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Oh my. That sounds almost as fun as my run with two bards and no cleric. X-D

Alright, I have an idea for my Cayleanite. He's a saltbeard dwarf, born on the docks and raised at sea. He's an... uh, enthusiastic worshiper of the Accidental God and holds two things most important - good ale, and the freedom to find it on one's own terms. And to those who try to restrict the freedom of others to choose their own paths? He will be the rock that their chains will break upon. And maybe put some stale beer in their faces - might as well use it for something.

Mechanically, I'm looking at a warpriest/evangelist build. Strength, Constitution, and Wisdom as important stats, rather skill-starved for the first 5 levels until evangelist kicks in at lvl 6. Background skills will help out significantly with that - thank goodness! Sword-and-board for decent AC (not certain about how heavy of armor, but probably medium armor at least). He should be able to put out reasonable damage when needed, but I'm trying to make him a debuffer as well with Dirty Trick and some fun spells.

I like to plan things like skills out slightly with the rest of the group - more just checking who can cover what. I'm planning to take Profession (sailor) as one of my background skills and the Besmara's Blessing campaign trait. Gotta have someone sturdy to manhandle the boat's rudder, after all. GM, would background skills count towards the skill-rank prerequisite for the evangelist prestige class?

LaughableRogue, have you looked at any of the alternative racial subtypes from the Plane-Hopper's Guide for the element-kin races? It sounds like a Rimesoul undine might be just the flavor you're looking for.

And here's the rules on automatic bonus progression, if other folks are curious like me. I will admit I've never this rule set implemented, but the ability to use your shoulder slot for something other than a cloak of resistance sounds like fun!

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Eh, we can always use dispel magic for the magic traps. Or find a wand of Aram Zey's focus. And I've wanted to see a Dashing Thief in action for sooooooo long! You should totally do it!

I'm actually thinking Warpriest for the Cayleanite (maybe with some Evangelist thrown in there too), but I haven't fooled around enough to know for certain. Hopefully I"ll have a better idea after this weekend.

GM Ladile wrote:
(Or continue onward with other NPCs stepping up a bit to provide extra support where necessary.)

Hah! That’s how our first Pathfinder game (homebrew) ended up with a kobold oracle trying to keep a pair of barbarians, two rangers and their pets, and an elven wizard alive so we could feed him more cinnamon rolls. And spending the majority of one encounter summoning water to create a pond so he could summon a shark because he thought it would be helpful. Good times.

If we’re going pirate, I think I’d prefer the Cayleanite. Or would someone else want to fill that role?

Oh man, I’d forgotten about this character idea - a gnome illusionist sorcerer who doesn’t always know if what he just creates is real or not (homebrew drawback or trait that he has to save against his own illusions). Could fit into any campaign easily enough, but not tightly bound to a campaign either. I don’t know if illusions are something that would work better or worse in PbP - thoughts, GM?

As far as our other two players, they’re still sorting out moving across the country and all the fun things that entails. I’ll try to check in with them this weekend, but as far as I know they don’t have strong preferences on the adventure.

I have a half-baked idea for a Cayleanite who specializes in throwing drinks in people’s eyes if we go pirate. But only the bad ale - never waste a good drink on someone who won’t appreciate it, after all!

Not really certain on a winter character. I’ll need to read the Player’s Guide for some inspiration.

Curse of the Crimson Throne might also require some extra work with the "conversion" from 3.5 to PF, but that's a question for our GM.

Doodle is up! I tried to remove the APs people have called out as non-options, but obviously I missed some (like Curse of the Crimson Throne and Strange Aeons). Just don't vote for them, I guess? Select as many adventures as you want - you can indicate "Yes" or "Yes if need be" for the options you're not as excited about, but still interested in. A blank response for an option counts as "No".

Bonus points for Skull and Shackles - I bought the AP a year back and could loan the PDFs to the GM for this adventure.

Reign of Winter might have some weird subsystems in the last two books - GM, maybe you would prefer to check that so the rest of us don’t spoil things for ourselves?

Skull and Shackles sounds fun to me, as does Reign of Winter. I’ll try to get a doodle up later today so we can collate our opinions/preferences between the various APs.

Woo! Thanks again for being willing to GM for us, Lady Ladile!

About me: I’ve been playing Pathfinder for about 2.5 years, first in a home campaign and then Society. I started playing here on the forums about a year ago, which was where I started to change from more of a “power-gaming” view to a character-driven storytelling approach. A friend also introduced me to Critical Role, which has been an inspiration for this new style of play for me.

