Dreadfulness in Dunwich PF1e+

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Bale Keep Map

Dunwich is a somewhat backwater fishing town situated on southern side of the Dunwater River and sandwiched between the Dunwater Marsh and the Monmurg Bay. This makes it tucked away on the south-western coast of the Kingdom of Keoland. Just north of Dunwich is a small monastery dedicated to Heironeous and Bale Keep which guards the road between the town of Saltmarsh and Burle. While further south are other small fishing villages and guard towers. Many folks from Dunwich serve as staff and support for the keep and the town tends to travelers between Saltmarsh and Burle.

This will be a semi-sandbox game based in a non-canon village located in the Viscounty of Salinmoor in the south-western region of Keoland which is located within the Sheldomar Valley within the western area of the Flanaess on the continent of Oerick on the planet Oereth. Dunwich is smaller but similar to its more famous cousin Saltmarsh which is located just to the northeast. As every character will have hailed from or hail from Dunwich there will be special Backgrounds to choose from that will tie the character more tightly into the village.

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HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)
Shekla Stygg wrote:
I'm interested to hear what you're thinking, and making a shared background with other PC's.

If we both get in I’d love to have a shared background. Lars returned from the war and went back to the family trade of being a smith in the village. I’m sure that he’d take Shekla in, given that he’d have certainly known quite a few Uriaks when he served. That, and her magical talents (which outstrip his own) would have gotten his attention and respect.

Female Uriak Sorcerer 3

That would work fine for me Lars, and I could swap a few skill points around to help a little in the smithy. I suppose I should also roll my HP. :P

HP: 2d4 + 4 ⇒ (3, 2) + 4 = 9 +6 first level max, +9 from con x3 = 24 hp

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Race: Human, Sex: Male
Name: William the Destroyer
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class: Wizard, Evoker
Deity: Heironeous

Strength: 12 -- Bonus: +1
Dexterity: 16 (+1 human) -- Bonus: +3
Constitution: 12 -- Bonus: +1
Intelligence: 17 -- Bonus: +3
Wisdom: 14 (+2 human): Bonus: +2
Charisma: 13 (+1 Human): Bonus: +1

Traits: Reactionary, Kin Bond (cousin)

Skills: Craft (Alchemy) -- +7 (1 rank +3 bonus +int bonus), Knowledge: Arcana +9 (3 ranks +3 bonus +3 intelligence bonus), Knowledge: Strategy +9 (3 ranks +3 bonus +3 Int bonus), Perception +5 (3 ranks +2 Wisdom), Profession: Battle Mage +9 (3 ranks +3 bonus +3 Intelligence bonus), Spellcraft +8 (+3 ranks +3 bonus +2 Wisdom Bonus), Swim +3 (+2 ranks +1 Strength bonus)

Feats: Spell Focus (Evocation) (1st level feat), Spell Penetration (Human bonus feat), Extend Spell (3rd level Feat)

Equipment: Masterwork Quarterstaff (+1/1d6 damage/x2 critical), Wand of Magic Missiles (6 charges remaining), Traveling clothes, Backpack, Traveling Spellbook, Grimoire (back home), Magic dagger (+1/1d4 damage/x2 critical), Bedroll, cloak

Spells in Spellbook: 0 level - all (Kinda all)
1st level: -- Burning Hands, Color Spray, Tenser's Floating Disk, Magic Missile, Magic Weapon, Summon Monster I
2nd level: Scorching Ray, Summon Monster II

Spells Memorized: (boo), Dynamic Spellcasting Bonus: +3 Yay! 0-level: Arcane Mark, Detect Magic, Read Magic x2
1st Level: Magic Missile, Summon Monster I
2nd level: Scorching Ray

Background: I am William the Destroyer. I want nothing more than to destroy or impair evil. Evil fears my magic, but I support the good and righteous among the society. I should have been a paladin, my father said -- But no, I had talent in magic. I apprenticed with the Wizard Gamork instead of becoming a soldier for the church. He taught me magic. And I took to it. I wasn't very popular, but I studied spells to destroy my enemies. When my apprenticeship was over, I returned to Dunwich a powerful wizard. May all evil fear my power.

William wanted power. Although a worshipper of Heironeous; William studied magic. He did not want to spend his life in service of the Church, he wanted to destroy evil. He regards the Church of Hextor to be his enemy. However, despite wanting power to destroy -- William has a tender heart, one that would do no one harm.

Rather than convert to Boccob, William stayed with Hieroneous, figuring the small and influential church would have a battle mage praying every worship day. In his childhood, he was bullied though. Bullied because he was smarter than everyone else.

However, he trained as an evoker partly because he wanted power. Also partly because he wanted to defeat the Church's enemies. He was neutral to start out with, but his passions led him down the path of righteousness. Still he has needs. He desires a beautiful partner. Someone who will accept him for being a battle mage.

Okay to reduce the mystery at this point in time due to interest indicated followed up by active character creation and discussion interaction here is what I have with go forward. Although I could squeeze 1 more in if someone else shows active interest in the game or in case I missed someone who has shown active interest in the game as I almost missed Daniel.

1) EltonJ ............................... (William the Destroyer)
2) Andrea1 .......................... (Dain of Clan Bambage son of ?? ....)
3) Daniel Stewart ............... (Cade of the Thornhallows)
4) Mokmurian the Great ... (Travoril the Scrivener)
5) Grumbaki ....................... (Lars Stonefist son of Ulcaster)
6) Zaboom! ......................... (Shekla of the Dripping Blades)

Note this assumes that everybody listed above is still with us.

And if you were keeping track we had 15 players show initial interest but so far only a little over 1/3rd have shown active interest. Not the best that I have seen but not the worst and definitely expected.

Note: I have reduced your names to just first names because I am not aware of anyone of the characters being even semi-nobility. Further if you gave your character a sirname I tried to translate that into something specific to one's race. However, if you would like to tweak your name do let me know.

Note for Andrea1 a Dwarf rarely uses more than their personal name except for in formal situations (up to you to decide if a formal introduction is needed) but then they can typically and thus will trace their lineage back as many generations as they know so if you want to fill in your father, your father's father, etc... that would be great just keep in mind that a generation is about 1 century. Also if the introduction is only semi-formal they may just state their name and their clan name (e.g. Dain Bambage) thus the more formal the more complete. Oh and by human standards Dwarves do consider themselves at least minor nobility.

Also I am not sure if I have addressed this with you or not but Dain came here with a small contingent of his Clan for mining purposes. Granted Dain might not be here as a miner but he did accompany the clan for a reason -- one I am sure we can iron it as we move things forward. Also there is a good chance the Dain knows the local Smith

Lastly if Grumbaki would be so nice perhaps they might recap what all these PCs are. Like they did previously ;-)

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)

Dain Bramage
* Dwarven Living Grimoire Inquisitor
* Enchanted book of grudges
* Profession: Caravan Guard (survived his last caravan being wiped out)

* Human Evoker Wizard
* Profession: Battle Mage who returned to Dunwhich in his quest to explode evil.

Travoril the Scrivener
* fFolk Cleric of Labelas Enoreth
* Profession: Missionary from the Sheldomar Valley.

Lars Ulcaster
* Human Golemfist Hexcrafter Magus
* Profession: Injured Veteran and discharged battlemage. Currently works with family in Dunwhich as a smith.

Shekla Stygg
* Uriak Sorcerer Orc Bloodline
* Profession: Former Dripping Blades tribal slave, now works odd jobs at Dunwhich (currently at the Stonefist Smithy)

Cade Thornhollow
* Hin Rogue
* Profession: ex-Child of the Streets, pursuer of mysteries


And this is our group!

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Thank you Grumbaki-Lars

Male Human Evoker 3

Testing, 1 . . .2. . .3 . . .

