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Well, I am out until the 22nd myself

EltonJ wrote:
A battle spell requires a concentration check during battle. The Battlecaster feat allows you to cast a battle spell without the concentration check.

What is the DC of this check? In the magic in combat section, I see a DC 10 warcraft check (with extra bonuses to success for making it by multiples of 5), but no details on a concentration check.

Elton, please clarify.

Typically for a 3.0/3.5/PF1 feat, if a feat (Battle Caster) lets you do something : "capable of casting battle spells in tactical combat", without that feat, you can't do it. Yet you previously replied:
" Requiring the feat? Oh no, but it could be useful. Casting battle spells with the feat makes it easier in a tricky situation."

So, 1) can you cast a battle spell without having the battle caster feat?
2) What, if any, checks do you need to achieve to cast a battle spell a) without battle caster, and b) with battle caster.

EltonJ, how do battle spells work in your campaign?
1) Assuming you know "Rain of Magic Missiles", how do you cast it/what does it look like in play? What does the feat "Battlecaster" do?
2)(a) A "battle spell" presumably occupies a normal memorizes spell slot for a wizard. But what about sorcerers? Do battle spells occupy a known spell slot or can they research (or otherwise get) the conversions of spells they know? I am guessing the second (otherwise sorcerers are really gimped...), and does this apply to arcanist style casting ( )?
2) (b) What about using spell like abilities, specifically, my Conjurer's Focus ( rcanist-archetypes/occultist ) to do a Monster Unit Summoning spell?
3) Can you purchase battle spell knowledge, and at what cost? I assume it's different than regular spell knowledge (for example, you can purchase a scroll of a 1st level spell - magic missile for 25gp, and then scribe it into your spellbook... Rain of Magic Missiles on the other hand...)

Tamle might well be a fool's errand, but we have another couple of weeks of adventure time before our next domain action (This is AR* 1.2, next is AR 1.3). So I figure may as well chase what we can for the next week or so, after which I am going to do some shopping in Ilien and then sail home to run my court in AR 1.3. If you don't want to come to Tamle, I'll borrow a tracking dog or two from your court or in town and go with my guard (and Galwain if he is interested).

I was assuming we were going to Caelcorwyn in AR 2 sometime, taking another adventure action, after you have used your scrying realm spell...

Eltonj, are you proposing we do AR 1.3 or AR 2?

*AR being Aerenwe Reckoning, introduced here :

EltonJ wrote:
King Niall Swordwraith wrote:

I’d like to actually get some XP from the domain adventure action we are in the middle of, so if we are not going to Caelcorwyn immediately, lets try and scare up some action on Tamle

You got 100 XP for finding the treasure and the pirate base on Tamle.

Thank you, but my comment still stands. We have used maybe a week , or even 2, of a domain action, which is a month. If we are going to hold off going to Caelcorwyn to allow scrying and coming up with a plan to deal with the seadrake, we should still try to find something more to do. Back to Tamle seems a good possibility to me; especially as we didnt fully investigate the far side of Tamle:

As GM, I'd let you... and then you would cease to exist, as the race doesn't exist...If I was feeling generous to your cheese, I would let you pop back into existence after the expiry of the Alter Self spell (don't try this trick with a hat of disguise...).

1) magic armor for the Scorp : Brawling, Adhesive
2) AoMF +2 or betterfor the scorp - adds to the to hit, replaces magic fang. Also, could use Greater Magic Fang.
3) Violet Thorny Ioun Stone
4) Extra Slot + Assorted Magic Items for the scorp, eg. Anaconda's Coils
5) Alchemical Resin, Dessicating Lubricant, tanglefoot bags (effects their cmb/cmd via entangle's -2 to hit)
6) Resinous Skin spell

Evilserran wrote:
The occultist is great at low levels, but you will get very few level appropriate summons at later levels...

Depends how you do it. There are at least 2 ways of replenishing your reservoir:

1) Fiendish Proboscis abuse
2) Consume Magic Items (generally + Scribe scroll, but you can make do off of found wands generally)
Also, Consume Spells allows you to make something close to a Druids spontaneous casting of SNA X, converting your spell slots into reservoir points...

UnArcaneElection wrote:

If only Sorcerer had an archetype that got Skald's Spell Kenning . . . .

How about a prestige class? Loremaster + Secrets of Magical Discipline is pretty close to spell kenning... And you can make up levels lost in your bloodline through robes of arcane heritage.

