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Been away for a while got some time on my hands at the moment and think starting up a game or two would be fun.

I haven't run an evil campaign in a while so that's something that might be interesting.

I find combat heavy games tend to slow things down a little too much so I'm looking for something a little more on the roleplay side.

Perhaps a more short term game that starts at a higher level.

Welcome back.

Pathfinder 1e or Pathfinder 2e? I’d be interested in a...morally ambiguous game/evil game though I prefer to start at level 1. Roleplay/social heavy is fine...

DireMerc wrote:
Perhaps a more short term game that starts at a higher level.

I'd love a game start doesn't start at level 1. I have built and never progressed too many level 1 chars already. It's a sad truth that many games never get far enough.

I haven't really looked into 2e I asked my real life group if they wanted to switch and the vote was a unanimous no so I left it at that.

I'd be interested in an evil game. Would the setting be Golarion?

Are you thinking a prewritten game, or homebrew one? I'm down either way.

Interested. I'm sticking with first edition for the time being myself.

I'm quite interested if it's first edition. I believe there are two or three pre-written evil adventures, though you are of course free to do your own as well.

Way of the Wicked?

Or Hell's Vengeance.

But I'm totally down with an evil game! I've a butterfly blade assassin that I'd love to run!

Very much interested. I never saw a way of the wicked before the beginning and would love to bring back my antipaladin or cleric. Same goes for Hells Vengeance. I’m still eager to see a truly active long lasting evil game!

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Hmm alright lets do a first edition evil game loosely based on way of the wicked (and incorporating some elements from the tyrant's grasp adventure which I just learned about last night and purchased lol). It will begin at level 1 with the characters in prison and take place in Lastwall. Your characters should have a strong grudge against the government of lastwall.

The campaign will begin level 1
20 point buy (minimum 6 for a stat max 18 before racial)
1000 starting gold.
pick your gear but you start with no equipment and can retrieve it later.

For those looking for a challenge.

Based on an adventure called the thunder below.

You are a group of experienced adventurers with several successful adventures under your belt when you receive a message from some acquaintances of yours. The Sarwals are some of the most powerful wizards in the entire world and their daughter Arezi sarwal a wizarding prodigy in her own right who can cast 5th level spells and she is only 16 years old has vanished. All their attempts to located her have failed and so they turn to you for help.

Your on your way now to go to their mountain castle near the village of sarwal to find out more.

campaign start at level 15
25 point buy
250 000 starting gold (cannot spend more than 75 000 gold on a single item)

Feel free to submit a character for either or both.

Wow, those are two quite different games. I'm going to have to think about what to submit. Only the first one is an evil game, right?


I'd be interested in the second one. I'm thinking maybe a dragon disciple, though I'd love to play my gestalt fighter/DD. Any restrictions on race? We using background skills? 1/2 +1 HP?

I'm expecting a lot of applications and will likely be running a 5-6 member party as such I cannot allow gestalt. I have no particular restrictions for race.

not sure what you mean by background skills. You mean traits? You can choose 2 traits but I don't have any specific background traits for the campaigns.

Background Skills

Sure we can do that, never heard of that before but I like the idea.

As for HP roll it and re-roll results of "1" (you get max for 1st level)

Liberty's Edge

I’m down for that first level campaign.

I’m thinking an anti-Paladin of Callistria would be fun.

Any limits on Archetypes?

Interested in the first option, I'll work on a submission for it.

Is the Second Game Evil, or Non-Evil?

@Dire Merc: I’m kinda full, but do want to squeeze some PF2e games to learn the system so I’ll bow out. I would have liked to apply for the evil game, as I was once accepted into a game where the GM disappeared before one post and am now in a WotW that I joined maybe in Book 2 or 3, so I have missed the beginning. Oh well, have suitably malificent fun folks!

It might be useful to start a thread for each of your separate Recruitments to assist folks finding the right game.

Just out of curiosity, why not to continue one of your recent campaigns instead? It seems some of those could be revitalized with just a bit of attention:
- Diremerc's Ruins of Azlant
- Diremerc's Ironfang Invasion
- Diremerc's Iron Gods

Both of those sound interesting. I’ll see what I can do.


