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with regards to the armor thing, masterwork studded leather is cheap (175gp at normal size) and would add +3 AC and no ACP. A masterwork light shield (or buckler) would be another +1 AC for your construct. You could get more AC by delving into special materials, but it could get expensive...

You only have to succeed at 1/2 the skill checks in a ritual to succeed: "If more than half the skill checks for an occult ritual are successful, the ritual succeeds". Assuming all the skill checks are successful, you get it off in 1/2 the time...

As an added stupid Wyrwood tricks question, anybody have an explanation for the "Arcane Reinforcement (Ex)" that shows up on the Wyrwood bad guys in Borne by the Sun's Grace? Maybe pure developer flim-flammery not intended to be available to PC's?

Hey, if we are in ask the developer questions territory here, the Wyrwood enemies in BbtSG have a really ridiculously potent modification: "Arcane Reinforcement (Ex)" (summarizable as fast healing 5, 30 extra HP, see through smoke and fog, Fire resistance 10), which is presumably a racial trait... so what's trade out for this racial trait (which apparently doesn't affect their CR either...), or is this pure flim-flammery that's not supposed to be available to PC's?

NobodysHome wrote:

And as a by-the-by, off on my Europe trip, so no games 'til August.

Boo! Get back soon, I want my free entertainment! (And have a nice trip, lots of fun...)

PS. What, if anything, is happening with getting the original band back together for Return of the Runelords?

Particular Jones wrote:

Probably the best one and it avoids the usual issue of not having enough space to bring a mount into certain places is the Giant Gecko Lizard. It does not much in the way of damage yet constant Spider-Climb means you can bring it almost anywhere the party visits.

Giant Gecko

The unfortunate problem with the giant gecko, is that as an animal companion, it's not giant. Specifically, it starts as small (and thus unable to act as a mount, barring feat, for a small character). It becomes medium at lvl 4...

Something similar exists,

the Sadist's Lash.

It's not that expensive, but you probably want to change the effects to use with more than just enchantment spells. So it's going to be a custom magic item, and you need to discuss it with your GM.

Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

And there is also a CR23 fey that works a bit like a super powerful Kineticist, they’re all about Mother Nature vibes from what I can remember but can’t find one now for the life of me


Suggestion, have Arlen the Paladin/the Cassomir city council hand them a reward at the end of the rescue/raid/episode as a thank you for cleaning up the mess...

Did it make one of the later Beastiary's? IIRC that is where they wrote in allowing the resolute and entropic templates with Summon Monster...

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Melkiador wrote:
Dasrak wrote:

Arcane Amplifier
Power: +1, Versatility: +1

This is an archetype to be chosen only by Wizards who hold the safety and wellbeing of their familiar in contempt. Free metamagic is very powerful, but comes at the cost of most of your familiar's defensive bonuses and requires the familiar to be an active participant in combat to make use of its powerful benefits. If you choose this familiar archetype, stock up on shoeboxes.

I don't think your assigned numbers are wrong, but the Arcane Amplifier doesn't really need to participate in combat to be great. Right off the bat, it's a leveling metamagic extend rod, which is great for your daily mage armor and in later levels it can really improve lower duration pre-buffs, like heroism or greater invisibility. And really, if it did nothing other than that, it'd be a desirable archetype.

The out of combat options aren't as obvious for the other metamagic you get, but there are still handy combinations, like having your familiar heighten a daylight spell by 2 levels, so countering magical darkness becomes super easy. And despite the name, the familiar seems to work fine for divine classes, so imagine the helpfulness of having a maximized breath of life.

If anything, I might be rating this higher for classes that need to protect their familiar anyway (WITCH!). You can pick something like a Greensting scorpion, house it in an armored shoe box and let it out to eat and to pump out of combat spells...

What level is your group and how much money is available?