Eltonj, some gameplay questions.
1) Purchasing of magic items? Pathfinder has a semi-standard set of rules for this : Magic%20Items

I am not sure you want to apply these rules to a BR campaign...

However, if you do, what size of a community is Ilien, and what is ti's base value? I am considering the purchase of some lvl 1 scrolls, eg. charm person. I want to learn spells.

2) Are you requiring the Battle Caster ( New_feat_descriptions&redirect=no ) feat for use of Battle Spells? You didn't mention it to Rogr when you and he discussed making alter winds a battle spell...

3) Superior Masterwork Items (see dwarven artisan, here New_feat_descriptions&redirect=no ). Can they be purchased in Ilien, and for how much?

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Hans has his good old reliable slumber hex - he'll find something to do...

EltonJ wrote:
Rogr Aglondier of Ilien wrote:

Would it be conceivable to Scry Province in Caelcorwynn?

I don't see why not.

None of us know the realm spell... Could research but that would be next domain action at a minimum. This is supposed to be about tomorrow morning.

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Oh dear, the fate of the 4th PC in a 3 player party: to be considered expendable (in a metagame sense, by everyone, including the GM)... Poor, poor 4th PC...

HammerJack wrote:

From Command an Animal, on page 249:

"Most animals know the Leap, Seek, Stand, Stride, and Strike basic actions. If an animal knows an activity, such as a horse’s Gallop, you can Command the Animal to perform the activity, but you must spend as many actions on Command an Animal as the activity’s number of actions. You can also spend multiple actions to Command the Animal to perform that number of basic actions on its next turn; for instance, you could spend 3 actions to Command an Animal to Stride three times or to Stride twice and then Strike."

So I would say that answer is unambiguously yes, you can spend two actions to have the horse gallop.

Actually that passage illustrates my biggest problem with the minion/animal companion rules. An animal companion has the minion trait - it can ONLY take 2 actions/turn. Thus a non-animal companion mount is actually much faster: It can take 3 actions. Compare, for example, 2 horses: the AC can take 2 action to gallop for a 100' move; the non-AC mount can be commanded to Gallop for 2 actions and then further commanded to stride for a total move of 140'...

I have been assuming we will ditch our personal bodyguards (the 2d6+5 ) (as well as the armies and the ships), when we are in adventuring mode. If not, between the 3 players (Rogr, Niall, Galwain) and 1 or more GMPC's(Lady Barad, etc), there's 40+ people on the map, which is difficult.

I would suggest allowing at most 1 companion pre primary character (for example, Niall will have a hard time coming up with an excuse to ditch his sworn (Paladin) Lifeguard...but I will think of one if I have too).

Further, can you come up with some tidbit from Lady Barad's interrogations that will justify going to a adventuring party, rather than fleets & army units? (If you want us to brainstorm ideas, let us know.)

Ok, everyone, the objective of this bit of roleplaying in the Great hall of Ilien ( starting here : )is to get all the characters acquainted so we can all sail together in the morning, off in search of pirates; our first adventure as a party.

A question, who is playing?

I'm in ( Niall ).
I'm pretty sure Rogr is in.
I'm also pretty sure that Galwain is in

We haven't heard from Archprelate Dalan since Feb 26...
I'm not real sure if Kurt ever got started.
Unfortunately, I think Lady Barad is out, as of her last post.

I'm not to sure of the etiquette, should we private message Kurt and Archprelate Dalan? Should EltonJ? (Both the posters are active relatively recently, Aug 2019 or later...)

I am assuming EltonJ is going to play Lady Barad as an GMPC. That gives us 4 which is a party... Although as a big believer in team roles, I would be more comfortable with a cleric/healer. Could we recruit a further NPC/GMPC while in Ilien?

As people are bringing up alternative class builds for a whip wielder, have you thought about a Magus, using the wand-wielder arcana & a wand of true strike to drive you combat maneuvers? +20 is huge!

EltonJ wrote:
pad300 wrote:
Elton, a quick lore question. How long to Cerilian 1/2 elves live? Do they inherit their elven parent's immortality? I am assuming not, but a lifespan # would help for the background I am trying to write. doesn't say. Would 700 years work for you? I'm asking because that's the normal elf lifespan in D&D 3.x.

That's fine. I just wanted a number... you could have said a human lifespan for all I care, I just want to get my "age" sorted...