Male Human

Character Creation:


Character attributes are rolled -- you roll 3d6 and keep 2 and add 6. This gives an 8 to 18 range with an average of 13. However, if after rolling you do not average 13 or higher you may opt to discard that set of rolls and try again but you cannot go back to a previous roll.
3d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 5) = 15 keep (6, 5)+6=17
3d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 2) = 13 keep (5, 6)+6=17
3d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 1) = 11 keep (5, 5)+6=16
3d6 ⇒ (3, 5, 4) = 12 keep (5, 4)+6=15
3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 3) = 9 keep (4. 3)+6=13
3d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 2) = 4 keep (1, 2)+6=9
DEX 17
CON 16
INT 17
WIS 13
CHA 15


_Attribute of Choice +2 (CON)
_and +1 to 2 other different (STR and WIS)
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft
Senses: Normal
Human Versatility:
_Gain an Extra Feat (total of 2 at 1st level)
_They can choose two Favored Classes at 1st-level and gain a +1 HP and +1 Skill Point whenever they take level in either class.
_Gain an 1 Additional Skill Point per Level and the Skill Focus Feat
_Begin with Keolan (local human) and either Elven, Dwarven, Gnome, or Hin (Elven)
Potential Additional Languages: Any modern non-secret language

Stats are now:
STR 10
DEX 17
CON 18
INT 17
WIS 14
CHA 15

Class—Kinteticist (Aether)(Telekineticist):

Archetype—Kinetic Chirurgeon
_L1 HP (8) +4+1+1 BAB +0 SAVEs F+2, R+2, W+0
General Feat + Human Feat +4 skill points +INT bonus skill points +1hp +2 skill points
Telekinetic Blast (Kinetic Healer, Kinetic Cover), Basic Telekinesis, Burn 1/round, Gather Power, Kinetic Chirurgery
_L2 HP (1d4 ⇒ 3+4) +4+1+1 BAB +1 SAVEs F+3, R+3, W+0
Force Ward +4 skill points +INT bonus skill points +1hp +2 skill points
_L3 HP (1d4 ⇒ 3+4) +4+1+1 BAB +2 SAVEs F+3, R+3, W+1
General Feat +4 skill points +INT bonus skill points +1hp +2 skill points
Elemental Overflow +1


Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot

Traits-- 2 or 3 if you take a negative Trait:

Poverty-Stricken (Social)(APG)
Sacred Touch (Faith)(APG)
Outcast Intuition (Magic)(UC)
_Hedonistic (UC)


3 Acrobatics +9
3 Bluff +5
0 Climb +0
2 Diplomacy +4
2 Disable Device +7
0 Disguise +2
2 Escape Artist +5
3 Heal +8
0 Intimidate +2
2 Know:Local +5
2 Know:Nature +5
2 Perception +7
3 Sense Motive +9
2 Stealth +8
2 Survival +8
1 Swim +1
1 Use Magic Device +6

Background Skills
1 Appraise +4
1 Linguistics +4
1 Perform (Oratory) +3
1 Profession (Herbalist) +6
2 Sleight of Hand +8

Liberty's Edge

Male Historian/Curator

Hey, thanks for including me in this game!! I am looking at Cade and I like the way you have pulled the information together. I was thinking of going one of two ways...either make him a sanctified rogue or perhaps an investigator (as an archetype). I also like the name alteration...now I get a great idea of where he came from!!
I will get my background together and make a profile as soon as I can.

Nice post Lars but please refrain from making posts until I have officially started the game and we have officially finished the characters I usually take two passes at a character.

Also I thought Lars had two non-flesh arms as he lost both arms to the Pirate Princess. Further I suggested to stone arms aka Stonefist but you gave him one metal arm. So I need to ask several questions in regard to this.

1) Did he lose both arms?

2) If he lost both arms where did his new arms come from (something I was going to cover but I am open to suggestions) and why did he get a new flesh arm and new iron arm rather than simply restore both of his arms to flesh (much easier to do than give him an iron arm btw) and make him a normal person again? I mean a high level cleric, which Keoland has access to could have regenerated his arms but they did not and thus the question why pops up again. My explanation weaves that in, so to take a peak behind the curtain which Lars may not know. The Gods were at work and one of them took an interest for some reason (most likley related to the town of Dunwich -- which is not spelled with 2 H's Lovecraft would be horrified ;-) -- and through an agent either openly or discreetly (not decided yet) was involved. This is me trying to add a 3rd-dimension to Lars. I am stating this not just for you but for all the players so they understand what I am doing while they are awaiting my feedback.

3) I was planning on having your dad, mom, and brother (older if you had wanted freedom to leave the family business or younger if you wanted this to be a contention point with your father. For as per tradition the eldest inherits the business and as such is expected to stay and learn it fully).

4) The call is actually not coming from the Herbalist but the city voted magister. A change I have made when I was considering the best method of bringing everyone together as the modules method for this part never made much sense for this situation or any for that matter. As the modules method was more that cliche, "a group of strangers meet in a tavern and agree to risk their lives to go adventuring with individuals they have no knowledge of". So like all modules that I use for concept ideas this one has already morphed greatly and continues to morph as I help finish all the characters. This is to say when it is completed it will be more tailored to the PCs that are taking part in ways that will allow as many as I can shine within their special niches and of course the full campaign that is still being formed.

I create skeletal frameworks with some mutable Story Arcs that are taking place in the background. Then as the PCs interact with the world I put more flesh and blood onto the skeleton but nothing is fully grafted to that skeleton until the PCs have encountered it and it has become part of the PCs history. I have found this helps me create a more dynamic world without wasting huge amounts of time and effort for things the players are not interested in exploring. Also it prevents railroading because well frankly there are no tracks laid until the PCs put them down. As denoted this is Semi-Sandbox game. So feel free to choose your own paths but understand the Story Arcs can make those choice have consequences. So always choose wisely, lives are at stake and not just yours but lives of those you hopefully care for.

William your test game through and as a word of warning like Lars I am currently playing with your character's history and if you are okay with it you have a twin sister who is the local Keoland appointed abbot for Dunwich. Its a small Abbey and sadly the townsfolk do not trust her much and as such rarely come to see her for help.

There is more that I am working on with your character as well. Further as is the case with everyone I will remind you -- It Is Your Character And Thus Your Choice -- I am just working on ways to tie your character more tightly into the world and into this campaign. However, if a suggestion I make does not sit well with YOUR vision of YOUR character do say so and we will hash out something that does not only just sit well but actually breathes more life into YOUR character making them feel more complete which is the aim of what it is I am trying to do.

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)

I’d *love* for him to have two arms replaced.
Sadly I found that the second arm option was from 3pp so I couldn’t use it. If there is something you’d approve as a GM, I’d be more than happy to go with it. Perhaps a way to integrate his buckler? So that he could have one arm offensive and the other defensive?

As for where the arms come from: a pact with Wee Jas. The artificial arms have been enchanted to bring them to life. However, he now owes a task. Which can come at any point in time. This has been represented, in part, by the feat possessed hand and the trait foul brand.

For the family, let’s go with mother, father and older brother. It makes him returning after leaving for the capital be abit more shameful. It gives more reason to go adventuring as well, without the same familial duties to hold him back.

Daniel thank you for joining the game as I cannot run a game without players and usually it is a better game with more players than GMs ;-) This means at no time do I ever feel like I completely own this game, it is a collaborative effort. If you or any other player has something they think might be fun to encounter (monster, magic, mystery, or whatever) for themselves or one of the other PCs do speak up. I have been known in the past to meld these ideas (obfuscated so they are not noticed at first) into the campaign.

As a shining example I once asked a group of players what they wanted or did not want to see in the game I was going to start and only 1 of the 5 players (because he was a fairly new player and excited about the game) gave me a list of things they wanted to see and not see. It ended up being a list of 7 wants and 2 not wants and one of the other players had given me 2 things they would like to see and the other 3 nothing (which sadly is the norm it seems). Well in the end I was able to weave all 11 things into that campaign and the player with the 9 items was estactic while the player with 2 things was very pleased and the other 3 had fun as well. Do not know if they had as much fun as those other two. However I feel that each player got out of the game what they put into so perhaps keep that in mind as we move forward.

Maybe something you have always wanted to see in a game could be included or I can excluded something you feel is bla​sé. However, when doing so keep in mind I have numerous other players involved and one person's trash might another person's treasure. However, I will always do my best to make the game fun for one and all but that means (since this is PbP) the players kind of need to speak up (aka make a post) about what they find to be fun, real fun, and not so fun. I will not judge since each person's enjoyment is their own. Kind of like I said to that foo-bar with that other player who felt I was degrading them when I was not -- if you want to play a bland character and that is what you have fun playing more power to you I just need to know -- I will warn you though as a GM I do not play well with power mongers or game busters as to me they cause the game to be less fun for everyone else (unless they are all power mongers which is very rare) including myself. This is mainly because in a power monger game there is very little roleplaying or at least that has been my experience thus far.

Note what I am trying to do with all this extra information up front is to share with you the players who I am as a GM and what I am about. To help you get to know me better so you have some idea of what to expect.

