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Forgemaster Cleric (2) Wounds (0) HP (19) AC (18/11/17, +2 vs Undead) Saves (5/1/6, +2 Hardy, +2 vs Undead Spells/SLAs) CMD (13, +4 Stability) Initiative (+1) RF (0/4) AT (6/6)

"Made a decent profit, all things considered. Think of it this way. A proper warhammer sells for, what? Twelve gold If I made one meself, it would cost four gold to make. To make it right would take a few days of work. And when selling it, most merchants would only pay about six gold for it, giving me just two gold profit for as many days working. Nay much in the way of profit, is it? Looting gear already made and selling it, well, fills up a purse much faster."

In large part because pathfinder crafting rules are a dead end for most PCs

Albin shrugs at Merion; “I don’t know if I would call it ‘my’ castle. But yes, it is in those woods, but west of here. Once we get settled at Dulwich we can make a plan to go from there.” pulling a little closer; “But, like you said before, we should probably keep this kind of talk to closed quarters.” He says with a wink.

“Bard renown?” the heavy set man exclaims with a bow; “The pleasure is all mine.” looking to the sky; “If you shine on me any brighter I’ll be glowing like firefly at night.” Turning back to Nempura; “Nempura, my name is Hanath Mynge. Traveling merchant, dealer of wonderous items. I find my fortune when I stumble across adventurers who are looking to unload their loot that they don’t have use for.” Looking at the caravan; “Where are we heading? Dulwich? Kingsfell? Dunstone? Or beyond?”

What Do You Do?

Damage Taken: Arren -0 HP, Ewan -2 HP, Helgar -0 HP, Ivar -0 HP, Merion -0 HP, Nempura -0 HP

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

Nempura chuckles at the bow. It was cute that the man on his wagon was attempting to bow, and she enjoys his exuberance. When he looks up to the sky, she wonders if he is a servant of the gods. Her name being called out snaps her out of her thoughts and she refocuses on Hanath.

"Dulwich and beyond, although for this day, just to Dulwich. We were told by the lead driver that we should be arriving around evening time, hopefully, before shops close," she answers, possibly indicating her desire to purchase something. "So what kind of wondrous goods are these which you sell? Perhaps there are those in this caravan who would enjoy the opportunity to purchase something?"

This was mean to be included with my above post with Hanath Mynge

Perception DC 12 (Sight Based):

As Hanath Mynge takes a bow you notice his coat open just enough to reveal a beautifully crafted set of fine chain armor and a ruby encrusted hilt.

Male Human Invulnerable Rager 5 | HP 39/60 Rage 70| AC 20/T13/FF18 | F+7/R+4/W+4 | CMB +9/CMD 21 | init + 4 | Perc + 9| Rage13/17 HP+10/AC -2/Will + 2, DR @ 2

perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

Seeing Nempura shake her head in response, Ivar watched her ride ahead and introduce herself to the newcomer. It was nice to have someone with the social skills to learn about folks without scaring them. He turned his attention back to the horses, for a moment, the tugged gently on 'Right's' reins. Without knowing much about the matched geldings, he had mentally named one Right and the other Left. After straightening the team out, he looked over his shoulder he saw Merion and Ewan, but he hadn't seen Arren for a while.

Turning as Helgar spoke about the costs and profits of crafting compared to merchandising, Ivar nodded. he was better at destroying things than making things. He considered himself quick and balanced but not very dexterous. When he was on ship, he was able to move well enough, but fine motor skills like sewing nets was always frustrating. He found himself envying Helgar as she talked about making a proper war hammer.

His mind wandered thinking about the rare weapons he had seen and would like to try. Clicking his tongue at 'Left' and 'Right' he turned to Helgar. "Helgar, you can croft weapons, Ja? have you seen a scramasax sometimes called der Broken back Seax? Do you t'ink you could make one?" He pauses for a moment, "I've only seen a couple, und vould need to practice, but I t'ink it is a fine veapon."

HP: 12/20; AC: 19, T: 15, FF: 14; CMD: 16; Fort: 4, Ref: 4, Will: 0; Init +4; Perception +0
Fighter(Lore Warden/Learned Duelist)/2

Ewan smiles at Merion and Albin's exchange of words, figuring the castle could be like any fairytale castle, but then it raises the question to himself. What if there are traps or magical monsters? He leans into the conversation between the two and whispers:

"On the r-road and on the w-water we could f-face b-bandits or p-pi-pirates. Any i-deas wh-what w-we could face in th-those w-woods? Any other d-dangers?"

Albin turns in his saddle as Ewan chimes in; “It has been years since I have explored those woods. Bandits, goblinoids, animals, and possibly magical beast.” He looks towards the woods; “Possibly lycanthropes…” He gives Ewan a teasing smile. “Like I said, I haven’t explored those woods in years.”

When Nempura ask Hanath what he has for sale the heavy-set man straightens; “A potential customer? Why I should have figured you the adventuring type.” Peaking at his wagon; “I have all types of items. Darkwood Buckler, Sleeves of Many Garments, Robe if Needles… the list goes on.” tightening his grip on the reins to his donkey he gives Nempura a friendly smile.

What Do You Do?

Damage Taken: Arren -0 HP, Ewan -2 HP, Helgar -0 HP, Ivar -0 HP, Merion -0 HP, Nempura -0 HP

Human uRogue 1/Wizard 1 | HP 14/18 | |AC 17/T17/FF14 | F+2/R+4/W+3 | CMB -1/CMD 11 | init + 3 | Perc + 11 |

perception: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (5) + 11 = 16

All that sounds very dangerous. Merion's voice is tinged with excitement, or possibly apprehension. Crossing swords with humans is one thing, magical creatures another entirely. Not sure which side of the line is which, though.

To the traveling merchant, he contributes, You're brave, to journey so far out with no escort save by chance.

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

Perception: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (6) + 3 = 9
"A magic shop on wheels then? Interesting. Wait here a moment and I'll see if I can rustle up some more customers for you." Nempura is mindful that she is still on patrol, but for now she will ride back to their wagon to discuss the man.

"His name is Hanath Mynge, and he is a merchant of magical goods. He seems nice. I'm going to see what he'd like to buy perhaps!"

Assuming no ones stops her, she will ride ahead again and explain how she is currently patroling, but she'd like to see what he felt like buying from her. Keeping in mind she still has to pay back Ewan, she will hope to get something of value for what she believes are high-quality items.

She seems a bit more excited and would want to discuss with Hanath about her adventures and even the background of certain items she possesses. This is done in between rounds of her patrol. Perhaps among her own belongings, he'd find objects that would appeal to him and be a bit more unique than the standard treasures he finds. Among them, her leatherbound journal containing exotic animals and birds, the turquoise lizard carving, or the white silk scarf could be appealing? At least she'd be more inclined to allow him to identify their worth and believe it more than some of the vendors she met on the street in Languard. One could say her conversation is also more positively engaged. Perhaps (based on his image at least) it is because she finds him attractive and well-motivated to make money. These attributes appeal to her. In any case, she is friendly.

HP: 12/20; AC: 19, T: 15, FF: 14; CMD: 16; Fort: 4, Ref: 4, Will: 0; Init +4; Perception +0
Fighter(Lore Warden/Learned Duelist)/2

Lycanthropes? That is not something I've faced before. I think I need Special weapons to fight them if we ever come across them.

Knowledge Dungeoneering?: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (17) + 7 = 24

Silver, that's it. Lycanthropes are vulnerable to silver or silver-coated items.

Ewan is awakened from his daydreaming contemplation by Nempura's comments about another travelling merchant that is accompanying them on the next leg of their journey.
"A m-mer-chant of m-magi-cal goods? Per-perhaps he has an al-che-mi-cal silver ra-pier for s-sale? It is not ne-ces-sary, but c-could come h-handy later."

“or stupid! But, I like your choice of words.” Hanath says. He pats his side; “But I have means to protect myself. Many would think the heavyset man pulling along two mules would be an easy mark, but I have fended off several bandits.”

As Nempura makes her way back towards the traveling merchant and shows him a few items. He begins looking them over. He spends the most time with the leatherbound journal with the drawings of exotic animals and birds; “You have some mysteries about yourself. Have you traveled the world to find creatures as beautiful as these? Bard renown AND artist.”

He holds the journal under his arm and hands back the scarf while looking at the turquoise lizard; “Clothing I don’t deal with, unless its magical. This little guy,” turning the lizard in the palm of his hand; “I would give you 15 gold for it. These kind of lesser gems aren’t worth a lot, but the carving is nice.” Patting the journals cover; “What would cause you to sell such a collection? Your work here is exquisite, and if you were to sell it I would go to a proper library.”


You start to put things together and remember that Albin sold the group a masterworked silver dagger. Coincidence… maybe?

What Do You Do?