Elton, a quick lore question. How long to Cerilian 1/2 elves live? Do they inherit their elven parent's immortality? I am assuming not, but a lifespan # would help for the background I am trying to write.

this is an experiment to see if I can build a campaign structure the way I want it too be.

This a test of building a campaign structure with an extra thread.

This is a test to make a different campaign structure

this is a test of adding a second gameplay thread to a campaign

This is a test to see if I can set up a campaign the way I want too...

This is a test to see if I can set up a campaign structure the way I want too...

This is a test post to see If I can set up a campaign structure the way I want to... So there is no actual campaign, and no players will be recruited. Save your electrons for real games...

EltonJ wrote:
At least we can get back on track here. Our other new player is waiting to introduce his new Player Character. And he wants to do it on land. After you investigate the island for pirate infrastructure, it's time to do another domain turn.

I thought the adventure was happening in the 2nd action of the current domain round AR1, and we had to do the third afterwards, before we start a new domain round.

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Nice to see more of your writing. Could we have a bit of background on the PC's, pretty please (eg. Character classes, maybe levels?).

NobodysHome wrote:
pad300 wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Vanykrye's got it mostly right: We're in Europe right now, then in August and September we should wrap up SHiro's home-brew campaign, so I'll start running Shattered Star Ocrober-ish.

(1) Hi does not want to return to gaming, so he's out.
(2) Lara Croft guy is part of the regular Sunday gaming group, so he's in.
(3) Since I don't want to run another GMNPC, I invited Impus Minor to round out the foursome and he's accepted for now. We'll see how he feels when October rolls along.

We're getting pretty October-ish. A quick status update?

We're in "Book 6" of Shiro's campaign, on our final push to the BBEG, but the monsters we're encountering are brutal. An ancient green dragon revenant taking you by surprise in total darkness so it can hit you from 240' away while your 60-120' darkvision remains useless is... no fun.

We avoided a TPK with a well-timed Wish, but yeah, we're playing every week, but it's typically a single fight.

I have a full journal for the entire campaign, so if Shiro's OK with it I'll start posting it.

In short, we're in the final stretch of the campaign, but the brutality of the fights has slowed progress to a crawl.

Love to read journal if you get permission to post.

Eltonj, can regents build the rooms from ultimate campaign. I am currently specifically considering a series of book depositories & a magical repository...

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NobodysHome wrote:

Vanykrye's got it mostly right: We're in Europe right now, then in August and September we should wrap up SHiro's home-brew campaign, so I'll start running Shattered Star Ocrober-ish.

(1) Hi does not want to return to gaming, so he's out.
(2) Lara Croft guy is part of the regular Sunday gaming group, so he's in.
(3) Since I don't want to run another GMNPC, I invited Impus Minor to round out the foursome and he's accepted for now. We'll see how he feels when October rolls along.

We're getting pretty October-ish. A quick status update?

Wonderstell wrote:
** spoiler omitted **...

How did you miss Mauler?

I can think of at least one way, a demon-ish improved familiar, an Impundulu.

I would actually probably do it the other way around - a Magus focusing on the Quarterstaff (obviously Staff Magus archetype), who is religiously associated with Nethys. I recall reading somewhere that many of Nethys's priests are actually wizards, which by analogy suggests many of his warpriests might actually be magi...

A question about the Halcyon Druid's embody mask ability.

AONPRD wrote:

Embody Mask (Sp): At 13th level, a halcyon druid wearing her bonded mask can embody the spirit it represents, which can be any Tiny to Large agathion, angel, archon, or azata. This ability requires a standard action to activate and functions as per beast shape IV (using the adjustments for magical beasts), but adds the following abilities if the assumed form has them: aura of menace, protective aura, speak with animals, telepathy, and truespeech. If the assumed form has immunity to a condition, the druid gains a +4 bonus on saving throws against effects that cause that condition. A halcyon druid can use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to her druid level. The duration does not need to be consecutive, but must be used in 1-minute increments.

Does that mean you have to pick one agathion/angel/archon/azata when you get this ability, or can you switch (say a Cetaceal for the first time you use it, and a Nikonda for use #2, and so forth)?

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PossibleCabbage wrote:

I mean, the "hobgoblin" name really doesn't make diagetic sense unless they have some relationship to goblins that they themselves understood.

My question- who was engineering hobgoblins to fight the elves? Is this known? I imagine it took place pre-earthfall so history of a bit fuzzy.

3.5 but that's all I can recall.

