ve reached an objectively incorrect conclusion, or you are more confused than when you started and take a -1ongoing when taking future moves using the information.

Roll +brave when you fail at another move, by pausing to find your inner strength and then confronting the challenge again with a renewed vigor and resilience.
• If you roll a 7+ you are able to accomplish whatever move you had tried before.
• On a 10+ you get a +1forward for any other moves having to do with the challenge or results of that challenge.
• On a 6 or less, your inner spark fizzles with disappointment, prepare for the consequences.

When you want to fix something mechanical or electrical that is broken, roll +wise.
• On a 10+ you fix the thing.
• On a 7-9, you fix the thing but it will break again later, it takes a ridiculous amount of time to fix, or breaks an important tool while fixing.
• On a 6 or less, you don’t fix it and either you’ve broken the machine beyond repair, or you broke something important you own while trying to fix it.

Introverted and passive, phlegmatic people are eager to please and quick to earn recognition and friendship from others. They tend to take the path of least resistance and aim to please as many people as possible to keep the peace and avoid conflict. They will easily admit defeat to bypass conflict, but they are highly thoughtful and empathetic. They are calm and easy-going and are prone to indecision, often allowing others to step in so they can adopt those opinions.

If you are phlegmatic, choose one of the following moves:

When you use inspirational mannerisms, techniques, quotes or idioms to help prove your point, you roll +wise instead of +sweet when you move to charm a heart into deciding.

When you try to increase Pal with someone by telling a story about how successful you are, which highlights you as the most amazing person in some capacity, roll +sweet. You can do this any number of times up to +3pal, but if it is the same person you must use a different story.
• On 7+ you get a +1pal with that person.
• On 10+ they also get +1experience if they increase their Pal with you by one as well.
• On a 6 or lower the story does not work; they see through you and can take +1experience for taking -1pal with you.

If you continue to confront a danger that has caused you harm or shock, roll +brave.
• On a 7+ you get a +1forward on any move against that danger.
• On a 10+ any harm or shock that you just withstood is turned back onto the source of it, even if he or she already sustained harm or shock.
• On a 6 or less, you succumb to the fear and get a -1forward on any move against that danger.

Next, choose your work history. This will give you your starting equipment (merchandise) and another move:

You may be right out of high school or college, or perhaps you’ve been traveling the world. Maybe you went into the workforce during the economic collapse, or you’ve been living on the streets. Whatever the reason, you are currently unemployed. You have no idea what you are doing, and people will realize that right away—but what you lose in ignorance, you make up for in tenacity and a fresh perspective.

• Smartphone (innocuous, valuable)
• Street clothes (worn, +1pal to all other player characters, not higher nor lower than 3)
• Childhood ball cap (worn, innocuous, +1ward)
• Taser (close, +1harm)
• Tattoo (+1wicked no higher than 3)
• Pocket knife
• SLR camera
• Works out (+1stout no higher than 3)
• Posse, two hoodlums named _______________ and _________________ follow you and are your first line of offense/defense. They have +1armor and do +1harm each, and can withstand no more than +1harm before dying.
• Pad: If you need something and don’t have it, you can go back to your pad to get it. To get something from your pad, roll +wise.
• On 10+ you find it right away.
• On 7-9 choose one of the following:
• It takes you an hour to find it
• You find it, but you lose something that was on you in the process
• You get flustered looking for it (-1forward)
• On 6 or less you don’t find it and suffer a drawback
• Bucks: Not Much

Choose one talent for a corresponding stat bonus (no stat can have more than +3):
• Actor, +1stout when you perform in order to go the distance.
• Musician, +1sweet when you play music or sing in order to charm a heart into deciding.
• Dancer, +1brave when you dance in order to be bold and daring.
• Comedian, +1wicked when you use humor to bare your teeth and ambitions.
• Artist, +1wise when you use art in order to dig a little deeper

Take a moment and find the inner hero that will rise and conquer all odds, and then add +2 to go the distance.