Damage Taken: Arren -0 HP, Ewan -2 HP, Helgar -0 HP, Ivar -0 HP, Merion -0 HP, Nempura -0 HP

Male Human Invulnerable Rager 5 | HP 39/60 Rage 70| AC 20/T13/FF18 | F+7/R+4/W+4 | CMB +9/CMD 21 | init + 4 | Perc + 9| Rage13/17 HP+10/AC -2/Will + 2, DR @ 2
Nempura Babblebrook wrote:

Nempura is mindful that she is still on patrol, but for now she will ride back to their wagon to discuss the man.

"His name is Hanath Mynge, and he is a merchant of magical goods. He seems nice. I'm going to see what he'd like to buy perhaps!"

Assuming no ones stops her, she will ride ahead again and explain how she is currently patroling,

Sorry I didn't respond earlier Nempura.

Seeing Nempura ride back to the Wagon, Ivar raises an eyebrow when she called the man a purveyor of magical goods. Having neither a lot of money nor anything of value to trade, Ivar hoped, once they return from the old fort they will have both. Nodding, towards, Helgar, "I vas just speaking go Helgar about a veapon I vould like to purchase. But I could not afford a magical vone yet. Maybe vhen ve are done at der fort. Find out vhere dis Hanath can be found. Maybe later ve vill have somet'ing to trade vit him."

As Nempura rides to continue her patrol, Ivar clicks his tongue at the paired geldings. Looking at Helgar, "Vhere vere ve?"

Forgemaster Cleric (2) Wounds (0) HP (19) AC (18/11/17, +2 vs Undead) Saves (5/1/6, +2 Hardy, +2 vs Undead Spells/SLAs) CMD (13, +4 Stability) Initiative (+1) RF (0/4) AT (6/6)

”Heading out into the wilderness to be killed by lycanthropes so some amateur merchants can make some coin off of our corpses.” She replied, dryly.

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

"I will inquire for you," she replies to Ewan. "He did mention a darkwood buckler, which is not magical. I think he may have some specialty material goods."

With a chuckle she nods to Ivar, "Yes...I feel the same. I hope you're right and the home is not all decayed, or worse...a trap."

Her eyes settle on Albin and she winks to show she's just playing with him, even if it is a real fear of hers.


When their conversation is done, she will ride back up to Hanath.

Nempura chuckles and nods about the book.

"I do paint, yes. And sing, stitch, and tell tales...but I'm not this book's artist. I would love to claim as much, as the images are very beautiful. Sadly, I cannot take credit for something so beautiful and whose artist is one the dead. This book was created by a poor soul lost on the..." here, Nempura goes into a riveting short tale on the ultimate demise of those in her and Helgar's past, and instead of giving an exaggerated thrilling tale, she gives an accurate account of how the journal was rescued from an almost certain watery grave. It is clear she does this to give the man before her an accurate description of the item's heritage.

"It would have been my hope to continue it, but I fear my life is far too active, violent, and wild at the current moment, and my painting skills far too underwhelming and different in style," she chuckles.

"If it is palatable to you, I'll sell the figurine for the 15 gold, and you make me an offer on the book. Think about it. In the meantime, if you happen to be carrying a silver rapier, that would be something I'm interested in as well." Briefly, she would have to leave the items in his care as she rides forward and back again on her patrol. When returned, she will inquire more of him:

"We may have a plethora of normal, and perhaps magical goods sometime soon for sale. I imagine you are on the road quite often. Where can we find you if we wish to make a trade? you have any plans this evening in town?"

Arren Velmas, CG Human Sanguine Sorcerer [Tatooed Sorcerer] |HP:14/14|BaB:1|Fort:1 Ref:2 Will:3(-2 vs evil spell)|AC:12(16) T:12 FF:10(14)|Init:+8|
Resources Used:
two 1st

Not a lot of fluid cash, even after selling the goods; we're going to need a real windfall before we can afford any real magic items. Maybe when we get to third I'll pick up Craft Wonderous, since we do seem to spend a bit of time on wagons and the like. I can sell my family heirloom if people want, if there's something important to get, but otherwise I'd like to hold onto it.

Arren watches the man cautiously. Obviously there was more to him than met the eye. Perhaps he was a mage of some sort himself, or possessed some wands to help guard himself. Regardless, it was no concern of hers. Lycanthropes on the other hand...

Male Human Invulnerable Rager 5 | HP 39/60 Rage 70| AC 20/T13/FF18 | F+7/R+4/W+4 | CMB +9/CMD 21 | init + 4 | Perc + 9| Rage13/17 HP+10/AC -2/Will + 2, DR @ 2

Before Nempura goes
Smiling a wicked smile, Ivar turns and looks at the old man, "Den Albin vill be a very unhappy man."

Riding with Helgar
Chuckling at the idea of merchants looting their bodies, Ivar jokes, "Do you t'ink der vervolves vould give up our corpses so easily? I vould tink ve vould provide plenty of food."

Looking at the Forgemaster "I for vone vould like to fight vervolves, to know vhat you are doing is good for all." He pauses, looking up, not so much as to watch where the horses were going as to not be looking at the Dwarf. "Many battles I have been in vere not so clear." He nods back, indicating more than the road behind them. "Like der bandits. Vonce der battle vas undervay I vould have killed dem all. Vhat if de had just been some poor skíthælar sent out to repair der bridge?"

Clicking his tongue at the paired geldings. "No Killing vervolves, dat vould be vorth doing, ya."

Digging through a pouch located under his coat, it reveals a finely crafted, and finely linked Chainshirt on Hanath; “15 crowns ](gold) it is!” as he hands Nempura the coins; “I have just the customer in mind.” Letting his donkeys lead themselves, Hanath rounds his wagon and begins tucking the figuring away safely.

As the donkeys begin to lead themselves off the road, He rushes around and gets their reins back on track. “This journal,” which he still holds and pats in his hand; “I would be willing to buy this, along with the story that goes along with it for 150 crowns, that is if you are able to wrote down that story you just told me.” Handing back the book, reluctantly; “I will be in Dulwich for a few nights before passing on. I can be found traveling the main roads, going city to city. And even on the smaller trails heading from hamlet to thorp.”

As the request for a silver rapier comes up, Hanath shakes his head; “No silver weapons. But, I might have a more affordable, more versatile substitute. I have alchemical means to do what you are wanting, silver blanches. They are alchemical powders that are gritty. You place them on your weapon then stick it into the fire. The powder binds itself to your weapon, though it is only good for one successful hit before it falls away.” thinking to himself; “I believe I have 7 of those, and they go for 5 crowns each.”

These conversations have taken place over the course of several hours, and evening is approaching. The distance between Longbridge and Dulwich has been the shortest leg of the journey, but still roughly 10 miles. The sight of the approaching Dulwich is a welcomed one. Fortunately, with the cool breeze cutting through everyone no rain has come from the clouds, yet.

It is not that long of a journey until you will be arriving at Dulwich. What Do You Do?

Damage Taken: Arren -0 HP, Ewan -2 HP, Helgar -0 HP, Ivar -0 HP, Merion -0 HP, Nempura -0 HP

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

While Hanath is back placing her figurine away, she will make sure his horses don't go too far off the road, as she is on her horse and can guide them easily. When he comes back and makes an offer, Nempura takes in a breath of relief. His offer is acceptable, and better yet, it will go to a good home, she is sure.

"Thank you..." In her voice is an appreciation that he not only is buying her book, but quoted her a reasonable, respectful price for such a treasured item. It speaks well of him. "I would accept that deal for the book," she states, taking it back for the time being. "We'll conclude this deal tonight. Perhaps over dinner? Or if you are otherwise busy, I can write up the tale and deliver it to you tonight with the book."

Taking 10 on diplomacy (improve relationship) for a 17

Dependent on his answer, she will know if he is interested in her, or just her book. In either case, she will have to return to her patrol, and on the way back to the party's wagon, she will communicate to her group.

"Okay. He is not in possession of a rapier made of silver, but does have some silver blanches. Is that something you'd want?" She asks Ewan and the others. She will explain them what it is if needed and will explain the price. She herself will be taking one for some of her select arrows, just in case. "I would suggest we get some and put them on our backup weapons. Who knows what is in that forest."

She of course was not privy to the conversation of werewolves.

When they conclude their deal she will scout out to the side some and just enjoy the ride, sending the horse into a gallop or letting it drink from small streams while the wagons pass her. Once in town, she will need to find a clothing shop before the stores close. She wishes to buy a cold and hot weather outfit, and a poncho. Dependent on whether she has a date tonight, she may also be buying a nicer looking dress as well.

HP: 12/20; AC: 19, T: 15, FF: 14; CMD: 16; Fort: 4, Ref: 4, Will: 0; Init +4; Perception +0
Fighter(Lore Warden/Learned Duelist)/2

Listening carefully to Ivar's words in his thick accent, he silently nods as the great brave warrior explains his battle prowess and his history in combat.

