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Marching Order:

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Single Row: ? - ? - Helgar - ? - Nempura - ?

Character Creation & Expectation:

Core Races & Classes (totally cool with Pazio official archetypes as long as the racial ones don’t cost RPs) (Feats/Spells/Equipment/Talents/Etc from other books are allowed as long as it is Paizo official.)
Stats: 15 point buy – min/max all you’d like but play it
Favored Class: Skill, HP, & Racial Bonus (yes all three)
No Background Skills
Traits: 2 Traits and 1 Drawback.
Starting Gold: Class Average + Class Kit
Alignment: I say “Any’, but you have will have to work together. And, as in real life, if the friend group doesn’t like you… you might get left behind.
Posting Rate: As I said in the about me, I will be checking in twice a day. I don’t expect you to post more than once a day. All I ask is that each post gives others a place to go off of to move the story forward. Think “yes, and…” when it comes to improv. Also, this is text based so please be as descriptive as you can when making your post. Let’s paint each other a clear picture.
Maps/Theater-of-the-Mind: I’m about 50/50 on this. If a map is needed/requested I can and will provide one.
Find an image that goes along with this character so we can see who you are. I will find an image for most NPCs you come across for visual aids.

I think that’s it?

Duchy of Ashlar:

Ruler: Duke Armas Nenonen
Government: Feudal fief
Population: 63,200
Alignments: N, NG, LN
Important Religions: Conn, Darlen, Serat
Important Organizations: Order of the Watch Eternal (knightly order), Sagacious Masters of the Eldritch Nexus (wizard’s guild), Shadow Masks (thieves’ guild), Worshipful Company of Freetraders (merchant’s guild)
Languages: Common, Elven, Halfling
Towns & Cities: Languard (pop. 7,923), Dulwich (pop. 4,734), Dunstone (pop. 3,574)
Villages: Ashford (pop. 75), Coldwater (pop. 176), Hard Bay (pop. 138), Kingsfell (pop. 174), Longbridge (pop. 193), Slaughterford (pop. 168), Underdell (pop. 152), Thornhill (pop. 157), Wellswood (pop. 192), White Moon Cove (pop. 328), Woodridge (pop. 138)
Fortifications: Black Tower, Languard, Tor Abbey
Resources: Fishing, timber, shipbuilding
Coinage: platinum orb, gold crown, silver penny, copper bit
Adventure Sites of Interest: Cavern of Forbidden Dreams, Gloamhold, the Mottled Spire, the Sunken Pyramid, Tower of Woe, Valentin’s Folly


Languard is a busy, noisy place. The administrative and mercantile heart of the Duchy of Ashlar it is, however, also a place of fear and gradual decay.

Sprawling over a series of rocky bluffs, and heavily fortified, the town defends Hard Bay’s narrow mouth and the settlements beyond. Many adventurers, sell-swords and mercenaries come to Languard. The closest settlement of note to Gloamhold, and the duchy’s largest port, here are found the greatest opportunities for fame, gold and advancement. Here also (for the unlucky or careless) are found the greatest opportunities for infamy, poverty and death.

Ruler: Duke Armas Nenonen
Government: Overloard
Population: 7,923 (6,614 humans, 287 dwarves, 189 elves, 236 half-elves, 264 half-orcs, 189 halflings, 144 gnimes)
Notable Folk: Atro Ahokas (leader of the Worshipful Company of Freetraders), Elmo Rekunen (First Protector), Hannele Auvuenen (High Priestess of Conn), Heimo Karppanen (High Priest of Abarin), Marja Pasanen (Chancellor), Taneli Eronen (Serat’s Stormlord), Taneli Laitnen (Guildmaster of the Shadow Masks), Varma Nikkonen (Lady Protector [of Darlen]), Veli Nikkonen (Captain of the Watch)
Alignments: LN, N, NG
Languages: Common
Resources & Industry: Fishing, commerce, general industry

Low City:

Low City: The name given to the bulk of Languard sprawling to the south of the Svart, the Low City is home to most of the city’s populace. Also comprising the Shambles, Fishshambles and the Wrecks, the Low City is named both for its position below the High city and for the low-born status of most of the folk dwelling therein.