Dreadfulness in Dunwich PF1e+

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Bale Keep Map


Dunwich is a somewhat backwater fishing town situated on southern side of the Dunwater River and sandwiched between the Dunwater Marsh and the Monmurg Bay. This makes it tucked away on the south-western coast of the Kingdom of Keoland. Just north of Dunwich is a small monastery dedicated to Heironeous and Bale Keep which guards the road between the town of Saltmarsh and Burle. While further south are other small fishing villages and guard towers. Many folks from Dunwich serve as staff and support for the keep and the town tends to travelers between Saltmarsh and Burle.

This will be a semi-sandbox game based in a non-canon village located in the Viscounty of Salinmoor in the south-western region of Keoland which is located within the Sheldomar Valley within the western area of the Flanaess on the continent of Oerick on the planet Oereth. Dunwich is smaller but similar to its more famous cousin Saltmarsh which is located just to the northeast. As every character will have hailed from or hail from Dunwich there will be special Backgrounds to choose from that will tie the character more tightly into the village.

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Lars Response


This seems pretty solid no suggestions

STR 17+1(+4) DEX 17+1(+4) WIS 15(+2)
CON 16(+3) INT 16+2(+4) CHA 13(+1)

HP 29


Attributes: Attribute of Choice +2 and +1 to 2 other different
Human Versatility: Gain an Extra Feat (total of 2 at 1st level)
Skilled: Gain an 1 Additional Skill Point per Level and the Skill Focus Feat
Multi-Talented: They can choose two Favored Classes at 1st-level and gain a +1 HP
and +1 Skill Point whenever they take level in either class
Languages: Begin with Keolan (local human) and Oeridian (human)
Potential Additional Languages: Any modern non-secret language
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
Reckless (I suggest discarding this one -- especially since its Class Skill now)
The character has a tendency for rash behavior, often disregarding their own safety as they
move across the battlefield. They gain a +1 bonus on Acrobatics checks, and Acrobatics are
always a Class Skill for them.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
Suggested Traits
Raised in the Craft
The character was raised in a family dedicated to a craft, Pick one Craft[Smith], gain the
Profession[Smith] skill that is associated with that Craft and receive a +2 Trait Bonus on
checks with both skills. The character must spend at least 1 Background point in each skill.
Keoland Magic Academy Graduate
Prerequisite: Arcane Spell Caster
The character graduated fron Keoland's Magic Academy, and the rigorous program of study has
honed their mind. They gain a +2 Trait Bonus on Concentration checks when casting Arcane
The character's horrowing experience at the hands of the Sea Princes makes it difficult for
them to ever be at peace, and their chronic worry is that they will experience a repeat of
the ordeal if ever captured again which has become a constant drain on their psyche. They
take a -2 Penalty on Saves vs Fear and to resist Intimidate.
Prerequisite: Supernatural Connection to the Element of Earth
The character has an unknown affinity with the element of Earth. They gain DR 1/-- against
mundane attacks and attacks by creatures with the earth type.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
No Changes here

Racial Feat: Skill Focus [Knowledge-Arcana]
1st-Level Feat: -- Combat Casting
3rd-Level Feat: -- Eschew Somatics


Note the Golemfist is an Archetype and that I am not going to exchange for a single Feat as
that will not cover all that entails. So your character loses the Hexcrafter Archetype as you
cannot have two Archtypes. However I think your Dual Golemfist will be sufficient.

Note: Being ship bound I replaced Ride with Acrobatics and swapped Fly with Knowledge[Local]
as that for the class seemed much more appropriate

Below is my suggestion for using your Background Skill points as well as a slight adjustment
to the Ranks you put into play

The Background skills cover your Home-Life, Academy and Military training as outlined in your
background. As for the tweaks having worked on a ship you should have Climb, stole a point
from Acrobatics, also you should have Knowledge-Local stole a point from Knowledge-Planar
everything else is how you had it.

Hit Die: 1d8
Wealth: 3,240 gp
Class Skills: (2 + Int Mod) 21 + 6
Acrobatics (Dex) Rank 2
Climb (Str) Rank 1
Spell Craft (Wis) Rank 3
Swim (Str) Rank 3
Use Magic Device (Cha) Rank *

Knowledge[ ] (Int)
Arcana Rank 3
Local Rank 1
Planar Rank 2

Craft[Smith] (Wis) Rank 1 (B-1)

Profession[Smith] (Int) Rank 1 (B-1)
Profession[Sailor] (Int) Rank 1 (B-1)

Non-Class Skills
Intimidate (Cha) Rank 3
Perception (Wis) Rank 3
Knowledge[ ] (Int)
Geography Rank 1 (B-1)
Engineer Rank 1 (B-1)
History Rank 1 (B-1)

Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
Armor Proficiency: Light Armor

1st-Level Class Features
Spell Casting
They cast Arcane Spells drawn from the Wizard Spell List. A Magus must choose and
prepare their spells ahead of time just like a Wizard but are restricted to the
following schools of magic: Abjuration, Evocation, Divination, Illusion, Transmutation
and Universal
Spell Book
Cantrips: Contains a number of Cantrips equal to their Intelligence
1st-Level Spells: 5 + Intelligence modifier + (Charisma modifier x 2)
2nd-Level Spells: 2 + Charisma modifier
Arcane Pool
2nd-Level Class Features
Spell Strike -- unchanged
3rd-Level Class Features
Magus Arcana: Archetype Dual Golemfist (see below)
4th-Level Class Features
Spell Recall -- unchanged
5th-Level Class Features
Bonus Feat -- unchanged
6th-Level Class Features
Magus Arcana -- unchanged
7th-Level Class Features
Armor Training (Ex)
At 7th-level, the character gains Armor Training I, and can move at their normal speed in
medium armor. At 15th-level, the character gains Armor Training II, and can move at their
normal speed in heavy armor. This replaces Knowledge Pool.
Armor Proficiency: Medium Armor -- unchanged
8th-Level Class Features
Improved Spell Combat -- unchanged
9th-Level Class Features
Magus Arcana -- unchanged
10th-Level Class Features
Fighter Training -- unchanged
11th-Level Class Features
Bonus Feat -- unchanged
Improved Spell Recall
12th-Level Class Features
Magus Arcana -- unchanged
13th-Level Class Features
Armor Proficiency: Heavy Armor -- unchanged
14th-Level Class Features
Greater Spell Combat -- unchanged
15th-Level Class Features
Magus Arcana -- unchanged
16th-Level Class Features
At 16th-Level, whenever an enemy within reach either successfully casts a spell
defensively or hits them with a melee attack they can make an Attack of Opportunity
against that opponent. Note the counterstrike cannot disrupt the spell as it has already
been cast. Also, they may employ a counterstrike against a single opponent only once
during a round no matter how many Attacks of Opportunity they may have.
17th-Level Class Features
Bonus Feat -- unchanged
18th-Level Class Features
Magus Arcana -- unchanged
19th-Level Class Features
Unstoppable Strike (Ex)
At 19th-Level, the character can take a Standard Action to make one attack with a weapon
that they have Weapon Focus in as a Touch Attack that ignores Damage Reduction (or
Hardness, if they are attacking an object). This replaces Greater Spell Access.
20th-Level Class Features
True Magus -- unchanged

Note: To make the Magus a bit simpler for me and to adhere to the other concepts within the
guidelines for Arcane Magic I am making this alteration. The Magus pulls spells from the Wizard
Spell list and their schools are as follows:
Allowed: Abjuration, Evocation, Divination, Illusion, Transmutation and Universal
Denied: Conjuration, Enchantment, and Necromancy

Note: Transmutation spells that alter the your character's form especially their arms are part of
your Denied spells. For instance: Alter Self, Beast Shape, Enlarge Person, Long Arm, Monstrous
Physique, Polymorph, Shape Change, Reduce Person, etc...

Note if their are any special Magus Spells that are not Wizard spells do let me know and I will make
adjustments for them.

Archetype: Dual Golemfist:

Extra Cost: As denoted under Magus this consumes the 3rd-Level Magus Arcana and as such does not
become acquired until 3rd level.

Adjustment: I have removed the concept of manufacturing your Stone Arms since their were a gift from
a deity rather than something you manufactured. As such the arms are static but can be
enhanced using your Arcane Pool as usually.

Empowered Arms (Ex)

At 3rd level, the character gains a pair of golem arms that are treated as if magic weapons and gain
a +1 enhancement bonus on Attack and Damage rolls. This bonus increases by 1 at 7th level and every
4 levels thereafter, to a total bonus of +5 at 19th level. Further the arms increase the characters
arm Strength by 2 and gain an additional 2 for every 2 levels thereafter to a maximum total Strength
of 28. This arm strength only affects To Hit, Damage, and other things that would only require arm
or hand strength to implement. The four-fingered hands are incapibility of fine motor movements and
suffer a -10 Penalty to skills such as Legerdemain and the like. All the fingers of the hand are of
equal length, the opposing finger falls between the first finger and the last two fingers.

This replaces the Magus Arcana gained at 3rd level.

Diminished Spell Casting

A Dual Golemfist has two fewer spell slots of each level than a regular magus. If this reduces their
number of spell slots of a particular level to zero, they can cast spells of that level only if
their Intelligence allows a bonus spell of that level.

This alters Spell Casting.

Improved Unarmed Strike (Su)

A Dual Golemfist gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a Bonus Feat. Further they do not have the
off-hand penalty when striking and thus apply their full Strength bonus on damage rolls for all
their unarmed strikes. Their strikes usually deal lethal damage, but they can choose to deal
nonlethal damage instead with no penalty on their attack roll. This also applies to grappling. They
prepare two fewer Cantrips per day than normal.

This alters Cantrips.

Golem Arms (Su)

A Dual Golemfist begins play with a pair of golem arms grafted in place of their arms. The Golem
Arms are considered both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and
effects that enhance or improve either manufactured or natural weapons. The Golem Arms are treated
as unarmed strikes that deal damage as if the Magus were a Monk 2 levels lower than their class
level (minimum 1st level). Further their unarmed strikes ignore the hardness of any object with a
hardness less than 8. The arms are immune to normal physical damage and any spell or spell-like
ability that allows Spell Resistance except for as follows: if the character is hit with a
Transmute Rock to Mud spell their attacks with their golem arms are affected as if by a Slow spell
for 2d6 rounds with no Save and if hit with a Stone to Flesh spell their hardness benefit is negated
with no Save. The arms gain no benefits from items that enhance unarmed strikes, such as an amulet
of mighty fists. If one or both arms are destroyed some how, a full 24 hours of uninterrupted rest
and relaxation will allow them to regrow. The regrowth cannot be prevented short of divine
intervention. Lastly as part of a full attack the Dual Golemfist can make an extra attack and only
suffer a -2 penalty To Hit as if they possessed the Two-Weapon Fighting Feat.