"It is a dif-fi-cult th-thing in-deed, to s-show m-mercy. Some-times you k-know the e-enemy in f-front of you w-wants to kill you. You only h-have the ch-choice to f-fight back the s-same w-way. It is l-less easy to no-tice them t-trem-ble, the d-doubt in th-their eyes, f-fear t-taking a h-hold of them."

Ewan stares silently in front of him, then up as his eyes rest on a passing cloud.
"It t-takes a lot of str-strength, of m-mind and w-will, to sp-spare an enemy in the h-heat of b-battle."

Then he is taken back out of his own stupor as Nempura bumps into him asking about the silver-coatings. The young lad's mind races as he thinks about the possibility and practicality of such things. Eventually he comes to a conclusion and firmly shakes his head.

"I be-lieve th-that is not w-worth the cost. I w-won't b-bring down a were-wolf w-with one s-strike. May-be some-th-thing for Ivar?"

Forgemaster Cleric (2) Wounds (0) HP (19) AC (18/11/17, +2 vs Undead) Saves (5/1/6, +2 Hardy, +2 vs Undead Spells/SLAs) CMD (13, +4 Stability) Initiative (+1) RF (0/4) AT (6/6)

Helgar nodded at Ivar's words. "I am glad that ye feel that way. It...hmm. How do I say it?" Looking off into the distance, she said "I've made many a weapon in me time. Of them, I've always felt somewhat guilty making swords. For an axe can cut wood, a hammer can be used to craft, a bow and a spear both can be used to hunt. To me, such weapons represent that fighting and killing is not, in and of itself, a good thing, though it can be. But swords? Swords are only made for killing. They have nay other purpose. It's why I don't like them." Turning to him, she continued "I am glad that ye aren't a sword." Then, listening to Ewan and smiled. And while she kept her peace, the look on her face said enough.


"A good idea for the silver blanches. If only I had the time I would make silver weapons for everyone. As is, me own hammer was forged with silver within it." She held it up. "At the time I thought that it was vanity, but it appears that it worked out in the end."

Male Human Invulnerable Rager 5 | HP 39/60 Rage 70| AC 20/T13/FF18 | F+7/R+4/W+4 | CMB +9/CMD 21 | init + 4 | Perc + 9| Rage13/17 HP+10/AC -2/Will + 2, DR @ 2

Sorry, I arrange these in the order I hear them in my head
with Helgar
As Helgar talks about the nature of things Ivar clicks his tongue at the paired geldings thinking about the things Helgar said. Sadly, he felt Helgar was wrong, he was a sword. Ivar had been raised a fisherman, a useful tool as Helgar had put it. But he hated that life. While he enjoyed the wealth and freedom that being a mercenary adventurer had afforded him. But he had to admit, He'd rather be a sword in the hands of people protecting others instead of those looting and pillaging. He looked past the horses again knowing his nature. He'd likely do the job he was paid to do, he enjoyed the wealth and freedom too much not to. Wanting to change the subject he asked Helgar again :). "So Vhat do you tink of der scramasax sometimes called der Broken back Seax? It is a large knife, a tool of sorts, could you make vone?"

answering Ewan
Realizing Ewan had ridden up besides the wagon and was listening to he conversation he turned, looking at duelist, raising an eyebrow as the young man talks about showing an enemy mercy. Remembering that Ewan had said that the bandits had been his first real battle. He knew that the swordsman had trained to duel and possibly had been in duels. But battle was not something you did to the first touch or until an opponent surrendered. The battle wasn't finished until you put your enemy in the mud or on the run. There was no place for mercy. Not sure how to respond Ivar grunted, "Battle is very different den der duel, ya."

With Nempura, GM is silver working against lycanthropes known knowledge or do the characters see it as potentially an old wives tale?
Relieved that Nempura had approached and changed the subject, he listened as she told Ewan that a silver rapier was not available but Silver blanch was. It took him a moment to connect the need for silver weapons with the stories of werewolves. Like everyone in his village he had seen enough 'monsters' from folktales to know they were possible, but he had never seen a werewolf, nor any type of lycanthrope. He couldn't criticize the idea, he did carry a cold iron sword for just such reasons, why not silver as well. Hearing his name brought his attention back to the conversation, smiling at Ewan's confidence in him. Turning to Nempura, switching the reins to his left hand, fishing out his purse with the right. "How much vas der silver blanch, I vould purchase some for der bardiche."

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

Knowledge Local (Werewolves): 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (1) + 5 = 6 OOf...I guess she doesn't know much about them.

Nempura of course would quote the price to Ivar. To Ewan, she asks,"Werewolves?" with curiosity.

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Forgemaster Cleric (2) Wounds (0) HP (19) AC (18/11/17, +2 vs Undead) Saves (5/1/6, +2 Hardy, +2 vs Undead Spells/SLAs) CMD (13, +4 Stability) Initiative (+1) RF (0/4) AT (6/6)

"Aye." Helgar said, without hesitation. "So long as I have the materials and the tools, I can make it. Would likely have to rent an anvil, but it could be done. And as for the materials, it really depends on what ye be looking for and how much coin is to be spent. Most people only think of the basics. Steel, cold iron, alchemical silver, mithril. But in larger cities, ye can find so much more! Blood crystal, for example, is perfect for daggers and knives. It draws blood out, so when stabbed or slashed with one? Well, ye get the idea. Cryptsone, on the other hand, is a favorite of priests and clerics, for it interrupts the magic that binds undead together. Elysian Bronze? Me Da worked that before. Couldn't imagine anyone using bronze in this day and age, but he said to me that monster hunters make use of it. He made it for man hunting a chimera. And there be liquid glass! Would need to go to me homeland for that one. Ye'd think a glass weapon would be foolish, aye? But it repairs itself! Blades that never go dull, hammers that never break. So long as they aren't actively repairing themselves, then they'll do more damage. And..." Realizing that she was talking far too much, her face flushed. Smithing was, afterall, her passion. Having finally had the chance to talk about it, she hadn't realized that she had started rambling.

Human uRogue 1/Wizard 1 | HP 14/18 | |AC 17/T17/FF14 | F+2/R+4/W+3 | CMB -1/CMD 11 | init + 3 | Perc + 11 |

Merion has listened to this conversation, but his eyes keep being drawn south. Just beyond the horizon, there are woods that apparently run days in length, full of all the various dangers and excitements.

He marks Helgar's metaphysical turn, along with the surprising depths of personality the others are showing him. Philosopher-kings all, it seems. He finds his various loyalties pulled in a new way, along with the tension between his excitement at this adventure and desire to have his mission completed.

To Albin, he asks Are you serious about the lycanthropes? Before we all silver up our weaponry on that word.

“Dinner?” Hanath half blushes; “On a piece of fine art like this, I believe you are right. Dinner is the best way to… conclude the deal.” Thinking to himself; “The Dancing Bear should do. Though if we ever found ourselves in Dunestone, the Gilded Swan’s accommodations are second to none.” Hanath continues on the rest of this journey carrying on any conversation and will make any sales of his wares. If you purchase any of the Silver Blanches they are 5 gp each and he has a total of 7 available.

Snickering to himself, Albin smiles as Merion ask his question; “Oh? Lycanthropes? Well I have never seen one. But, those woods are dense and wide. Who really knows what could be within it.” He shakes his head as he rides on.

Mr Clint wrote:
“Possibly lycanthropes…” He gives Ewan a teasing smile. “Like I said, I haven’t explored those woods in years.”

Time jumping a little to your arrival at Dulwich, don’t take this as me cutting off any scenes you want to continue to play out. Please feel free to still have them.

As you are finally approaching Dulwich the group of you realize how weary this journey has been. For some of you the last 35 miles on horseback has been more than the sum of time you have spent on a horse your entire life before this point. You do have a job to complete, but you are more than ready to take things at your own pace.

As you make your way through the eastern gate of this city. You might be pleasantly surprised, but there is no tax or toll to enter here. Because of its location to the woods, Dulwich has become a thriving lumber industry withing Ashlar. Possibly growing too fast for its own good.

You notice those who have been riding or walking along with the caravan have already begun splitting off and are heading their own way. All that remains in Hank and his wagons with their drivers, Findal and his driver and Hanath with his wagon. Hank speaks up; “Once we arrive to Sakari’s you’ll be free to go. I’ll make you a deal. If you’re ever passing through Dulwich or Languard check in with either Sakari or Aina and see if they need guards for their caravan. If you’d do that, you can keep the horses and the wagon. You’re worth the cost to keep you on retainer.”

Allowing time for you to discuss, Hank does continue on; “There are three places you might want to stay. The Dancing Bear 4 is owned by a retired adventurer and his twin sister. The East Gate 6 is right down there and its where your more wealthy people go. Then there is the Golden Skull 7 and I would only stay there if I wasn’t looking to be found.”