Outside of games, I’m sad that I can’t cook for everyone because bringing food to game sessions is one of my favorite things. I also would be very happy to show you pictures of my cats (they’re the best) and coo over pictures of your pets (they are also the best). My biggest regret in life is that I lost all my hair before I could dye it fun colors (I was really hoping for premature grey instead).

Regarding characters: I would rather wait to see what other folks want to play and fill in holes in the team.

Regarding adventures: I would love to do a full Adventure Path (lvl 1 to 15-17), but I know that’s a huge commitment over several years. I will warn my fellow players that I am the goodest gooder that ever gooded, so a decidedly amoral campaign will be tough for me. I have no problem being the group’s conscience, but I don’t want to be a dissenting voice that everyone else finds annoying and tries to ignore.

Sounds good - best of luck!

If there is still room, I could bring a Monk 3, Alchemist 3, or Oracle 4.

I could bring (in order of preference):
- Support Investigator 4
- Support Oracle (and wolf) 4
- Debuff Magus 3
- Unchained Monk 3
- Leshy Bloodrager 2
- Conjurer Wizard 2
- Archer Paladin 2


James Krolak wrote:


Some SFS race boon that I don't already have.
Or make me an offer. There's no way I'll end up using most of these at this point.

PM sent!

For low-tier I can offer:
- Conjurer Wizard 2
- Archer Paladin 2
- Spell Warrior Skald 2
- Arcane Bloodrager 2
- Staff Magus 2
- Barbarian 1

Glad to hear you had a good time, GM. I was worried about the reviews as well.

Tyranius wrote:

Recruitment is now open for Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible!

Sign-Up Here

Any chance for a second table?

For high tier, I've got a geokineticist 4 or oracle 4. If neither of those fit, I could bring a spell warrior skald 2, a conjurer wizard 2, or an archer paladin 2.

So, are we going high or low?

I have several characters in range who could fill a spot, but my first choices would be my lvl 1 warpriest, lvl 2 paladin, or lv 1 druid. Would any of those fit well here?

I'd also love to join! I've got an idea for a shaman to cover the cleric-type slot if that's okay - I'll have details assembled by later tonight or tomorrow.

Still interested - PM sent.

Still holding out for the alchemist - gotta level him up so he can apply that mistaken Chronicle Sheet! (Also so he can finally get Precise Shot and make life so much easier for everyone involved.)

Second choice would be a lvl 2 skald.

GM, question - Joliryn's stat block has her wielding a kukri, but her feats and descriptors all reference a scimitar. Are those meant to disagree, or should she pick one or the other and swap things over to match (as in, make the kukri into a scimitar or change Weapon Focus to kukri)?

Given the choice, I would prefer to use my alchemist (lvl 2 - I miscalculated some GM credit earlier when I said he was lvl 3). What character would everyone else prefer to play? Once we have that information, we can look for any potential holes and swap characters as needed.

Thanks CigarPete! Based on the info, I would prefer Joliryn if possible.

I would be interested! Without knowing the pregen characters, it's hard to pick one ahead of time though. Do you need the information for the character receiving credit now or once players have been chosen?

EDIT: Thanks GM! I think I'd be interested in Joliryn or Marnarius.

Also interested! I have:

Earth Kineticist 4
Trap Breaker Alchemist 3
Conjurer Wizard 2
Spell Warrior Skald 2
Hex Staff Magus 2
Arcane Bloodrager 2
Archer Paladin 2
Greataxe Warpriest 1
Water Druid 1
Barbarian 1

Since so many people have so many options, perhaps we can wait to pick characters and post details until after players have been chosen?

I have a healthy selection of lvl 1's and 2's should there be a need for a replacement player. Just shoot me a PM and I'll see what fits best.

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Archives of Nethys (recently made the PRD) is an excellent place to start a search for options as well. They do a good job marking if an option is PFS legal, has restrictions or substitutions, or not legal. However, they are humans (as far as we know) and the site is not 100% accurate. But, the site does an excellent job of listing which book each option can be found in - this makes cross-referencing the Additional Resources page much quicker.

Hello again GM Dak! May I introduce Oso the Redeemed, tiefling paladin of Sarenrae.

Oso the Redeemed:
Oso does not know his parents - perhaps a nobleman and a serving girl, perhaps two star-crossed lovers - but he does know that his fiendish appearance, even as a baby, was enough to have his father disown him and his mother burned at the stake. If his parents gave him a name, he does not know it. Growing up in Oparra was very difficult for any orphan, but especially so for a tiefling child. Many times he could scare people away with his horrific visage, but his luck ran out when a group of young noblemen accosted him, beat him into unconsciousness, branded his hand with “some demon sign, fitting for such filth”, and left him outside the city to die of exposure.