At 1st level, a Dual Golemfist can use their Arcane Pool to enhance their unarmed strikes as if they
were manufactured weapons. They may also use it to gain Stunning Fist (+1) as if a Monk of 2 levels
lower than their class level (minimum 1st level). At 5th level, they can use this ability to add any
of the following special abilities to their unarmed strikes: Corrosive, Corrosive Burst, Defending,
Flaming, Flaming Burst, Frost, Icy Burst, Impact, Shock, Shocking Burst, or Thundering. At 11th
level, they gain access to the following special abilities: Brilliant Energy and Speed.

This alters Arcane Pool

Unarmed Spellstrike (Su)

A Dual Golemfist can use Spell Strike to deliver spells only when attacking with their unarmed

This alters Spellstrike.

Pile Driver (Ex)

At 7th-Level, as a Standard Action, the character can make a single melee attack with either a
two-handed weapon or both golem arms. If the attack hits, they add double their Strength bonus on
damage and they may make a Bull Rush or Trip combat maneuver against the target of their attack as
a Free Action that does not provoke an Attack of Opportunity.

This replaces Armor Training

Devastating Blow (Ex)

At 19th-Level, as a Standard Action, the character may make a single melee attack with either a
two-handed weapon or both golem arms at a -5 penalty. If the attack hits, it is treated as a
Critical Threat. Special weapon abilities that activate on a Critical Hit do not activate if this
Critical Hit is confirmed.

This replaces Unstoppable Strike

Additional Magus Arcana:

A Dual Golemfist gains access to the following arcana in addition to those normally available to the
magus. They cannot select any arcana more than once.

Break Spell (Ex): A Golemfist can use one of their arms to disrupt spells targeted at them. When a
ranged attack generated by a spell effect targets the Golemfist, they can spend a point from
their arcane pool to attempt a melee attack roll as an attack of opportunity. If the result is
greater than the total attack roll of the ranged attack, the attack is negated. Spell effects
that do not require attack rolls cannot be deflected. The magus must be at least 12th level
and have the Shielding Arm arcana before they can select this arcana.
Flurrying Arms (Ex): A Dual Golemfist can enhance their golem arms to attack faster. They gain the
Flurry of Blows Monk Class Ability, treating their Monk level as 5 levels less than their
class level. A Golemfist makes additional attacks as normal when they are using Flurrying
Arms. The magus must be at least 6th level to select this arcana.
6th +1 Attack -2 To Hit Base Attack Class Level
13th +2 Attacks -2/-5 To Hit Base Attack Class Level
20th +3 Attacks -2/-5/-10 To Hit Base Attack Class Level
Shielding Arm (Ex): A Dual Golemfist learns to deflect blows with their arm. If they are not
wielding any other weapons, they gain a shield bonus to their AC equal to their golem arm’s
enhancement bonus. Note if the Dual Golemfist uses one of their arms to deflect they cannot
use that arm to attack with. This affects Two Weapon Fighting but it does not effect
Flurrying Arms.

Note I am going to assume you are going to want these 3 Magus Arcana which can be acquired at
6th-level, 9th-level and 12th-level respectively.

Magus-Dual Golemfist Spell Progression:

Okay there does not seem to be any easy way to do this via this medium but if you copy/paste what I have and line up the detail with the headers you can see what I am trying to communicate.

Level Cantrips 1st-Level 2nd-Level 3rd-Level 4th-Level 5th-Level 6th-Level
1st 3 1 *** *** *** *** ***
2nd 4 2 *** *** *** *** ***
3rd 2 1 *** *** *** *** ***
4th 2 1 *** *** *** *** ***
5th 2 2 0 *** *** *** ***
6th 3 2 1 *** *** *** ***
7th 3 2 1 *** *** *** ***
8th 3 3 2 0 *** *** ***
9th 3 3 2 1 *** *** ***
10th 3 3 2 1 *** *** ***
11th 4 3 3 2 0 *** ***
12th 4 4 3 2 1 *** ***
13th 4 4 3 2 1 *** ***
14th 4 4 3 3 2 0 ***
15th 4 4 4 3 2 1 ***
16th 4 4 4 3 3 2 ***
17th 5 5 4 4 3 3 0
18th 5 5 4 4 4 3 1
19th 5 5 4 4 4 4 2
20th 5 5 5 5 5 4 3

Flurry of Blows Attack Bonus:

Okay I read through the guidelines on the Flurry of Blows Attack Bonus and then tried to reconcile
that with the progression chart that they give in the Monk Table and found it impossible. As it not
only does not follow the guidelines in anyway that is perceivable but also adds an additional attack
that is completely unexplained. As such I have tried my best to revamp how the Flurry of Blows
progression works to make it viably balanced which is what I think they might have been trying to do.

Again issues with getting things to line up properality due to the limited means of displaying the information but hopefully this is still decipherable otherwise just ask.

Level Attack Bonuses
1st -1 / -1
2nd +0 / +0
3rd +1 / +1
4th +2 / +2
5th +3 / +3
6th +4 / +4
7th +5 / +5
8th +6 / +6 / +4 / +2
9th +7 / +7 / +5 / +3
10th +8 / +8 / +6 / +4
11th +9 / +9 / +7 / +5
12th +10 / +10 / +8 / +6
13th +11 / +11 / +9 / +7
14th +12 / +12 / +10 / +8
15th +13 / +13 / +11 / +8 / +6 / +4
16th +14 / +14 / +12 / +10 / +7 / +5
17th +15 / +15 / +13 / +11 / +8 / +6
18th +16 / +16 / +14 / +12 / +9 / +7
19th +17 / +17 / +15 / +13 / +10 / +8
20th +18 / +18 / +16 / +14 / +11 / +9

As a for instance here are all 3 of the progressions the one they outline and the 2 that can be
created using the way the Flurry of Blows is described.
20th +18 / +18 / +13 / 13 / +8 / +8 / +3 -- not seven attacks but 3 + 3 = 6 ??

Applying the -2 to Base Attacks and then the -2 / -5 / -10 to the Extra attacks using the Class
Level as base
20th +13 / +8 / +3 / +18 / +15 / +10

Applying the -2 to all Attacks using the Class Level as base and then the -2 / -5 / -10 to the Extra
20th +18 / +18 / +18 / +18 / +15 / +10

So as you can see not a single one of those seems balanced nor perhaps progressively correct and
frankly the guidelines do not make it easy to ascertain how that is actually supposed to be applied
but what they present is definitely not right.

My version I split the -5 and -10 and shift one higher and one lower smooth progression so basically
at 20th level you get +18 / +15 / +10 using the basic -2 / -5 / -10 guideline

Again as always please give me your feedback as I am trying to help you create a 3-dimensional character but also be something you will have fun playing.

Male Human

Sorry guys, I gotta withdraw. Too many distractions to do a decent job.

Dang forgot the adjustments to you background Lars


Lars is a native born son of Dunwich. Something of a prodigy in his youth, his parents spared as much expense as they could giving him a proper education. And when he came of age, and it became clear that he had some magical ability, they spent more than they could to hire an out of town tutor, so that as he came to adulthood he could be sent to the city of Niole Dra, for a formal education as a mage. Paid for by a term of service in the crown's army. To say that his parents, and the town at large, were proud of him would have been an understatement.

He returned, far sooner than any could have expected. He had left the town as a starry eyed youth, ready to conquer the world. He returned a changed man, with the most obvious signs being his arms. As they were both gone, replaced by a pair of stoney appendages. When asked what had happened, he would generally refuse to answer unless deep into his cups. Should it be pried out of him, he would explain that after finishing his studies he was apprenticed to a battle mage, who in turn was attached to the Navy which was sent by the crown to put the Sea Princes in check. It was in his first engagement, that was also his last, that he was captured by the pirates. He was later returned without his arms and with a message: The territory of the Sea Princes is not to be challenged.

But of his new arms? When pressed he generally just mutters that he owes a debt. In truth, his new arms were gained, not through the pity of the crown, the beneficence of his mentor, or through his own skills. Rather, they came as a bestowment by a deity. Why he is not sure because the deity in question has not stepped forward nor communicated anything beyond the sense that Lar was in debt. So the arms had not come for free was noted but the price was still unknown. However, the arms did not allow him to cast magic became quite apparent as the hands were far to clumsy to perform the fine somantics that a spell required.

So until the time when the deity makes known the price, Lars had returned dejected and sullen to the town of his birth. After the shock of his arrival and new appearance wore off, he returned to his old life, a source of gossip, and truth be told, disappointment, for he held such promise and returned home with little to show for it. And yet, while his life goes on much as it ever would, he holds in his heart a deep, burning hatred for the Sea Princes, for what their forces had done to him, and a worry as towards what price he will be called upon to pay.

Recently as the mental scars of what had happened began to fade some, he has come to the realization that he can do magic still. He will just need to figure out how to over come the inability to do the fine somantic components that many spells require. To this end he as been focusing his efforts to surmount this issue and it appears that with much trial, error and effort he has succeeded.

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)

So. Alot to chew through.


Will take: Keoland Magic Academy Graduate (+2 concentration is great), and Raised in the Craft. Will drop the rest.

Haunted sounds thematic, but I'd rather RP such worries than to have a blanket debuff when it comes to fear and intimidate. And earth-touched doesn't really fit the theme, and the bonus is negligible (DR/1 against mundane attacks doesn't help that much at low levels and vanishes at higher levels). So the 2 regular traits are fine.


While it sucks to lose it (hexes are amazing), it isn't necessary thematically. So I'm alright with it going.

Magus Changes:

Skills are fine. Spell changes are fine. If it makes things easier on you as the GM, then I'm for it. Haven't thought through the ramifications myself, but on the face of it I see no problems.

Well, except the spells known.

1st-Level Spells: 5 + Intelligence modifier + (Charisma modifier x 2)
2nd-Level Spells: 2 + Charisma modifier

For 1st level spells, that is 11 spells known, thanks to Int18 and Cha13.
But for 2nd level spells known? That is 3. It seems odd to me to know so many 1st level spells, but so few 2nd level.

Not that it is going to matter too much. At lvl 3, he gets (with his intelligence bonus) 2 cantrips and 2 level 1 spells. He doesn't get lvl 2 spells until lvl 5, and even then he will get 1 spell per day. So knowing 3 isn't that big of a deal, when he will only cast 1. In fact, he would only be able to cast all 3 when he hits lvl 8.

So it doesn't make much of a difference to me. Fewer spells in the book, but he wouldn't be casting them anyways. I just question why lvl 1 spells are so easy to know and lvl 2 spells are so much harder.

Dual Golemfist:

Read through it twice. It's...very interesting. It reduces the magus spellcasting further, but makes up for it with additional strength from the enchanced arms. As someone who likes playing martials, I'm cool with this.

Overall Thoughts and a Question:

With the changes, the Magus goes from being a gish who relies on shocking grasp for damage, to being much closer to a full martial. I find that interesting with the strength bonuses, as at lvl 3 it is like having full BaB. Can forgo power attack due to the extra strength bonus damage.

At lvl 7 he gets Pile Driver. At lvl 9 could he take Vital Strike? If so, then I could see it making for a nice combination when not going for a flurry.



Okay I would like you to think through your character's history and pick a Drawback or two that fits what he has been through. Give me a couple of options story wise that I can pick one from.