That being said another item comes to mind, most of my players have found that when they charge blindly into a situation they usually get their butts kick and either end up fleeing or spending a lot of downtime recovering. However, when they thoroughly investigate something they usually kick its butt resoundedly. BTW this was what one of my players said to me once after a FtF game. So take his words and do with them what you want. I am just sharing their observation and cannot guarantee that will be what happens.

Also, I let the dice speak as they can take a game in a direction I would never have thought to go. As such I had my players once take out the grand finale fight as if it had been a cake walk and they were still looking for that grand finale fight only to discover afterwards they had breeze through it due to some very lucky rolls that went in favor of the party. Of course, those rolls could have equally have been unlucky as well. So in the end do know that PCs can die, it has happened. So please do your best to stay alive, as I would appreciate that as remember I put almost as much effort into your character as you do.

Scarab Sages

3d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 5) = 14 = keep (5,5)+6 = 16

3d6 ⇒ (4, 1, 6) = 11 = keep (4,6)+6 = 16

3d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 5) = 14 = keep (5,5)+6 = 16

3d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 3) = 10 = keep (4,3)+6 = 13

3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 3) = 9 = keep (4,3)+6 = 13

3d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 5) = 10 = keep (4,5)+6 = 15

M Dwarf Inquisitor(Living Grimoire) 3HP37/37,Init5,F7R2W6,AC18T13FF16

Seem to have lost my updates. test test.

Scarab Sages

rdknight wrote:

3d6 = keep (5,5)+6 = 16

3d6 = keep (4,6)+6 = 16

3d6 = keep (5,5)+6 = 16

3d6 = keep (4,3)+6 = 13

3d6 = keep (4,3)+6 = 13

3d6 = keep (4,5)+6 = 15

Got pulled away yesterday after making the rolls. Good stuff, nothing crazy high but great for a versatile character. There seems to be a lot of magic in the party, and the changes to elves are interesting. It makes a non-magical fighting elf an attractive idea. Maybe a Slayer who could work with the Rogue on flanking. Since the Dreadwood is so close, maybe an elf taking a few years for a slow walkabout to see some if the world before returning to a military life in the forest.

A human Bard could also be fun. Given the town's small size, probably not a fancy bard, more a street urchin who does some street performance along with some opportunistic theft here and there.

A Noble Fencer archetype Swashbuckler could also be fun, scion a a local minor noble. This game sounds like it will be tilted more toward social, intrigue(?), or at least RP, so the Swash is one of the best charming and persuasive swordsman choices around.

Or, considering the opening gameplay post, maybe an Alchemist would be a good fit.

I don't know the Greyhawk setting in any detail. Is there anything about the setting that I should take into account when considering character options?

Dain your test came through loud and clear.

rdknight if at all possible I think I would like to stay away from Elves in this campaign and since you had a couple other quality ideas that I think would work just fine I see no need to breech that path,

Of the other three, they would all be quite viable, however before I go much further I do want you to know that I did get my seventh charcter submission which would make you my eighth and subsequently a fill in should one of the other players ghost. However, I also stated I might be able to let you role-play an NPC from time to time and/or make a cameo appearance in some situations. So with that if you are still interested in creating that character I will spend time helping you meld it into the world and the campaign.

What is there to know about Greyhawk when building a character, the only thing that comes to mind to me is -- no steampunk technology thus no technologists and no gunpowder so no gunslingers.

Note I do not consider clockwork devices to be technology that falls under golem construction and is all magic driven.

Here's my rolls if I get selected

3d6+0 2,3,5+0 = 10 5+3+6 = 14

3d6+0 3,6,6+0 = 15 6+6+6 = 18

3d6+0 6,4,2+0 = 12 6+4+6 = 16

3d6+0 4,1,5+0 = 10 4+5+6 = 16

3d6+0 5,1,2+0 = 8 2+5+6 = 13

3d6+0 1,2,3+0 = 6 2+3+6 = 11

used: https://www.d20srd.org/extras/d20dicebag/

Uh JediJon -- 4 + 5 + 6 = 15 not 16

Okay Camris I see your crunch but no fluff can you give me some idea of who this character is and is not. Merging a character into the World and Campaign usually requires that fluff aspect.

Shekla if you do move any Skill Points around please let me know so I can adjust what I have on my end. However, I am not sure she would be learning anything that was actually Blacksmith oriented I would see her more employing her skills doing other things that a Blacksmith could not or would prefer not to do. Like cleaning up.

Female Uriak Sorcerer 3

Yeah, I was fiddling with my sheet and just lost an update when I tried to save it. :'(

I was planning on changing craft: carpentry to blacksmith, and profession fisher to merchant. She might be ok making nails or horseshoes, or selling things if they have a dedicated shop.

Also had a couple requests for permanent magic items. One is just an everburning torch for simplicity. The big one is Muleback Cords.

Okay Travoril looking over your character my first suggestions is to take your unspent 6 Background skill points and do the following:

Knowledge[History] 3 Ranks
Craft[Caligraphy] ? Ranks
Profession[Scrivener] ? Ranks

I put ? marks as I am not sure how you might want to split those 3 Skill points I strongly suggest 1 and 2 but where the 2 goes is up to you.

Now with 3 Ranks going into Knowledge[History] that frees up the general Skill Points whereupon considering your Religion I strongly suggest:
Knowledge[Planar] 3 as this covers that timey whimey aspect of your religion

Now the only thing else I might suggest is changing Religion as follows:
.. Knowledge[Religion] 1 Rank
...... Specialization[Labelas Enoreth] +2 Ranks

Then put that extra Skill Point into one of the following (and/or shift some points around and put at least one point into each)

Diplomacy (Cha)
Sense Motive (Wis)
Spell Craft (Wis)

Next okay you are a half-elf but what kind of elf the too most common to this region are High Elf and Wood Elf but you could be a Grey Elf as well but I would need to understand the rarity of it for this region.

As for Languages I would think you would focus more on those Languages you might encounter rather than the obscure ones you would not.
Common Languages
Kyolan, Elven ( there is no generic Elven language -- either High Elven (aka Quenya) or Wood Elf (aka Sylvan) based on your nationality ), Dwarven
Uncommon Languages
Draconic, Giant (what type there is no generic Giant language)
Rare Languages
Celestial, Abyssal, Aklo

Additional Common Languages
Gnome, Oeridian (human language), Olman (human language)

Additional Uncommon Languages
Hin, Orc, Goblin, Saurian (Lizard-Folk)

So please review your languages and decide on the languages you do know -- note you could take both Elven languages of this reason as that would make sense as a Scrivner and any of those other Common or Uncommon Languages over the Rare ones you took. Note not saying you have to that is up to you just making suggestions.

Minor change in background as follows:

Delete: Eventually, the temple elders, tiring of finding new lessons for the young priest, sent him to preach in the isolated town of Dunwich.

Add: Eventually, the temple elders, sent him to preach in the isolated town of Dunwich. For what reason, Travoril did not know but their charge was his duty and so he went.

M fFolk (Wood Elf) Cleric 3

Thanks so much for your suggestions! I'll implement them today and will hopefully have the finalized character ready by tonight. I especially appreciate the notes on languages - as the party linguist, a knowledge of the primary languages of the area will be incredibly useful, and I have only limited knowledge of Greyhawk.

Also, I have a quick question for you before I finish adjusting my character. You posted the statistics for the fFolk in the Campaign Info section, but I'm not seeing any significant differences from the standard Pathfinder half-elf statistics apart from the name. Is there something I'm missing?

Ok..have my profile here, and will add my background shortly

Scarab Sages

I don't mind setting aside elf, no problem. I'm also willing to hang around or whatever, show up as an NPC occasionally, those sorts of things. Sounds like it could be kinda interesting as a change of pace.

I do have some initial questions that might help me narrow character type down some though.

First, for all of them, exactly how small is Dunwich exactly? Apparently smaller than Saltmarsh, which isn't big apparently. Are we talking a population of a few hundred? In the ow thousands? If it's a really small place, it becomes hard to imagine how a Bard might be making a living as an entertainer there.

If it is large enough, I've been looking at the Busker archetype for a street performer type of Bard. There is a potential problem though. RAW, a Busker does not gain any additional performance rounds as they level up, as you can see here:

Busker Stunts (Su): A busker knows how to magically enhance the effectiveness of his physical stunts. He can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + his Charisma modifier. Maintaining a stunt is a free action, but it ends immediately if the busker is killed, paralyzed, stunned, knocked unconscious, or otherwise prevented from taking a free action to maintain it each round. This ability is treated as bardic performance for the purposes of feats, abilities, and other effects that affect bardic performance. Like a bardic performance, a busker stunt cannot be maintained at the same time as other performance abilities.

