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The agents of Inquisitor Smythe seek the horrors hidden within the corrupt soul of the Imperium.

Map of the Calixis Sector

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lost soul

Alexander, Ata, Bachu, and Maxim:

we will use the discussion page for your temporary gameplay thread until your party rendezvous with the other team.

The travel through the warp had been bumpy, to say the least. The captain had informed you of several directed corrections implemented by the vessel’s navigator, and they had experienced a few minor shipboard manifestations, nothing serious, but still, a warp presence. Despite that, the techpriest onboard had assured you that the Eternal Bounty’s Gellar Field was intact. Coming out of warp, the vessel’s data systems took an especially long time to get oriented, and when they did, it came back that the journey within the warp, though tracked at a number of weeks, had in fact taken over 4 years to complete. Sending communication via your astropath to the Inquisitor Brannor Smythe, your liege, you received a reply from Interrogator Zoll, his second. ”Agents, glad to hear you are alive, you have been missed. Your intended mission is still unresolved to identify possible cult or separatist activity on Lo still open. Furthermore, an Inquisitorial investigative team was recently dispatched to Lo’s third orbiting lunar body, Kadenar, to investigate lack of contact with a mining facility, possibly related to your case. Divert to Kadenar and rendezvous with the team, expedite the completion of their investigation then move together to Lo for follow up and onto your target. We will work on an update prior to your arrival at Lo.”

After a detailed discussion with the captain of the Eternal Bounty ensuring their compliance to the Writ of Employment and their maintained presence, your assembled team loaded into the Karve class orbital craft and launched to make contact with the other Inquisitorial team. After a day's flight, your sensors lock in on your closing target of the moon Kadenar and a single Taurus class transport in orbit. Running it's credentials, it comes back registered to Clan Orthriad of Laskin, the cover identity the other Inquisitorial team was documented as using.

Game On!


Alexander, Ata, GM, and Maxim:
Bachu sighs as they exit the warp somehow knowing the news that they were late was coming. Four years?!?! I was expecting some loss but not that much. At least nothing came out to try and eat me. You see him shiver for a second as if cold.

Once they launch for Kadenar Bachu doesn't say much, but makes the rounds of the ship regularly, as if looking for something. When they spot the Taurus transport he says "We should contact the ship and see if the meeting is going well and ask if there is anything to watch out for on descent."

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A-team ;p:

wait wait wait, just so I'm clear, does this make me 4 years older? Cuz, man, if it does then time sure does fly by huh. He looks around and gets nothing from the attempt at humor. He sighs.

Man, Folk in the inquisition sure are serious. This world will break ya if you can't lighten up once in a while. Eh, it will break you anyway I suppose. But I'll be damned if I let it see me bleed. He recalls to his past.

I'm just glad I'm not on his list as an enemy. I almost feel sorry for those who are.

Ahh, I'm sure its elevated to, lets call it aggressive diplomacy. Everything these days seems to. He says in response to Bachu while checking and rechecking his rifle and las carbine.

Something I like to think I'm rather good at. At least, comparatively to many. Though it may be worth checking. If we don't hear from them, then I wager we have our answer. Make sure to use proper channels and the like, don't want to blow their cover.

Seemingly satisfied with his gear, he lights a cigar before leaning back in his seat.

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It Begins with A:

Maxim managed a mirthful chuckle at Alex's joke. "Eh, if it does, does that mean you are four years closer to death then? Let's hope not..." he lets the half-though linger as he comes to the cogitator they have gathered around to review their updated orders. He reached up to push his loose hair back from his face, his cheek unconsciously twitching as he did.

"Four years is a lot of time for unchecked subversives to grow their machinations. Assuming this mine is a valuable target, it sounds like a plausible move for our unknown target. So yes, they may have reached the point of hostile negotiations. And if so, we will be required to help convince the heretics of their error in judgment." Maxim follows Alex's lead as he checks over both his shotgun and sidearm, then rifles through his weathered medikit.

Looking over to their fourth companion, he leans in, "Oi, Ata, are you going to handle the covert contact with our Inquisitorial brethren?"

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I guess that makes me Face...:
Ata looked over and gave a wan little smile, trying hard to keep his lunch in his stomach even so long after transit. He was not happy with warp travel... no he was not. It was his first time, and Emperor knows he didn't want to again anh time soon.

"I will do whatever the Emperor and his Holy Inquisition requires of me. If it involves human interaction you can leave it to me..." He thought a second and added. "... of the more civil variety of interaction."

lost soul

Apologies, changing covid restrictions have made my work world chaotic (I am in hospitality), and my little man (4 months old) has been having a rough go the past week. Trying to get caught up now.

Will have posts up in the next few hours.

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Take as much time as you need boss.

Wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Merry Christmas; hope you get to spend some time with family and friends and all the best for the New Year!

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

Still not clear here. I'm hoping to catch up in the new year.

lost soul

Good evening and Happy New Year, one and all.

It is with a heavy heart that I sit at my keyboard tonight and face the reality that, between the continued complications following my wife's c-section and the changing face of my work environment, I simply do not have the ability to continue to run this game and need to step away from the boards as a whole. I am sorry to have dragged this on for so long, leaving you all in the lurch. To those who started this game on day 1, thank you for being a part of the story. For those that had hoped to join in, thank you for taking interest. I am sorry that I cannot provide an experience for each and every one of you at this time.

May you all find joy and wonderment in your future gaming endeavours!

My Deepest Regrets,
- Oblivion's Scion

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Sorry to hear this game is ending, but as both a husband and father to a young son, I can relate to the challenges of new parenthood. Hopefully your wife starts doing better, c-sections can have a long road to recovery, even without complications.

If you ever want to reboot, I will be around.

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Real life matters so much more, I do hope it all gets easier for you soon. I'm only just getting back into the swing of things now as it is.

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