Then I would like you to go through the Traits and find a Earth-oriented Trait or two that you feel might be useful. I would even be open to suggestions of Trait that does not exist, provided its a Trait and not a Feat as Traits are about a half a Feat. Again I looking for some options to pick from if at all possible.

There are spoiler reasons for this and if you want the spoiler I can give it to you, that is if you have not per se guessed it already from this little bit of a hint.

Spell Talk:

As to Spells recorded in your spell book (as spells known is what a Sorcerer does) I actually made a mistake was thinking Wizard progression. You actually only have:

1st-Level Spells: 7 + INT Mod + (CHA Mod x 3)

As you cannot even cast 2nd-level spells yet even before taking on the Dual Golemfist aspect.

The key is most spell casters with a Spell Book do not risk copying a spell into their Spell Book until they are actually able to cast it so that is why you do not have any 2nd-Level spells in your spell book.

However, if you want to have some 2nd-Level spells on hand for the future you can always buy a few scrolls and store them for later. Heck you can even buy 3rd-level spell scrolls if you like. Oh and if you want a few more 1st-level spells you can buy those scrolls as well.

Oh and as a note, being a player myself, most of the GMs I have ran under only give you the basic beginning allotment and then just the 2 per level that you automatically get. However, I figure folks that a charismatic are able to weedle a few more from someone.

Now not sure if I have told you this but Illusions work, they create false sensory input. What this means is while someone can choose to disbelieve a illusionary wall that does not been it suddenly becomes a transparent illusionary wall. Nope it still functions as a visual wall even if you walk through it and know its an illusion it still blocks LoS and so on. To me, even though an illusion can never do any direct damage to someone, they can still be rather useful especially in the hands a creative mind.

Also I extend Intelligence bonus to Cantrips and with an 18 INT that is 2 extra Cantrips so 4 Cantrips 2 1st-Levels

Vital Strike:

As for Vital Strike that is just a Combat Feat which I believe you can use one of your Bonus or Generic Feats to get. Its only Prerequisite that I see is a BAB of +6 or higher which the Magus gets by 8th-Level. And say you want it at 8th-Level then hold-on to your 7th-level Generic Feat and use it when you get to 8th-Level

As for the Class Features those were meant to be thematic and Pile Driver and Devastating Blow are more in-sync than Vital Strike so I would say no to that one there. I mean if you could not pick it up on your own that might have been a talking point.

Besides I am sure your mental gears are churning to figure out how you can capatilize on what you have now with the numerous Feats that are out there that your character can qualify for.

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)


Trait Draconic Infusion (Acid)
* Once per day for every 2 caster levels you have (minimum once per day), when you cast a spell that has the acid elemental descriptor, you can deal an additional 1d4 points of acid damage to one target of that spell.

Drawback Option 1: Earthbound
* You take a –1 penalty on saving throws against electricity effects.
* This represents his ties to the elemental plane of earth.

[b]Drawback Option 2:
* An injury left you horribly, visibly scarred, making it more difficult for you to hide your true face, and also making most people distrustful of you merely due to your appearance.
* Effect You take a –5 penalty on Disguise checks and a –2 penalty on Bluff checks.
* The man has 2 golem arms! It makes sense that he would have this drawback.

Drawback Option 3 [url=https://www.d20pfsrd.com/traits/drawbacks/paranoid/
* You believe that someone or something is always out to get you, so you have a hard time truly trusting anyone.
* Effect: Anyone who attempts an aid another action of any type to assist you must succeed at a DC 15 check instead of the normal DC 10 check.
* Represents the mental anguish of what he has gone through, and how he really does not like to be touched.


When I play casters (very rarely) I usually go for spontaneous casters. Because I really don't like juggling the problems of finding spells or the like. And with Lars, he has so few spells per day, he will probably only pick 1 or 2 spells per level to prepare. So I've no issues with spells known.

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

Been doing some research on the area and it looks like Seaton may be the best place to be Vilma's hometown. It's the provincial capitol so it seems like it would allow more flexibility for a noble's background.

M fFolk (Wood Elf) Cleric 3

I've made the requested changes, marking the background skills as appropriate. However, rather than distributing the extra skill points over a number of skills as you suggested, I opted to consolidate them into my existing skills to ensure I can function at the expected level in a few rather than at a diminished level in many, if that's acceptable. I have no problems with switching out the two traits, and looking back on it, I feel that Disdainful Defender was a poor choice for my character. Travoril as written is currently quite enthusiastic if inexperienced, and I think only minor adjustments would be needed to make him a conspiracy theorist character (quite possibly with the traditional Billboard of Crazy the name Conspiracy Hunter conjures to mind).



Okay I am accepting Drawback Option 2 but changing it slightly.
Effect: They take a -5 Penalty on Disguise checks and a -2 Penalty on Bluff and Diplomacy checks but get a +2 on Intimidate checks.

Note your arms are not the most notibly alien aspect the character has. That is attributed to the character's hands which do no look human at all. Think crab claws as that is what most folk would equate the hands looking like even though the character has 3 fingers and one opposable finger as all are of equal length.

The character has found that they have a strange atunement with earth. They treat their caster level as 1 higher and add 1 to the DC of Saves made to resist the effects of spells that they cast with the Earth descriptor. Further they add the following spells to their spell list and cast them like any other spell on their list. Alter Earth (C), Hairline Factures, Pass without Trace (1st), Binding Earth (2nd), Meld into Stone (3rd), and See Through Stone (4th)

Note: I have checked and most if not all Acid spells do not have the Earth descriptor, however, I hope that these spells that you could not normally have access to will compensate for that minor issue.

Alter Earth:

School: Transmutation, Earth
Casting Time: 1 minute
Components: V,S,M (soft clay)
Range: Touch
[b]Target:[b] Earth/Stone or Earth/Stone Object
Range: Touch
Target: See Text
Duration: Permanent
Save: None; Spell Resistance: No
The caster can form an existing piece of earth or stone into any shape that suits their purpose. While it is possible to make crude coffers, doors, and the like, it requries an actual Craft[Stone] skill to implement finer details. The difficulty of this skill check is higher as it is not quite the same as manually doing it. Thus the craft check is at a -5 Penalty. Further this spell can help the caster discern aspect of the earth/stone that is being touched granting them a +4 Bonus to find secret/hidden aspects that are part of the earth/stone. The amount of earth that can be effected is 1 cu ft + 1 cu ft/6 levels, however if it is stone this is reduced to ½ cu. Ft + ½ cu. ft/6 levels.

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)

I’ll get the profile updated. For the hands, is this more or less what you imagine?

Sort of -- if you move the thumb more to the center of the wrist and make it look like another finger that would be it. Well except your fingers are thicker and stubbier.

Basically when the hand closes around something it goes finger, op-finger, finger, finger and the op-finger wraps around the object just like the other fingers -- thus the crab claw like appearance when he closes his hand. I hope that explains it a bit better.

Also in case you missed it Alter Earth is a Cantrip but I will be adding it to the Campagin Tab soon.

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)

Cool, cool. So, my profile should be updated now. Formatting and stuff can come later. Are we about ready to start?

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)

House Rules Question:

This is used to modify a weapon, armor, or gear giving it a feature it does not have, such as making a Scimitar Light. It is also used to add bonuses To Hit or Damage to a weapon, projectile weapons can only gain a bonus To Hit and their Ammo would receive the bonus to damage.

Note a +1 To Hit or a +1 to Damage is 1 Masterwork Level getting both would be 2 Masterwork Levels. For each Masterwork Level added to a weapon, armor, or gear the base cost is multiplied by 5 cumulatively to get its new cost. Thus 1 Masterwork Level is x5, 2 Masterwork Levels is x25, etc...

The starting maximum bonus To Hit, Damage, and AC is a +2. Getting a higher grade than a +2 takes finding someone in-game capable of making those rather legendary works. Note finding someone to have made a +2 would have been difficult enough but you have 3 levels of time to have done that with.


Masterwork adds an enchantment bonus.
Enchanted items add an enchantment bonus.
The two do not stack.

So as an example...

A warrior has a longsword that costs 15 gold. It has x2 Masterwork, so it now costs 375 gold. It now has +2 to hit and +2 damage.

The warrior enchants it. That costs 2000 gold. It would normally get +1 to hit and damage, but it doesn't stack with the masterwork bonus. So it now costs 2375 gold, has +2 hit, +2 damage and does magical damage. Correct? Still a great deal, as that is just 60 gold more than a vanilla +1 longsword, but it does +1 hit/damage.

The warrior then has the flaming enchantment put on it. It now costs 8375, does +2 hit, +2 damage, magic damage, and +1d6 flaming damage.

Is the above correct?


Example 2:

A warrior has a longsword that costs 15 gold. It has x2 Masterwork. He uses it to give the longsword the 'light' property. He can now use it in his offhand when two weapon fighting without significant penalties. He uses the second masterwork level to give it the 'distracting' so that he can get +2 to feint. It costs 375 gold.

He then enchants it, giving it +1 hit, +2 damage, and it remains light and distracting, for 2375 gold.

Is that right?


Not that it matters too much to Lars. While reading over the rules, it seems like his arms get enchantment bonuses as he levels up, which wouldn't stack with masterwork anyways.

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

Hm, I may have done masterwork wrong then. For Vilma's rapier I did this:

Rapier cost = 20 + cold iron = 40 + MWK 1 for +1 attack = 200 + MWK 2 +1 damage = 1000. is this right?

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

I came across a sort of guide to Salinmoor posted on Reddit. It's not canon as far as I know, probably just what a DM did for their own campaign. But, if you don't mind random homebrew, you might find some things that could be useful to you.

Spoilered because it's very long.

A Guide to the Viscounty of Salinmoor:

Introduction andPosted on Wednesday, November 07 @ 11:00:00 EST by Dongul gvdammerung writes"Sleepy. Backward. Ignorant. Superstitious. Hidebound. Economically irrelevant. Welcome to Salinmoor!"
A Guide to the Viscounty of Salinmoor - Introduction and Overview
by Glenn Vincent Dammerung, aka GVDammerung


The Viscounty of Salinmoor is located in the extreme southwestern portion of the Kingdom of Keoland bounded by the Azure Sea, the Javan River and the Dreadwood. Some 317 years since its establishment, Salinmoor has never featured prominently in the history of Keoland. It is a poor, backwater province that has seen history largely pass it by.

If there is a fame attached to the Viscounty, it is that fame attributable to the number of adventure seeking individuals who have been drawn there. In many ways, the Viscounty of Salinmoor is still a frontier province. The social structure is remarkably fluid and there is much opportunity for advancement and to make one’s mark, and perhaps fortune.

A study in contrasts, the Viscounty of Salinmoor is very egalitarian, judging individuals on their individual merit, while at the same time respecting tradition to the point of being hidebound by it. With a very diverse population for such a remote area, the Viscounty has different faces it turns to the world as it suits the inhabitants. To an outsider, Salinmoor is almost sure to appear dullish, more than a bit drab and of little interest. While all this is surely true, it is true by degrees. With greater experience, there can be found pockets of amazing vitality and vibrancy amidst the general languor.