His life was very likely saved by a travelling priestess of the Dawnflower. Seeing something in the boy that nobody else had, she brought him with her back to the city of Maharev in Qadira. There, she taught him that anyone, no matter their family or past deeds, could be redeemed. As Oso grew, he studied Sarenrae’s teachings and embraced her dual-edged doctrine of forgiveness and justice. His natural talent with the sword became obvious as he grew, as did his devotion to the church that had turned his life around. At the age of 25, he took the name Oso as his own and pledged both his soul and his sword to Sarenrae. Now a paladin, he searches for those like him who need a second chance.

Oso was sent to Oparra by Amal al-Sahba, High Priestess of Sarenrae in Maharev, Qadira several months ago. His official orders were to support the church of the Dawnflower in Oparra, spread the light of redemption amongst the poor and downtrodden, and protect the people from the forces of darkness and evil. Unofficially, he was told to find Martella Lotheed and pledge himself to her service and the service of her patron, Princess Eutropia. The High Priestess hoped that, as a native of Taldor, Oso would provoke less suspicion of foreign support for the princess - as well as perhaps find the peace that had continued to evade the young man in Qadira.

Oso tends to the sick and wounded at one of the small churches of the Dawnflower in Oparra. Between donations and tithes, the clergy can provide him with a bed and simple food. He doesn’t ask for more.

Recently - nudged and prodded by his fellow priests - Oso entered and won a wrestling competition. While the public adoration is not unwelcome (and neither is the extra money such attention supplies), Oso has claimed none of it for himself and instead uses his notoriety to spread the word of the Dawnflower even as he hopes to catch the attention of Martella. He does his best to ignore the rumors that his victory is only due to fiendish pacts he made with his ancestors, or that he cheated because “there’s no way such a worthless mongrel could win without underhand tricks”.

As he has lived in Oparra for the last several months, Oso has realized just how much the games of the powerful shape the lives of those less fortunate. His duty to the High Priestess is now coupled with his own desire for justice, reform, and the redemption of Oparra. Only then will he see less servants asking if he can set a broken bone from a lord’s beating, less women asking him where they can hide from an abusive master while the baby grows inside them, less children who flinch and can’t meet his gaze as he raises a hand in welcome. If he can help support Princess Eutropia’s claim to the throne, perhaps she can change Taldor for the better of all its people.

In combat, Oso defends himself with his shield as he subdues his opponents with his scimitar - using the techniques learned from the clergy of the Dawnflower to avoid the spilling of blood whenever possible. When he encounters unrepentant evil, the righteous fury of the Dawnflower infuses him and lends strength to his arms even as it protects him from harm. A quick prayer to Sarenrae is often enough to reinvigorate him when he is hurt, and the light of the Dawnflower seems to shine brighter on one so devoted to denying his ancestral heritage of death and destruction.

Outside of combat, Oso relies on his natural charm to ease the hearts and minds of those around him. When that is not sufficient, he finds his fiendish looks often enough to send any would-be attackers scattering without resorting to violence. From his patients, Oso also hears firsthand about the noble houses and the games between them.

Details about Oso’s character build and progression can be found here.

About Me:
I am currently posting from GMT-3, usually mornings and evenings local time. I am running 3 games currently (one wrapping up by Monday) and playing in 12 (including two starting soon as part of Retrocon and your table of Rise of the Runelords). I usually check threads and post twice a day if not more.


- Xenophile
- Mounted Tradition
- Share the Wealth (Equipment)
- On the Job Training

- Extra Hours
- Racial (any?)

I don't think I qualify as a newbie to PbP anymore - I joined during GameDay VII in August and broke 1000 posts two weeks ago - but I would also be interested if there are not enough players.

Question for the GM: Are you planning to run this in Campaign mode?

I would be interested as well. Feel free to PM if you have any questions I can help answer!

GM Eyes Only:
Beef tacos, and I don't really have a recipe other than lots of veggies, guacamole, cheese, and a seasoning packet to mix with the beef.

@GM Dak Thanks for the explanation about background skills!

I've also got this character for a ranged skill-heavy alchemist:

Bartholomew Valdimar II:
Mechanical Details
Neutral Tiefling Trap-breaker Alchemist, focused on debuffing enemies (though sometimes the most effective debuff is a swift demise).