I did attempt to reach out to some players and a few did reply but not enough to continue and while I could have replaced the missing players I instead decided to start new games instead but did invite my previous players who were interested to come here and see if they were interested.

I am back for another adventure.

I can do any edition, and style of playing. Any level starting is also fine with me.

@RHMG Animator The second one is not evil. It's a mystery solving campaign that will be relatively short (I should point out that this campaign has a kill rate comparable to the Tomb of horrors and the 5 or 6 times I have run this campaign so far it has ended in TPK before anyone completed more than half the adventure) It's an old 3.5 campaign that I am adapting for pathfinder and it's one of my favorites.

I got an unchained rogue that didn't get too far in WotW. I'll update their stats and make sure they're 20 points.

For the moment I'd like everyone to make a post describing just the following.

Campaign: Rise of the Wicked (Evil) or Thunder Below (Good)
Character Name (this one is optional) if you don't know yet:
Character Class:
Brief character backstory or concept:

maybe you should make two recruitment threads. This is gonna become messy really fast.

Hmm fair enought Evil campaing people stay here.

Good aligned high level game (thunder below) players scoot on over to
this tread

I think I'll make a melee alchemist for this one. Vivisectionist always struck me as an easily evil aligned PC. Though unsure what other archtypes to pick up.

Are we supposed to\can we pick the way of the wicked traits?

I'm also wondering about the limitations on sources.

Before I submit, I wonder how you feel about an undead PC.

I love the idea of Evil Aligned Bards, so that would be my class of choice.

Arielle Windsong
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Race: Changeling (Green Widow)
Gender: Female
Class: Bard (Still looking over arcetypes)

Used to the life of luxury her adoptive parents gave her, Arielle was at a loss as to what to do when they died in a boating accident and their oldest son and heir to the family fortune kicked her out of the house and stripped her of her family name and title.

Adopting the new surname of Windsong, she discovered that she could make a living for herself off of the singing and music lessons her adoptive had paid for her. Though making a mere living off of whatever coins were thrown her way was in no way enough to return her to the lifestyle she had been used to. She began stealing from the homes of those who invited her in to sing and play for their grand parties and seduced the occasional noble into giving her expensive gifts.

Unable to stay in one place for long, lest she be found out, Arielle has found herself in Lastwall after accepting an offer to perform. She thought it would be the last place anyone would look for her after she was nearly caught stealing at her last job.

(Are you okay with players taking Alternative Racial Traits?)

Character Name: Coriandrinne Vespida
Race/Sex: Human Female
Class: Anti-Paladin of Calistria
Alignment: Chaotic Evil (not Chaotic Stupid or Chaotic Random)

Still working on the backstory.

I am glad you understand what Chaotic Evil isn't :)

This is a character that missed out on a Hell's Vengeance recruitment a bit ago. I'll be reworking him for submission here (stripping out Gestalt, for example).

Class: Bloodrager.
Background will be roughly what's there in the alias, reworked for this setting.

Can tieflings roll on the Variant Ability chart? If they take Fiendish Heritage to roll 3 times and choose the most favorable result?

This sounds interesting

A question though, do you envision this as somewhat of a reverse Tyrant's Grasp?

Mostly asking to know whether a Neutral Evil follower of a Psychopomp Usher would work (he hates the undead even more than he hates Lastwall).

Liberty's Edge

The crunch is actually mostly done for Coriandrinne Vespida. I may make a few more tweaks. I decided to make her a half-elf instead of human, for instance.

I need to read up on Lastwall a bit more in order to make a solid backstory. It’s in process, though.

The campaign will mostly play out like way of the wicked relocated to the lastwall region but will incorporate a few elements from the Tyrants grasp. It will feature the whispering way as allies for example so hating undeads might be a conflict but it will of course offer the option and opportunities to betray your employers for your own gains.