Polymorph Any Object from dwarf to gnome should be a permanent solution:
Same Kingdom (animal), same class (mammal), Related (your soul was originally gnome), same or lower intelligence...

that'a a +11, when you need a +9 for permanence.

Add in spell immunity/ greater spell immunity
or a contingency effect, to protect against dispelling

Shadar Aman wrote:

Name: Zed

Race: Human
Classes/levels: Sorcerer 6
Adventure: Shifting Sands
Location: The Dark Depository
Catalyst: Researching too greedily, and too deep.
** spoiler omitted **

Sorry to be way late, but that doesn't work. Slay Living is a death effect, thus you need a Resurrection, not a raise dead...

PossibleCabbage wrote:

I believe in the case of the Occultist we can tell Implement Mastery is the capstone since it's the class feature whose entry begins with "At 20th level". "Outside Contact 4" is not a class feature so much as a reminder that your Outside Contact feature (gained at 8th level) improves at this level.

I feel like getting a capstone requires actually reaching 20th level in a single class, and there's no other way to get one.

Reasonable interpretation, sure. Still, these are the questions that took 30 seconds to come up with...

This section could have used another editing pass, and a table of what class features are considered capstones... Or maybe just a definition: A capstone is a unique class feature received only at 20th level. (Although that definition would leave Sorcerers and Witches in the sans-capstone category as well, as witches get Hex earlier, and sorcerers get bloodline power earlier).

With regards to 20th level only capstones, again reasonable, but what did you do with Sorcerers + Robes of Arcane Heritage before this came out... They were getting their capstone at 16th.

Got my copy today. So many rules interaction questions...

Like what's the definition of a capstone feature. For example, presumably for sorcerers it's the 20th level bloodline power. But it can't be any class feature at 20th level - wizards get a bonus feat at 20th, but are called out as not having one. So witches getting another hex at 20th are without a capstone (Grand Hex is at 18)? What about classes that get 2 abilities at 20th. Eg. occultist gets Implement Mastery and Outside Contact 4. How about a sorcerer and robes of arcane heritage - can he claim his full bloodline development as of lvl 16 and change out his capstone? Can a 20th level sorcerer pick up an alternate capstone - "Deep Magics" - and yet claim his full bloodline development from the robe?

Crazy feats - "Secrets of Magical Discipline" pg 9 - "any spell"? So cross-class, does this let a wizard loremaster pillage the cleric spell list? What if it's on a different list at a lower level than your own, eg Scribe's Binding as occultist 6 and Sor/Wiz 9? Let's not even get into access to things like "Blood Money"...

UnArcaneElection wrote:

They are very uneven in quality. VMC Witch as you mention is one of the worst (the other worst one is VMC Gunslinger). In contrast, VMC Wizard and VMC Bard can be quite good (even if the scaling is kind of weird), and VMC Fighter can also be good, but only if you are in for the long haul, and some of the others can be good for some very carefully planned niche builds; unfortunately, classes that came out after Pathfinder Unchained just didn't get VMC equivalents at all. I wish they had fixed VMC, but I guess the class feat chains of Pathfinder 2nd Edition are supposed to do more or less the equivalent. I know of 2 guides for VMC, but they haven't been updated for material that came out since (unfortunately no new VMC material came out, but other stuff like ACG and Occult Adventures do interact with it). Almost tempting to do a review of VMC, although that probably doesn't fall within the scope of this thread (unless people want to shoehorn it in here).

I say cool idea, but start it's own thread...

That party is going to have trouble with condition removal... Straight healing in can be covered by 3 secondary healers (Paladin, Ranger, Bard all have cure light on their lists). Also, the party is also short of any arcane supporting options and battlefield control.

How about a witch?

Patron and archetypes would require some careful thought though - Healing would give you the restoration line. Time or Trickery would give you better support spells.

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As a unique class, are they even going to exist. A a spontaneous divine caster, doesn't that role already get filled by divine sorcerers?