This is a test.

A 4d6 ⇒ (5, 6, 3, 3) = 17
B 4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 2, 2) = 12
C 4d6 ⇒ (4, 5, 2, 1) = 12
D 4d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 3, 5) = 13
E 4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 1, 5) = 12
F 4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 1, 2) = 10
G 4d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 6, 3) = 14

Rysky wrote:
Looking it over, wouldn't Discussion work for that?

Could, that's one proposal to do it, but it does get the domain play all tangled up in the rules questions, player to player discussions (OOC), who will and will not be posting for whatever reason, etc. It'd be cleaner if we could just have another tab... which sounds like what you suggested in your first post in this thread, but I don't know how to do it.

Rysky wrote:
Don't know if this is exactly what you're after but you can connect multiple gameplay threads to a single discussion thread.

That might be what we're looking for. When you have a campaign,

There are 6 thread tabs below : Campaign Info, Gameplay, Discussion, Recruitment, Players and Characters.

If you are saying we can add another thread (labelled Domain Play in this case), so that there are 7 tabs, that's exactly what we are looking for.

One question, how?

I am currently playing in Eltonj's Ruins of Empire campaign, (as King Niall Swordwraith),

As the game is playing birthright rules, there are 2 streams of play, the individual character play and the domain play. Would it be possible/practical to have another tab added to the campaign page, "Domain Play"? Seperating the 2 streams would make things less complicated.

Thank You,


Galwain Avaldemour wrote:
Hey y'all, Galwain here. Before I'm ready to post in gameplay, I was wondering how bloodline abilities were selected?

First thing you need to do is figure out your bloodscore, blood strength and derivation.

Assuming you haven't done that,
1) Roll 4d6, take the best 3. Eg 4,6,1,2 = 4+6+2 = 12
2) multiply the result by 2 and add 10. Eg. 12*2 + 10 = 34
This is your blood score. Keep track of it

3) Roll 1d100, and consult table 2.1 here: and_regency_Bloodline_derivation

Eg. Rolling a 42 and Anuirean ethnicity results in a bloodline derivation from Brenna

This is your derivation. Keep track of it.

Note that table assumes you have chosen your characters ethnicity already. Also, if you have a concept in mind, I am pretty sure that Eltonj wouldn't mind you choosing your derivation.

4) Roll 1d100 and consult table 2.2 here : and_regency_Bloodline_strength

This is your Bloodline strength. Keep track of it.

Eg. Rolling a 77 results in a major bloodline strength

5) Consult table 2.3, here : and_regency_Bloodline_score

This will give you a blood score mod (another # to keep track of), A number of minor abilities (Mi), major abilities (Ma) and great (Gr) abilities. There is also a bonus HP column; ignore that.

To continue our example, we got a 34 bloodline score, a major bloodline derived from Brenna. This is a mod of +4, 1 Minor, 1 Major and 1 Great ability.

6)Roll 1d100 for each ability. In this case the 23 (minor), 75 (major), 19 (great). As the bloodline strength is major, the strongest ability you can have is a major ability, so the great ability is downgraded to a major ability. Thus you end up with 23 (minor), 75 and 19 (major). Consult table 2.4 here. and_regency_Blood_abilities
use the subsection appropriate to your derivation (in this case, Brenna, 2.4 D). You have the following abilities. 23 >>> Animal Affinity (minor), 75 >>> Persuasion (major), and 19 >>> Character Reading (major).
Follow the links in the table for ability descriptions.
Also note, that you can choose to voluntarily downgrade an ability to a lesser power for character reasons, eg. If you felt it fit your character better, you could choose to downgrade the 75 >>> Persuasion (Major) to 75 >>> Heightened Ability - Dexterity (Minor).

I think that covers it.

EltonJ wrote:

Round to whole numbers. It's easier that way.


From the gameplay thread:

EltonJ wrote:
1 Gold Bar equals about a 1000 gold pieces. At least that's what I think.

I can work with that for your campaign. There is a definition under the finances action, g_a_domain_Domain_action_descriptions&redirect=no
"ratio of 2,000 gp for 1 GB (and visa versa)"

However, in general, GB is a domain system, and GP is character wealth - obviously, they are often kept separate. How closely do you want Domain expenses tracked? Round to whole numbers of GB? To the nearest tenth of a GB?

EltonJ wrote:
1 Gold Bar equals about a 1000 gold pieces. At least that's what I think.