I should point out that I am still working out the details as I only purchased the tyrant's grasp pdf's 1-6 yesterday and I am still reading trough them. I may run it as a proper adventure at some point but I am mostly interested in more lore about the whispering tyrant.

I actually ran a homebrew campaign once were stopping him was the goal (whispering tyrant) had so many players I had to split them into two groups and run it twice at the same time lol. Was a good time, yeah I'm a big Tar-Baphon fan.

To answer a few questions I missed.

@Cuchulainn no limits on archetypes

@oyzar you can pick traits from way of the wicked but not necessary you still only get 2

@Joy yes I am okay with alternative racial traits

@bayard yes you can roll on the alternative tiefling variant ability chart and yes you can take fiendish heritage roll 3 times and pick the one you want.

If I missed any questions repost it or pm me.

I will be bringing in a female druid (NE). Still deciding on druid type and race for the druid.

Could a little more be given about the starting location, as to why we are starting there, or perhaps a reason why we would have gone to the region in the first place.

Yeah, I have an unaddressed question. How do you feel about an undead PC?

Not going to survive for long with a druid present.

No Problem with undead PC

The players start in a prison near the town of Vigil.

The reason for being there is crimes the player IS guilty of.

The exact reason will vary for each player of course based on your backstory.

Dark Archive

15th level is too high to start imho. When you first mentioned starting higher I was imagining 5th or even 9th lol. Count me in for your first level game. I have a concept I like. Will be taking the Bitten feat and going Vampire. My concept is someone who was bitten and fighting his change to evil. But its not a fight he can win in the long term.

Backstory, Spoiler for length:

Coriandrinne was born in the Lastwall port city of Vellumis. Her human mother, Lenara Brasskettle, worked as a serving wench in the Whelming Walrus, a dockside tavern known to be frequented by adventurers and travelers. The Walrus was also suspected of catering to pirates, smugglers, and other nefarious types.

Lenara was married to Chester Brasskettle, a human sailor aboard the merchant ship, Gray Gull. The Gull and her crew were away from port for long stretches of time, and though Chester never spoke about what cargo the ship carried, he always returned with a coin purse heavy with silver. Unfortunately, he tended to drink and gamble away most of it by the time he staggered his way home.

When Chester was at sea, Lenara earned extra money by offering herself as an evening's pleasurable company to traveling patrons of the Walrus, always careful to not openly advertise, fearful that one of the locals would let slip her indiscretions to Chester.

Coriandrinne's conception occurred when the herbalist who covertly provided doses of night tea to Lenara accidentally mixed up the parcel with one intended for another local woman suffering from an absence of libido. The lighthearted flirtations of an elvish minstrel passing through (and paying for his drinks with music) culminated in a prolonged night of passion mere days after Chester had set out to sea.

Lenara didn't know she was with child until well after Chester had returned a fortnight later. Having unwittingly consumed the wrong tea the entire time, Lenara had earned quite a bit more coin than usual, and
Chester was pleasantly surprised with his wife's rekindled desire for him.

Two fortnights later, Lenara was suffering from severe nausea and vomiting. Chester called a local healer, who informed him that Lenara was indeed pregnant. Chester was so happy, he immediately told every one of his neighbors and crew mates that he was going to be a father. At that point, Lenara began counting the days in her mind and the number of men she had taken to bed, and silently hoped that the baby was his. She confronted the herbalist, and learned of the parcel mix-up. The herbalist offered to brew her a potion that would cause a miscarriage, but Lenara refused. Chester was so happy, she said, and she felt she couldn't do that to him.

Of course, when Coriandrinne was born with the telltale signs of elvish ancestry, Lenara could do nothing to hide it. Chester flew into a rage and attacked Lenara while she still lay exhausted on the birthing bed. He wrapped his hands around her throat and squeezed until her windpipe
cracked and collapsed under the pressure. Once she was dead, he turned to end the life of his wife's bastard child, but the herbalist (who was acting as midwife) grabbed up the newborn and ran.