I could see them as a set of archetypes, which would define your mystery and associated curse, and then adding revelations and curse step-ups with feats...

crognus wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
The step of us actually producing a more accurate world map in the Core Rulebook is one more step toward being able to more easily explore content like this. If you want to know more about other parts of the world, keep letting us know.
After seeing that 3D globe render at PaizoCon, I would love a physical globe.

There is no way the econ works for selling a physical globe (IMO), but could they sell a digital model?

Weren't some of the Agathion's described as not beautiful -
the moles "Muldnals’ appearance does not immediately command respect. They stand roughly 3 feet in height, and their wide, dirt-encrusted, clawed hands and equally filthy smocks of undyed linen belie their true extraplanar nature."
the fish (bishop agathion) are a maybe "Far from being ashamed of their strange appearances, bishops consider their bodies to be among the most beautiful and versatile in all the planes—a fitting reward for a life well spent in meditation, martial mastery, and harmony with the seas. Anyone who suggests otherwise can count on incurring a bishop’s ill will."

I also seem to recall a whale-man celestial of some sort that wasn't so pretty... but I can't recall what.

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NobodysHome wrote:
UnArcaneElection wrote:

^Wait -- "If it's for the 'greater good', it's all good" doesn't sound necessarily Chaotic -- Chaotic Goods could use that, but so could Lawful Goods (or Neutral Goods) -- they would just be inclined to go about it in different ways.

Well, I don't want to turn this into an alignment thread or a long debate, but not all players will be on board with, "Harming this one innocent man will save ten innocent men."

Similarly, they set up Mun to sound like a very upstanding guy who just happens to have poor taste in friends because he likes outre research; very much like Blackwarm. So, "Sorry, the AP expects you to break into his house and search it no matter how nice he is," probably won't roll well with my players. Hopefully they'll do it, and they'll figure out the truth, but there's a chance they'll give up and move on to Katheer without talking to him, since they already know that that's where Lowls went. And that's an entire level worth of XP and wealth...

If they skip Mun's house, drop a random encounter that develops into a sidequest on them. If it's a rich enough side quest, it could help with your wealth problems as well (say a dragon that is raiding & for a DM macguffin they need to chase it to it's lair. Say it raid their caravan and then flees. At the next town, when the story get mentioned, they get asked to rescue the villages "fair maiden" (or whatever/whomever) as they have shown the ability to challenge the aforementioned draconic raider.

False Life & the greater version are actually pretty decent HP enhancers...

Furnishings: Comfy chairs. Good (magical) lamps. A music source (construct/bound outsider/ undead for the truly freaky). A refreshments area (wine or other spirits, snack foods like nuts). Art has been mentioned.

WRT to the rest of the tower, don't put (presumably) hijackable gates next to your sanctum sanctorum. Put a guard post/fortification of some sort between.

Consider partial levels, ie. if you enter at level 1, you can go up to level 2a, but then have to go to 3 and back down to get to level 2b.

Consider the following:
lvl 1 public rooms
level 2a (access from 1 and 3) Guard post
level 3 inner common spaces (shared with minions/servants but not public)
level 2b (access from 3) General Library
Level 4a (access from 3) Guard post
level 4b (access from 4a) Sanctum (include small reading room/really private library) (access only from 4a)
Level 4c bolthole/escape route (access only from 4b)
Lvl 0 (underground) Guardpost/Dungeon Complex (access from 3)
Lvl -1 (deeper underground) Gates and experimental spaces. (access from lvl 0)

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Non-standard PC races could expand the possibilities: Unifying the lizardmen of the Mushfens could be a kingmaker type campaign, or forming a great Kobold empire in the Candlestone Caverns...

Pizza Lord wrote:
Set wrote:
Permanent illusion duplicating my spellbook.

Not sure what illusion spell you used for it, but I think that has inherent hiccups in it. If it was permanent image (or practically any other image spell) you could only move it around (ie. 'bring the illusory copy with me when I travel') by concentrating every round you move, which is a standard action. Besides that, almost any other illusion has a range limitation, typically an area of 10-foot cubes when you place it that it can't move out of regardless.