Would you allow the typical Bard's increase in rounds per day instead? If not, I think the archetype is a non-starter. If so, it's easy to see how such a character could cross paths with the party in town with some regularity.

With the Swashbuckler, being a member of a/the local noble family makes things easy. The character would be around town, presumably with ample free time, and probably known to most everyone including the party. The question here is this: how might a Paladin fare in the campaign? The Virtuous Bravo archetype does basically the same things as Swashbuckler but with the Paladin add-ons. If this is a quest against great evil campaign, maybe the better choice?

An alchemist is also quite easy if Dunwich is large enough to support an alchemical shop or apothecary where the character could be a member of the family that runs it or an apprentice there. Is it? Again, easy for the party to know the character if the patronize the shop.

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Hmm. Anything else you need from me?

No Travoril you did not miss anything the fFolk hybrid elf/human (the old half-elf) appear to have been built with 6 Feats just like the Elves and Dwarves. Frankly I did not register that concept but thanks for brining it to my attention.

Shekla your character has been haunting my thoughts and I am wondering if you would give me your Generic 1st-Level Feat so that I can finish up the concept and still keep it balanced? Basically I would like to give your character at least Dark Vision but without the Feat that would unbalance things.

More Info Shekla:

I have already created your new Unknown Bloodline which I think you are going to enjoy although Shekla is going to still believe for now that it is the Orc Bloodline as that is how it feels to her (aka a kind of familiar bubbling rage). Also, she is going to be suffering from a sort of amnesia, it is not that she does not remember things it is just that it is an extremely jumbled mess where she is only able to remember snippets of her past. She has remembered enough to sort of patch together a seemingly semi-coherent past that coincides with your background but she is not absolutley sure it is at all that accurate.

To give you a glimpse of some of the changes, here is the new Bloodlines Bonus Spells: Burning Hands (at 3rd), Glitter Dust (at 5th), Chaotic Aura (at 7th), Tentacles of Tindalas (at 9th), Lightning Arc (at 11th), Cold Ice Strike (at 13th), Banshee Scream (at 15th), Storm Bolts (at 17th), Winds of Vengeance (at 19th)

You will receive a full right up on these but here is a quick overview of the non-standard spells

Chaotic Aura is a semi-random version of Elemental Aura combined with Call the Void.

Tentacles of Tindalas is basically the Black Tentacles spell that is anchored to the caster.

Banshee Scream is a combination of Ear-Piercing Scream and Cone of Cold which of course does Sonic damage and potentially Dazes the targets for 1 round.

Perhaps you have noticed a theme but if not or even if you have -- I will be clear to you the player -- the Bloodline is somewhat chaos-in-nature. Not the really bad chaos stuff but more like just tainted with -- if that makes sense. So let me know what you think, like, dislike, have questions, have ideas. I am still in the formation stage of this so input is always helpful.

rdknight Dunwich is a small town its actual local population is currently about 950 residents but gets has high as 1,500 due to Dwarven miners and transient population from carvans and travelers. For a size comparison, Saltmarsh is a steady 2,000 now which makes it basically a large town but it used to be a small town as well. Further there are a few villages south of Dunwich.

As far as the three types you have presented I lean mostly towards the Swashbuckler with the a struggling Alchemist a close second. However, to answer that other question about evil. Well... let me see...

I stated I only run heroic characters, the town is called Dunwich and many have already surmised that means the Cthulhu Mythos in some flavor. So will this be a campaign against great evil. I don't know ;-)
What is your guess?

EltonJ do not know as of yet still have more processing to do

Scarab Sages

Cool cool, I'll put together that Virtuous Bravo. :)

M fFolk (Wood Elf) Cleric 3

I believe I have made the requested changes to my character. If you could look over him and ensure I haven't missed anything, I would appreciate it.

DeJoker wrote:
...the town is called Dunwich and many have already surmised that means the Cthulhu Mythos in some flavor...

I have read several of Lovecraft's short stories, including The Dunwich Horror, hence why I had initially taken Aklo as one of my bonus languages. In hindsight, I'm actually glad I changed it - Cthulhu Mythos plus the special fear rules mentioned in the beginning of the recruitment thread suggest to me certain tidbits of Call of Cthulhu wisdom may come in useful in this campaign. Specifically, DO NOT READ THE BOOKS unless you want points in Mythos Lore and are ready for the bumpy ride to 0 SAN.

M Dwarf Inquisitor(Living Grimoire) 3HP37/37,Init5,F7R2W6,AC18T13FF16
Travoril the Scrivener wrote:

I believe I have made the requested changes to my character. If you could look over him and ensure I haven't missed anything, I would appreciate it.

DeJoker wrote:
...the town is called Dunwich and many have already surmised that means the Cthulhu Mythos in some flavor...
I have read several of Lovecraft's short stories, including The Dunwich Horror, hence why I had initially taken Aklo as one of my bonus languages. In hindsight, I'm actually glad I changed it - Cthulhu Mythos plus the special fear rules mentioned in the beginning of the recruitment thread suggest to me certain tidbits of Call of Cthulhu wisdom may come in useful in this campaign. Specifically, DO NOT READ THE BOOKS unless you want points in Mythos Lore and are ready for the bumpy ride to 0 SAN.

We're all mad here...

Yes Dain there is a certain level of insanity that accompanies all adventurers for who in their right mind would risk so much.

Note I want to reiterate anything I SUGGEST is just that a suggestion it is not a requirement for you to meet. If you do not feel comfortable with the suggestion or you do not feel it fits your concept of the character you do not have to make the change as it will not exclude you from playing. I do not lord over your characters all I am trying to do is enhance your game play of that character but in the end only you know what will enhance the game play for you the most mine is just a mere guess.

Shekla I was wondering if instead of the Trait Unbreakable Hate you might be interested in the following:

Volatile Conduit (magic)

Having discovered a secret source within that enhances the energy of some spells. They can, as a Free Action, when casting a spell that deals Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, or Void damage, enhance that spell with volatile energy. When they do, the spell deals 1d4 points of extra damage of the same energy type. They can use this ability a number of times per day equal to Charisma modifier (minimum of 1).

Based other choices you have made I was not sure what was more important to you the little boost to Concentration or perhaps a little more boost to spell damage. Oh and note I did tweak this trait as I felt the original was vastly underpowered.

Female Uriak Sorcerer 3

Yeah, volatile conduit wasn't very appealing at 1/day, but at Cha mod per day it's much better. I like the changes to the bloodline, as far as darkvision goes, unless you remove it from the bloodline arcana she already has it (and light sensitivity). The big part of the orc bloodline was the +1/die to spell damage.

Okay yes Shkela I would have had to change the Orc Bloodline Arcana because Orcs do not have Dark Vision. Like most other creatures they have Low-Light Vision. I stated before that most of the creatures in the world that have Dark Vision would have it replaced with Low-Light Vision and mostly only those creatures that have a magical nature in some way will have Dark Vision. Now I do leave room for a few expeptions but for the most part if it is a mundane creature it only has mundane abilities. Which I use our world to kind of gauge and there is not a single creature alive that has Dark Vision they either have Low Light Vision or they are Blind because they use other senses to navigate in the dark.

Okay well I am going to assume you are okay with letting me have one of your Generic Feats to finish up the character so I will move forward with that.

I am going to assume that you would prefer to keep Spell Focus [Evocation] over Combat Casting for now. So I will make that adjustment. Aka -- I will use the Generic 1st-Level Feat and your Generic 3rd-Level Feat will be Spell Focus [Evocation]

Will post the revised Bloodline and stuff soon.

Scarab Sages

So, working on the Paladin, I've been looking for a deity to fit. I have to say I'm not loving the Greyhawk options. Unless there's one I'm not finding that could fit, St. Cuthbert is the best I've come across, and he's not awesome. He is however better than Hieroneous, who's flat awful.

Any suggestions for a deity who isn't a tool?

Female Uriak Sorcerer 3
rdknight wrote:
Any suggestions for a deity who isn't a tool?

Pelor, Rao? There's also the dragon god Bahamut, and the hin goddess Yondalla.

M Dwarf Inquisitor(Living Grimoire) 3HP37/37,Init5,F7R2W6,AC18T13FF16

Long live Cuthbert! Bonk baddies with your mace!

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Okay Shekla in order to get your character out of my mind I have concluded my adjustments for them. I will need your feed back for as always it is your character and thus you have the final say so.