Hanath moves towards Nempura and whispers;

Nempura or DC 15 Perception Sound Based:

“I will need to see that my goods are safely stored at the East Gate and freshen up a bit. See you at the Dancing Bear in a hour?”

You see Hanath take Nempura’s hand and kisses it; “Don’t forget the journal.” and Hanath leads his wagon down the road.

As you are all standing here, it seems the clouds have decided to open as it begins to rain. Lightly, but steady.

What Do You Do?

Damage Taken: Arren -0 HP, Ewan -2 HP, Helgar -0 HP, Ivar -0 HP, Merion -0 HP, Nempura -0 HP

Human uRogue 1/Wizard 1 | HP 14/18 | |AC 17/T17/FF14 | F+2/R+4/W+3 | CMB -1/CMD 11 | init + 3 | Perc + 11 |

Perception: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (17) + 11 = 28

Let's go to the closest one, Merion suggests, checking the book in his bag to ensure it is wrapped in waterpoof oilpaper.

He releases Robin with a mental note. We'll not be traveling more today, so no fear of wandering off.

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

"Oh gods, please don't let this be another bit of betrayal..." she thinks as she accepts the dinner invitation with Hanath. Unfortunately for the bard, before setting out on the Captain's ship, she had been taken advantage of in a somewhat similar situation. Still, she had to try.

With Albin riding on, she shrugs to her group. "Well...I don't care if there are or aren't werewolves here now. I wouldn't mind some pretty arrows and having them set aside, just in case. There are other animals and beings out there that I've heard tale are impervious to attacks except for silver."


As they ride into the city, Nempura will observe the farms and homes along the way. She wouldn't mind owning a bar here herself one day in such a place. A bar for the common folk. Trusted and safe, yet also near the east gate to draw in the wealthy customers from the city.

At Hanks offer, she looks to her companions and then back to him.

"We'll discuss it."

To her party in private, she opines, "Might not be a bad idea...Especially if we may end up traversing the landscape or needing a job now and again. We may actually get paid for it too. I'll have to negotiate that this time."


Once their party has taken the deal or not, based on what the party wants, she nods to Hanks words at where to stay. With Hanath moving closer to Nempura, it isn't like it isn't obvious. The party can almost see the rather tough bard seem to soften and become feminine as she listens to whatever the man says. She nods and allows him to take her hand.

"I would say a couple of hours would be better for me. We still have to settle here and I need to get ready. But I won't forget our deal." If he agrees, she will answer in a happy, softer tone, "See you then."

There is a solid blush on her dark cheeks. Once he rides off, she moves close to the wagons again and resumes her job until it is finished. As she goes, she marks where she will be stopping to get a nice dress and perhaps a wrap for her hair, since it has decided to lightly drizzle.

Leather-bound Journal 150gp
Turquoise Lizard Carving 15gp

Cold-Weather Outfit 8gp 7 lbs.
Dress w/Corset+Decorative Trim+Jewelry 20gp -
Hot-Weather Outfit 8gp 4 lbs.
Poncho 5sp 2 lbs.

HP: 12/20; AC: 19, T: 15, FF: 14; CMD: 16; Fort: 4, Ref: 4, Will: 0; Init +4; Perception +0
Fighter(Lore Warden/Learned Duelist)/2

In response to Ivar's comment, Ewan's eyes are still looking upwards. "Quite... Different... Every... time..."

As Nempura asks him about werewolves, Ewan nods enthusiastically. "Aye. W-were-w-wolves. Peo-people able to ch-change s-shape, th-this c-case into h-hu-humanoid w-wolves. St-stories t-tell of th-they can be only t-truly h-harmed by s-silver w-weapons."

As Ewan inhales the air, he exhales deeply and inhales again, then rides up to Helgar and starts on a more cheery note with her.
"Y-your a-na-logy of t-tools and w-weapons is quite in-sight-ful. W-would you con-sider y-yourself to be a h-hammer then? You have the w-wonderful a-bi-lity to b-build and cr-create."

Arren Velmas, CG Human Sanguine Sorcerer [Tatooed Sorcerer] |HP:14/14|BaB:1|Fort:1 Ref:2 Will:3(-2 vs evil spell)|AC:12(16) T:12 FF:10(14)|Init:+8|
Resources Used:
two 1st

"I'm afraid that whatever spells I can muster will be hardly enough to even slow down a werewolf." Arren looks downcast for a minute, as she further contemplates her uselessness in the party. Nempura seduced the shopkeep, Ewan and Ivar are powerful warriors, Helgar is blessed by her god, and a smith of some power, and Merion has this whole cloak and dagger thing down to a science. It was almost too much to bear.

"I won't be useless in the next fight. I can't be. Ivar, can you show me some basics on how to use a sword? I expect that even with my somewhat... lackluster physique, I could slow a werewolf down for a few seconds."

Turning to face Nempura after the man had left, "Are you ok with this? Is this what you want, or what you feel you have to do? And would you like one of us to tail you? If I leave Hope with you, he can let me know if you're in danger." The scorpion tattoo writhes and slides off of Arren's arm, finally coming to rest in her hand. The beady-black eyes of the creature glint in a surprisingly friendly way as it waves a pincer at Nempura. Arren holds Hope out to the bard.

Male Human Invulnerable Rager 5 | HP 39/60 Rage 70| AC 20/T13/FF18 | F+7/R+4/W+4 | CMB +9/CMD 21 | init + 4 | Perc + 9| Rage13/17 HP+10/AC -2/Will + 2, DR @ 2

ninja' by Arren, will modify
Conversation with Ewan and about werewolves
Nodding in agreement with Ewan, he was right, every fight was different.

Turning from Ewan to Merion, Ivar shrugged and pointed to Albin, speaking loudly. "Go ask der old man, he brought it up, not I." Smiling as he hoped Albin had heard him call him old. As Arren joined the conversation, Ivar listened, curious that the necromancer looked downcast. Looking from her back to Ewan, he shrugged. "Arren, I vould be happy to show you vhat ever you like. But my..." He paused for a moment thinking of the right term, nodding to himself he went on. "fighting style is more about der aggression den der weapon or technique." He nods towards Ewan. "If you vant to learn der sword basics, Ewan is der man."

As the other moved on Ivar clicked his tongue at the matched geldings, turning his attention to Halgar. Listening as she talked of crafting weapons. He didn't know much about most of the materials she mentioned, but he enjoyed listening to someone who was interested in what they were talking about. Especially if it might get him a weapon crafted.

shifting to town
Pleasantly surprised that Dulwich did not charge them an entrance tax, Ivar decided of the towns without ports he'd been to, he liked this one best. Of course, it had been just these three: Wellswood, Longbridge and Dulwich. Once they came to a stop, Ivar tied the reins to the wagon's hitch, and climbed down off of the buckboard. Bending over and stretching his back, he wasn't used to sitting that long, especially on a bouncing seat on a wagon. Watching as others leave Ivar joins the small group around Hank. As Hank offers to keep them on retainer, Ivar looks towards Nempura then the others. Shrugging "I vould not be against der idea of being on retainer." After Hank describes the three 'Inns' he asks, "Vhere vill ve be keeping der vagons und der horses?"

perception: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (10) + 6 = 16

Listening as Hanath makes dinner arrangements with his companion Ivar raises an eyebrow as the fat merchant bends over slightly to kiss Nempura's hand. 'Blushing? Is she blushing?' Blinking, Ivar looked from the bard to the merchant as he left. It wasn't his concern who she ate with, nor who she found attractive. She was grown woman, albeit a smart beautiful independent grown woman, not his little sister that he has to look after. He reached for his purse, clearing his throat, trying to make sure it didn't betray him. "I agree vit you, alchemical silver has more uses den just vervolves, I vould purchase at least vone application, how much did you say it vould cost?"

Interactive Map

Dulwich Map

K-Local DC 12:

Dulwich lies near the so-called Shunned Valley

K-Local DC 15:

The merchant guilds seek greater political power.

K-Local DC 20:

Wido Gall is carefully gathering support to takeover nearby Longbridge. He already holds Longbridge’s South Tower.

As you were coming in through the eastern wall, you did notice a few stables that had the looks of a place that travelers would use. But, as you passed into Dulwich proper you notice that these buildings are taller and tighter together, similarly to Languard.

“East Gate has stables, but only usable for tenants. But, the Dancing Bear has a more common open stable yard to anyone who is needing their services.” Albin says; “I am going to head off to see about some family. I take it you still need my services, as agreed, and since I doubt we will be leaving tonight when and where should I meet you?”

Findal; “I, as well, will need to discuss a meeting time. I know we will need to head south for our destination, but I do like the sound of this East Gate. I believe a nice meal and wealthy company might do me right after this journey.”