Even if it was a mobile image, like disguise self that followed you, there would be issues. I have no problem with a magical disguise that makes it look like you are carrying a spellbook, even an open one (it can make greatswords look like you are carrying a dagger). But allowing it to contain actual, detailed information on demand is a bit far-fetched. For instance, I wouldn't let someone's illusory disguise be an illusory book of common to goblin translation or a dictionary that they can read through and use or study at will without it being a specifically created object akin to creating a magic item. Even so, you can't put it in your backpack and walk around, it would just drift though (without the aforementioned concentration) and it would be subject to being dispelled.

Since you have to be able to visualize the image of the item when you cast it, it would be far-fetched that you got every page, symbol, and detail exactly right without having the book out when you did and flipped through every single page. That means the casting and creation of the illusion likely takes as long as studying an entire spellbook (which is theoretically do-able). But you'd have to repeat this every time you put a new spell in your actual book if you wanted it stay current.

While I might allow an illusory spell page to allow preparation, this basically is bordering on you just preparing spells from your memory of the spell page and I don't think even things like eidetic memory or...

Maybe reverse the plan? Leave 1 (*or more) illusionary copies in a safe place(s) as backups. It's definitely cheaper and might be a lot quicker than recopying 70+ spells... With regards to adding stuff, well, cast a second illusion of another volume with whatever new stuff you want to add.

PS. Looking at the illusion spells, you could probably make the original plan work with Permanent Hallucination on yourself. The script is whenever you say the key phrase, a copy of your spellbook pops out of the ether into your hand, and exists until you say the cancellation phrase... The downside would be that when adventuring if someone hit you with a dispel magic, your "spellbook" might just go poof (and an antimagic field WOULD kill it) until you could recast the illusion. Still a pretty decent trick though. You could have a backup copy if you have a minion (familiar) who's senses you can see through...

PPS. This might be a good method of actually making spellbooks, rather than using regular spell books. Your Xth level and have bought a scroll of ***. You then read the scroll and prepare to transcribe it into your spell book, but instead, cast a permanent illusion of a spellbook with that individual spell in it. Now you have "spellbook" to prepare that spell from. As weightless, no cost, virtual books, this advantageous. ( This will save you writing costs, but presumably, this process would still evaporate the scroll in question. If your DM rules otherwise, well gravy!).

I will say the river journey offers a lot of opportunity (for an AP at least) to use downtime magic item crafting, spell research, summoning and binding outsiders, etc. rules; casters get nice things. Martials no so much - retraining I guess.

Mark Moreland wrote:

Today, we announced our plans to produce a 10th anniversary hardcover update of the Kingmaker Adventure Path. As part of the process of updating it to the current rules set, we'll also be going through the last decade's worth of content from this forum to incorporate feedback from players and GMs of the original campaign.

But we're also planning on adapting the best content from the Kingmaker CRPG to the tabletop, just as Owlcat adapted the original tabletop campaign into their game.

Please let us know what elements of the Kingmaker CRPG you most want to see adapted to the tabletop version of the game. Specifically, I'd be interested in knowing what side-quests, NPCs, wilderness locations and encounters, and innovations to the kingdom-building and -management systems are most popular.

Thanks ahead of time for the feedback! We're excited to work with the community and Owlcat to make the best possible anniversary hardcover compilation we possibly can.

Is that to PF2 or just final state PF1?

Either way, I would concentrate on rebuilding/balancing the kingdom rules, especially so that magic item creation doesn't become broken. A tighter integration (and again, balancing) with the personal downtime rules (from Ultimate Campaign) would also be nice...