Race: Uriak:

Attributes: Str +2, Con +2
Size: Medium
Speed: 30ft
Senses: Low-Light Vision
Keen Senses: Gain a +2 Racial Bonus to Perception checks
Intimidating: Gain +2 Racial Bonus on Intimidation checks
Off-Putting: Receive a -2 Racial Penalty on Diplomacy checks
Orc Blood: They count as both Human and Orc for any effect related to race.
Weapon Familiarity: Gain proficiency with Bow (Short and Long), Great Axe, and Falchion. If already proficient with Martial Weapons due to their 1st-level class they gain the Feat Weapon Focus with one of these weapons. They treat any weapon with the word Orc in its name as a Martial Weapon.
Sacred Tattoo: Many Uriak decorate themselves with tattoos, piercings, and ritual scarring, which they consider sacred markings. Uriak with this racial trait gain a +1 Luck Bonus on all Saves. This replaced Orc Ferocity.

Traits/Feats Taken:

Trait 1: Volatile Conduit (magic)
Having discovered a secret source within that enhances the energy of some spells. They can, as a Free Action, when casting a spell that deals Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, or Void damage, enhance that spell with volatile energy. When they do, the spell deals 1d4 points of extra damage of the same energy type. They can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + Charisma modifier.

Trait 2: Reactionary (combat)
Often bullied as a child, but never quite developing an offensive response. They became adept at anticipating sudden attacks and reacting to danger quickly. They gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

Drawback: Foul Brand (face, Luthic)
The character has the symbol of an evil deity (Luthic) burned into the flesh of her left cheek. The character takes a –2 Penalty on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Disguise checks. This does not count as an unholy symbol for the purposes of a Divine Focus for Spell Casting.

Trait 3: Seeker (social)
They are always on the lookout for rewards and danger. They gain a +1 trait bonus on Perception checks, and Perception is always a class skill for them.

Feat 1st-Level: Chaos Blood Bloodline (see below)

Class Bonus Feat: Eschew Materials
The character can cast any spell with a material component costing 1 gp or less without needing that component. The casting of the spell still provokes attacks of opportunity as normal. If the spell requires a material component that costs more than 1 gp, they must have the material component on hand to cast that spell, as normal.

Feat 3rd-Level: Spell Focus [Evocation]
Add a +1 to the Difficulty Class for all Saves made against spells from the school of magic that was selected.

Class Sorcerer:

Hit Die: d6
Starting Wealth: 3,120 gp
Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons, Short Bow, Long Bow, Great Axe, Falchion
Armor Proficiency: No Armor

Class Skills (2 + Int Mod)
Appraise (Int)
Bluff (Cha)
Fly (Vry)
Intimidate (Cha)
Spell Craft (Wis)
Use Magic Device (Cha)

Knowledge[ ] (Int)

Craft[ ] (Wis)

Profession[ ] (Int)

Sorcerer Class Features:

1st - Bloodline Power
1st - Spell Casting
1st - Cantrips
1st - Eschew Materials

3rd - Bloodline Power
3rd - Bloodline Spell

5th - Bloodline Spell

7th - Bloodline Feat
7th - Bloodline Spell

9th - Bloodline Power
9th - Bloodline Spell

11th - Bloodline Spell

13th - Bloodline Feat
13th - Bloodline Spell

15th - Bloodline Power
15th - Bloodline Spell

17th - Bloodline Spell

19th - Bloodline Feat
19th - Bloodline Spell

20th - Bloodline Power

Story Elements to Chaos Blood:

Accursed (Story Feat)
A curse weighs upon one's soul like a millstone around one's neck.

Prequisite: When the character was born, a powerful chaos entity tainted their blood in some way and cursed them as an agent of chaotic prophecy. They gain access to the Chaos Blood Bloodline.

Benefits: The character gains Spell Resistance equal to 5 + Character Level, as the curse interferes with all magic. Unlike most spell resistance, this cannot voluntarily be lowered, though their own spells and magic items still automatically affect them.

Goal: Lift the curse or purge the corruption of their chaos blood (the circumstances of either vary widely based on the nature of the curse, and is up to the player and GM to determine the details).

Completion Benefit: The character loses the Spell Resistance described under Benefit. They instead gain Spell Resistance equal to 11 + their character level, but only against harmful Enchantment, Necromancy, and Transmutation spells and spell-like abilities. Their aura now resists further attempts to be cursed. Harmless spells automatically bypass this Spell Resistance whether they desire it or not. This Spell Resistance can be voluntarily lowered.

Chaos Blood Bloodline:

Prerequisite: Consumes the Generic 1st Level Feat

Note: This Bloodline cannot be alterred in anyway.

Bonus Spells: Burning Hands (at 3rd), Glitter Dust (at 5th), Chaotic Aura (at 7th), Tentacles of Tindalos (at 9th), Lightning Arc (at 11th), Cold Ice Strike (at 13th), Banshee Scream (at 15th), Storm Bolts (at 17th), Winds of Vengeance (at 19th)

Bonus Feats: Chaos Blood Conduit, Combat Casting, Furious Spell, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Intensified Spell, Lightning Reflexes, Toughness

Blood Havoc (1st-Level)
Whenever you cast a Sorcerer spell that deals damage, add 1 point of damage per die rolled. This benefit applies only to damaging spells that belong to schools you have selected with Spell Focus or that are Bloodline Spells that you know. The damage per die increases by
1 up to a maximum of the Sorcerer's Charisma modifier when Sorcerer levels: 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th are reached. They also Gain Dark Vision 30 feet and Light Blindness.

Blood Morph (3rd-Level)
The Sorcerer as a spell-like ability that as a Swift Action can cast Morph. They can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + Charisma modifier. Further their Dark Vision increases to 60 feet and they gain Blind Sight 10 feet

Blood Piercing (9th-Level)
Whenever they cast a Sorcerer spell that deals damage, any creature affected by the spell has their Energy Resistance and Spell Resistance reduced for that spell's effect by an amount equal to the caster's Charisma modifier. This can be used once per day for each 4 full Sorcerer levels possessed. It does not stake with itself.

Abberrant Blood (Su) (15th-Level)
Gain Spell Resistance equal to Sorcerer Level + 10 unless still cursed in which case raise the Cursed Spell Resistance by 5. Their Dark Vision increases to 90 feet, their Blind Sight increases to 20 feet, and they gain the Abberrant Type.

Alien Blood (20th-Level)
Your body becomes truly unnatural. You are immune to Critical Hits and Sneak Attacks. In addition, your Dark Vision increases to 120 feet and your Blind Sight increases to 30 feet, gain Damage Reduction 5/—, and they gain the Outsider Type

Choas Blood Conduit (Feat):

The character's blood boils with chaos just waiting to be released to destory.
Prerequiste: Chaos Blood Bloodline and Knowledge [Planar] 3 Ranks
Benefits: As a Swift Action, the character can allow the Chaos in their blood to overtake them and enter into a Bloodrage. While in this Bloodrage, the character gains a +4 Morale Bonus to their Strength and Constitution, as well as a +2 Morale Bonus on Will Saves. In addition, they take a –2 Penalty to Armor Class. The increase in Constitution grants them +2 Hit Points per Hit Die, but this disappears when the Bloodrage ends and are not lost first. While Bloodraging, the character cannot use any Charisma, Dexterity, or Intelligence based skills (except Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, or Ride) or any other skill that requires patience or concentration. The character can Bloodrage for a number of rounds per day equal to:
2 + Base Constitution Modifier + (Knowledge[Planar] Ranks x 2)
Base Constitution Modifier means temporary increases to Constituion do not increase the total number of rounds per day. The total number of Bloodrage rounds per day is renewed after resting for 8 hours, although these hours need not be consecutive.

To end the Bloodrage prematurely the character must make a Will Save DC 12 + Character Level or be rendered Unconscious. While in this Bloodrage the character must be venting their chaos into the physical world by attacking something with the intent to destroy it. Any round spent not doing so, or moving as quickly to a new viable target causes the chaos to vent inwardly causing the character to take 1d8 points of non-reducible damage. When the Bloodrage ends the character is Fatigued for a number of rounds equal to twice the number of rounds spent in the Bloodrage. The character can enter into a new Bloodrage while Fatigued or Exhausted, which will temporarily suspend those conditions. However, upon exiting the new Bloodrage the additional rounds are added on and the characters state worsens one step, going from Fatigued to Exhausted to Unconscious. To go from Exhausted to Fatigued requires half the total number rounds needed to recover. If the character goes Unconscious (either during or after Bloodrage) however, they will remain Unconscous for the full recovery period.

