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-You can't take two Magic traits.
-Bulls strength wont increase your bow damage. (maybe you meant enlarge person?)
-How are you taking weapon spec with only 2 levels of fighter?

-Con 5 is completely unviable. You'll die from magic missles, let alone your first dragon. Perhaps this stat array; to still accomplish what you are going for:

STR 14
DEX 16+2=18
CON 12-2=10
INT 14+2=16
WIS 12+1+1=14

Also wouldnt the arrow eruption combo work with the Ranger's Focus ability from the guide archetype? Probably worth taking.

Btw, this build is still far more "quirky" than min-maxed. Based around fun combos.

The reason the high dex TWF rogue can often be a trap is because Rogues have such low HP and AC that standing next to a bad guy long enough to get off a full round attack is often asking for death the next round.

You can still play it, you just have to be extra careful and really only close in when the guy is one hit away from being killed. Which might make you feel like your combat contributions arent pulling their weight.

That said, there are still ways to play that style of character, especially around level 12.

The conventional wisdom is that playing a rogue archer is simply sub-optimal. And generally that is true. 3/4 bab and no feat help. BUT, remember that at level 8 the scout archetype gets to sneak attack every time they move, which you can combine with a vital strike (at 9) to do a decent amount of damage while still remaining mobile. You wont be winning any DPR competitions, but you'll be contributing. And when the time comes, you can still drop the bow and do your thing with the knives.

Food for thought at least!

In my view the Invulnerable Rager is definitively better. As it should be. This is what I think of when I imagine an iconic barbarian. (sorry Amiri). A hulking, thickskinned, beast of a warrior.

Like the poster above, its what I automatically consider the new default now.

The simple solution that I think is fair and not overly heavyhanded is to use the same strategy that tends to work in real life. You hit them in the pockets.

Each CHA modifier point is +/- 2% starting wealth. In addition to the standard roleplaying advantages/disadvantages that come along with merchant interaction. This initial +/- represents a lifetime of getting undeserved discounts vs. getting chronically ripped off by merchants.

2% seems like a fair number, (especially for a higher level character where that can add up to thousands). It wont discourage fighters from dumping Charisma, because as we've all agreed many of the best fighters are simply going to do it anyways for whatever reason, mechanical or not. But I think a 2% reduction of starting wealth is a penalty on par with the lost will from WIS or skills from INT.