The midwife acquired passage on a coastal trader and sailed south along the coast to Tamran, in Nirmathas. There she brought the child to the one of the local brothels run by Sacred Prostitutes of Calistria. She explained the circumstances of the child's conception and birth, and asked for the the Temple to take her in and raise her. The Calistrians agreed, in exchange for a detailed account of what happened, including the names of Lenara and Chester, so that the information could be provided to the child when she came of age. The Calistrian scribes wrote down the herbalist's entire account and placed it in their archives.
They named the baby Coriandrinne Vespida (for Coriander, a sacred plant associated lust and Vespida (wasp), a sacred animal associated with revenge). She was brought up in the temple, learning the arts of both lust and violence.

When Coriandrinne came of age, the Temple Prostitutes tattooed the symbol of Calistria on the back of her left hand. She was also presented with the account of her birth and her mother's death. Arms, armor, traveling gear, and a small purse full of gold and silver coins was provided for her with the unspoken expectation that she would return to Vellumis and wreak vengeance upon her mother's murderer.

Upon arriving in Vellumis, Coriandrinne made her way to the Whelming Walrus, and talked to proprietor into giving her work as a serving wench. She served drinks by day and plied her temple-skills by night, earning coin and collecting information on the locals, including one now-Captain Chester Brasskettle. She learned that the captain and his ship, the Constance, were expected back in port within the week. She also learned of Captain Brasskettle's sorrowful past: having lost his lovely wife and child due to the incompetency of the local midwife, who quickly left town the very day of their deaths (in all likelihood to evade arrest).

Finally, Captain Brasskettle made his appearance in the common room of the Walrus. Coriandrinne took his order, brought him his drink, then proceeded to flirt with him the rest of the evening, making her availability all too clear. In less than an hour, she was leading him upstairs to one of the rooms, where she enacted her revenge. Unfortunately, a business associate of the captain arrived several minutes later. It appears that a well-connected political figure in Vellumis had hired the Constance to smuggle illegal goods into port, and his agent had arrived to arrange transfer of the cargo. The agent knocked loudly on the door, insisting to speak to the Captain now. Coriandrinne made noises imply that he was far too busy to speak at the moment, but the agent was not deterred. He called out to the captain to answer him, but received no response. He then forced open the door, only to find Captain Brasskettle naked and tied to the bed. He was savagely beaten, and the heel of a stiletto boot was jammed into the hollow of his throat. He gurgled and gasped, as he slowly drowned in his own blood.

The agent had Coriandrinne arrested immediately. She was quickly tried for murder and imprisoned. The contents of the Constance's hold never came to light. The official's agents collected it, unopened, as evidence.

Campaign: Rise of the Wicked (Evil)

Character Name Stanislav Greymist {submitted by Skorn)

Character Class: Fighter

Brief character backstory or concept (from a background in WotW): In a minor position of power in the city watch Stanislav got tempted into the wrong crowd and seduced by greed and lust into teaming up, with what he though was short term with a member of the underground. This attractive person turned out to be a vampire and has bitten Stanislav. He now suffers from the first throws of the affliction.

More detail are in his background under the alias.

The Path of the Vampire:

It is not merely enough to be bitten by a vampire. The process of transforming into a true vampire is a long, painful and arduous road. Some are not up to this grueling task and instead the curse overwhelms them. Instead of transforming into a vampire, they instead merely sicken and die or worse, become an almost mindless spawn fit for little more than menial service to an undying master. However, our villains are made of sterner stuff.
To become a true vampire requires an investment of five feats – a major expenditure to be sure. However, the rewards of becoming a vampire are viewed by many as being worth the cost of this ascension.

The Bitten
You have been bitten by a vampire and infected with the curse of undeath. As you sicken, your senses heighten and you become profoundly aware that every day, you are changing into something both more and less than mortal. You have only begun your transformation into the living dead.

Prerequisites: You must be bitten by a vampire.

Benefits: You gain darkvision 30 ft. and the alertness feat, however your Constitution score is lowered by two permanently.

The Dying

You are dying. You can feel it in very core of your being. Your mortal blood is failing and the vampiric curse is overtaking you. Soon, you will die and rise again as a vampire.