This ability counts as the Barbarian's Rage and the Bloodrager's Bloodrage for purposes of Feat Prerequisites, Feat Abilities, Magic Item Abilities, and Spell Effects

Light Blindness (Ex):

Creatures are Blinded for 1 round if exposed to Bright Light, such as Sunlight or the Daylight spell and are Dazzled as long as they remain in an area of Bright Light.

Dazzled: The creature is unable to see well because of over-stimulation of the eyes. They take a -1 Penalty on Attack rolls and vision-based Perception checks.

Blinded: The creature cannot see and takes a -2 Penalty to Armor Class, loses their Dexterity bonus to AC (if any), and takes a -4 Penalty on most Dexterity-based skill checks. All checks and activities that rely on vision (such as reading, and Perception checks based on vision) automatically fail. All opponents are considered to have total concealment (50% miss chance) against the creature. The creature must make a DC 10 Acrobatics check to move faster than half speed. Creatures that fail this check fall Prone. Creatures who remain Blinded for a long time can grow accustomed to these drawbacks and can overcome some of them.

Blind Sight:

The creature can use a non-visual sense (or combination of senses) to operate effectively without vision. Such senses may include sensitivity to vibrations, acute/keen scent, keen hearing, or echolocation. This makes invisibility and visual concealment (even magical darkness) irrelevant to the creature (though it still cannot sense ethereal creatures). This ability operates out to the range specified for the creature. The following outlines how it works:
• It never allows a creature to distinguish color or other visual contrast and they cannot read with it. Thus they cannot percieve visual illusions.
• It does not subject a creature to a Gaze attack (even though Dark Vision does)
• Blinding attacks do not penalize the creature.
• Deafening attacks thwart it if it relies on hearing.
• It works underwater but not in a vacuum.
• It negates displacement and blur effects.

Keen Scent (Racial Feat):

Prerequisite: Keen Senses racial trait, Uriak or Orc

The creature can detect the smell of approaching enemies, sniff out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell.

The creature can detect opponents by sense of smell, generally within 30 feet. If the opponent is upwind, the range is 60 feet. If it is downwind, the range is 15 feet. Strong scents, such as smoke or rotting garbage, can be detected at twice the ranges noted above. Overpowering scents, such as skunk musk or troglodyte stench, can be detected at three times these ranges.

The creature detects another creature’s presence but not its specific location. Noting the direction of the scent is a move action. If the creature moves within 5 feet (1 square) of the scent’s source, the creature can pinpoint the area that the source occupies, even if it cannot be seen.

A creature with the Survival skill and the scent ability can follow tracks by smell, making a Survival check to find or follow a track. A creature with the scent ability can attempt to follow tracks using Survival untrained. The typical DC for a fresh trail is 10. The DC increases or decreases depending on how strong the quarry’s odor is, the number of creatures, and the age of the trail. For each hour that the trail is cold, the DC increases by 2. The ability otherwise follows the rules for the Survival skill in regards to tracking. Creatures tracking by scent ignore the effects of surface conditions and poor visibility.

Creatures with the scent ability can identify familiar odors just as humans do familiar sights.

Water, particularly running water, ruins a trail for air-breathing creatures. Water-breathing creatures that have the scent ability, however, can use it in the water easily.

False, powerful odors can easily mask other scents. The presence of such an odor completely spoils the ability to properly detect or identify creatures, and the base Survival DC to track becomes 20 rather than 10.

New or Adjusted Spells

Glitter Dust:

School: Conjuration(Creation) 2nd-Level
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components: V, S, M (ground mica)
Range: Medium (100 ft + 10 ft/level)
Area: Creatures and Objects within a 10ft Radius
Duration: 1 round/level
Save: Will negates (blinded only); Spell Resistance Yes (blinded only)
A cloud of golden glittering particles covers every physical being or object within the area of effect. Those creatures who fail their Save are Blinded. All physical things within the area are covered by the dust, which cannot be removed nor covered and continues to sparkle until it fades shedding 10 feet of Dim Light. Creatures outlined take a -40 Penalty on all Stealth checks. Outlined creatures do not benefit from the concealment normally provided by Blur, Displacement, Invisibility, nor Darkness (although a 3rd-level or higher magical effect of any of these types functions normally). This partially cancels the effects of Fog, natural or magical. For example, against Obscuring Mist a glittered creature 5 feet away gets no concealment benefit, a glittered creature
10 feet away gets the normal concealment benefit, and glittered creatures beyond 10 feet away have total concealment as normal. The glimmer is too dim to have any special adverse effect upon undead or dark-dwelling creatures that are vulnerable to light. Each round, after the initial Save, at the end of their turn any creature still Blinded may attempt a new Save to their Blindness condition.

Note: This also effects any other Illusion or spell effects that masks one's presence by means of a non-physical substance. As the Glitter Dust clings only to solid matter. As such it does not affect visual illusions, incorporeal creatures/objects, or out-of-phase creatures/objects.

Chaotic Aura:

School: Evocation 3rd-Level
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components: V, S
Range: Personal
Area: Self within a 5-foot Radius
Duration: 1 round/level
Save: Initial Reflex for half; Spell Resistance Yes
This spells surrounds the caster with an aura of mysterious swirling elemental energies. All creatures adjacent to the caster (friend or foe) may make a Reflex Save to step out of the aura if successful they only take half damage and no additional effect. Otherwise, when this spell is cast and at the start of each of the caster's turns, any creature within the aura takes 2d6 points of energy damage per the type of energy of the aura. Each type of aura has an additional effect, depending upon their type of energy (see below). If the caster wishes to choose the energy type they must use a Move Action and succeed at a Will Save against the DC of this spell. If the Save fails or if they choose not to make it they roll a 1d6 to see what energy they get.

1) Acid: The Aura swirls with translucent tendrils of purple and green and all creatures affected by the aura take 1 point of ongoing Acid damage per round for 1 round per three full caster levels, and are sickened for the duration of the ongoing acid damage.

2) Cold: The Aura swirls with translucent tendrils of silver and white and all creatures affected by the aura are Fatigued and if already Fatigued then Shaken (Chilled) for 1 round per three full caster levels.

3) Electricity: The Aura swirls with tendrils of blue and yellow and all creatures affected by the aura are Staggered for 1 round. If the creature is wearing metal armor or weilding a metal weapon they suffer a -3 Penalty to their Save

4) Fire: The Aura swirls with translucent tendrils of red and orange and all creatures affected by the aura catch fire. They take 1d6 points of fire damage immediately. In each subsequent round provided they are no longer within the aura, they can make a Reflex Save. Failure means they take another 1d6 points of damage. Success means the fire has subsided and they are no longer taking damage. A character on fire may automatically extinguish the flames by jumping into enough water to douse themselves. If no body of water is at hand, going Prone and rolling on the ground or smothering the fire with cloaks (that are not already on fire) or the like permits the character another Save with a +4 bonus. Those clothes and equipment that caught fire must also make a DC 15 Reflex Save by the character, provided the character existed the aura, for each item. Items that fail this save take the same amount of damage as the character.

5) Void: The Aura swirls with translucent tendrils of black and clear and all creatures affected by the aura are Fatigued, cannot breathe, and cannot speak or cast spells with verbal components. If a creature is within the aura even if not Fatigued they cannot breath, cannot speak, nor cast spells with verbal components as long as they are within the aura. A character can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to twice their Constiution score. However, if the character takes a Standard or Full-Round Action, the remaining duration that the character can hold their breth is reduced by 2 rounds. After this period of time, the character must make a DC 10 Constiution Save every round in order to continue holding their breath. Each additional round increases the DC by 1. If the character fails their Constitution Save they fall unconscious (0 HP). In the next round if still within the aura they drop to -1 Hit Point and are Dying. In the third round if still within the aura they die.

6) Caster's Choice: The caster can choose which element to use.

Banshee Scream:

School: Evocation 5th-Level
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components: V, S
Range: 60 fee
Area: Cone-Shaped Burst
Duration: Instantaneous
Save: Fortitude half; Spell Resistance Yes
With a high pitch scream, the caster unleashes a sudden blast of sonic energy that strikes every creature within 40 feet (friend or foe) of them. Each potential target takes 1d6 points of sonic damage per level (maximum 15d6) and is stunned for 1 round. A successful Fortitude Save reduces the damage by half and negates the stun. A Banshee Scream cannot
penetrate a Silence spell.


