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Arren Velmas, CG Human Sanguine Sorcerer [Tatooed Sorcerer] |HP:14/14|BaB:1|Fort:1 Ref:2 Will:3(-2 vs evil spell)|AC:12(16) T:12 FF:10(14)|Init:+8|

Resources Used:
two 1st

About Arren Velmas

Arren Velmas, CG Human Sanguine Sorcerer [Tatooed Sorcerer]
|HP:14|BaB:1|Fort:1 Ref:2 Will:3(-2 vs evil spell)|AC:12 T:12 FF:10|Init:+8|

Resources Used:

Str: 8 -1
Dex: 14 2
Con: 12 1
Int: 10 0
Wis: 10 0
Cha: 16+2 4

Race Features:
+2 Cha, +1 SP/lvl, +1 feat, favored class sorcerer, +1 SP, HP, and +1 spell of a level lower known. [2 cantrips]

Class Features
Mage's Tattoo Necromancy: Touch of fatigue 3/day
Sanguine Bloodline Arcana: +1 to CL of necromancy spells
Tattoo Familiar: Greensting Sage, +4 initative
-7HP, 19 AC, Ref 5 Will 3 Fort: 2. Move action to become a tattoo or not a tattoo. Only provides initative bonus when a tattoo
-7 Int, gains 2 skill points per level, and 1 int per level, treats all knowledge skills as class skills
-Knowledge (Religion, Arcana) +3
-Share Spells, Empathic link, improved evasion

Skills: Ranks Stat Class Misc Total
Bluff 2 4 Y 0 10
UMD 2 4 Y 0 10
Spellcraft 2 0 Y 0 5
Craft(Leather) 2 0 Y 0 5

Sorcerer: Mage's Tattoo Necromancy
Human: Point Blank Shot
1st: Precise Shot

Magical Lineage: Enervation
Reactionary: +2 to initative
Haunted: -2 to saves vs evil spells

Spells: (All necromancy spells* are at +2 CL, +1 to hit and damage with ranged spells within 30ft)
Cantrips: Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Ray of Frost, Ghost Sound, Disrupt undead, Presti
Level 1: (5/day) Ray of Enfeeblement*, Mage Armor

Component Pouch(5)
Quarterstaff (0)
Masterwork Leatherworking tools (50)
Sleves of many garments (200)
Spellbook (15)
Tattoos (100)
Healing potion x2(100)

22 years ago, in a small town, a baby was stillborn. An hour after it was declared dead, it began to cry. That baby lived a normal, if somewhat sickly life, as the only daughter of the local leatherworkers until their 17th birthday. The taint of death had entered them while they were dead, and it had begun to spread, granting magical abilities, as well as a longing for the warmth of the living. That baby, now a woman's name was Arren, and she set forth from her town, hoping to discover a cure to her condition.
Arren is a tall, sallow woman. She would be attractive, if there wasn't something profoundly offputting about her. Perhaps it's the way she moves, or the strange color of her eyes. Maybe it's the numerous tattoos along her arms. Quite possibly it's the way she whispers to the scorpion that people swear lives inside her robes. Whatever it is, people tend to avoid the lady who dresses like a wizard. Which is a shame! Arren is a kind soul, who loves chatting with people. Unfortunatly for her, most people at best avoid her, and at worst shun her. Her only true companion is the scorpion she found living in her shoe, and adopted. She doesn't know which higher power sent it to her, but she knowns it must have been a sign from the gods; they had not forgotten her yet.
Arren dresses like a wizard to put people more at ease. A wizard throwing around rays that sap people's strength? Not a big deal. Someone who's powers come from some taint of undeath in their blood? Suddenly people get up in arms about these things. Arren is seeking a cure for her affliction, as she is sure that one day it will cause her to lose herself to her magic, and become a mindless undead, or worse; a lich. Having long expended the money that her parents gave her to try and find a way to return to normal, Arren takes on whatever jobs she can find. Despite her condition, Arren cares deeply for those in need, offering her assistance where she can. To help others proves to her that she is in fact, still alive. The tattoos on her skin show that she still has some control over her body. She'd die before allowing herself to turn.

Put improved initative in there somewhere? At 8th level, get back black tentacles, or see if you can trade your level 15 power for your level 9 power., Consider Thanatopic spell
3rd: Weapon Focus Ray
5th: Spell focus Necromancy
7th: Spell penetration
9th: Greater Spell Penetration
11th: Maxmimize spell
13th: Quicken Spell
13th Sorcerer: ???
15th: Spell Perfection
17th: Improved Critical (Ray)