DM Squirrel Ninja's Reign of Winter Campaign

Game Master The.Squirrel.Ninja

XP Tracker 450/2000

Loot Sheet

Marching Order:

1:Randgrid 2:Jujo 3:Trawets 4:Revekka 5:Ottast

Single File

Double File

Scouting Formation

Character Creation:

Stats: 15 point buy. I do follow aging rules and have a personal soft spot for the elderly wizard.

Races: Core, archetypes are welcomed.

Classes: All, minus the occult classes. My in person gaming group has never delved into that realm so I know nothing about them. Archetypes are welcomed.

Traits: 2 and one must be from the RoW Player's Guide. I will allow a drawback for an extra trait. But, all of your traits and the drawback must be built into the character.

Starting Gold: Max +50. Buy what your character would need in their daily life. You never know when you are going to need that mirror, fishing lure, and false-bottom cup.

Alignments: I am open to all alignments. This is a team game and as in real life if a person isn't working well on the team they can get let go. The same goes for your PC.

Background skills: I will allow background skills, but use them to help enhance your characters background.

Background: Who are you? Why are you in the village of Heldren? How did you become more than the common commoner? Please tie in your background skills, Traits and Drawback if you took one.

Posting Rates: I know life happens, but I would love to see a pace of 1 post per week day and 1 post a weekend. If people post more than that, that is cool.

Submission Deadline: Submissions must be in by 11/7/19 for my final decision on the party.

House Rules:

I will be allowing a check to be made on a short rest (1-2 hours) to give a 1d4+1(Per rank in heal).

Map of Heldren

Heldren Locations:

1:Armory 2: Isker’s Smithy 3:General Store 4:Town Hall 5:Willowbark Apothecary 6:Barber 7:The Silver Stoat 8:Livery Stable 9:Town Square/”The Lady” Statue of a beautiful woman. 10:Ionnia Teppen’s House 11:Temple of Erastil 12:Carpeter 13:Heldren Sawmill 14:The Butcher of Jalrune 15:Old Mother Theodora’s