When you want to skillfully steal something, roll +wicked.
• On a 10+ you take it without being detected.
• On a 7-9 you take it, but you are noticed.
• On a 6 or less, you are unable to take it and are also noticed.

Service Industry:
You’ve done time in retail, at restaurants, or malt shops. You’re done with it, now it’s time to witness Mouse Park, the shining beacon of the service industry. Not only are there countless restaurants and shops, but there is no place here that isn’t customer-facing. You should love it here!

Choose 3 Merchandise and 1 Move:
• Smartphone (innocuous, valuable)
• Service worker uniform (worn, +1sweet no higher than 3)
• Mouse Park Customer Service Training Manual (Twinkle, worn, +1ward)
• Butcher knife (hand, +1harm)
• Impeccable hair (+1sweet, no more than 3)
• Beauty supplies
• Golf cart
• Walking shoes (+1stout, no higher than 3)
• Character costume (worn, -1twinkle)
• Film, television, or radio contract. You get +1pal with the group while the contract is valid.
• Bucks: Some

When you use your people skills to help someone recover from shock, roll +sweet for NPCs or +pal for PCs.
• On 7+ your words soften the experience and the NPC or PC loses -1shock from your words.
• On a 10+ the NPC will become endeared to you and help with your next move within reason, and a you get +1pal with a PC.
• On a 6 or less, you cause more problems and the person sustains an additional shock, and a PC can accept +1shock for+1experience.

When you break some femurs, you may roll +sweet instead of +wicked, but you must handle the move in a friendly way.

Roll +wicked when you want to acquire merchandise worth more bucks than you have.
• On a 10+ you are able to get the item for free from a trusted contact in the park as soon as you are able to find that person.
• On a 7-9 you are able to get the item for fewer bucks than you have and it takes a few hours in order to get it.
• On a 6 or less you can only get the item at the amount of bucks it is worth.

Blue Collar:
You’ve always worked for a living. No one ever gave you anything. You fixed things, built things, and used your hands. Your bosses and management were always idiots, but you were loyal to the company. Now you are here trying a new career and a new life, or you’re just visiting. Should be easier on the back!

• Smartphone (innocuous, valuable)
• Work boots (worn, +1stout no higher than 3)
• Worker’s jumpsuit (worn, +1armor)
• Really big wrench (innocuous, hand, +1harm)
• Laborer (+1stout, no higher than 3)
• Toolbox
• Mechanical diagnostics computer
• Certified in heavy machine and repair (+1wise, no higher than 3)
• Lucky coin (Twinkle, on heads it will negate a Twinkle when using wish upon a star)
• Spouse ____________________ and kids __________________ will come to Mouse Park within an hour if called and will follow along with you. You choose a +1sweet or +1wicked bonus when they are with you.
• Bucks: Enough

When you want to operate heavy machinery, industrial vehicles, or devices that typically require licenses or some sort of training, roll +stout.
• On a 10+ you use the machine or device, and it operates as intended.
• On a 7-9 you are able to operate the device for the moment, but you will need to be bold and daring to continue doing so.
• On a 6 or less you have broken the machine beyond repair.

Your technical skills allow you to improve tools, weapons, and other merchandise so that they are more useful in Mouse Park. Roll +wise when you adapt, change, or improve upon an object.
• On a 7-9 your work adds a +1armor, +1ward, +1shock, or +1harm depending upon your alterations.
• On a 10+ choose an additional +1armor, +1ward, +1shock, or +1harm.
• On a 6 or less, you are unable to improve anything and you’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time working on it, or you broke something important while trying to solve the problem.

When you need to hack into a computer system, create or alter code, or perform complex computer work, roll +wise.
• On a 10+ you successfully accomplish your task.
• On a 7-9 you accomplish your task, but you’ve created another related issue or problem.
• On a 6 or less you’ve crashed the computer beyond repair, you’ve triggered computer alarm systems, or your task appeared to work, but actually did not.

