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1:Randgrid 2:Jujo 3:Trawets 4:Revekka 5:Ottast

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Calling all “Yes, and…” people!! If you know what that means then I am looking for you.

From time to time it happens and we had a player who needed to back out. I am looking for one player who would like to join the DM Squirrel Ninja’s Reign of Winter Campaign. The party has just started. They have recently left the starting hamlet of Heldren, discovered the ambush site of the Lady’s wagon and have just entered the Border Woods.

Below is the current cast. I will say that I will take any application, but healing support of any kind would be extremely useful.

I have no time limit for submissions other than once I see one that looks like it will be a good fit the recruitment will be closed. Post early!

Current Cast:

Jujopotamous Jumbomanic the 3rd Gnome Prankster Bard

Ottast (Otta) Prumur Human Stormwalker Ranger

Randgríðr Half-elf Viking Fighter

Trawets Aarock Human Admixture Evoker Wizard

Character Creation:

Stats: 15 point buy. I do follow aging rules and have a personal soft spot for the elderly wizard.
Races: Core, archetypes are welcomed.
Classes: All, minus the occult classes. My in person gaming group has never delved into that realm so I know nothing about them. Archetypes are welcomed.
Traits: 2 and one must be from the RoW Player's Guide. I will allow a drawback for an extra trait. But, all of your traits and the drawback must be built into the character.
Starting Gold: Max +50. Buy what your character would need in their daily life. You never know when you are going to need that mirror, fishing lure, and false-bottom cup.
Alignments: I am open to all alignments. This is a team game and as in real life if a person isn't working well on the team they can get let go. The same goes for your PC.
Background skills: I will allow background skills, but use them to help enhance your characters background.
Background: Who are you? Why are you in the village of Heldren? How did you become more than the common commoner? Please tie in your background skills, Traits and Drawback if you took one.
Posting Rates: I know life happens, but I would love to see a pace of 1 post per week day and 1 post a weekend. If people post more than that, that is cool.

Original Recruitment Thread

Contributor, RPG Superstar 2009, RPG Superstar Judgernaut

Hey, Squirrel Ninja...

I might have an interest, assuming you're open to the idea of the actual author of Book 1 playing alongside everyone. FYI, I've taken a sabbatical from writing for Paizo these past few years due to family obligations at home, but I was an avid play-by-post gamer prior to RPG Superstar and recently joined a couple of other games here on the boards. Since you're running Snows of Summer, I've been lurking along with your game for the past couple of weeks, so I'm already caught up on what's happened so far.

If you're comfortable with including me, I believe a cleric of Sarenrae with the Sun domain seems especially in order for your group. That should cover the healing angle and bring a bit of sunshine to melt the snow and ice ahead. Or, my personal preference would be a witch with a healing-oriented patron and the ley line guardian archetype. That would probably work better for the storyline, and I could take the Failed Winter Witch Apprentice campaign trait. Either way, I'll be sure to keep my in-game knowledge limited to what the character would know. Let me know your thoughts and I can put together a full character concept while I'm home for holidays.

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... so yeah... I am going to dot in, but honestly (assuming you don't mind the guy who wrote this thing playing with you) I think I might get outclassed on this one. Won't stop me from applying though... no sense in not providing some competition.

@Neil as nerve wracking as this that would be... I do think it would also cause me to step up my game. I would be cool with either option. Go ahead and write either up, whichever you'd have more fun playing, and jump on over to the discussion page and get you into the mix.

@The Emerald Duke sorry but I think I am going to have to close the recruitment.

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10-4. I'll have something to you in the next couple of days. My oldest daughter is having surgery today to have her wisdom teeth out. Once we have that behind us, I'll start working up the character. Thanks for having me in the game, and apologies to the Emerald Duke. Perhaps if we lose another player down the road, there'll be another opportunity? Best wishes and happy holidays.

No problem or complaints from me about that decision, DM. It is not every day you get the chance to run a published AP for the guy who wrote it. Good luck with the rest of the adventure!

And while I would certainly be willing to step in should that happen, I would prefer it if that isn't the case Neil. I appreciate the sentiment though, and wish you nothing but the best in the coming year.

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