Strength and Fear: An Ustalavic Kingmaker Campaign

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Map: The Town of Ravengro
Map: Harrowstone Grounds

Current Encounter: Harrowstone Prison

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"Oh...well, I'm no sage or stargazer, but I can certainly add and subtract well enough," Lenora replies, a bit of confidence creeping into her voice.

She stops beside the old warden's manor and pries loose a few splintering boards. Lenora cradles the load in her arms and carries them the rest of the way towards the corner of the curtain wall that cradles her tower.

"A bit of wood for the fire," she explains.

Anything else you'd like to discuss with Lenora or among yourselves?
While your camping out together, a messenger will arrive and usher in the next scene, so when you are ready, we can move on.

Female Human Sw/Ro/Su 1/1/2 HP 14/34 AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 17 | F +0 | R +6 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7

Valeska helps Lenora as Sasha keeps watch.

Fear the Ustalavic night.

This is an axiom that many travelers through the seemingly cursed country have taken away with them, and you are soon given cause to agree.

As the slivered moon creeps towards the crown of the dark sky, you actually pass a peaceful couple of hours in Lenora's company. The campfire is warm and inviting, helping to ward away the night wind. Your hermit hostess softens her mood, her fear fading away in the company of new friends.

This is brought to an end as Sibeesha hustles through the gate, her feet carrying her as quickly as though she were chased. Her eyes briefly dart across the courtyard until she spots your campfire, and she then runs towards you.

"Please help!" she calls fretfully. "There's some manner of undead pounding upon the door of the Outward Inn, trying to force its way inside!"

Elf Druid (Treesinger) 4 | hp 25/37 | Init+2 | Perc+9 | AC 16 TAC 13 FF 14 | CMB +5 | CMD 18 | Fort +6 Ref +4 Will +8

In a moment, Faun is up on Ornmeil'lon's shoulders as it bounds towards the Outward Inn. She draws her bow and nocks an arrow. "Liikuta kiireesti, ystäväni"

Move with haste, my friend

Female Human Sw/Ro/Su 1/1/2 HP 14/34 AC 17 | T 12 | FF 15 | CMD 17 | F +0 | R +6 | W +5 | Init +2 | Per +7

Undead... lovely. Let's go... Lenora, join us. Help us and gain the town's trust.

Sasha will protect you. Valeska gets to her feet and moves out.

M Cavalier Image for Kain Cavalier 4 HP: 40/53| AC:21(24)| T: 12| FF:20(23)| Fort:+8 | Ref: +4 | Will: +7| Init: +2| Perception: +10

Curses, what manner of curse has been brought to this town? Kain asks mostly to himself before jumping into his saddle and urging Valere onward.

As Kain rides ahead, Sibeesha runs alongside the party and offers her observations.

"It appeared to be a zombie, but it showed intelligence. It moves with purpose," she explains between ragged breaths. "It marched towards the inn as though drawn to it. Sheriff Caeller and Councilman Hearthmount led a posse to put the creature down, but then it let loose a terrible shriek that left them all cowering and running in fear."

Mounted upon Valere, you arrive at the town square ahead of your companions. From a distance, it looks like a shabbily dressed man beneath the eaves of the Outward Inn, pounding angrily upon the sealed door. Looking closer, you realize that his tattered clothes and mottled flesh show signs of scorches and burns. Bones caked with dried gore show through his twisted fingers. It pours inhuman strength into each blow upon the door, which threatens to burst into splinters in but a minute or two more.

The town square is deserted, and you cannot even see morbidly curious faces watching from neighboring windows.

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