School: Transmutation 2nd-Level
Casting Time: 1 Swift Action
Components: V, S
Range: Personal
Target: Self Only
Duration: 1 min/level
Save: No; Spell Resistance: No
Choose one of the following effects:

Bear's Endurance
The Sorcerer gains greater vitality and stamina as they become more bear-like. Their body thickens, their nose elongates, and they are covered in hair. The spell grants the subject a +4 enhancement bonus to their Constitution, which adds the usual benefits to Hit Points,
Fortitude Saves, Constitution checks, and so forth. Hit points gained by a temporary increase in Constitution score are not temporary hit points. They go away when the subject’s Constitution drops back to normal. They reduce the current hit points when they are lost which can drop the current hit points below 1 requiring a Death Save.

Bull's Strength
The Sorcerer becomes stronger as they become more bull-like. They grow 3 inches taller, sprout a pair of short horns, and become very muscular. The spell grants a +4 enhancement bonus to their Strength, adding the usual benefits to Melee Attack rolls, Melee Damage rolls, and other uses of the Strength modifier.

Cat's Grace
The Sorcerer becomes more graceful, agile, and coordinated as they become more cat-like. They become slim, their eyes change, their fingernails elongate, and their teeth become sharp. The spell grants a +4 enhancement bonus to their Dexterity, adding the usual benefits to AC, Reflex saves, and other uses of the Dexterity modifier.

Cold Ice Strike:

School: Evocation 6th-Level
Casting Time: 1 Swift Action
Components: V, S
Range: 30 feet
Target: 30-foot line
Duration: Instantaneous
Save: Reflex half; Spell Resistance: Yes
You create a shredding flurry of ice slivers, which blast from your hand in a line. The line deals 1d6 points of cold damage per caster level (maximum 15d6). Those failing their Save gain the Fatigue condition, those that Save successfully are Shaken until the end of the caster's next turn.

Tentacles of Tindalos:

School: Conjuration 4th-Level
Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
Components: V, S, M (octopus or squid tentacle)
Range: Personal
Target: Self 20-foot Radius
Duration: 1 Round / Level (D)
Save: None; Spell Resistance: No
The caster causes numerous dark fleshy 20-foot long tentacles covered with suckers to seemingly sprout from their torso, while four thick 4-foot long tentacles seemingly sprout from their waist. The shorter tentacles act like anchors and yet let the character still move normally, while the longer tentacles reach out and attack any creature (friend of foe) within 20 feet. The tentacles cannot be damaged, but they can be dispelled or banished. While the character can move normally they cannot Dash.

Every creature within the area of the effect (friend or foe) becomes the target of a Combat Maneuver Check made to grapple which occurs each round at the beginning of the caster's turn, including the round the spell is cast. Creatures that enter the area of effect are also immediately and automatically attacked. The tentacles do not provoke attacks of opportunity but can perform attacks of opportunity (maximum once per target per round). When determining the CMD of the tentacles use the following formula:
Caster Level +4 Str Bonus +1 Size Bonus +5 Maintain Bonus
Roll only once for the entire spell effect each round and apply the result to all creatures in or entering the area of effect for that round. If a tentacle succeeds in grappling a foe, that foe takes 1d6+4 Constriction damage and gains the Grappled condition (see below). The tentacles have a +5 Bonus on Grapple checks to maintain a grapple, but will not pin nor move foes. Note while the tentacles do not move the grappled opponent if the caster moves the tentacle moves along with them thus indirectly moving the foe. Each round that a tentacle maintains its grapple, it continues to Constrict doing an additional 1d6+4 Constriction damage. For purposes of an opponent escaping a grapple a tentacle's CMD is as follows:
CMD = 15 + Caster Level
The round after casting the spell, the caster can act normally as the all tentacles operate automatically and autonomously.

Grappled: The creature cannot move and takes a –4 penalty to Dexterity. The creature takes a –2 penalty on all attack rolls and combat maneuver checks, except those made to grapple or escape a grapple. In addition, grappled creatures can take no action that
requires two hands to perform. A grappled character who attempts to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability must make a Concentration check (DC 10 + grappler’s CMB + spell level, see Concentration), or lose the spell. Grappled creatures cannot make attacks of opportunity. A grappled creature cannot use Stealth to hide from the creature grappling
it, even if a special ability, such as hide in plain sight, would normally allow it to do so. If a grappled creature becomes invisible, through a spell or other ability, it gains a +2 circumstance bonus on its CMD to avoid being grappled, but receives no other benefit.

Hey, sorry for the silence...been swamped at work this weekend...I will try to get the finishing touches done this weekend.


Thanks for the heads up but no particular rush I still have 2 more first passes to go and then my final second pass where I make sure the core players are ready to go. Then while the game is under way I will work on the 2 outlayers to get them ready just in case.

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

Here's my Paladin so far. Aside from purchases, crunch is in the profile. Note that the Virtuous Bravo archetype loses both spells and mercies so Vilma is more an offensive melee combatant than the typical Paladin.


Since Vilma is conceived of as being a member of the local nobility, I'm keeping things vague. I figure I'll need GM assistance in placing her exactly within a family and location. I'll just bullet point the major themes.

1. Vilma is the daughter of a local-ish noble family. This could be as far up the ladder as being the daughter of the Viscount of Salinmoor, down to a family in Saltmarsh, or quite far down as the daughter of the commander of Bale Keep.

2. Both of her parents are alive, and she had a younger brother who is now deceased.

3. She is recently returned to the area after attending a private school in Gradsul for a few years. The school was not one of the more excellent institutions, but what was affordable while still being socially acceptable.

4. While Vilma was capable of excelling as a student, she did not apply herself. Instead she devoted her time to theater and social life in the city. She is athletically talented and devoted considerable time to developing skill as a duelist.

5. Vilma came to religion relatively late. She was introduced to the relatively obscure worship of Mayaheine through one of her longstanding school friends, named Noemi. Upon graduation, Noemi entered Mayaheine's clergy and returned to Greyhawk. Vilma's more martial interests led her to paladinhood instead. She reluctantly returned home but did so with purpose, something she had lacked before.

6. Vilma is quite enthusiastic about Keoland's new interest in the region, and believes in building the region into a strong bulwark to defend the Kingdom of Keoland from both the Sea Princes and incursions from the Hool Marshes. So far though, Vilma has floundered trying to find her place, or ways to be helpful. She is essentially alone in the area as a paladin and worshipper of Mayaheine. She also holds the local Heironeous presence in contempt, but for philosophical and stylistic reasons, not that she would refuse to cooperate with them if it would be beneficial.

7. Vilma's parents aren't exactly enthused about their daughter's new religious affiliation and calling, but they are not interfering.

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)

I have to say: virtuous bravo is one of my favorite archetypes. Usually, the only ways to be good at fighting with a single weapon is to be a swashbuckler or to take the duelist prestige class. Having paladins excel in that is wonderful.

Please note, that humans in this campaign have been buffed:

* Attributes: Attribute of Choice +2 and +1 to 2 other different
* Human Versatility: Gain an Extra Feat (total of 2 at 1st level)
* Skilled: Gain an 1 Additional Skill Point per Level and the Skill Focus Feat
* Multi-Talented: They can choose two Favored Classes at 1st-level and gain a +1 HP and +1 Skill Point whenever they take level in either class
Languages: Begin with Keolan (local human) and either Elven, Dwarven, Gnome, or Hin
* Potential Additional Languages: Any modern non-secret language


So...you should get +1 to 2x stats, skill focus as a bonus feat, and strengthened favored class bonus.

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

I added all the ability score bonuses, but I didn't explicitly show them: +2 on DEX, and +1 each on INT and CON.

All the feats accounted for: 3 plus the skill feat on perception.

I might have shorted myself 3 skill points from FCB, I'll count them up later. I also haven't decided on languages yet.

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3


2d4 + 12 + 9 + 3 + 10 ⇒ (3, 4) + 12 + 9 + 3 + 10 = 41

Thank you Vilma for the thoroughness as that makes what I do even easier and easier I like

Female Uriak Sorcerer 3

Ok, I think I have all of that transcribed onto to my sheet for the most part. Still working on equipment, I have a fair bit more to spend to get Shekla down to 10gp. There are two permanent magic items I requested. The first (kinda) is an everburning torch. The second real magic item are Muleback Cords.

If the cords aren't allowed, I may have to trim down my equipment for weight purposes. :P

Static Spell Power Levels (all spell casters):

Okay as a heads up to all you spell casters while I use the online descriptions for most spells (and will post any spells I tweak). One of the overall adjustments I make is regardless of what the guidelines say -- go with the Wizard/Sorcerer level for a spell first. If it does not appear on that list then use the Cleric/Oracle level for a spell. If it does not appear on that list then use whatever caster list it falls on in regards to your character.