As a pedantic point, it should be noted that (most of) the player races are sexually dimorphic, with different abilities : it's extremely uncommon (I won't say impossible, it's a fantasy game) for "males" to become pregnant and have kids... (It also shows up in the various races height and weight tables, for example Drow females are bigger and heavier than males on average)

Obviously, though, the lack of sexual dimorphism in abilities is not a representation of the real world (otherwise, for example, male humans would be at a significant bonus to strength vs female humans). However, Paizo has clearly chosen to write it that way, to avoid the can of worms of modern gender politics. Fine by me...

A non space is a 20' cube that's not there in the dimensional fabric, it's just shown to make the text diagram to work. Nothing says that your dimension needs to be a simple shape. Think of your pocket dimension as a tunnel network with branches - you use the 20' cubes to define the tunnels, not the rock around them...

The defensive bunker spaces would collectively act like a castle's barbican complex - a fortification to protect the entryway & house your on-call brute squad(s) (all ready to charge out and serve tea and crumpets as necessary). You do have on-call brutes right, they're the de-rigeur social accessory for any high level caster, comes in a variety of styles from dominated giants to constructs to bound outsiders. Such a faux-pas to be caught without, and they're so terribly useful in tedious situations...

WRT to the trees, I would suggest cheating - say using simulacrum to make treants (more loyal servants, and they don't have a deep root system), and shape simulacrum to make them into the style of trees you want, with the appropriate height (ie bonsai'ed as necessary to fit the 20' height limit). They can be decorative (being simulacrums, they don't change, so all the different trees can be in bloom at the same time), and can re-arrange themselves at your convenience if you want to hold a garden party.

I would do some more thinking about what you want this sanctum to do. Is it a personal private research area/private retreat, a public Throneroom and or Meeting space, a tactical field utility (a place to retreat to from field operations, attack from with a sudden surge of minions, or just a field armory for your familiar to fetch things from)? All three? Does it need to be defensible (either field utility, or what happens when that demon you're conjuring breaks loose)? How big does the entry/exit need to be (also known as do you have a gigantic dragon to ride on)?

In general, I suspect that the circular configuration may not be optimal. A linear one offers defensive advantages - especially if you control the "wrap around" dimension effect...

Consider a layout like the following:


Each square is a 20X20 cube. X's are non spaces, D is a defensive bunker/minion space, O are open (Entryway and your tree garden), P are public spaces, and M are personal spaces. Uses 57 of your cubes, so you have 3 more to play with...

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Seven Acts of Iomedae?

11 Acts of Iomedae?

Sorceror Shadow Bloodline lvl 9 power. Theoretically could be accessed at lvl 5 with a robe of Arcane Heritage...

For non-sorceror's the lvl 9 power can be accessed at lvl 11 through Eldritch Heritage feat chain...

Irlana Brightblood wrote:
Good luck getting his phylactery as it resides in the loving embrace of my goddess.

Fight necromancy with necromancy. For these situations, Trap the Soul is recommended. The Pallid Princess can keep an empty phylactery...

Cavall wrote:

Check while in aura (10 feet not 60) and check to see if you catch disease. Then follow rules as normal. Check for everyone.

Seems really only useful for those with fire resist and disease immunity. Ratgolk alchemists may enjoy.

Actually a nasty effective buff with some planning, eg. If you've been throwing around Mage Armor before hand, or just have expendable (or immune, burning skeleton anyone?) minions. Con damage can be a huge takedown.

Surprisingly functional offensive spell - cast it on an opponent's weapon - he drops it or takes 2d6/ rd and blightburn in the middle of his/her position...

He clearly needs something or he's going to be non-functional as a PC... So as DM, I would let it work (unless you have a better in-plot fix planned, of course).

Derklord wrote:

pad300 wrote:
What does Reach imply with shifted weapon? Weapon reach normally is a donut; in the middle you can't attack (with that weapon), whereas natural weapon reach makes a circle...

Your natural attacks have the reach property, with all the usual rules. Note that what you call "natural weapon reach" is infect the default, natural reach - a large human(oid) uses the same rules with a manufactured weapon, for instance.