Outside of combat, he is a very knowledgeable (if somewhat clinical) resource of the best ways to bypass locks (usually with explosives), disarm traps (with explosives), and create alchemical tools (such as explosives) to make the adventuring life easier. He will also be an excellent linguist and spellcrafter, as well as using things that are clearly not for him (Use Magic Device).

More detailed breakdown of the build can be found here.

Bartholomew Valdimar II, youngest scion of the Valdimar family, was born on a starless night in the middle of winter to a housemaid who was paid a hefty sum for her child and her silence. Raised by a family that never quite accepted him, the young Bartholomew threw himself into his studies and impressed all his tutors with his love of learning - if not with his rather chill demeanor. Unfortunately, he also made quite an impression on them with his love of explosions, fires, and strong-smelling chemicals. After burning through every potential instructor in Magnimar, the family finally sent the young man to his elderly relative in the small town of Sandpoint. “At least he can’t burn down Magnimar from there,” they whispered as he left.

Bartholomew has been living in Sandpoint for a little over two months now, and has taken to life in Sandpoint quite well. He splits his time between working at the general store with Ven Vinder, creating alchemical tools and tricks for Ven to sell, and experimenting with anything he can get his hands on to create more powerful explosives. His caretaker, Ethram Valdemar, tends to stay out of the boy’s affairs - interfering only when Bartholomew almost burned down the Hagfish tavern to confiscate the lad’s alchemy kit for a week. Bartholomew never acknowledged the kit’s disappearance or reappearance, but he tends nowadays to keep his most explosive work to the outskirts of town near Junker’s Beach.

Bartholomew has recently grown bored from the lack of new materials for his experiments in Sandpoint. Having found his true calling in the science of explosives, he longs to travel to unexplored locales filled with untapped and uncatalogued reagents and ingredients and begin contributing to the knowledge and understanding of the next generation. He’s not foolish enough to strike out on his own, but should the opportunity arise to travel with companions he would leap at the chance.

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Mystic Ankh wrote:
And to save long posts somewhere else in the future...

I highly recommend Google Docs!

If you are still taking applications, I have an idea for a front-line character.

Reckum Worlwind:
Mechanical Details

CG Gnome Bloodrager (Bloodrider archetype, Celestial bloodline) - eventual goal to ride a pig animal companion into battle wielding a large hammer and a maniacal grin. Full character build can be found here.

Reckum wants to get up close and personal with opponents during combat. He's most comfortable outside and (hopefully) won't get lost in the woods easily (this gets better at higher levels).

Ideally, the pig in question would be rescued or found early and be a relative of Squeely Nord.


Reckum hails from the Solos Forest. A reckless thrillseeker even by gnome standards, Reckum’s family tried to calm him as a small child by asking an angel to bless him. The angel took one look at the rapidly-crawling baby, looked back at the parents, and said “I’ll do what I can, but don’t expect any miracles.” It’s difficult to say for certain, but the angel’s blessing does not seem to have done much to curb the gnome’s excitability - perhaps it has yet to manifest itself.

Reckum grew up tracking various animals - first through the village, then through the neighboring woods - and occasionally bringing them back to the village, where the panicked creatures would wreak havoc before escaping back into the woods, the tiny form of Reckum in hot pursuit. As he grew bigger, so did the creatures he rode. Realizing they needed to channel his energy before it flattened the village, the elders gave Reckum the job of patrolling the village perimeter and chasing off hostile creatures. This suited the young gnome well, and he still proudly carries his “wallop-hammer” everywhere he goes - “To protect my friends,” he says when asked.

It was a dark and stormy night when Reckum came to Sandpoint on the back of a particularly energetic buck. To say he was riding it would be generous - travelers still tell stories about hearing maniacal laughter through the mists one night and seeing a wide-eyed gnome clutching the neck of an equally wide-eyed deer careening out of the sleet before vanishing as quickly as they appeared. Reckum doesn’t remember how the ride ended - only that he woke up to the sun in his eyes on the road outside Sandpoint.

Reckum’s been in Sandpoint for a bit less than a month now and keeps himself busy by bringing in food from the forest and keeping predators and aggressive neighbors away - Mayor Kendra having reached the same conclusion about channeling his enthusiasm as the elders of Sanos. He is cheerful and welcoming to everyone not openly aggressive, which has only bitten him once when he let a horse thief leave town unchallenged with a herd of Daverin Hosk’s best horses. Since arriving, he’s become obsessed with stories of the Sandpoint Devil and has been trying every method he can come up with to lure the beast out (currently he’s trying various scents rubbed on trees outside of town). When asked why, he simply grins and says, “Why, to ride it, of course! Well, or wallop it. Basically the same thing!”