Ok, if you don't mind, I'm going reply to this to the discussion thread, as it's not really game play.

EltonJ wrote:
pad300 wrote:
Can you buy expert tools for skills, eg. Administrate, Warcraft, Lead, ...
Not that I know of.

Gm ruling, good enough... (PF1 assumes the existence of expert tools for whatever skill, for example, a book to consult on spellcraft...)

Ok, proposed builds for Cale and Cole Alweir.
HP roll: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 1) = 9


Cale and Cole Alweir

These ½ elven twins have become Barons in the kingdom of Aerenwe. They are key lieutenants for King Niall Swordwraith. Originally mercenary warmages, they have been co-opted from the battlefield by the previous queen, Lilienne Swordwraith into more leadership roles. Over many years, Aerenwe has become their homeland.

Init +3
Speed 30 ft
Low Light Vision


AC 16 Touch 11 Flatfooted 15
HP : 26 (6+3d6+4 Con+7 Toughness)
Fort +2 Ref +2 Will +5
CMD : 13


Melee : Longsword +2 1d8
Ranged: Longbow +3 1d8
BAB : +2
CMB : +3

Warmage 4,
Armored Mage (Light), Warmage Edge (+1) Advanced Learning (Cole : Fire Breath, Cale: Burst of Radiance)

Race ½ Elf (Weapon Training)

Elven Immunities: Half-elves are immune to magic sleep effects and gain a +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.
Weapon Familiarity: Half-elves raised among elves often feel pitied and mistrusted by their longer-lived kin, and yet they receive training in elf weapons. They gain the elf ‘s weapon familiarity trait. This racial trait replaces adaptability.
Keen Senses: Half-elves receive a +2 racial bonus on Perception checks.
Low-Light Vision: Half-elves can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
Elf Blood: Half-elves count as both elves and humans for any effect related to race.
Multitalented: Half-elves choose two favored classes at first level and gain +1 hit point or +1 skill point whenever they take a level in either one of those classes. (warmage, noble)

Abilities (20 pt buy)

Str 10
Dex 12
Con 12
Int 12
Wis 11+1 (4th level increase) = 12
Cha 13 +2 (racial) = 15

Languages: Sihelien, Anuirean, Low Brecht, Basarji
Skills : (ranks, bonus) (lvl*(2+1) = 12 + 4 FCB = 16)
Cole :K Arcana (3,+7), Spellcraft (3,+7 ), Warcraft (3,+7), Lead (3,+5), K(Regional) (2,+7), K(Local) (2,+7)
Cale: K Arcana (3,+7), Spellcraft (3,+7), Warcraft (3,+7), Administration (3,+4), K(Regional) (2,+7), K(Local) (2,+7)

Background Skills (2*lvl)
Prof (Soldier) (4,+8), Appraise (4, +5)

Traits & Drawbacks
Elven Reflexes (race), Oathbound (faith)

Spell Focus (Evocation) (1st)
Toughness (3rd)

Equipment, carried personally in bold
Longsword, Cestus, Longbow, 20 Arrows
Chain Shirt, Light Shield
Equipment ( gp)
Explorer’s outfit, backpack, bedroll, blanket, hammock, 50 ft hemp rope, String 50 ft, trail rations 10 days, belt pouch, chalk, flint and steel, waterskin, spell component pouch, mess kit, Noble’s outfit

Cantrips (Knows 6)
Acid Splash, Disrupt Undead, Light, Ray of Frost

Spells (They can use any warmage spell at will)
1st 7 /Day
2nd 4/ Day

After reading the 3.5 birthright rules, I realized that they don't need to be blooded, nor vassals, so let's keep their role simple as Lieutenants. Probably the most important thing to know about them is their skill bonuses. I haven't optimized them (ie no skill focuses, etc). I have assumed that K(Regional), K(Local) and Warcraft are class skills, but Administrate and Lead are not.

Can you buy expert tools for skills, eg. Administrate, Warcraft, Lead, ...

Good gamimg!

Test post for doing taxation

Banien's Deep 1d3 - 1 ⇒ (3) - 1 = 2
Shadowgreen 1d3 - 1 ⇒ (3) - 1 = 2
Westmarch 1d3 - 1 ⇒ (1) - 1 = 0
Northvale 1d3 - 1 ⇒ (1) - 1 = 0
Calrie 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7
Dhoenel 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6
Halried 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (4) + 1 = 5

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