Before heading off, Hanath let’s Ivar know that the silver blanches are 5 crowns gold each, and that he only has 7 total.

Once an agreement on a meeting time and place is made, Albin and Findal both head off for the evening. Hank, rallies the group of you and you head off to Sakari’s place.

The rain continues to come down, which causes this dirt packed road to become soft as you notice wagon wheels forming ruts and the sucking sound of your horses hooves pulling free from the forming mud.

Townsfolk you see:

The people here are fair-skinned with brown or sandy colored hair and blue, hazel or brown eyes. Men prefer long mustaches without bears while women wear long hair in buns or piled up with elaborate tresses and pins for the wealthy.

Their clothing is fine-spun woolen tunics and breeches for the working class is the norm, dyed in various colors.

The remainder of the journey is not long until you find yourselves on the western side of Dulwich, near the Dancing Bear 4 located off of Steel Street. It is here where Hank makes his final push to have the group on retainer; “Your duty is done, you are free to go. If you wish to keep the horses and wagon all you need to do is check in with Sakari here in Dulwich or Aina in languard for jobs guarding their caravans. If that isn’t something you’re interested in, I will stable the horses and I wish you luck.”

Hank is perfectly happy with whichever decision is made among the group, but you get the sense that it is a “all or none” approach. Asking about various locations, Hank points out a few locations, and tells you what to expect on several known streets. See above map

1) Dulwich Keep:

Seat of the Gall family, the squat Dulwich Keep lies at the heart of Wido Gall’s machinations. The town guard are based here and the dungeons below the keep house lawbreakers and those who fall foul of Wildo.

2) The Lawgiver’s Hall:

The lofty spire of this elaborate cathedral dominates Dulwich’s skyline. Its new high priestess is Vuokko Laiten. The cathedral is a temple to Conn Link to Conn’s info

3)Lumberyard & Guild Hall:

The lumber guild is particularly wealthy and influential; their holdings reflect their status.

4)The Dancing Bear:

Run by a former adventurer, this is a popular drinking establishment for adventurers and off-duty guardsmen.

5)Nalthra’s Jewellery:

Nalthra is the most renowned jeweller in Dulwich. She dwells in the top floor of this three-story building.

6)The East Gate:

This sprawling inn is popular with Dulwich’s weathy and well-to-do.

7)The Golden Skill:

This dingy, forgettable watering hole is a place to go for those who don’t want to be found.

8)Eronen’s Safe Travel:

This large general store is run by the retired, one-armed adventurer Henni Eronen. He stocks any mundane equipment a prospective adventurer might need for a wilderness trek.

9)Saini Alanen’s House:

Home to Dulwish’s most renowned sage, the ground floor of this building also serves as a public library. The wizardess dwells on the top floor and is available to hire for private research projects.

10)Dulwich Marketplace:

This bustling daily market hosts numerous stalls and booths. Street performers are rife here as are wandering merchants. Anything for sale in Dulwich can be had here. Many of the more affluent merchants maintain shops or businesses elsewhere.

11)Cemetery and Catacombs:

The town graveyard.

What Do You Do? What does your character want to do?

Damage Taken: Arren -0 HP, Ewan -2 HP, Helgar -0 HP, Ivar -0 HP, Merion -0 HP, Nempura -0 HP

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

Knowledge Local: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (13) + 5 = 18

"I'm thinking the Dancing Bear," she answers Merion. "It seems most of our paths end up that way." Upon finding out that Sakari's is close to the Dancing Bear, she tells Albin about where they are going to be. She does not tell Findal. If he would inquire of it, she'd assume it's because he wishes to meet up with them again? The others are welcome to tell him, but Nempura can't see why he'd want to know.

When Arren offers her the use of her familiar, Nempura isn't foolish enough to think it's a typical scorpion, but will be hesitant to take it.

"Well thank you, darling. I'll be fine, and I've only got to run to a shop real quick and then I'll be back at the Dancing Bear, as that's where he asked me to me him. If you want to do something nice for me, either you or one of the others set up a room for me and have them get a fire going in the hearth. Also have them draw a bath. I'll need these just to do my hair."

To Ivar she grins, "5 crowns. Do you have enough?" Her eyes curiously look to him stumbling. She notices, but can't figure out why. If she can, before he leaves, she will get Hanath to give her another bottle of the blanch for Ivar.


At Sakari's, Nempura shakes her head to Hank.

"Even if we didn't take the deal, we'd be returning with these to Languard, as that was our deal with Aina. However, we've discussed it and I think the party and I are okay signing up, as long as we have our freedom to choose the jobs we want to and are paid for it with food for the journey and actual pay. If paperwork says we own these as a signing on bonus, then good. And I take it there should be caravans frequently heading back north to where we perhaps could take a trip back to the other cities we visited?"

She will leave it to him to inform their potential employer about their worth, not to mention documentation needed in the future. (Perhaps some of the party can settle this?)

As they finish their deal, she will tell the group:

"I'll be back shortly. As I told Arren, I'll need a room for myself, hopefully with a bath drawn up and a fire burning in the hearth of the bedroom. I'm heading toward the Merchants area and shouldn't be gone long."

With that, she will wave farewell to the party and will ride off toward Dulwich Marketplace for a fancy dress, Nalthra's Jewelry for some matching accessories, and then will ride back at a decent, but safe pace to the Dancing Bear.


Once her horse is stabled and she heads inside, she will check as to whether her room has been rented, will pay for it, and then will hurry up the stairs to get ready. Nempura totes her packages underarm briskly.

From the days of mistreatment of her hair, saltwater, sweat, and dirt, it was amazing she was able to get her hair to come down. It would take the better part of her leftover time to get ready. In time, she will be able to get her hair manageable and straightened. Oils, herbal heat-treating mixtures, heat from the fire in her room, not to mention a good deal of brushing would be required to get it in order. By the time she is bathed, dressed, applied her makeup and fragrances, and written out her tale in the most elegant hand she can, almost two hours have passed.

Male Human Invulnerable Rager 5 | HP 39/60 Rage 70| AC 20/T13/FF18 | F+7/R+4/W+4 | CMB +9/CMD 21 | init + 4 | Perc + 9| Rage13/17 HP+10/AC -2/Will + 2, DR @ 2

looks like Ivar will be taking a skill point in handle animals the next level. Mr Clint you know you could have thrown us uneducated barbarians a bone and made the first K-local a DC 10 :)

Rolling his eye at her question, Ivar knew Nempura knew he had enough money since she was the one who had paid him. Not taking the bait, he smiles and nodded. "Yes, I have der money." As he fishes into his pouch, "I vill go vit Hank und make sure der horses und vagon are taken care of." Pausing he takes out five of the gold coins he had from before he came to the duchy, hoping she'd noticed they were not the ones she had paid him. Handing her the coins, trying to make plans himself he asks, "Are ve headed to der fort first t'ing in der morning or are ve taking a day off und seeing der town?"

Following Hank
Nodding to the others, Ivar gestures towards the wagons. "Since de vagon is ours I vill go vit Hank und see dat der geldings are taken care of." Calling out to Hank, "Hold up Hank I vill follow you vit der vagon." Climbing back into the wagon, Ivar gathers the reins and clicks his tongue at the paired geldings. Following Hank's wagon into the Dancing Bear's stable yard. I assume

Parking the wagon beside Hanks Ivar unhitches the horses. Leading them towards the barn he stops long enough to let them drink from the trough. Once in the barn he removes the harnesses, hanging them up on the hooks provided in barn's tack room. Placing Left in a stall with some hay, he attaches Right's halter to a lead rope and begins to brush the big gelding with a curry comb. Once he's done brushing the gelding he checks his hooves, using a small hook to clean out any dirt and rocks. Satisfied that Right is good to go he places the big gelding in a stall, Hooking the lead rope to Left's halter. The big gelding whinnies at the barbarian as he leads him way from the hay, but he doesn't fight the lead. Ivar gives Left the same attention that he gave Right. Brushing out the gelding then checking his hooves. When Left realizes he's being led back to the hay he nickers and quickly trots to the stall. Rolling his eyes Ivar observes. "Left, det is der most energy you have shown all day."

After making sure both horses have a bucket of water, Ivar finds Hank and asks, "How much does der 'Dancing Bear' charge by day und week for boarding der Vagon und horses?" Remembering the others had mounts he adds, "Und how much for der individual horses?"

Human uRogue 1/Wizard 1 | HP 14/18 | |AC 17/T17/FF14 | F+2/R+4/W+3 | CMB -1/CMD 11 | init + 3 | Perc + 11 |

Merion adds to Arren as they go along, Ewan's a good teacher, yes. He's been practicing with me when we've had the chance. More comfortable with the group, including another of the new members, after the trip, he lets himself ramble. But there's a lot of other ways to be useful in a fight. You have magical talent of a sort, no? I've studied a bit as well, and with a bit of preparation I think there's a lot I could do better than just stabbing with a sword. What are some of the tricks you've learned?