You had tons of education and a cushy life. Maybe you were a lawyer, doctor, marketer, professor, stock broker, author, or some sort of professional. You spent your life climbing a ladder and breaking through ceilings until suddenly you are in Mouse Park. Whatever the case, you have the smarts and acumen to handle problems.

• Smartphone (innocuous, valuable)
• Suit (worn, +1wise, no higher than 3)
• Uniform (worn, +1brave no higher than 3)
• Steel briefcase (hand, +1harm)
• Certified in a profession (+1wise, no higher than 3)
• Government/law enforcement/military training (+1stout or +1brave, no higher than 3)
• Laptop computer
• Attended law school (+1wicked, no higher than 3)
• Medical kit
• Pistol (loud, messy, range, +3harm)
• Bucks: A lot

When you want to use basic medical equipment such as a first aid kit to recover -1harm, roll +wise.
• On a 10+ you can restore up to -2harm.
• On a 7-9 you can restore -1harm.
• On a 6 or less you fumble, causing an additional +1harm; if treating a PC they can choose to take the harm for +1experience.

When you make a gesture of support or use a piece of wisdom to help soothe the mind of someone who has been driven toward madness, roll +sweet or +pal if it is with another player character.
• On a 10+ you can restore up to -2shock.
• On a 7-9 you can restore -1shock.
• On a 6 or less you make things worse, causing an additional +1shock, if a PC they can choose to take the shock for +1experience.

When you want to change someone’s mind or stop someone’s behavior, but firmly and with authority, use charm a heart into deciding but with +wicked, instead of +sweet.

Finally, choose whether you are a guest or a Mousineer, and choose a move from the appropriate list:

• Mouse Park branded clothing (worn)
• Backpack
• Smartphone (valuable)

When you use your knowledge of Mouse Park and understanding of routines and policy to get away with doing something wrong or against the rules in the park, roll +brave.
• On a 10+ you are left alone to do whatever it was they “thought” was against the rules, but was apparently not.
• On 7-9 they let you pass or look the other way with a warning not to do it again, and they close the loophole so you won’t be able to try taking advantage of it in the future.
• On a 6 or less you are caught, and the natural and terrible consequences take place.

When you use your life-long love for Mouse Park to draw upon its hidden powers and look for the truth of what is going on, roll +wise.
• On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. When you want to find hidden meaning in something at Mouse Park, spend your hold to ask the Narrator questions, 1 for 1.
• Is this what it appears to be?
• Will this hurt someone?
• Will this help someone?
• What is the purpose of this?
• How can I use this to help my situation?
• How do I get rid of this?

When you use your innate knowledge of Mouse Park to know the quickest or most efficient way to a destination, roll +wise. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. When you want to find the best way through, spend your hold to ask the Narrator questions, 1 for 1.
• What is the quickest way to get to a destination?
• What is the best way to get to a destination without being seen?
• What is the path of least resistance?
• Where is the best place to hide?
• What is the best way to escape?
• What is the best way to lose those that are following me?
If you act on the answers, you get a +1ongoing as you move using the relevant information. On a 6 or less you chose the worst way through and will get a -1forward until you make it to your intended destination.

Whenever you say a wonderful phrase to a Mousineer in costume, you'll get an autograph and roll +sweet. On a 10+ hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. On 6 or less, gain +1experience but you do not get an autograph. Spend your hold for an effect.
• Negate harm (1 hold for -1harm)
• Negate shock (1 hold for -1shock)
• Add a ward (1 hold for +1ward)
• Negate Twinkle (1 hold for -1twinkle)

Your standing as an annual passholder with Mouse Park gives you certain advantages and perks. Get +1ongoing with any Mousineer.

As an employee of Mouse Park, you have a responsibility to do your job right and to make the park an amazing experience for all the guests. But you also have the responsibility to protect Mouse Park by making sure the guests don't find out too much about what is going on in this place. No matter what department you are a part of, your real job is to protect guests, mitigate the damage of what they experience, and to make sure the secrets of Mouse Park never leave the gates.