For instance True Seeing is a 6th-level spell period thus not a 5th-level nor a 7th-level spell. In my book the power level of a spell is not dependent on the caster nor their class it is dependent on the nature of the spell unto itself. Now grant you a class might get some generic feature that allows them access to some spells earlier perhaps by giving them a higher caster level but that is changing the caster's power level not the spell's power level. I do this mainly for my own sanity as this means no matter the monster (or evil NPC) the spell levels do not change and thus I do not have to figure out individually the spell levels for the myriads of creatures I have to deal with.

If you have any questions please ask I do realize that this might affect a few Domain Spell Lists or some other list of granted spells.

Travoril First Pass:

Okay I finally got this one done and tying you in was an interesting endeavor and I hope you enjoy the story twist that I am applying BUT again it is Your character and you have the final decision. If I must go back to the drawing board or I need to make some adjustments I am willing to do so. So with that said we will get started.

I would suggest that instead of taking:
Skill Focus [Linguistics]
that you take
Skill Focus [Craft-Alchemy]
as the extra bonuses are going to be a lot more helpful with that class and it is your sort of secondary profession (see later).

Alt Trait: Outlander Missionary

The character has come to Dunwich for research purposes after receiving visions that told them their faith is needed in this region — what that need is, though, they are not quite sure. They gain a +1 Trait Bonus on Knowledge[Religion] checks, and either Knowledge[Religion] becomes a Class Skill for them or they gain Skill Focus with Knowledge[Religion]. If they cast Divine spells, they can pick three spells on their spell list. These spells they are particularly adept at casting, so that the spells function at +1 Caster Level unless a Domain spell then they gain a +2 Caster Level when cast, and the Save DCs (if any) gain a +1 bonus or +2 bonus for a Domain Spell.

Suggested that this replaces Battlefield Disciple

Alt Trait: Conspiracy Hunter
The character has heard rumors of dark deeds afoot in Dunwihc. Shipments of valuable cargo that go missing with nary a trace or question asked. People who disappear as though they never existed. Lords of business and nobles who speak in veiled references and accidental slips of masters even they must obey. What lords rule the Dunwich underworld? Do the tales of far-reaching criminal organizations hold a hint of truth? Could the fabled Council of Pirate Princess, said to exist be functioning with the town? And, if so, what hold do they have over the town today? The character does not know, but they are determined to find out! Choose one of the following skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge[Local], Perception, Sense Motive, or Stealth. They gain a +1 Trait Bonus on this skill and it is always considered a class skill for them. If all of these Skills are already Class Skills they gain Skill Focus for one of them.

Suggested that this replaces Disdainful Defender

I look forward to your roleplaying of Cowardly (and Bravado) as to how you are going to make these shine especially within your mental roleplaying.

Okay you did not apply your Background Skill points so here is my suggestion regarding those and your other skills.

Background Linguistis 3 Ranks
Background Profession[Alchemy] 3 Ranks
Diplomacy 1 Rank
Knowledge[Arcana] 1 Rank
Knowledge[History] 2 Ranks
Knowledge[Nobility] 1 Rank

The rest of your skills remain unchanged.

Weapon Proficiency: Deity Favored Weapon (Combat Stylus)

Combat Stylus: This looks like a normal stylus albeit a bit longer than most and they function just fine as a writing instrument. However, they are made a bit more sturdy than the common stylus and can be used in combat. Treat as an exotic dagger in all ways except that the Combat Stylus weighs only a ½ lbs.


Instead of Domain[Magic] I would suggest Domain[Magic-Alchemy]

Regardless the 1st-Level Domain spell is Magic Missile instead of Identify.

Instead of Domain[Knowledge] I would suggest Domain[Knowledge-Aeon] as this is where that calling is coming in your Outlander Missionary Trait.

Regardless though the Domain Spells for Knowledge were changed to the following:

1st—Identify, 2nd—Detect Thoughts, 3rd—Arcane Sight, 4th—Discern Lies, 5th—Glimpse of Truth, 6th—True Seeing, 7th—Legend Lore, 8th—Discern Location, 9th—Foresight

Now for the Knowledge-Aeon Domain which got thematically tweaked some.


Mindlink (Sp): The character can cast Mindlink as a spell-like ability at will. However, they cannot affect any creature that is immune to mind-affecting effects. Due to their limited connection to the Aeon network they gain access to strange and sometimes abstruse knowledge. Much of this knowledge is timeless, comprised of events long past, present, and potentially even those yet to come. As such the character gains a +1 on all Knowledge skill checks and this increases by 1 for every 2 levels thereafter. At 7th-level the character has attracted the attention of a Paracletus Aeon which joins them as a companion (wanted or not as it does not act like a familiar). This replaces Lore Keeper.

Void Form (Su): At 6th-level, the character can become semi-intangible as a Standard Action. While in this form, they are immune to Critical Hits, Cold and Poison. They gain Resistance to Electricity and Fire 3 with a plus 1 for each 2 levels gained thereafter. They also gain a +1 Deflection Bonus to AC, and a +2 Concealment Bonus to Stealth checks. These bonuses increase increase by 1 for every 3 levels thereafter. They can use this power a number of rounds per day equal to their Cleric Level plus Wisdom modifier. These rounds need not be consecutive. This replaces Remote Viewing.

Replacement Domain Spells:
1st-Windy Escape, 4th Lesser Planar Ally (Paracletus only), 5th Telepathic Bond, 6th Telepathy 7th Greater Arcane Sight, 8th Greater Planar Ally (Aeons only)

Very minor tweak in its description which is purely aesthetic.

School: Divination [Mind-Affecting] 1st-Level
Casting Time 1 Standard Action
Components: V
Range: Touch
Target: Creature Touched
Duration: Instantaneous
Save: Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance: Yes
The caster links their mind to that of a touched creature to swiftly communicate a large amount of complex information in an instant. The caster decides what the target learns, limited to any amount of information that otherwise could be communicated in 10 minutes. This information comes in a series of visual images, aural sounds and emotional sensations, and it is not language-dependent.

Shekla while I did touch on your character -- and by your response I am taking it that you approve and have accepted my suggestions ?? --- I did not dived deeply into your equipment So I am wondering if you are using the Masterwork guidelines correctly.

For instance let us say that Falchion you hauled back with you has at least 4 levels of Masterwork on it giving it the maximum +2 To Hit and +2 Damage that is allowed with any starting weapon. This would mean that Falchion having a Base Cost of 75gp then applying 4 Levels of Masterwork would be x5 x5 x5 x5 for a total multiplier of x625 making that Falchion cost a whopping 46,875gp which is way more than anyone starts with.

And that does not even add in what it would cost if per se it was a Cold Iron weapon as well.

Note the Masterwork restriction only applies to the bonus To Hit and Damage you can have a weapon with more than 4 levels of Masterwork if you can afford it just no more than a +2 To Hit and +2 Damage as part of that.

Also Masterwork can be used to reduce the weight of some normal items and/or increase their capabilities for instance a standard backpack cost 2gp weighs 2 lbs can hold 2 cubic feet or 30 lbs of stuff.

Now there are various Masterwork things you can do with a Backpack but they all do the basically same thing and that is apply 1 level of Masterwork to the Backpack (note the cost and the weights for these listed items have changed and you can apply any two to a single backpack). Thus a 1 Level Masterwork Backpack would cost 10gp and a 2 Level Masterwork Backpack would cost 50gp. Not those ridiculously random numbers they applied.

Backpack (Carrier) Weight +0 lbs
Note the weight of the animal does not affect the capacity of the main container but it does add to the total weight you are carrying.

Backpack (Masterwork) name changed to (Lighten Load) Weight +0 lbs
Backpack (Hydration) Weight +2 lbs + 8 lbs of water
Backpack (Weapon Rack) Weight +2 lbs
Backpack (Storage*) Weight +0 lbs

Storage: Increases the main container to allow it to hold up to 50 lbs and/or 3 cubic feet.

So perhaps instead of those permanent magic Muleback Cords maybe you get the Backpack (Lighten Load).

Note the above Backpack descriptions (except Storage) can be found on Archives of Nethys but this does not mean those are the only one's that are available it is just those are the only ones that have already been outlined. If you have an idea for a Masterwork item present it and I will look it over. This is to say, someone capable of doing Masterwork can do some pretty amazing things.

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