Regarding continuing to work with Hank, he adds to Nempura, I myself will have to return to my normal duties upon our return, but I thought you all were planning to as well, rather than traveling further afield... And pass the word on what I've learned about the south...though I'm sure Fruen knows all that already.


Merion also adds to Arren as Nempura leaves, I think I'll go along and quietly observe. It'll give me something to do in any case.


In the meantime, Merion heads toward the Dancing Bear. Before he goes, he calls Robin back. Could you follow where that man [Albin] is going? I'm curious. Once he goes into a building make sure you can lead me to it. I'll be out in a few hours.

Entering the Dancing Bear, he makes an order for a drink and whatever they're serving, and takes a seat in the corner of the common room. Using Face in the Crowd, he makes himself appear a quiet generic adventurer. There he listens to the talk among the other guests, and waits for Nempura or Hanath to appear.

Anyone but a member of the party would have to make a DC 14 Will save to pick him out in particular.

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

"Yes, I think so." she replies to Ivar. "I want to get started. We have a limited amount of time to get this done, and if something happens to Albin before then, we'll be spending our time wandering the forest the whole time in search of it. I'll probably see you tonight if you are going to be in the Dancing Bear." With that, she'll take his coins and ride after Hanath to complete the deal. Once done, she will return for the journey to Sakaris. As she lingers near the caravan, she hands him his salve and reminds him how to apply it with fire; probably to a spare weapon as it will come off if he stikes with his main weapon.


At the conversation with Hank and them splitting ways, Ewan speaks up to her.

"Yes, but that is why I've made a deal with Lady Paktaken(sp?) for freedom, to come and go as we wish, yet to remain in her service. It will be the same with Sakari. I don't mind working for them, but it will be on my schedule, not theirs. I see no reason, such as in this instance, that if the Lady's business takes us south, that we shouldn't be able to manage guard duty as well and get paid double." The bard chuckles, showing her delight for getting paid. "It's quite brilliant I must say!" She winks his way to show she is joking about her brilliancy, but from the smile on her face, she is clearly pleased that they were offered both jobs, let alone one.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Arren Velmas, CG Human Sanguine Sorcerer [Tatooed Sorcerer] |HP:14/14|BaB:1|Fort:1 Ref:2 Will:3(-2 vs evil spell)|AC:12(16) T:12 FF:10(14)|Init:+8|
Resources Used:
two 1st

Turning from Ivar to Meiron, "Well, I know I dress like a wizard, but I have no real training in magic I'm afraid. Everything I do is... a further manifestation of whatever is wrong with me. One day I just woke up, and... things just seemed to change." She seems to ponder the question more. "If I focus hard, I can see magic. I don't know how to describe it more than that. Hope can help me identify exactly what I am looking at. Dropping her voice so that no one except the two men around her might be able to hear her, she elaborates further. "I think it's spirits that listen to me. Dead things I mean. There's death everywhere. Not just spirits of people, but little ones too. Things that crawl in the dirt, birds in the air... They make noises for me when I ask. Lift light objects, make little things, stuff like that. Some of the angrier ones can make people cold, some of the ones that like me more will cluster around a person, and protect them from weapons, at least a little. If I let them, I can drain the energy from someone, their strength I mean." Her hands twist together as she says all this, not making eye contact with either of the men. Unconsciously she rubs at the spot on her arm where Hope usually lays. "If I'm being honest, they scare me. Even the nice ones scare me. But at the very edge of my perception are even angrier, more dangerous spirits. I'm sure that they would let me do more powerful, "magic," but I'm not sure that's something I want to be pushing for. Everytime the spirits become clearer, everything else gets a little more... dull."
Feel free to tell me DM that this isn't how Arren's magic works, I just felt a stroke of inspiration, and figured I'd write it.

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HP: 12/20; AC: 19, T: 15, FF: 14; CMD: 16; Fort: 4, Ref: 4, Will: 0; Init +4; Perception +0
Fighter(Lore Warden/Learned Duelist)/2

Ewan rides with Merion and Arren close together, intent on listening to both of them. Before he could get a word in on Ivar or Merion's appraisal of his fencing skills, Arren's words stop him dead in his tracks. Patiently he listens, each word striking true as Arren details her life's toils and troubles, particularly in terms of her magical powers.

He looks at her with a mix of pity and admiration, as she still keeps herself standing like that in life, even willing to share these deep-seated feelings with people she had only recently met. There is a moment of silence between Arren spilling her secrets and his reply. Ewan lays his hands on the horses flanks, pats it on the side, then holds his hands in place there as he contemplates Arren's words, eventually he whispers so as only Arren and Merion can hear.

"That... is qui-quite some-thing Arren. I have al-ways w-wished th-that magic c-could come m-more easi-ly to me, th-that I did not h-have th-this s-sp-speech pro-blem. W-when I w-was young I w-wanted to be a mage so b-bad, th-that I w-would have g-gi-given any-th-thing to be one."
Ewan fidgets around with the hairs on his mare's mane, slightly pulling them until his mare bucks at the nuisance plucking at her hair and it brings him back to the conversation.

"It m-must be hard. To not be able to ch-choose I m-mean. V-visions l-like th-that w-would sap the str-strength of w-will of any man or w-woman. I ad-mire y-your cou-rage, you st-still st-stand and you c-con-fide in us. I w-would re-reckon y-you could f-find a w-way to h-handle it if you w-wish it so. I'd be h-happy to h-help."

At Dulwich
Ewan makes a few inquiries as to what are the points of interest, overhearing some from Albin and making a mental note that the others will stay at the Dancing Bear.

Ewan on the other hand notices people speaking about a possible library and decides to inquire at Saini Alanen’s House. "I th-think I'd w-want to see that li-brary. I l-love to read myself. P-perhaps I c-could f-find some-thing about th-those w-woods that we are in-clined to ex-plore." Ewan shoots a glancing look at Arren, thinking there could be perhaps something in it for her as well.

Otherwise, Ewan makes his way to the sage's house and tentatively opens the door to the ground floor.

Arren Velmas, CG Human Sanguine Sorcerer [Tatooed Sorcerer] |HP:14/14|BaB:1|Fort:1 Ref:2 Will:3(-2 vs evil spell)|AC:12(16) T:12 FF:10(14)|Init:+8|
Resources Used:
two 1st

Knowledge Local: 1d20 - 1 ⇒ (12) - 1 = 11

Someday Hope will succeed at a knowledge check!

"I appreciate it Ewan. I found that taking the trappings of a mage reduce suspicions, but I had never found a learned wizard to examine me. I would love to work with you, to further both of our magical knowledges. I just worry that the spirits aren't strong enough." She smiles a sad smile at him. "A sword perhaps will let me slow vagabonds down."

Under no means should Arren actually engage in melee combat. An 8 strength is not conducive to fighting without weapon finesse. That being said, she'd like to help meat shield a little bit, should the need arise. Ray of enfeeblement is a great debuffing spell, but in terms of damage or area of effect, Arren doesn't have much to offer. In a few levels, absolutely! But right now, if the caravan is attacked, she wants to pull her weight.

HP: 12/20; AC: 19, T: 15, FF: 14; CMD: 16; Fort: 4, Ref: 4, Will: 0; Init +4; Perception +0
Fighter(Lore Warden/Learned Duelist)/2

Along the road still
Ewan smiles a want smile and quickly nods.
"And I w-would be h-happy to t-teach you and Merion b-both. M-my t-type of sw-sword-fighting l-lends itself w-well for a-gi-li-ty, not power of m-muscles. If we f-find an open sp-space in Dulwich, we can p-prac-tice in ear-nest if you'd l-like."

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

Perhaps a wand of magic missile should be your first purchase. You'll never miss Arren! I love the background on her mage powers too!

Male Human Invulnerable Rager 5 | HP 39/60 Rage 70| AC 20/T13/FF18 | F+7/R+4/W+4 | CMB +9/CMD 21 | init + 4 | Perc + 9| Rage13/17 HP+10/AC -2/Will + 2, DR @ 2

earlier conversation with Merion, Arren and Ewan
Clicking his tongue at the geldings, Ivar smiled as Merion jumped in the conversation. It was good to see the Languardian joining in. Raising an eyerow as Arren shared more about herself and her ability to sense spirits. Ivar hoped she would still use the skills she had developed. He wasn't happy that he had claws, but that didn't mean he wouldn't use them in a fight. Looking over his shoulder, he heard Ewan enter the conversation, also seeming very sympathetic to the young necromancer. Smiling to himself Ivar wondered if the fellows would be so understanding if Arren wasn't a young attractive woman. It wouldn't be the first time Ivar had seen guards ignoring their responsibilities to speak with a beautiful girl. Looking back over his shoulder at the three of them, Ivar added. "Der rapier vill take some time to learn, if you vant I can teach you a few knife tricks in der duration. Knife fighting is a dirty business but it vorks." He clicks his tongue at the paired geldings, speaking to himself as much as to the others, "Yes sir, you can never have too many knives."