Not sure I understand the reach rules at this point. A medium humanoid with a reach weapon (eg. a Bill), threatens an area Like so:


where T is a threatened 5' square, S is a not threatened square, and X is the occupied square.

You appear to be saying a medium "humanoid" with reach 10' (a faceless stalker say) with a longsword threatens the same area (above diagram)? Or is his threatened area (what I currently understand):


Further, if the aforementioned faceless stalker had bill rather than a longsword, I currently understand his threatened area to be:


Whereas, if the stalker had the sword, but had also been subject to a Longarm spell,


Am I misunderstanding the reach rules?

Bellona wrote:

I must admit that I'm of two minds about Eclectic Training and Esoteric Training.

They are clearly designed to give a boost to multi-class spellcasters. As such, they remind me of 3.5's Practised Spellcaster feat.

Just like that feat, one has to remember that the level boost basically only affects the effective caster level (including what spells are available) and daily spell slots. For example, a familiar's effective level does not get the boost, not do other class features which are not directly related to spellcasting (like a Cleric's channel energy class feature). And no effective spellcasting level can exceed the character's total Hit Dice.

Bordering on too much? Yes, particularly Esoteric Training. Actually over that line? Maybe, maybe not. In my campaigns I would certainly want to stress the time and role-playing needed to get Esoteric Training, instead of just letting it depend on some die rolls.

In my campaign the one PC who has gone for it spent close to half a year of in-game time at the Cypher Lodge to earn that reward (plus jumping through a number of other hoops). This allowed the rest of the party to spend time with other NPCs, or research previously unknown family connections.

Between them, they are roughly worth 4 feats ( 4X Prestigious Spellcaster ), but better because they don't require a pre-requisite (favored Prestige class) and can work with non- prestige class levels (like a Pal3/SorX build). Up to you if you think 4+ feats worth is too much from fame based rewards...

Go Necromancy Go!

I have a bunch of questions about how Weapon Shift works. My search-fu did not reveal answers, so I figured that I would animate this thread and ask for others opinions on how this works...

OK, assume a Sandy the Shifter (human) activates her wildshape. She was wearing a cestus (B/P, Monk) and had a Naginata in hands (S, Reach).

1) Do you get both weapons? The text is "any melee weapons you are wielding", definitely a plural. The definition of wielding is unclear, but I have seen the suggestion you are wielding a weapon if you are in a position to take an AoO with it if you choose (and of course, you have the actual opportunity).
2) Assuming yes, can you select from all 3 damage types (B/P/S), or would you make the player pick between S and B/P when they shifted?

What does Reach imply with shifted weapon? Weapon reach normally is a donut; in the middle you can't attack (with that weapon), whereas natural weapon reach makes a circle...

What if the Naginata if a Kusari Gama (S/P, Monk, Double, Reach, Trip, Grapple )? Take into account the Kusari Gama's wielder's ability to change if reach applies or not. Similarly, a Meteor Hammer (with it's text ability to switch modes..."You may use this weapon in two different ways: Meteor: In meteor mode you use it as a double weapon. Fortress: In fortress mode you cannot use it as a double weapon but gain reach and a +1 shield bonus to AC.
Switching between these two modes is a free action decided at the start of your turn.") can give variable reach. What does that imply for the shifter? (Also, can Sandy get the shield bonus from the meteor hammer ?)

What if the Naginata is a Whip? Take into account the Whips 15' reach, ability to attack within that reach (not just the outer circle like normal weapon reach), how attacking with the whip triggers AoO's effects like ranged weapon, and doesn't do damage to armored critters. What happens to your reach? What effect does this have on your ability to take AoOs?