The Land and the Sea

The Viscounty of Salinmoor is largely flat. Close to the shores of the Azure Sea the ground becomes notably marshy. Inland, the soil tends to be rocky. While there are the occasional stretches of sea cliffs, at no point does the land rise much above sea level. As a result, seasonal hurricanes blowing in from the Azure Sea in the late summer often cause wide spread flooding. This makes agriculture difficult as an entire year's crops may be lost.

To the west and southwest, the Hool Marshes are without doubt the worst land in the Viscounty. The Marshes spread out in a vast delta from the main channel of the mighty Javan River. Home to innumerable insects, snakes, deadly plant species and hostile sentients, the Hool Marshes are of little to no economic value. At the same time, the population of lizard folk and less well mannered creatures are a constant concern. The only redeeming feature of the Hool Marshes, if it can be called that, are the treasures that fortune seekers can sometimes pry from its mired grasp.

Altogether more hospitable, although as hostile to intruders, is the Dreadwood that broods heavily to the north and east of the Viscounty. Home to a sovereign and isolationist nation of wood elves, very little is known to a certainty of the other inhabitants of wood for the elves are aggressive in the defense of their forested domain. Within the bounds of the Dreadwood, the elves are the supreme masters of the land. While Keoland has named the Dreadwood a protectorate, this status has never been acknowledged by the elves themselves. Wisely, Keoland has never sought to push its claim or to enter forcibly into the precincts of the elves. The elves have been similarly reasonable.

The wood elves tolerate logging within the Dreadwood, albeit only on the fringes. All logging operations are overseen by the Great Druid of the Sheldomar Valley and his circle, who are allied with the wood elves and likewise call the Dreadwood home. A single track open to commerce and travel is allowed to pass entirely through the Dreadwood. Aptly named the Dreadwood Road, it has as its northern terminus the mixed human and elven town of Silglen. The southern terminus is at the town of Burle that lies within the Viscounty of Salinmoor.

More than any other province of the Kingdom of Keoland, the Viscounty of Salinmoor is defined by water and the sea. The Azure Sea that bounds the Viscounty to the south dominates and defines life within the Viscounty. While much the same might be said for the Duchy of Gradsul, which boasts Keoland’s only significant port on the Azure Sea, Gradsul is as much a river town at the mouth of the Sheldomar as a seaport, and the Duchy enjoys a much larger land area not immediately open to the vicissitudes of waves and storms blowing in from open water.

The Viscounty of Salinmoor is almost always windy and that wind, except at the verge of the Dreadwood, is tinged with salt and spray. Dampness is endemic in all seasons and in the months of summer humidity makes the heat something to be feared, particularly when the winds die down. If there is a pleasant season, it is spring and low summer, when the air is warm but not yet hot and the sea breezes are cool and gentle before the onset of the storm season. From high summer through the depths of winter, storms are always a possibility. Hurricane season extends from late in the high summer through fall.


The Viscounty of Salinmoor is not wealthy by any standards. It enjoys no significant mineral resources other than limited amounts of iron and tin. Agriculturally, the only crops grown beyond the level of local subsistence are grapes and olives. Only the grapes, which have long been used to produce a noted Madeira wine, are truly valuable beyond the domains of the Viscounty’s immediate neighbors. Cattle grazing is locally significant but is rarely practiced at more than a subsistence level. While there is significant potential to raise sheep for meat and, more importantly, wool, this potential has never been realized. The Azure Sea provides the only real wealth within Salinmoor.

Fishing, to include whaling, dominates the economy of the Viscounty. Of the five principle cities of the Viscounty of Salinmoor, four are situated on the coast or on islands immediately offshore. More than a subsistence industry, the fishing fleets of the Viscounty of Salinmoor compete in size with those of the Duchy of Gradsul, where both sell their catches. The bounty of the sea also includes pearls, the only gemmological resource within the Viscounty. While local pearl beds are not significant in and of themselves, Salinmoors pearl divers frequently range much further south.

Located as it is on the shores of the Azure Sea and having four medium to small seaports, the Viscounty of Salinmoor is perfectly situated as a jumping off point to all points south, be it the lands of the Hold of the Sea Princes, the Amedio Jungle, The Olman Islands, newly opened Sasserine or even Hepmonaland. Fantastic wealth lies just over the blue horizon, wealth that could transform the Viscounty of Salinmoor. There are but two difficulties that make such dreams little more. The Viscounty of Salinmoor can in no way compare to the vast Duchy of Gradsul and its resources. Gradsul is as well situated as Salinmoor and boasts superior shipyards, merchant houses and a transportation network linking it to the rest of Keoland and the Flanaess. At the same time, the Viscounty of Salinmoor lacks the capital, the money, to fund trading expeditions or missions of exploration. And with Gradsul just up the coast to attract available capital, this situation is unlikely to change.

The Population

The population of the Viscounty of Salinmoor is quite diverse. In a real sense, the Viscounty has been a melting pot of peoples.


The majority of the population of the Viscounty of Salinmoor is human. This population is divided almost equally between those of Suel extraction and those of Oeridian ancestry. As in much of Keoland, however, the Suel population has been politically dominant at the highest levels of authority. In all but the family of the Viscounts, however, intermarriage without regard to ethnicity is common. Salinmoor is among the most egalitarian of Keoland’s constituent provinces.

Minority populations of Flan exist in the Viscounty along with even smaller populations that can trace their lineage to the rightly feared Yaheetes. A people tainted by a history of foul deeds traceable to the lost Isles of Woe of the Nyr Dyv, the Yaheetes are universally despised and for good reason. Most are throughly intermarried and wisely keep well to themselves. The Flan have a hatred of the Yaheetes that is pathological and genocidal. Even the worst of the Suel might blanche in the face of the Flan’s feelings toward the Yaheetes. Contrary to a popular misconception, the Yaheetes are not a Flan people and it is best not to evidence any such confusion before a anyone of Flannish descent.

Interestingly, there is surprising evidence of the Olman in the Viscounty of Salinmoor. While there are those of obvious Olman extraction living there, in almost all cases, these Olman are late arrivals. There is evidence, however, of a much earlier and significant Olman habitation. In 282 CY, during the reign of Gillum I, an Olman burial site was discovered in the Viscounty of Salinmoor. The so-called Olman Ship Burial was a buried catamaran used as a bier that contained the remains and grave goods of an Olman warrior that some have speculated may have been a noble or even king. While no similar finds have come to light, no one has been actively searching for any either.

Demeanor and Attitudes

The peasants of Salinmoor are, like most Keolandish peasants, ignorant and superstitious in the extreme. They are also noticeably furtive. When speaking with strangers, they often appear over anxious, as if they wished the conversation would end or feared that it might be overheard. One frequently comes away with the impression that these peasants have something to hide or are attempting to conceal something. What, in their circumstances, is anyone’s guess. The one thing that can be said for the peasants of the Viscounty is that they are altogether harder working than the usual peasant of Keoland. Doubtless, this may be accounted for in the positive example set by the Viscounty’s active demi-human populations.

Among the aristocracy, one hesitates to say nobility, of the Viscounty of Salinmoor, there is a pronounced sense of fatalism combined with a prudish, even puritanical, mentality. While not universally so, a number of the aristocracy seem to view themselves as cursed or doomed, solely on account of inhabiting Salinmoor, if nothing else. At the same time they sigh, shrug and bemoan their lot in life, however, they are pretentiously defensive about their status and prerogatives, such as they are. The aristocracy are sticklers for protocol and tradition, even when these have long grown outdated or impractical and have been elsewhere in Keoland abandoned.

The chief exception to these attitudes are among the younger members of the aristocracy, many of whom have only lately been ennobled, at least by Keoland’s standards. Coming, as it were, from humble origins, these newly minted nobles are often outsiders to Salinmoor and bring with them an energy that is too often lacking among the natives. This energy is often noticeable in the communities these upstarts found or come to rule over. The example cannot be but a positive one. However, if one is caught unawares, the change in attitude and demeanor can seem improbably startling.

Demi-Humanity - The Land Dwellers

Of the land dwelling demi-human races, wood elves are far and away the most common. High elves are uncommon and grey elves are almost unheard of in Salinmoor. Most wood elves have some connection with the elves of the Dreadwood but this connection is not always a significant one. Merely being a wood elf does not give an individual any special insight into the deeper goings on within the Dreadwood. Half-elves are uncommon. The predominant wood elves have intermarried with humanity only occasionally. It is unproven but commonly believed that the wood elves living outside the verge of the Dreadwood are watching or spying on the human population.

Halflings are the next most populous of the land dwelling demi-humans. Stouts and hairfeet predominate with tall fellows being altogether less common. Of the so-called, "light foot" halflings or "kynder," there is no evidence. The halflings know the Viscounty of Salinmoor as the Southdowns and have continuously inhabited the land longer than any other race, with the exception of the elves of the Dreadwood. Halfling communities dot Salinmoor as their settlements predate all known human habitations. Most raise only what they need with perhaps a little more to trade. Of note, halfling brewers are accounted among the finest in the Viscounty. Made in greater quantity, their heather beer could become quite popular more broadly. Halflings themselves are treated as if they were human.

Dwarves and gnomes within the Viscounty are most likely to be single individuals or small family groups. There are no organized dwarven or gnomish communities. Overall, both races are most common in Salinmoor’s bigger towns where they ply any number of crafts. While looked at as a curiousity, dwarves and gnomes are readily accepted so long as they can be viewed as productive citizens.

Demi-Humanity - The Seafarers

The Viscounty of Salinmoor’s unique and abiding relationship with the sea is nowhere better demonstrated than in the demi-human races adapted to the sea that are found in the Viscounty in larger numbers than anywhere else in Keoland. To an outsider, these races will almost certainly be entirely unknown. Locals, however, treat them very much as they would their land dwelling cousins.

While not technically within the Viscounty, offshore, beneath the Azure Sea, are to be found a great number of aquatic or sea elves. Estimates are that the aquatic elf population is at least as large as the wood elf population of the Dreadwood. Masters of their undersea environment, the sea elves generally keep to themselves, although they are not as isolationist as their wood elven cousins. Relations between the two groups of elves are friendly and mutually cooperative. The halflings of Salinmoor are equally friendly with both groups and often act as go betweens as the sea elves are capable of surviving out of water for only comparatively brief periods of time. The sea elves are generally well received by the human population of Salinmoor and generally return that hospitality.

Shoal halflings, who are amphibious, and wavecrest gnomes, who are not, inhabit the small islets and barrier islands off the coast of Salinmoor. Their communities are among the most productive in all the Viscounty. In return for protection and guarantees of independence, they nominally recognize the authority of the Viscount. In all ways, they are regarded as their land dwelling cousins by the human inhabitants of Salinmoor. In many cases, relations are actually more friendly, as the shoal halflings and wavecrest gnomes are happy to work cooperatively with Salinmoor’s human fisher folk.