Earlier with Nempura
As Nempura answers that she'd like to leave early, Ivar nods. "I vill tell der ot'hers to be ready to leave at first light. I vill probably sleep vit der vagon. Since ve are going into der voods, ve need to find out from Albin if der is a road der vagon can travel on. Ve may have to leave it here."

Human uRogue 1/Wizard 1 | HP 14/18 | |AC 17/T17/FF14 | F+2/R+4/W+3 | CMB -1/CMD 11 | init + 3 | Perc + 11 |

Merion listens to Arren describe the magical effects she can produce, and thinks. Some of that sounds like things I've read about...

Knowledge (Arcana): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (9) + 7 = 16

Draining the strength from people sounds like it would be useful in a fight, he replies. If you have a direct link to some of the powers beyond powers...all I've learned is certain words and gestures that call upon what's out there. It works reliably, if done consistently--he nods to Ewan's mention of his speech impediment--but I might as well be speaking Sçiłon for all I know what the words mean.

Dulwich Map

Read First:

- Yes, I will change that first K-Local to a DC 10.
- Hank takes his horses and wagon to Sakari’s place here in Dulwich. We can say Ivar stays along with Hank to see the job officially completed and have the conversation, or the conversation happens as you head to the Dancing Bear. Sakari’s is past the Bear.
- I am going to “Spoiler” things to avoid walls of text, but everyone can read the different scenes.
- Arren I think how her magic works is great! Awesome aesthetic to how the game mechanic’s work. Run with it!

Dancing Bear Inn: Standard room 5 pennies (silver) a night.


As everything with the horses/wagon is settled with Hank, Nempura sets off to purchase a dress and accessories. You are able to find a dress, though it might not fit exactly as you’d wish, it fits well enough. No time to have it tailored to fit just right.

Once at Nalthra’s, you are greeted and welcomed by a middle-aged half-elf woman that introduces herself as Nalthra Rekunen. As she approaches you, it is almost defensive and questioning. Which might seem odd, except that you have just spent the better part of two days on the road, one of which included battle.

Looking around you see that the jewelry Nalthra handles is directed more towards the higher end of society. Nothing you see is less than 50 crowns gold for each set of earrings, necklace, or rings. You do remember seeing something possibly more affordable in the market near the tailor. Feel free to spend the coin that you’d like on the dress/accessories. You are able to find most anything you’d like in this larger city. Unlike the other towns, prices here are normal compared to the price hiked over taxed city.

Making your way back to the Dancing Bear Inn, you find that you have a room ready for you with a fire drawn. They have a communal bathing room containing 4 tubs with partitions around each one for privacy. You find the bath relaxing. Taking the past two days ride stress away from you. Knots almost falling away. You might even find yourself tempted to rest your eyes and soak for a while.

On a stool besides the tub you find a large bar of soap and a sponge, besides it is a large towel to wrap up in as you make your way to your room to get dressed and ready for your meeting.
Go to Dancing Bear Inn common room spoiler.

Ivar & those following Hank to the Dancing Bear Inn:

You make your way to the Dancing Bear Inn and see a good enough sized stable yard and shelter. Hank speaks up to Ivar’s question; “If you are staying the night, it is included in the room cost. But they aren’t the best. You’ll have to brush them out and make sure they are fed. They just provide stalls for them. If you need to leave them somewhere longer and you aren’t staying at the Dancing Bear head on over to Sakari’s. With our agreement you can keep them there and they will be cared for.”

Unless you want to ride with him, Hank lets you know that you can stay here, and he will be fine making his way to Sakari’s for the night.

The stable hand at the Dancing Bear shows you to a few stalls that are available for you to use. Unfortunately, at this time of night the remaining ones are in need of a good cleaning and it doesn’t appear that the man who showed you to these stalls is not going to be much help with that.

Making sure your horses are fed and brushed out does take some time, even more if you take the time to shovel out the stalls. Once you are finished, you make your way into the Dancing Bear Inn. Go to Dancing Bear Inn Common room spoiler.

Ewan & anyone going to Saini Alanen’s House:

You find your way to this three-story stone tower. Opening the door, you are met by a woman. “A little late to study, isn’t it?” she then motions to the table she is at with a few books laying open and candles about; “but who am I to judge… Welcome! I am Saini, and this is my home. Well this is clearly a library, but the above floors is my home.” flashing you a playful smile; “I apologize, what can I help you with?”

As you ask about the woods to the south, she shares that it is a place that many adventures go in and explore. Many ruins dot those woods, and for some reason they have claimed back their land. Wolves, bandits, goblins all lurk within the woods. Some even say that there are fey within.

“I haven’t seen you before, well you aren’t one of my regulars. Are you an adventurer here for the reward?” she slides two papers in front of you. Firean Wanted Poster Bareli Wanted Poster

“The two of them have plagued Dulwich for some time now. Leaders of the bandits that you’d find in those very woods you are talking about.” She says with a smile.

Dancing Bear Inn Common Room:

The door entering the towering stone building that is the Dancing Bear is adorned by a ridiculous image of a dancing frocked bear. Opening the door is a merry sight. The walls are filled with stuffed heads, and skins of wild beasts and even a few monsters.

The fire is roaring and there is a bard telling a story with a lute, and a couple musicians with him. One playing a drum and a flute. The inn is mostly full, and it seems to be a place where the more common folk go to drink and dance the night away.

There are a few spots around the common room with openings at the table, and even a few at the bar. You believe that if you were to ask a few people to adjust, you would find a place with enough spaces for the whole group.

“What can I get for ya?” a spry looking halfling female ask. She lets you know that they have Leek & Chestnut Stew (3 silver), or Turnip Pie (1 silver) to eat and they have Ale (4 copper) or a pitcher of wine (2 silver).

Looking around the room you see two pieces of paper hanging in different locations. If you go to examine them you see that they are wanted posters. Firean Wanted Poster Bareli Wanted Poster

After a little bit, you see Hanath arrive. Dust free and looking like a wealthy merchant, not like the man who was pulling two donkeys attached to a cart. He sees the group of you, but makes his way to a smaller table towards the musicians. If you pay attention, you see him take a few coins out of a purse and hand them to the people sitting at the table and with a smile they leave the table. A waiter brings him a silver pitcher and two cups.

Time passes and a refreshed Nempura joins the common room in an outfit that you have never seen before.

What Do You Do?

Damage Taken: Arren -0 HP, Ewan -2 HP, Helgar -0 HP, Ivar -0 HP, Merion -0 HP, Nempura -0 HP

Male Human Invulnerable Rager 5 | HP 39/60 Rage 70| AC 20/T13/FF18 | F+7/R+4/W+4 | CMB +9/CMD 21 | init + 4 | Perc + 9| Rage13/17 HP+10/AC -2/Will + 2, DR @ 2

knowledge: local: 1d20 ⇒ 8 Booooo

Cool, the conversation was sort of separate anyway.
Nodding as Hank explains the conditions of the 'Dancing Bear's' stables and his arrangement with Sakari's Ivar thanks the caravan leader. "T'ank you Hank, Ve vill keep det in mind."

Back to the stables
After taking care of the horses and seeing the shape of the stalls, Ivar takes off his breastplate and rolls up his sleaves. Mucking out the stalls he wonders what shape the Inn's rooms are in, if their willing to let their barn look like this. Once finished in the barn, the tired northerner puts his armor back on, fetching his pack and polearm from the wagon and heads to the Inn's Common Room.

Nodding at the spry looking halfling Ivar, nods back towards the door. "I am traveling vit some friends." He pauses and looks around the room to see if any had found a table. "Ve vill be spending der night, so I have placed two of our horses in der barn. How much for a room vit a single bed or a room vit double beds?"

Here's hoping someone has claimed a table
His stomach growling at the mention of the food, he smiled, "Und I vould like both der stew und der pie, as vell as der ale." He nods towards their table. "I vill be sitting vit my friends." As he moved across the room he paused to look at the two 'wanted posters.'

Aquatic Elf Female |HP: 12/15 | AC: 16 (T: 13, FF: 13) +2dodge vs Chaotic | Perc: +9 | Init: +5 | Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +3 | CMB: +12, CMD: 20 | Spd: 30ft |

With the delay of Nempura's shopping and getting ready, Ivar's stables fun, and the trip to the library, they may just all come into the tavern around the same time.

