Dark Tower

Game Master brvheart

Watch Order:
1st: Sir Rhaym, Tal'ariel
2nd: Ciri, Felix
3rd: Thoron, Slim

Order of March:
Sir Rhaym, Tal'ariel, Slim, Ciri, Felix, Thoron
Slim and Sir Rhaym, Ciri and Tal'ariel, Felix and with Thoron bringing up the rear.

Something seemed odd about this town, Mitra’s Fist. And the tavern they were in, The Overlord’s Inn, was certainly
a bit strange as well. [Everyone in the town seemed to stare at them as they walked through, and he had heard more
than one comment about how they didn’t get any visitors here anymore. He began to wonder if they had made a
mistake coming here, but what choice did they have after their guide had died from a scorpion’s bite and a sandstorm
had driven them into this mysterious mountain pass?

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Oh Felix is no pickpocket, more the bootswain on a pir... am sailing ship of loose moral.

Lol, Felix. My wife has no issue with pirates. She had a whole fleet of ships with loose morals in Skull & Shackles.

Who be willin to sail the Razor once more?

Grand Lodge

Up to the rest of the party. We're just getting into the tower I think.

I was kind of referring to running it also, not instead Thoron.

I've got company in town, so I may not get over there to take a look until tomorrow but thanks for the heads up!

Grand Lodge

Ahh in addition to this one, I see

You had Lanlass the wizard in that game.

Grand Lodge

Yeah, I know, let me know if it starts again and I have Lanlass ready

From this point out, it is necessary that I have a watch order AND and order of march.

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