The Viscounty of Salinmoor has but a single colony of seacliff dwarves, numbering some 2500 individuals. Located just shy of the border between the Viscounty and the Duchy of Gradsul, the community of Waverock perches on the only significant cliff face between the outlets of the Javan and Sheldomar Rivers. The seacliff dwarves of Waverock are a community of smiths, especially noted for the quality of their tinsmiths. All of the limited mining that occurs in the Viscounty of Salinmoor is dominated by the dwarves of Waverock. Contrary to popular mythology, seacliff dwarves are not natural sailors and the dwarves of Waverock rely upon their good relations with the seacrest gnomes when they find a need to put to sea. Like their cousins in the Principality of Ulek, the seacliff dwarves of Waverock enjoy excellent relations with their human neighbors.

Non-Humans and Humanoids

In its landward extents, the Viscounty of Salinmoor is blessedly free of humanoid or non-human populations. Beyond these bounds, the Viscounty is almost surrounded by such populations.

The worst of these scourges are the sahuagin of the Azure Sea. In numbers running into the thousands, the sahuagin are and have been the most persistent threat to the other populations of Salinmoor. Fortunately, the sahuagin treat all non-sahuagin poorly at best and as meat in most situations and so lack the allies that would make them an otherwise unstoppable force. So rapaciously predacious are the sahuagin, they have at times made allies of races who would otherwise be natural or instinctive enemies. Still, the sahuagin are sufficiently numerous and sufficiently dangerous that they need no allies to menace all of Salinmoor by themselves.

After the sahuagin, the next most populace non-human race are the lizardmen tribes of the Hool Marshes. While often considered the enemies of the citizens of the Viscounty for their penchant for raiding outside the boundaries of their swampy homes, they have frequently been allies as well, particularly against the hated sahuagin. Relations between humans and lizardmen are complicated in Salinmoor. Certainly, the more advanced tribes have found it expedient, if nothing else, to be open to negotiation with humanity. The more barbaric tribes, however, see humans as little better than prey. Ultimately alien to each other in their thinking, that only the most experienced humans and lizardmen can distinguish one individual of the other species from another only further complicates matters.

Humanoids are present only on the fringes of the Viscounty of Salinmoor and are as numerous as neither the sahuagin nor the lizardmen. Inhabiting the marginal lands where the Dreadwood and the Hool Marshes met and overlap are the black or swamp orcs. Possessed of all of the salient characteristics of orc-kind, the black orcs are more primitive but less unabashedly brutal than their gray orc cousins. More rarely do they form hordes, although, when competently led, they are to be feared just as much. Less numerous still are the goblins and bugbears of the western Dreadwood. Except for the occasional raid, they are more dangerous to interlopers into their territories than anything else. Interestingly, these orcs, goblins and bugbears share a mythology, fearing and at the same time revering a figure they call the Dreadwalker, who will bring to them power and prominence. This figure is not to be confused with the group of human rangers who have unknowingly chosen the same name. Or at least, not yet.

Cities and Towns

The Viscounty of Salinmoor has but five towns of any note. Only charitably might any be called cities.


The capital of the Viscounty of Salinmoor is Seaton. Home to a population of roughly 3,500 residents, Seaton is not the largest town in the Viscounty. Its position as the capital is more historic than anything else. Rustic with pretensions of being cosmopolitan, Seaton is taken as a joke by those familiar with the likes of Gradsul, Niole Dra or almost any of Keoland’s cities and towns outside Salinmoor. Still, as the capital, it summons up a dignity that suggests it potential, however, raw.

Chiefly concerned with fishing, Seaton is home to the majority of the Viscounty’s fishing fleets. A better fishing port will not be found and is only equaled by the fishing docks of Gradsul. Of course, almost the entire city of Seaton smells of fish, something not true of Gradsul, which is much more than just a fishing port. If there is excitement to be found in Seaton, it will be found in and around the docks. The further from the sea one goes, the quieter and more rustic Seaton becomes until it is almost as if one has left the present century for some earlier time.


Saltmarsh is almost the Viscounty of Salinmoor’s uncrowned capital. It is in almost every way, everything Seaton is not. Founded by fortune seeking adventurers, Saltmarsh has always been a wide open town, full of energy and opportunity. Having experienced a population boom, Saltmarsh is home to 3,850 residents. Fully one thousand of these residents recently came to Saltmarsh at the expense of Seaton, which was attacked and partially razed by slavers before they could be driven off. These new residents have brought with them experience and skills that have supplemented Saltmarsh’s labor pool, while at the same time adding some needed stability to the rough and tumble upstart town. Saltmarsh is poised for greatness, at least by local standards.

The business of Saltmarsh is a combination of many small enterprises. No one industry dominates the economy. As close as it comes, and if it can be called an industry, is fortune seeking. Hard by the Hool Marshes, across the river from the restive Hold of the Sea Princes and across the sea from the Amedio Jungle, opportunities for making one’s fortune abound. Many are drawn to Saltmarsh and its excellent harbor as a jumping off point to adventure. Others are drawn here, to the end of civilization, for more underhanded reasons. Smugglers and pirates find safe haven in Saltmarsh so long as they don’t cause too much of a stir. Much of the smuggling that brings goods quietly into Keoland flows through the Viscounty of Salinmoor and Saltmarsh. By the same token, more pirate cargoes, at least the smaller sized ones, are disposed of in Saltmarsh than even in Gradsul where the constabulary is altogether more efficient.


Of all the towns of the Viscounty of Salinmoor, Burle has arguably the most charm. Nearby the Dreadwood, Burle is built more with wood than the stone of Salinmoor’s coastal communities. It is also built with a woodsmen’s sensibility for natural surroundings rather than a seaman’s need for practical efficiency in the face of the sea. Where Salinmoor’s coastal towns feel close, Burle feels much more open and expansive. With a population of 5000 residents, Burle is larger than either Saltmarsh or Seaton. This is not accidental.

Burle is the southern terminus of the Dreadwood Road, the only north and south track through the Dreadwood allowed by the wood elves. In consequence, Burle sees steady, if rarely heavy, overland commercial traffic. It is a transhipment point for goods moving from the coast to the interior and from the interior to the coast. It is the only such overland route that sees much use. The coast road from Seaton to Gradsul is rarely traveled as it is usually more efficient to travel by ship. Burle also connects the adjacent Viscounty of Nume Eor, which must otherwise rely upon the Javan River, with greater Keoland.

While Seaton is the capital of Salinmoor, since first being awarded the Viscounty, the ruling Secunforths have chosen to spend most of their time in Burle, which is consequently where they have also spent a good deal of their money. The Secunforth’s gravitated to Burle because it most reminded them for their former possessions which lay in Keoland’s north. Ironically, the ruling family of Salinmoor does not particularly care for the sea. This is no secret but is not held against the Secunforth’s as they have been content not to disturb the traditional rule of the land by local magnates.


Located just seven miles from the mainland, Angler Island is home to the 1500 residents of Angleburg. A thriving fishing community, Angleburg has the most protected natural anchorage in all of the Viscounty of Salinmoor. The waters around the island team with fish but the currents are treacherous to those not intimately familiar with them. This combination of factors has made the fishermen of Angleburg among Salinmoor’s most prosperous. They specialize in catching some of the most sought after species of fish which they either sell in Angleburg’s fish market or transport to Gradsul for even greater profit. The money they make has made Angleburg and Angler Island the secret envy of many more populous and seemingly prosperous locales.

Irregularly shaped, at its widest point, Angler Island is nearly six miles wide. It is nearly seven miles long. Except for the natural harbor at Angleburg, Angler Island is surrounded by inhospitable cliffs, making the island virtually impregnable. All of the land on the island outside the town was originally owned by the local noble family, the Rynnows, who made a practice of selling property on the island only to locals. This insularity has proven beneficial as well-to-do fisher folk have reinvested their money on Angler Island. In many ways, Angler Island is the most idyllic spot in the Viscounty of Salinmoor and certainly has one of the strongest senses of community.


Redshore is the name of an island 8 miles off the coast of the Viscounty of Salinmoor as well as the name of the small city located there. Redshore, the city, is the largest in the entire Viscounty numbering just over 7000 inhabitants. When the Viscounty was first established, the first Viscount chose to settle on Redshore, making it the oldest of Salinmoor’s towns and cities. The decision to settle on an island significantly off shore was an economic one.

Like all of Keoland’s southern coast, the waters off Redshore easily support a fishing industry. At the same time the island’s considerable extent, some ten miles by twelve miles, proved to contain both timber and mineral resources, not enough for export but more than enough to make Redshore largely self sufficient. The rocky coasts, while not as formidable as those of Angler Island, still provided protection from easy landings, while the interior hills provided some relief from the heat. The most important economic factor, however, was Redshore’s location in relation to the ocean currents.

Redshore lies on the migratory path of several whale species. Whaling is and has been the chief occupation of Redshore’s inhabitants. It has made the local ruling family, the Lorchersters, the richest family in all of Salinmoor. Until the collapse of Keoland’s southern empire and the appointment of the Secunforths to the seat of the Viscounty , the Lorchesters ruled as Viscounts of Salinmoor. The city of Redshore still reflects this. Its population remains the greatest in the Viscounty and while its glory has faded, Redshore is more cosmopolitan and impressive than any other town in Salinmoor.

Sea Versus Shore

It is a fact that most visiting, as well as residing in, Salinmoor never leave the mainland. This has greatly influenced the perception of the Viscounty. While both the Viscounty’s mainland and island holdings share more similarities than differences, the differences are significant. The island communities possess more wealth and more dynamism than the mainland towns and villages, with the possible exception of roguish Saltmarsh. The bulk of the population exists on the mainland, however, and is anything but dynamic or prosperous much beyond subsistence. The two communities, sea and shore, tend to ignore one another in a political sense. While there is trade and traffic between them, there is not a great deal of genuine interaction much beyond this. Each sees itself as the "true" face of the Viscounty.

These different perspectives have only been exacerbated since the arrival of the Secunforth’s. While the Secunforth’s presence and authority is strongly in evidence on the mainland, be that for better or for worse, on the coastal islands, the Lorchesters exert the dominant influence. That influence manifests in a name only recognition of the authority of the Secunforths. The Lorchesters behave, and by their example encourage other islanders to behave, as if they were practically independent holdings, not part of a greater Viscounty of Salinmoor. For their part, the Secunforths have greeted apathy to their rule with apathy. So long as the taxes are paid and the basic formalities are paid lip service, the Secunforths have been content to let matters rest there.

This is, of course, to no one’s advantage. The Lorchesters can maintain their lot but can do little to improve it apart from Salinmoor’s fate. The Secunforths, even more, cannot begin to realize what potential Salinmoor has until they can unite its people behind their leadership. When the Lorchersters can’t lead and the Secunforths won’t lead, Salinmoor drifts. And so Salinmoor has drifted through the years, sleepy, backward, ignorant, superstitious, hidebound and economically irrelevant, with only the occasional sparks of life and energy to be found amidst its banked embers."

Places of Mystery

The Viscounty of Salinmoor is not without its places of mystery. Generally left alone by the superstitious inhabitants of the Viscounty, these sites brood quietly, rarely disturbed and rarely disturbing any but those who would linger over long in their vicinity.