Apart from that, you can choose any department to be a part of. Players can all choose the same department, or can choose to be a member of any department. Whatever department you choose, you will get a selection of merchandise, and a basic background on your position and role in the park. The departments are Attractions, Entertainment, Guest Relations, Maintenance, Security, and Service.

• Run the rides/attractions
• Crowd control
• Creative design and decor
• Engineering
• A little of everything (troubleshooting)

• Mouse Park attraction uniform (worn)
• Walkie-talkies (range)
• Tablet with scanner attachment for guests and attraction mechanical/electrical status (valuable)

• Costumed characters (fur characters)
• Character actors (face characters)
• Singers and/or dancers
• Parade entertainers
• Character handler/crowd control

• Mouse Park costume (worn)
• Access to parade floats (valuable)
• Tablet with access to database and PA system(valuable)

• Tickets
• Customer Service at Town Hall
• Directions and Information
• Trolley and transport
• VIP tours

• Mouse Park Mousineer uniform (worn)
• Walkie-talkies (range)
• Tablet with scanner attachment for guests and access to Mouse Park database (valuable)

• Custodial services and grounds clean-up
• Attraction maintenance and repair
• Parade float maintenance and repair
• Structural maintenance and carpentry
• A little of everything (on-call repairs)

• Mouse Park coveralls (worn)
• Walkie-talkies with earpieces (range)
• Access to standard and heavy tools (valuable)

• Surveillance and profiling
• Patrol for issues
• Bodyguard for VIP and Management
• Take care of guests who are problems or that know too much
• Keep secrets safe


• Mouse Park Security uniform (worn)
• Walkie-talkies with earpieces (range)
• Pepper Spray (close, causes +1harm)

• Food service
• Retail
• Food or retail cart
• Arts and crafts
• Babysitting

• Mouse Park retail/restaurant uniform (worn)
• All-access retail and food/beverage key (valuable)
• Free access to Mouse Park merchandise (valuable)


When you provide a Mouse Park-inspired metaphor to inspire someone before they make a move, roll +wise.
• On a 10+ you inspire the character, and the wisdom you impart makes them a better person so they get +1experience and +1forward.
• On a 7-9 you inspire the character and they get +1forward.
• On a 6 or less you don’t inspire the character, and they can choose to gain +1experience to take -1pal with you.

When someone is trying using the wish upon a star move, touch that person or hold their hand to get a blessing from the power of Mouse Park and roll +twinkle.
• On a 7+ the wish does not add a Twinkle to the character.
• On a 10+ you get -1twinkle as you have lovingly taken in the power of the park.
• On a 6 or less the wish proceeds as normal, the character gets +1twinkle and so do you.

Once per day you can wish upon a star without accumulating Twinkle.

When you want to perform a miracle by calling upon the powers of Mouse Park and/or the Great Mouse in order to affect the environment or cause harm or shock through magic, roll +twinkle.
• On a 10+ choose one of the following effects
• Magical energy blasts from your fingertips or hands and strikes a character, causing +2harm
• Create a horrible vision that inflicts +2shock on a character
• A shield of magical energy deflects up to -2harm that was just given
Ward up to -2shock that was just given
• Magical blessing gives you or a character
+1forward for the next hour
• Magical aura adds +1armor for the next hour
• On a 7-9, choose one of the following effects.
• Magical energy blasts from your fingertips or hands and strikes a character, causing +1harm
• Create a terrible vision that inflicts +1shock on a character
• A shield of magical energy deflects up to -1harm that was just given
• Ward up to -1shock that was just given
• Magical blessing gives you or a character +1forward for the next minute
• Magical aura adds +1armor for the next minute
• On a 6 or less, there is no effect and you gain a Twinkle.

When you want to engineer a miracle using whimsy, art, or some sort of theatrics or attraction that can be used once like wish upon a star, but without accumulating Twinkle, roll +sweet.
• On a 10+ you’re able to create a miracle as intended right away, and may negate harm or shock, or reroll a die.
• On a 7-9 you’re able to create a miracle as intended, and may negate harm or shock, or reroll a die, but an unintended consequence also occurs that causes a new problem, delay, or too much attention.
• On a 6 or less you fail to create the miracle and you gain +1twinkle for disrupting the Great Mouse.