- Would you be open to letting him use the Primalist archetype to trade his lvl 12 bloodline power for two rage powers (Ferocious Mount and Greater Ferocious Mount)? If so, we should discuss how that would translate from rage to bloodrage.
- With the Boon Companion feat, his boar mount will be large enough for him to ride when he gets the class ability at lvl 5. Would you be willing to ignore the restrictions on waiting until lvl 8 for such a companion?
- How high of a level is this campaign expected to reach (aka, how far out should I plan his build)?

About Me:
I am currently posting from GMT-3. In EST, I usually post overnight and again late morning/early afternoon (sometimes more).

I started playing PFS in August 2017 and started using PbP in June 2018 (GameDay VII) as a way to continue playing with friends. I am currently playing in 12 PFS scenarios (with 4 near or at the final encounter) and running 3 PFS scenarios (with 1 on the final encounter). I am having a blast with the PbP format and really enjoying the ability to flesh-out a character beyond modifiers on dice rolls.

Also, question: What do you mean by “background skills”?

GM XaveTheNerd wrote:
Looks like the characters will make it to Level 12.

As in, characters will finish the final floor and level up to 12 (and never be played at lvl 12), or they will be lvl 12 for the final floor?

I'm not sure how that home-game loot rule will work, but I'm willing to see it in practice first. I can make an inventory sheet to keep track of what we find (and who's using what).

I'll try to have my build up later tonight or tomorrow! Looks like fun!

And that does bring up several good questions for the GM:

- How is experience for campaign characters being tracked?
- How is wealth being implemented? Are we selling and buying things in town? In Absalom?
- What level are these characters expected to reach?
- Will there be downtime between floors (for earning extra income, selling/buying inventory, etc.)?

Channeler's going to be buffing, summoning-lite, and buffing/debuffing/moving people with their channels. I'm thinking variant channeling (with the focus less on damaging opponents with the channel and more on debuffing them), so perhaps there's a flavor that would be beneficial to you, GBear?

I've got an entertaining idea for a cleric/envoy of balance aasimar channeler. GBear, did you want to run a frontliner?

Druid could help cover support/healer. It's got access to most of the healing spells (including heal), but is missing some like restoration and greater restoration.

Summoning part can also provide more bodies on the battlefield to absorb attacks and effects. Druid list is mostly limited to beatsticks, but it's a dungeon crawl with a high likelihood of many things to beat with sticks.

Arcanist would be mostly support with a side of debuff. No restorative spells, but lots of defensive effects.

Checking in!

So I've got two builds I'd be happy to take through the Spire. One is a counterspelling school savant arcanist and the other is a summoning and buffing undine adept druid. I'm happy to provide more details on either if so desired.

What does everyone else want to bring? It's kinda like an AP in that these characters are going to be working with each other for a long time.

GM Darren, I am interested in Honor's Echo as well, but the link is only giving me a blank page. :-(

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But hey! The Concordance icon is functional! Got to celebrate the literally little things!

Definitely interested, but will want to make a new character if they're going to spend their entire career in the Emerald Spire. Give me a few hours and I'll have them post here with the information above.

Interested. Question: Is this for PFS credit (campaign mode)?

Also, the build I have in mind is a counterspeller, and I'm a bit concerned by your ideas on identifying spells (as that would seriously gimp the character). Do you have ideas for how counterspelling would work, or is this build just not a good fit for your campaign?

If there’s still room, I’d love to bring a lvl 1 martial (many flavors available).

- Orzworth, Oread Unchained Monk 1
- Sieglinde, Human Paladin 1
- Half-orc Warpriest 1 (profile coming soon)
- Vine Leshy Bloodrager 1 (profile coming soon)

And if the game starts next week, I could even bring:
- Torku, Tiefling Magus 1 (profile coming soon, 1 more game to GM for boon)

Same GM in question had signups for a couple other multi-parts that never started. If someone is interested in picking them up, we might still have the players involved ready to go. Signup sheet is found here, and the scenarios in question are To Judge a Soul and Forged in the Flame.

I can put my name down for the waiting list.

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Huge shoutout to our VA Elinnea for patiently helping this new GM get his first PbP game off the ground, for having wonderful ideas to odd problems, and for being extraordinarily awesome!

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