Brinestone Keep

Just off the coast of the Viscounty of Salinmoor, almost presicely halfway between Seaton and Saltmarsh, broods Brinestone Keep. Connected to the mainland by a causeway that rises above the waters of the Azure Sea at low tide, Brinestone Keep is an ancient pile of seaweed covered wet stone. Rising to several levels, the Keep is oddly shaped, a ziggurat where each successive tier is canted, off center from the tiers immediately above and below, forming a series of unsupported balconies jutting from the central core. Unstable, Brinestone Keep regularly sinks partially or fully below the surface of the sea, only to rise again, partially or wholly, before once more retreating from the surface world. No pattern to this cycle of sinking and rising has ever been discovered.

Ancient beyond the recorded history of the area, it is unknown who built Brinestone Keep. Explorations into its dark maze of dank halls have been brief and have revealed nothing. The Keep is empty and uninhabited. Interestingly, even the sahuagin do not appear to have ever taken up residence. Locals give Brinestone Keep an equally wide berth. Those who venture too close report feelings of unease. Too long a time spent within the shadow of the dripping ramparts is said to occasion nightmares. Of course, the superstitious locals attribute any number of disappearances to the Keep. Nothing, however, has ever affirmatively linked Brinestone Keep with any fell activity. It simply broods, storm lashed amidst the crashing waves.

The City in the Swamp

Swampers tales tell of a city of flecked green stone situated somewhere in the Hool Marshes east of the Javan River. In some recitations, it is all that remains of a once great empire of lizard folk. In others, it has merely been appropriated by them. Still other stories claim it is feared and avoided by all the swamp’s inhabitants. What is known is that the abandoned beacon tower of the wizard Baltron lies some distance nearby. This is the only known landmark that might guide one to the City in the Swamp, although the beacon presents its own mysteries. If there is any other connection between the two, it is not known.

Explorations of the City in the Swamp have revealed it to be of considerable extent. This has prompted some to opine that it must have been built before the surrounding terrain was inundated by the runoff or overflow of the Javan River. This would make the City old indeed but it is well agreed that this is the case. The City exudes a palpable air of great age. While some portions of the City are reported to remain largely intact, as much if not more lays in ruined or partly ruined condition, while still more has been swallowed by the marsh. Most of the city is certainly choked by plants, vines and creepers or all sorts, making locating the City doubly difficult. The reward for finding the City is uncertain.

Odd treasures, no less than precious stones and metals, have been recovered from the City in the Swamp. At least so sellers of such treasures have said. Most of these have been encountered in Saltmarsh, which appears to live up to its reputation as a market for more than the usual custom. The authenticity of these claims is harder to ascertain. Many have set out looking for the City in the Swamp only to return convinced it does not exist. Others have not returned at all. Should one then believe those claiming to peddle its salvaged wares?

The Pit of Logh Duran

Fabled in Flannish folklore, from wence its name comes, and repeated in the spook tales of the Southdown halflings, the Pit of Logh Duran is very real. On most maps of Salinmoor it is unmarked, but laying just off the track between Seaton and Burle, it may be encountered with no great difficulty. Most, however, do not willingly speak of it and almost all who know of it avoid it. It holds nothing but death, and the faintest hope of treasure, surely not enough to be worth a man’s life.

Those who would court disaster by seeking out the Pit of Logh Duran may be saved from their own folly by its outward appearance which is that of a simple, nearly featureless, square keep. The Pit lays beneath the keep and may only be reached by traversing its stark, basalt halls. It is below the underhalls that the pit yawns. Whether the keep was knowing built over the pit, perhaps to protect or guard it, or not is unknown. Who built the keep and when it was constructed is unknown. The old stories almost all fail to mention the keep, being more concerned about the Pit that waits below.

The precise nature of the Pit is that of a natural opening into the earth expanded upon by the hand of man, or at least it is supposed the stonework is of human origin. Deep, deep, deep, it turns into the ground, forming a labyrinth of interconnected passages, rooms, caverns and tunnels. While some exploration of the Pit has certainly occurred, more remains unexplored. The Pit has a reputation for claiming the lives of those who would dare its deepest recesses. Only the occasional treasures pried from its grasp, would prompt any to venture into the ground.

Those treasures have, however, proven more than intriguing. Flan artifacts have been perhaps the most commonly recovered. Those of obviously Suel origin are identifiably of great age, suggesting early arrivals from the Suloise Imperium. Still other artifacts appear Olman in origin. The most intriguing, recovered from the deepest levels of the Pit, are of no known culture. No exploration has been sufficiently thorough to identify the nature or purpose of the Pit. Most speculation runs to it being a foul passage into the Under Realms of Oerth that has been traversed by many over the centuries, perhaps millennium. Thankfully, the keep atop the Pit, by it stark appearance if naught else, has prevented passage up from below, as far as is known.

Lars actually not true Mundane bonuses do stack with magical bonuses but the most a weapon can have is 5 magical modifications so if you use your magical bonus To Hit/Damage this reduces the magical propertiers it can have.

That being said Lars arms cannot not be mundanely enhanced as they were gifted by a deity not constructed.

Okay Base Cost 20 + Cold Iron (x2) = 40 then MWK 2 Levels +1 To Hit +1 Damage means x 25 = 1,000 gp so yes that is correct.

Okay I will look this over but feel free to use information from it as just because it has been recorded does not mean it is correct. Keep in mind in this era getting heresay is more often what happens versus actual facts.

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)

My apologies for the confusion. But just to clear it up:

Halberd (10 gold)
Masterwork 1 (50 gold) +1 hit and +1 damage
Masterwork 2 (250 gold) +2 hit and +2 damage
Masterwork 3 (1250 gold) +3 hit and +3 damage
Masterwork 4 (6250 gold) +4 hit and +4 damage
Masterwork 5 (31,250 gold) +5 hit and +5 damage

Enchantment 1 (2000 gold) +1 hit and +1 damage
Enchantment 2 (8000 gold) +2 hit and +2 damage
Enchantment 3 (18000 gold) +3 hit and +3 damage
Enchantment 4 (32000 gold) +4 hit and +4 damage
Enchantment 5 (50000 gold) +5 hit and +5 damage

So, for 81,250 gold, you get +10 hit and +10 damage?


Buckler (5 gold)
Masterwork 1 (25 gold) +1 AC
Masterwork 2 (125 gold) +2 AC
Masterwork 3 (625 gold) +3 AC
Masterwork 4 (3125 gold) +4 AC
Masterwork 5 (15,625 gold) +5 AC

Enchantment 1 (1000 gold) +1 AC
Enchantment 2 (4000 gold) +2 AC
Enchantment 3 (9000 gold) +3 AC
Enchantment 4 (16000 gold) +4 AC
Enchantment 5 (25000 gold) +5 AC

40,625 would be +10 AC?

(Not complaining, mind you. Just trying to make sure that I understand this. Also I do recognize that much of the masterwork is GM regulated, as anything beyond Masterwork 2 requires finding someone capable of making it, so getting masterwork 5 would be like getting a legendary artifact in its own right. This is just a rules question as towards how bonuses stack.)

What I might offer is to move away from flat bonuses. Instead, make masterwork more...unique. With each level of masterwork allowing the player to choose from a list of bonuses.

Example Weapon Abilities:

* "Versatile" The weapon can be moved one category. For example, from one-handed to light or vice-versa.

* Personalized: The weapon gains a special weapon feature.

* "Perfectly Sheathed" The weapon (and/or shield) can be drawn as a free action instead of a move action. If the character has quick draw, then it can be drawn as an immediate action.
- This would be quite useful, in that if someone is surprised, they could draw their weapon in the opponent's turn.

* "Exceptionally Light" The weapon (and/or shield) has -1 to penalties with two weapon fighting, reducing the penalty to a minimum of 0.

* "Quick Parry" If two-weapon fighting, this weapon gives +1 Shield AC. If can be combined with Two Weapon Defense for +2 Shield AC.

* "Maneuverable" Choose one combat maneuver. With this weapon, you can perform it as a move action rather than a standard action. This can be taken multiple times.
- Encourages players to make use of combat maneuvers, which are rarely seen.

* "Ideal Weight" Gain a +1 CMD bonus per 5 BaB against sunder, steal or disarm attempts. This can be taken multiple times.

* "Concealable" The weapon can be disguised as a mundane item that would not arouse suspicion (chosen by player and GM). +20 disguise check (can be made untrained) for the weapon.

* "Exceptionally Light" The weapon weighs half the normal weight. Two handed weapons can be used with one hand with -2 to hit.

Example Armor Abilities:

* "Mirrored" This shield can double as a mirror, useful for when fighting a medusa, or for scouting around corners. If 'light' is cast on the shield, then the light effect is doubled.

* "Exceptionally Light" The armor is at half the normal weight. The movement penalty for wearing it (if any) is reduced by 5ft.

* "Versatile" The armor can be used without the armor proficiency feat if the user has the lower feat. For example, someone with light armor proficiency could use a versatile breastplate without penalty, and someone without any armor proficiency could use light armor. A monk with versatile armor can use light armor with their monk abilities, except the AC bonuses monk rule.

* "Comfortable" This armor can be slept in without penalty.

* "Independent" This armor can be donned or removed at twice the normal speed.

* "Concealable" Can conceal one set of unworn light armor on his person as though it were an extraordinarily small object, as per Sleight of Hand, and can don modified armor without aid. Can be used on versatile medium armor.
- Great for sneaking armor in when it otherwise would not be allowed.

* "Disguised" Can disguise a set of light armor as regular clothing, with a disguise skill check (+20 bonus, minus ACP, can be made untrained). Can be used with versatile or exceptionally light medium armor. If heavy armor is both versatile and exceptionally light, it can be disguised as well.

* "Second Skin" Reduce the ACP penalty for the armor by 1 for every 5 points of BaB. This is on top of the regular -1 ACP penalty for being masterwork.

* "Perfectly Fit" Gain a +1 CMD bonus per 5 BaB against reposition, trip or bull charge. This can be taken multiple times.

* "Buoyant" Gain +5 on swim checks in this armor. Becomes -5 penalty if trying to swim underwater as the armor brings the wearer back to the surface.

* "Hooked" Gain +3 on climb checks. Anyone grappling the wearer of this armor takes 1 point of bleed damage per round.

The basic idea being, rather than messing with to hit, damage and AC balance. (A fighter with a sword, shield and armor could get +5 hit, +5 damage and +10 AC. Or just +2 hit, +2 damage and +4 AC for a very small gold investment. A monk? Nothing). Instead masterwork gives unique benefits that lets players customize their gear to do what they want. Those are just some ideas off the top of my head, but they seemed fun to me.

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

I believe for weapons each MWK gives you +1 to attack OR +1 damage, not both. It would take MWK 2 = 250 gp to get +1 attack and +1 damage.

Note Vilma is correct but here is the response I was working on.