How about if you replace the cestus with a tekko kagi: "A tekko-kagi can be used an offensive weapon, defensively like a buckler, or to disarm an opponent’s weapon without provoking an attack of opportunity. It provides its owner with a +2 circumstance bonus on attempts to disarm or sunder swords or other slender-bladed weapons." Can you get that odd ability to disarm without provoking an AoO? How about the "defensively like a buckler" ability( a similar question can be asked about Madus and Klars) -do you get a shield bonus?

NobodysHome wrote:
Just an update: Last week was the annual choir trip to SoCal so 3 of the 4 of us were out of commission (GothBard didn't dump Wisdom so she doesn't come), and this week the kids are off on a snow trip with their friends, so no updates 'til next week.

Thanks for letting us know.

How is the re-assembly of the original gang going? (Return of the the Runelords...)

We haven't been playing a lot: 4th level, so far, so good.

Haven't had to choose between 2H sword and Polearm yet; still using longsword and board... Probably will go 2H sword, and switch to polearm at 9 or so with combat reflexes as the 9th level feat (and retraining unhindering shield to shield brace. Dex from a belt at that point (I hope).

With regards to the spell list : Cause fear, make whole, shield and resist energy (and the cantrips) haven't seen use (we have been thumping mostly goblinoids). Cause Fear probably could have been used effectively, but I always seemed be beating on something rather than trying to make it run away... Enlarge person and False life on the other hand have been crutches.

Stacking spirit bonuses is a question for many, many sessions away. The DM did let me retrain my necromancy implement to a haunted Necromancy implement at 2nd level (which may be more generous than your GM).

Pragmatic Activator is a possible, but UMD is going to be pretty damn good already from Magic Item Skill...

This isn't exactly a summoning build, but it comes with a built in meatshield companion which is totally expendable (Necromantic Servant). Further, it's melee focused, can be a huge damage sponge (using Soulbound Puppet to make a protector familiar as of 3ed level and False Life). Can be a very versatile skill character (Soulbound Puppet again, with the figment and sage archetypes). Has the reach weapon capabilties discussed in thread, as well as some spellcasting and significant other tricks - like the ability to pull bane weapon ability easy...

Bellona wrote:

Since there seems to be a resounding silence on the topic, here is the skeleton of a Cypher Lodge stat block (in the style of Inner Sea Magic) for my homebrew variant of Golarion.

** spoiler omitted **

Like I said, it's just the bare bones of a stat block. Any constructive criticism/suggestions will be welcome! :)

If it was my game, I would seriously consider revising the Eclectic and Esoteric training rewards. They are extremely strong (too strong on the right build, for example a mystic theurge build). l

Here you go...

Treat it as an attempt to resist a hostile teleportation effect on the part of the Demodand? In other words, the Demodand gets a will save against a 3ed level spell from an item (dc 14?).

blahpers wrote:
All of them.

Rules questions about brilliant planner.

1) Is the wording supposed to permit a maximum brilliant plan fund of 50gp X character level, or you can add that much per day in settlement (ie. we spent 3 days at settlement X, and thus you can add 3 (days) X 50 gp x Character Level to your existing brilliant plan fund)?
2) How does this combine with the downtime rules and Capital?

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Please, please tell me that "built a religion out of wealth ... insidious schemes of a daemonic harbinger" is not yet another OMG CAPITALISM IS THE EVIL thing...

It's been more than a month. Is this pining for the Fjords?

Bard (Filidh, UW pg 40), Divine 6 level spontaneous cha casting, from the bard list.

Mike Schneider wrote:
Yes. It's actually ready to go but I'm on vacation at the moment and didn't want to be bombarded for clarifications. It'll keep the same three-round structure, but there's a twist to it (which I wont reveal right now). The combat, as promised, with be "entirely new" (no previous contest's builds will be remotely effective); ranged combatants will love it.

Knock Knock, is there anyone home?

My suggestion would be an occultist, like this one:

A strength based melee combatant (with inherent strength enhancement), who is also a pretty useful caster and has a whole bunch of tricks and utility...

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