Prerequisites: The Bitten, 3rd level

Benefits: Your natural armor improves +2, your dark-vision improves to 60 ft., you gain a +2 racial bonus to Perception and you gain the toughness feat. However your Constitution score is again lowered by two permanently, you now cast no shadow and have no reflection in a mirror. Further, in full daylight you are sickened.

The Risen
Vampirism has overtaken you and you have died. However after three days in the ground you have risen from your own death. You are now a fledglingvampire. However, you are still unsure of your powers and only begun to understand the full reprecussions of this dark gift. Still, you are fast as lightning and full of fury. You can barely restrain your thirst for living blood.

Prerequisites: The Bitten, The Dying, 5th level

Benefits: You gain the feats Dodge, Improved Initiative and Lightning Reflexes. Your Dex score is improved by +2. You are now an undead and have no Constitution score. You gain resistance to cold 10 and electricity 10 in addition to all the normal defensive abilities granted by being an undead. You also gain the special attack Blood Drain (as per the vampire template).

However, you must sleep in a coffin every night, you gain the vampiric weaknesses to daylight (this replaces being sickened by daylight) and running water, and if you ever go more than twenty four hours without feeding on living blood you become sickened until you feed. If you are sickened from lack of food and encounter a living creature with blood in their veins, you must make a DC 12 Will save or immediately try to drain their blood. If you succeed at such a save you do not have to check again for one hour.

If reduced to zero hit points, you fall dead, indistinguishable from a normal corpse. You will remain this way until either you are healed by negative energy or fed blood enough to heal you.

The Initiated
You have been a vampire long enough that you are beginning to be able to control your condition. You need to feed less frequently and you have begun to control your form turning into mist or climbing like a spider.

Prerequisites: The Bitten, The Dying, The Risen, 7th level

Benefits: You gain the feat Combat Reflexes. You gain a +4 racial bonus to Bluff, Perception, Sense Motive and Stealth Checks (the Perception bonus replaces the bonus from the Dying feat). You gain the gaseous form and spider climb special qualities of a vampire (see the vampire template). If reduced to zero hit points, you are still sickened if you do not feed but now you need only feed every three days. However, you now recoil from mirrors and strongly presented holy symbols.

True Vampirism
You have mastered your condition of vampirism and are now a true vampire in every sense.

Prerequisites: The Bitten, the Dying, the Risen, The Initiated, 9th level

Benefits: You gain the full benefit and weaknesses of the vampire template.

Aversion to sunlight is probably the most famous vampire weakness. Here is a magic item that can help a vampire participate during daylight hours. The Shroud of the Daywalker can help a vampire function during the day time.

The second problem all vampires must face is that they need to have a coffin readily at hand. They sleep within their coffin and must flee to it if reduced to zero hit points. Lugging around a coffin can be quite an obstacle but is likely a surmountable one. No doubt the vampire will either establish a lair or perhaps bring a carriage with them that contains their coffin and shields it from the light of the sun. Minions can be used for guard duty to secure the wagon when the vampire must be away from the coffin. Though not mentioned in the template, in traditional vampire lore, the coffin can be desecrated and rendered unusable by holy water or the blessings of a holy man.

The third disadvantage is one often forgotten about both in roleplaying games and fiction, but is perhaps one of the most interesting. A vampire cannot enter a private home or dwelling unless invited by someone with the authority to invite them in. It means that the vampire PC must find a way to, by trickery or guile, get invited into these places.

There is one more vampiric challenge – the creation of vampire spawn. An endlessly replenishable supply of CR 4 minions can be unbalancing. However, if you read the template carefully, this can be managed. First, the PC vampire can only control twice its hit dice in spawn. Any additional become free-willed vampires. Most newly created free-willed vampires will try to flee their creator and so will be of no use as minions. CR 4 spawn are unlikely to be terribly useful in combat at level 12 plus when the PCs are likely to actually have minions in their midst. What can you can do is allow minion organizations a one-time bonus of +2 to Ruthless checks made after dark after a vampire joins the party.

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