Halbred (10 gp)
Masterwork 1-Level +1 To Hit or Damage (not both) -- Cost 50gp
Masterwork 2-Level +2 To Hit or Damage, or +1 To Hit and Damage -- Cost 250gp
Masterwork 3-Level +3 (divied up as you choose) -- Cost 1,250gp
Masterwork 4-Level +4 (divied up as you choose) -- Cost 6,250gp
Masterwork 5-Level +5 (divied up as you choose) -- Cost 31,250gp

Buckler (5 gold) (affects 1 opponent)
Masterwork 1-Level +1 AC (Total +2)
Masterwork 2-Level +2 AC (Total +3)
Masterwork 3-Level +3 AC (Total +4)
Masterwork 4-Level +4 AC (Total +5)
Masterwork 4-Level +5 AC (Total +6)

Light Shield (affects 2 opponents)
Heavy Shield (affects 3 opponents)

Note there is a Caveat in that you cannot prior to game start with a weapon with more than a +2 To Hit and +2 To Damage which would require 4-Levels of Masterwork to achieve but you could get that and add other features to the weapon except well you do not have enough gold to get that many Levels of Masterwork not even if you were applying it to a dagger. That caveat extends to armor and shields as well, maximum +2 AC bonus prior to game start.

So basically
1-Level of Masterwork has a x5 multiplier
2-Levels of Masterwork has a x25 multiplier
3-Levels of Masterwork has a x125 multiplier
4-Levels of Masterwork has a x625 multiplier
5-Levels of Masterwork has a x3,125 multiplier

What you do with each level of Masterwork is up to you put it all into a bonus to hit (max +2), all into a bonus to damage (max +2), or make custom adjustments to a weapon. Note certain adjustments do have requirements and causalities such as.

To add Finesse to a Weapon that weapon has to be Light
Adding Light to a One-Handed Weapon reduces its damage by one step (1d8 becomes 1d6)

Of course finding someone that can add a +3 To Hit and/or Damage is not easy, and it gets more difficult the higher you go. Basically a +5 To Hit/Damage weapon would be legendary as would the person that crafted it. Of course that kind of goes for magic items as well things above a +2 would be very rare. Which is to say you cannot just go out and buy one from a local vendor whenever you feel like it as they simply will not have one.

Oh yes magic does stack with Masterwork but usually magic is used to instill something truly magical into a weapon that augments it in some way like fire or bane. I mean yeah you could add a Magic Weapon to a Masterwork weapon and get an additional magical +1 To Hit +1 Damage but a Bane weapon might be a better choice. I mean their are a lot of cool magical features you can put in place a simple +1 magic enhancement bonus that frankly I think someone commissioning a weapon to be made, or making it themselves, would choose to impart into a Masterwork weapon.

Note when making magic items you do not need masterwork quality to make the item, just spell caster's that can do that kind of thing like to start with high quality as it makes the end product so much better. What is more impressive a normal swoard with Called upon or a Masterwork Sword +1 To Hit with Called upon it. The cost of making it magical did not increase, they just started with a higher (more costly) version of the mundane weapon.

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

@DeJoker: Are you going to go through Vilma's character info in the near future, or wait until she would actually be entering the game?

Female Uriak Sorcerer 3 | HP: 14/24

Okay, I think my equipment should be all set now. I'm still a little unclear on how much the masterwork backpack should weigh, but I listed it at 5 lbs. like the campaign info shows. No more muleback cords, I did spring for a wand (mage armor). I handled her little weight problem by keeping most of her travel gear at home...no need to live like a hobo from day to day. :P

I will address each character in turn but I will focus on the active players first followed later by the standbys.

As usually happens when I start an endeavor, like this, something else occurs and I find I have to split my time between endeavors as it never seems to want to allow me to do anything in a more sequential manner.

Aka when it rains it pours.

Great Shekla do not be overly concerned I am sure we can iron the details out as we move to stage two which can take place after I actually get the game posting started.

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

No worries. I'm curious about what you'll have to say, but there's no hurry.

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)

Regarding masterwork, that makes alot more sense. Sorry for being dense, but it's good to have that cleared up.

Okay Daniel Stewart (aka Cade the Hin Rogue) has either temporarily or permanently stepped down from playing as they are struggling with creative block. I told him he could stick around in case it breaks. Still that means a spot has opened and rdknit(Vilma) is now on deck with the other 5 players.

And with Camris having withdrawn a bit earlier that also means JediJon(??) is also now on deck as well.

Which clears the bench.

I also updated the players list in the Campaign tab to make it more current.

Oh also as it usually happens I am currently juggling starting this game and restarting another game -- which was supposed to initiated several weeks ago but my first attempt to reawaken the Paizo version of this game did not happen so it got delayed.

Still I am doing my best at keeping both moving forward but starts and restarts are always the most time consuming thing for me because of my desire to help all the players make full 3-d characters.

I'm in the process of making a Ranger ... my info is split between the two work computers im using - that are in different towns lol ... but i'll get him finished and his info posted on Sunday night - probably late

Vilma I am making a minor change in what weapons your class is allowed to use. Basically any melee weapon that is either Piercing or Slashing. As both of these kind of weapons might be used by a fencer style fighter. Note however, the highest potential critical threat (I believe) is achieved usually with a Piercing type weapon. More to come as I finish up my review.

Oh and I feel your character would best serve the campaign as the daughter of the Knight of Bale Keep. A Knight being the lowest of the nobility. I would like you to create your father's and mother's name and that of your deceased brother. Also how did you brother die? Thoughts?

More to come...

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

Hmm, it's tempting to switch to longsword since longsword and buckler is such a cool fighting style. On the other hand, I like my character art and don't want to change it, and more importantly the crit range for rapier is 18-20 compared to a longsword's 19-20.

It's less the extra crit damage I'd be concerned about, and more the greater difficulty of recovering panache. I'll think about other options, but probably I'll stick to rapier.

It's probably worth mentioning that at this time I'm not planning on going for dex to damage. Since I could devote a 16 to strength, I think it's better to save the feat. Paladins don't get any extra feats.

Father's name = Alard. Mother's name = Sandrina. Younger Brother's name = Henner.

I added Henner to satisfy Vima's Overprotective drawback. He died a number of year back when he and Vilma were much younger. I hadn't decided exactly how he died, but the broad idea is that Vilma could have, or thinks she could have, saved him if she hadn't panicked and froze up. I'd considered drowning, but anything that fits the circumstances would work.

Okay Vilma what if how Henner died or at least appeared to have died (aka may not have actually died but definitely has not turned up again and is thus presumed quite dead due to the length of time since) had something to do with the outer world thus pulling in or prompting her interest in that topic. Perhaps with even a bit of personal added interest.

Yeah the Long Sword versus the Rapier is coin toss in my book a little extra damage upfront or a higher potential for a Crit and yeah I was thinking the benefit to gaining Panache as the two ways are pretty scarce. Maybe I will come up with another scarce thing for gaining Panache that broadens the venue or ways to gain it. Of course if you have any suggestions I would be interested in hearing them.

Also looking to touch base with either JediJon or DwarfJedi are either of you two still active?

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

Sure, if you have something in mind for Henner and want to use it as a plot hook or something of that sort, it's fine with me. Since I don't know much of anything about any "outer world" in this setting, it will be up to you to supply the specifics. I'm open to whatever.

I don't have any ideas for adding a mechanic for regaining panache offhand. I'm familiar enough with 2e to know that there are alternative ways to regain panache in that version. But, panache also works very differently in 2e so I'm not sure how compatible it would be.

A few more basic ideas:

1. Change the panache feature to grant 2+CHA bonus rather than just an amount equal to CHA bonus. Leave everything else the same.

2. Change weapons to work differently. If a character is using a finessable weapon and has the panache class feature, the crit range is 18-20. The weapon also loses any crit multiplier greater than x2. This would prevent taking advantage of weapons like the heavy pick, which has a x4 crit multiplier.

3. Allow MWK to lower a crit range on a weapon by 1. Usable one time only on a weapon.

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)


2d4, piercing, 18-20 Crit range
Looks like a bastard sword

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

An estoc would be a fine choice except that it's an exotic weapon and would cost a feat. Paladins get no extra feats so very expensive.

HP (29/29) AC (22/14/18) Saves (7/6/6) Initiative (+4) CMD (21) AP (5/5) Lvl 1 (22)
DeJoker wrote:

Vilma I am making a minor change in what weapons your class is allowed to use. Basically any melee weapon that is either Piercing or Slashing. As both of these kind of weapons might be used by a fencer style fighter. Note however, the highest potential critical threat (I believe) is achieved usually with a Piercing type weapon. More to come as I finish up my review.

Oh and I feel your character would best serve the campaign as the daughter of the Knight of Bale Keep. A Knight being the lowest of the nobility. I would like you to create your father's and mother's name and that of your deceased brother. Also how did you brother die? Thoughts?

More to come...

Okay so JediJon is DwarfJedi but something went wrong with their first account and they cannot access it for some unknown reason.

That being said DwarfJedi you are going to need to reroll your attributes using the same dice roller every one has used.

If you look below your text entry box you will see a "How to format your text" which if you click "Show" you will see that to do dice rolls you simple enter {dice=Name}3d6{/dice} replacing { } with [ ] please make those rolls along with the 2d4 for your 2nd and 3rd level Hit Points..

I am looking over what you have presented thus far and will give suggestions but look forward to seeing the rest.

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

If that gives me exotic weapon proficiencies as well, cool. I'd want that stated explicitly though before I start making plans around it.

Okay I think Vilma you are spot on as I know nothing that would give you an Exotic Weapon proficiency short of a Feat -- although my version of that Feat gives you Weapon Focus as well. Or basically taken Weapon Focus in an Exotic Weapon gives you proficiency in that weapon as well as getting a proficiency in a single weapon is pretty dang minor thing whether it is exotic or not.

DwarfJedi wrote:
I'm in the process of making a Ranger (Divine Archer)

Okay I looked over what you have posted here -- and have one question -- you denote your character is a Ranger (Divine Archer) but "Divine Archer" is a sub-class of Cleric however Ranger has a sub-class called "Divine Archer" is this what you actually meant?

Okay DwarfJedi I dug through the bits you have already presented and have the following suggestions.


Fighter of the Dead
Suggestion replace this with Favored Deadeye
Favored Deadeye (Religion)
When using a bow, if a single favored enemy is provided soft cover by a single source, they do not receive the +4 bonus to AC. Further they gain a +1 Trait Bonus on damage rolls when making a bow attack against a favored enemy, and this is increased to a +2 if they followed that targets tracks within the last hour.
Defy Madness (Faith)
The character has direct involvement with the supernatural that has left them less vulnerable to the insanity they cause. They gain a +1 Trait Bonus on any Save against Confusion, Insanity, Madness, and Wisdom damage and drain.
Reveler (Drawback)
The character is a creature of festive revelry. Whenever they spend a week without spending at least one hour participating in uninterrupted revelery and feasting, on at least 4 different days they must attempt a DC 20 Fortitude save at the end of that week. If they fail, they begin the next day Fatigued. This Fatigued condition last normally or until the character participates in at least one hour of uninterrupted revelry and feasting. Revelry means drinking alcohol, dancing, singing, and making merriment either alone or with others.
Chosen One of Gadhelyn (Religion)
Prerequiste: Requires proficiency with Martial Weapons or Short Composite Bow and worship of Gadhelyn.
The character must take the Drawback Reveler as they have been chosen by Gadhelyn for some reason. Once per day as a Swift Action, they can gain a +1 Trait Bonus on all Saves for 1 round. When chosen they were blessed with a Masterwork Short Composite that grants only them their Strength modifier to damage (if any) as if it were a Strength Bow with the appropriate modifier. This can be further enhanced via ritual endeavors that the character must perform as they gain levels.