When I have more time in the morning, I will post explanations of some terms like forward, harm, ongoing and such for those unfamiliar with the Apocalypse system.

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The Apocalypse system is pretty intuitive. Any time you want to do something, you roll 2d6 and add the relative stat bonus (or penalty). 6 or less is a failure, 7-9 is a partial success, and 10+ is a total success. You have a list of moves, and each one details what happens when you succeed.

Character creation involves assigning your five stats, choosing a personality type, choosing your work history, and choosing whether you are a guest or a Mousineer. Then you select moves from a list based on your choices. I will post full character creation rules in this thread once I'm sure enough people want to play.

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All of your life you’ve been lied to. You and generations before you embraced a glowing beacon of innocence that taught us right from wrong and shaped us into the adults we became. At face value, there is little about Mouse Park we can criticize. It is a celebration of life. It is the quintessential family vacation. It is an icon of joy. It represents the best of all of us.

You do not want to know what lies beneath. Many of the employees here, we call them Mousineers, have no idea what they perpetuate, the secrets that lie in wait, and what terror lurks just beyond. I’m certain some of them have noticed—some maybe even saw some things. But they stay willfully ignorant. They make rationalizations for the missing guests, the spilled blood, and the strange creatures that inhabit the dark recesses of the park. They make excuses or act like they haven’t seen anything—or they consciously forget.

Others have seen atrocities far more than their minds could take. Maybe they blocked it out, or worse, became altogether catatonic. Some left completely and fell into bouts of depression and self-destruction. Others went mad, lost everything, and now live on the streets or in hospitals.

Then there are Mousineers that know about what goes on in Mouse Park. Perhaps they had a hand in “cleaning” something up. Maybe they serve the darkness because they are afraid of being found out, scared of being made culpable. They serve for fear of the wrath of What Lies Beneath and commit atrocities on its behalf, to save their own necks—or sanity. Others may relish in service. They seek out ways to satiate the power of Mouse Park with blood and sacrifice.

Now you are here. What you know about Mouse Park is up to you, but whether you are ignorant or not—you must face the truth of the Great Mouse Who Lies Beneath, the ancient mystical orders that protect Him, the sacrifices those in the park must endure, and the beasts of horror that spawn from His depths. You may choose to protect the innocent from the terrors of Mouse Park, or you may wish to perpetuate the terror. Whatever your course, you are in it now. The truth of Mouse Park can no longer be ignored or forgotten.

I'd like to gauge if anybody is interested in playing a game of "The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth." It's a Powered by the Apocalypse game that's a mix of satire and horror as players take on the role of guests or employees at a faux-Disney theme park. I'd like to have a group of 4 or 5 players. If there's enough interest posted here, I'll transform this into a full-fledged recruitment thread.

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Alright, thanks. I'll go straight inquisitor. Hope to have the alias up later today.

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GM, I am considering playing an inquisitor of Desna with the Returning Missionary trait. Would the Umbral Stalker archetype be available and appropriate for such a character? If not, I can just go straight inquisitor with no archetype.

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Dot for interest! I will work on a character concept on Monday when I have more time. :)

Here's the basic stats for my character. I still have to pick a name, plus powers and gear. Let me know if it looks okay so far.

Name: ???
Race: Human
Gender: Female

Attributes and Skills:
Agility d6
-Stealth d4
Smarts d8
-Common Knowledge d4
-Knowledge (arcana) d8
-Investigation d8
-Notice d4
-Streetwise d8
-Spellcasting d8
Spirit d6
-Persuasion d4
Strength d4
-Athletics d4
Vigor d6

Pace 6"; Parry XX; Toughness XX
Hindrances: Big Mouth, Curious, Loyal
Edges: Arcane Background (Magic), Wizard
Powers (10 points): (3)
Gear: XX

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