Private Journey into Town:
If Nempura cannot find a dress to fit her perfectly, it can be why she picks up a dress with a corset. Her rather curvaceous figure can sometimes present such problems, but also makes some pieces of clothing appear more appealing on her. As for her dress chosen, there is no cleavage on display as it is a semi-formal halter dress, but the corset will force any slack material to mold to her body and will be more appealing to her date. The dress she settles on is a sky-blue and white, elven-made dress with beautiful filagree upon the halter's choker and down around her form to the sides of the white corset. Her hips also would be accentuated with similar filagree. Down its front are stitched-in cloth elements in the shape of gold and light blue leaves. At the base of the shin-length dress is a floral decorative trim. It is a perfect picture of her elegance, spiritedness, and vibrancy without saying she's overly wealthy. For the journey, it is placed into a dress box for her.

After seeing the prices at Nalthras, she states that she does have a desire to purchase something from her in the future, but for this particular date, she doesn't want something so opulent. As one from out of town, she pardon's the waste of time and will decide it is best to find her wares on the street and heads there. In the end, she picks up some beautiful golden chains that can link to her dress. They act as "sleeves" to the dress and are nice in that she can hang her other jewelry from it for unique touches. She also will pick up a nice matching golden chained belt that will dangle down with various chains toward her knees. These are meant mostly to catch the eye rather than to be functional, especially if she were inclined to dancing. She now heads back to the Dancing Bear.

Dancing Bear Common Room:
As she returns from her errands, she makes sure her horse is well fed and secure, and then will take her packs inside.

After announcing herself to the bartender and clearing up that she has a room, she pays and doesn't waste any time heading off in that direction. If her companions are seen, she will give them a brief wave and thanks for setting things up for her. With preparation for after the bath, things are eventually placed in her room.

Her bath is long enough to enjoy, but with respect to the time she has spent and the time she needs. Truly, her hair is a disaster and with its spindling nature, has become a solid mass of unmovable nonsense. While put up in buns it looks darn cute, but she knows the reality of its true nature.


A decent time after this, a much brighter and more organized woman makes her way downstairs. While Nempura has always been attractive, she probably could be seen as a bard and ready for action. Now, she looks like a proper woman. She wears a blue and white dress. Her hair is no longer bound up in tight buns but is shiny and straightened down on her shoulders. One wouldn't guess that she had such long hair upon first appearance. It goes further than one would think could be bound in restraint as it was before.

She is wearing very light makeup, lipstick, and new jewelry not seen before. It is nice and befitting the wealthy man she is out with, but not so much to stand out as gaudy in the location. Like those local women she had seen of higher standing in town, her hair is partly down, but also arranged in an up-do that holds ornaments within its average heights. Again, nothing too extreme as to make a tower of hair like some. Instead of joining the group, she makes her way over to Hanath's table. In her two hands is a leather-bound journal with a piece of paper sticking out from it.

As she moves over to the table, she will linger for him to greet her, either by standing and offering her a seat or however he wishes. She will present herself to him by stating, "Good evening." If he reaches to take her hand, she will present it in a lady-like fashion. "I hope I did not keep you waiting long?" she asks in an affectionate manner. She may not be recognizable were it not for her brilliant white hair, her swarthy skin, and delightful smile. "You look handsome, Hanath," she compliments. Being close, he can smell that she has a delightful fragrance. One who is attentive can tell there are elements of cinnamon, perhaps hints of almond and oatmeal, as well as subtle scents of shea butter or oil.

HP: 12/20; AC: 19, T: 15, FF: 14; CMD: 16; Fort: 4, Ref: 4, Will: 0; Init +4; Perception +0
Fighter(Lore Warden/Learned Duelist)/2

Saini Alanen's House:
Ewan peered through the window, seeing there was still light in the library and as he carefully opens the door , the softer voice of a learned woman calls out to him from over at the table with open books and lit candles.

"Per-haps a bit late to v-visit a-another's li-bra-ry, th-though it is never too late to st-study." Ewan replies to Saini's first remark, he flashes a smile back as he looks around her library and lets out a small whistle.
"Wow... and th-this is all open to v-visi-tors? Th-that is r-really k-kind of you. If I'd get the ch-chance I'd l-like to own a l-large col-collection of b-books like this my-self."

Ewan explains first that he is part of a travelling group, that just served as guards to a caravan, someone suggested that they should explore the woods in the south which they passed along the way.

"And that m-might be the rea-reason w-why you h-haven't met me be-fore. I have tra-travelled quite f-far and w-wide, but only by sh-ship, n-never have made a jo-jour-ney by land. I w-would say th-that I am a st-student of the arcane, but I am not a p-prac-ti-tioner of the arcane."
Ewan inspects the two posters and tries to memorize the names and the faces.
"We are not ne-ces-sar-ily l-looking for a re-ward, but th-this is good to know if we come across th-them."

Ewan walks across the rows of books in the library, looking for different subjects of his interest, mainly construction and engineering, magic and magical beings and about speech impediments, then he remembers something to ask Saini.
"You did s-say f-fey right? Any p-part-particular type?"

Human uRogue 1/Wizard 1 | HP 14/18 | |AC 17/T17/FF14 | F+2/R+4/W+3 | CMB -1/CMD 11 | init + 3 | Perc + 11 |

Merion did not join the group in the Dancing Bear, but found an empty seat near some random other diners. He springs for the leek and chestnut stew, and takes a mug of ale to go with.

Once Hanath arrives, he shifts to a vantage point where he can listen to the goings on at the table the merchant sits at, but still be among a crowd.

He'll make conversation with those he sits next to by inquiring The drawings make those two wanted people look fearsome. What did Bareli desert from, and what did Firean do?

Diplomacy(Gather Information): 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (3) + 7 = 10 (-3 since Robin is not within reach)

Forgemaster Cleric (2) Wounds (0) HP (19) AC (18/11/17, +2 vs Undead) Saves (5/1/6, +2 Hardy, +2 vs Undead Spells/SLAs) CMD (13, +4 Stability) Initiative (+1) RF (0/4) AT (6/6)

Common Room:

Helgar accompanied Ivar to deal with the horses, under the theory that a second pair of eyes and ears would help ensure that nobody took advantage of tehm. When this was done she happily joined the others at the table. "Stew. Bread. Ale." She said, being in the mood for something filling. Seeing Ivar looking at the wanted posters, she looked at him and said "So bounty hunting is next in our future? A fair bit of coin for it, by the looks of it. I'll see what I can find out about them from the bartender."

Diplomacy to gather into: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13

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Male Human Invulnerable Rager 5 | HP 39/60 Rage 70| AC 20/T13/FF18 | F+7/R+4/W+4 | CMB +9/CMD 21 | init + 4 | Perc + 9| Rage13/17 HP+10/AC -2/Will + 2, DR @ 2

Eve though Merion's post isn't spoiled I included him in the 'common room' spoiler.

Common room:
So in my brain the timings off a little, Ivar/Helgar would have taken a while to finish in the barn, so they would have arrived later than Merion. But there isn't a lot of posting activity so its hard to work into the conversation. So going with what we got.
Merion Vynas wrote:
Merion did not join the group in the Dancing Bear.
Dude, your the only one in the room, you are 'the group'
Merion Vynas wrote:
Once Hanath arrives, he shifts to a vantage point where he can listen to the goings on at the table the merchant sits at, but still be among a crowd.

I'm assuming this happened before Ivar finished in the barn. Thus, Ivar will not need to move a second time.

Turning to Helgar, Ivar shrugs, "I figure if ve see dem, ve vill bring dem back."

After checking the posters on the wall, Ivar joins Merion near the small table. Looking to see how many seats there are, he grabs a straight backed chair from another table at sets it near Merion. Leaning his polearm in the near corner, he takes off his pack and drops it between he and Marion. Nodding, "If I put der pack der less likely anyvone vill mess vit it."

Watching as Helgar moves around the room, Ivar nods towards the dwarf, speaking to himself aloud as much as to Marion. "Our dwarf is a hard vorker."

Chuckling at Merion's observation about the 'wanted posters' Ivar refrained from saying anything but wondered what his Image would look like on one.

I'm assuming Ivar was in the barn when Numpura went up to her room, but has arrived in the Inn before she comes down, I hope that is ok.
Looking up from his musings Ivar pauses as Nempura comes down the stairs. She was wearing make-up and the new jewelry she had purchased back in Languard and a new dress instead of her hide armor. Ivar's jaw dropped, he knew she was lovely, but this? The dress displayed her long legs and fit tightly over her curved figure. Revealing just a hint of her bosom while displaying her slender feminine arms. The eyeliner made her reddish-brown eyes luminous, with a smokey look. While the balm made her lips look like soft cherries emphasizing her enchanting smile.
So hopefully not describing her outfit too much, I just copied things from her description on her character page

Watching as she joins the Merchant, Ivar looks at the paunch middle aged man again, trying to see what Nempura might see in him. Reminding himself she is not his sister, he shrugs his shoulders and continues to eat his soup and pie.

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