Favored Enemy:

Might I suggest you take Aberration at 1st level rather than Undead. Then take Undead when you get to 5th-level. Consider it a nudge from your deity. ;-)


Okay I you listing 4 Feats which from my count exceeds what you can have by one. Plus you did not denote your Skill Focus. So I have the following:
Racial Feat: SKill Focus (???)
1st-Level Feat: Alertness -- or -- Athletic
1st-Level Feat: Point Blank Shot
3rd-Level Feat: Rapid Shot

So either let me know where that extra Feat came from or let me know which 3 Feats you are taking and what your Skill Focus is. Note while it is not stated your Skill Focus must be a Skill you are proficient with (aka a Class Skill)

Ranger-Divine Archer:

Okay I looked at the Cleric-Divine Archer and the Ranger-Divine Marksmen and found the latter to be serously lacking while the former of course does not quite exactly fit. So made the Ranger-Divine Archer I hope this works.

Divine Guidance (Ex)
The character receives Precise Shot as a bonus feat. They need not meet its prerequisites. This ability replaces Wild Empathy.

Archery Style (Ex)
The character must select the Archer Combat Style. This modifies the Ranger's Combat Style class feature.

Bullseye Shot (Ex)
The character gains the Bullseye Shot Feat as a bonus feat. They need not meet its prerequisites.

Channel Shot (Su)
The character may infuse an arrow or bolt with Channeled Energy As a Full-Round Action, they can fire a single shot with a bow or crossbow. If this shot hits its target, it deals 1d6 points of postive damage in a 30-foot radius centered upon the target. Creatures that take damage from channeled energy (except the target) recieve a Will save to halve the damage. The DC of this save is 10 + 1/2 the Ranger level + Wisdom modifier. The character may use this ability a number of times per day equal to their Wisdom modifier. The character must be wearing their holy symbol in manner that makes it quite obvious to all in order to use this ability and speak outloud the invocation of their deities name. This effect can be further modified using the Selective Channeling Feat or similar abilities that allow the character to select specific targets for Channeled Energy. At 8th-Level they may use Channel Shot as a Standard Action. At 15th-level they use Channel Shot once per round on any bow or crossbow attack made as part of a full attack. This replaces Endurance.
Hunter's Bond
The character must take the first option where they form a bond with their companions which they must have spent at least 24 hours with and performed a ritual while these companions are within 30 feet of the character. This bond then allows them to spend a Move Action to grant half their Favored Enemy bonuses (rounded up) to all allies within 30 feet of them and that can see and hear them. The bonus lasts for as long as the companions remain within 30 feet of the character and can see and hear them. This bonus does not stack with any Favored Enemy bonuses possessed by their allies; they can use whichever bonus is higher. This modifies the Ranger's Hunter's Bond.

Bonus Feats
The character gains a Bonus Feat at 5th-level and every 4 levels thereafter. These bonus feats must be chosen from the following list: Focused Shot, Point-Blank Shot, Far Shot, Rapid Reload, and Rapid Shot. They can choose feats from this list even if they do not have the normal prerequisites. This replaces Camouflage.

They add the following feats to their Bonus Feats: Improved Precise Shot, Crossbow Mastery, Parting Shot, Point-Blank Master, and Manyshot.
This replaces Hide in Plain Sight.


Ronan son of Leah and his family have been in the Dunwich area for a while, as Ronan is third-generation born in this area. The family live on the outskirts of Dunwich and spend most of their time trapping and catching fish and such out in the marsh.

After Ronan was given his first bow, he had to spend a week surviving on his own. While he was out, he was able to keep himself fed, and warm, but felt lonely. Looking up into the sky one night while his fire was smoldering he saw a star fall ... actually he thought it was going to hit him. As he dove out of the way, he heard a chuckle. Looking up he saw an elf standing there. The elf was softly glowing had sharp features, long yellow hair and vividly green piercing eyes. He was dressed in rough clothing of fur and hide that seemed to blend with the environment. He had a warm smile upon his face. "Hello little one. I heard your call. You will no longer be lonely out in the wilds. As I, Gadhelyn, accept you into my flock, and as such you will always have someone to talk to, or turn to in times of need. There a many foul creatures that need to be disposed of in this area and you will be my instrument of cleansing. All that I ask is that you hunt these foul creatures down in earnest, killing any target in as few shots as possible and preferabley with just one shot. However, never leave a target just wounded or suffer my displeasure. Take donations at your discreation from those who pass through this area, willingly or unwilling remembering that titles and such are unimportant only individual merit counts. Use these proceeds to promote me as you see fit. Be sure to find pleasure throughout the year, rejoicing in Low Summer, making merry in high Summer, feasting in high Autumn, and finding time to mediate in low Autumn."

In the morning, Ronan was kind of stiff getting up, and his chest hurt. Looking under his shirt he found a symbol had been embossed upon his chest - A leaf shaped arrow head with partial shaft and a rune. Ronan was told that the rune stood for the "The Reveling Hunter," or "Gadhelyn".

Recently Ronan has tired of hunting birds and small mammals and fish and is looking for adventure and to find these enemies of Gadhelyn that he had been called upon to dispose of.

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After calculating the cost of an estoc with the same modifications as the rapier I'd budgeted for, cold iron and +2 MWK, it's far too expensive. The rapier costs 1,000, while the estoc costs 2,500.

Considering this all started over a switch to longsword for flavor reasons, I'll just stick with the rapier. The slight improvement in damage dice isn't worth the cost of the estoc, and the inferior crit range of the longsword would make using panache more difficult.

Besides in my book aesthics matter and you would have had to gotten or made a new pic ;-)

Ronan Leah
Human Ranger (Divine Archer)
3rd level

HP: 33
AC: 21 (Std Leather + Buckler – both MW quality)
Touch AC: 15, Flat Footed AC: 16
His AC improves by 1 when facing AoO from Undead
INIT: +5 (+7 when in swamps/marshlands)
FEATS: Alertness, Athletic, Point-Blank Shot, Endurance, Rapid Shot
TRAITS: Fighter of the Dead & Defy Madness
LANGUAGES: Common, Saurian, Dwarf, Orc
MONEY: 20gp

Normal Bow: +9, D8+2, crit x3, range: 110’
Point Blank: +10, D8+3, crit x3, range 0 to 30’
Normal Rapid Shot: +7/+7, D8+2, crit x3, Range: 110’
Point-Blank Rapid Shot: +8/+8, D8+3, crit x3, Range 0-30’
[MW Long Comp Bow of STR 15]
Gandasa: +6, 2D4+3, crit x3 [MW Cold Iron]
Dagger: +6, D4+3, crit 19+ x2 (designed for melee not throwing) [MW Cold Iron]

He gains a +2 to hit & damage versus undead enemies, and an additional +1 to hit and damage Undead when making an AoO

Acrobatics: +7, Climb: +8, Disable Device: +7, Heal: +8, Intimidation: +5, Know-Dungeoneering: +7, Know-Local: +5, Know-Nature: +7, Perception: +10, Ride: +9, Sense Motive: +7, Spellcraft: +7, Stealth: +10, Survival: +7, Swim: +8

Appraise: +5, Animals: +2, Profession-Trapper: +5

8 CLW Potions = 400
6 Aspect of the Falcon Potions = 300
6 Keen Senses Potions = 300
Rangers Kit: 37gp: Backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, 50' of Silken rope, flint & steel, mess kit, sunrods (10), trail rations (5 days), waterskin, Fishing Net (4gp)
Healers Kit: 50gp: 10/10 uses

The Leah's have been in the Dunwich area for a while, as Ronan is thrid-generation. The live on the outskirts of Dunwich and spend most of their time trapping and catching fish and such out in the swamps in the region.

When Ronan was given his first bow, he had to spend a week surviving on his own. While he was out, he was able to keep himself fed, and warm, but felt lonely. Looking up into the sky one night while his fire was smoldering he saw a star fall ... actually he thought it was going to hit him. As he dove out of thew way, he heard a chuckle. Looking up he saw a man standing there. The man was softly glowing and had a warm smile on his face. "Hello little one. I heard your call. You will no longer be lonely out in the wilds. Become one of my flock, and you will always have someone to talk to, or turn to in times of need."

In the morning, Ronan was kind of stiff getting up, and his chest hurt. Looking under his shirt he found a symbol had been branded or inked across his chest - A black cirlce set with seven stars and a rune. Ronan was told that the rune stood for the "Far Wanderer," or "Celestian."

Ronan is tired of hunting birds and small mammals and fish and is looking for adventure with a few of his friends.

[For some reason it won't let me use my JediJon name/avatar - so I made this one, sigh]

DwarfJedi you missed my previous post as I went over most of this alreaady and further stated you needed to roll your attributes in this Channel like everyone else as that is only fair. Thanks and plz look over my reply.

Everyone I have gone over everyone's character at least once and will begin my second pass (which often is the final pass for most but not always for everyone) however there should be enough information presented for you to make some decisions on who your character knows of the various PCs that have been created. Feel free to kabitz amoungst yourself, and create any local relationships with your fellow players. If you would like your character to have other relationships outside the PCs just let me know and we can work on making the connection with a current NPC or create an NPC.

For instance I am sure everyone has heard about the stone-armed blacksmith son who is working the forge as that would be a small buzz especially when he first arrived but something that would remain a buzz and a bit of speculation as to how and why he acquired them. Rumours abound, feel free to make up a few. The daughter of the Knight of Bale Keep is also a fairly regular face in town that most of the town recognizes for good or bad due to their personal perspectives.

I am going to detail a bit more of the region so that you are all aware of what the area is like as the more common stuff you should be aware of unless you live under a rock.

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Well then, I suppose I should hold off on naming any friends until I find out how popular Vilma is. :p

Male Human Psion 10/Atlanteologist 10

Anybody willing to know William as a childhood friend?
He's coming from the Union of the Good Hills.

Not necessarily Vilma if their is a character you feel your character might have interacted with for one reason or another you can extablish a relationship with them. A relationship does not mean you are loved ones, or even friends, just associates that are amicable to one other for one reason or another. Although, Vilma is definitely not favored by the loyalists.

Rolling William (EltonJ) Class Hit Points for 2nd and 3rd

1d4+2 x 2: 2d4 + 4 ⇒ (1, 1) + 4 = 6

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

Loyalists? Who are they? Loyal to whom?

Well probably a group of folks that Vilma is not aware of as, well they do not like what she represents so have not invited her to any of their candle-stien meetings. Little ale by candlelight with like minded folks is always nice ya know.

Female Human Paladin (Virtuous Bravo) 3

@ William: Sorry, it's unlikely Vilma has ever been as far north as the Union of the Good Hills, and if she has it would have been for a very short time.

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