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Cavalier 7 HP: 37/65| AC:22(25)| T: 12| FF:21(24)| Fort:+9 | Ref: +5 | Will: +10| Init: +4| Perception: +13










Common, Orc, dwarven, sylvan, elven

About Arden Kain Brandt

reference Image for Silverwing the griffon as the good boy he is.

Kain and Valere Silverwing(griffon)

Charge! Into a brighter tomorrow! - one of the many sayings of the Dragoons.

Updated character sheet for Kain. (please refer to this one from now on)

TLDR cliff notes:

liff notes- He is a kind hearted man that learned many lessons the hard way. At the moment, he is looking for a purpose again after spending over three years traveling around working as a blade for hire.

He was part of a fairly large town near the hold of Belkzen that was situated on a plain. The town defense was mostly guaranteed by a band of "knights" known to the town as "The dragoons", along with the regular guards. His brother, and his father had been part of the the Dragoons, as well as his grandfather, and he had always aspired to join them as well to gain glory and fame, like the hero's in stories. Eventually he was accepted and he received his horse, whom he named Valere. However, less than a year after that, a large warband that had been gathered by a powerful warlord seeking to unite the orcs of Belkzen turned his attention to the town, lured out half the dragoons, and then attacked the town. It fell, and most everyone in it was killed (around 1500 people if that matters) He doesn't know for sure if his sister and brother perished, and he lost contact with the remaining 4 or 5 members left of the Dragoons.

After that, his glory seeking was quickly curbed, and he traveled as a mercenary, taking only jobs he deemed good (so, no black work) He took this job because it seemed a worthy undertaking. Not only to help route out bandits and the like, but to help folk as well. If by some miracle, he was made baron, or a general or marshal under the new baron, he would take the chance to try and rekindle The Dragoons, in hopes of keeping what he lost from being lost again.

10 min background+ backstory:

Step 1
1- Kain was a member of a frontier town in the wildlands

2- He was just accepted into an elite unit of Calvary whose job was to run down any orc raiding parties, and rapid maneuvering to keep giants from being able to stone the town.

3- Kain is rough and practical but Kind-hearted to many.

4-One day, not long after he was accepted into the Calvary unit a small raiding party was sighted and drew him, 2 other members, and a senior member off from the main town. They easily rode down the 10 or so orcs on a nearby hill. It was then they saw boulders raining down on the area of the town. They rode fast and hard, but by the time they got to the town half of it was flattened. Kain was 18 at the time

5-Kain is the son of Rydell and Anna,

6-Views on life- Life is precious, spend it well and do not waste it, any life is worth protecting. Hard work, will, and dedication can overcome anything. Glory is for fools, the only true glorious death is a death in which you defend something you love. If something is a threat to his loved ones/friends he won’t hesitate to kill them, if he is labeled bloodthirsty for protecting those he loves he will happily accept their scorn over mourning their death.

7- He doesn’t give himself the title of hero, no matter what he does, he merely would respond with “just doing what I can”

8- Holds an underlying hate for giants, he rarely loses his temper, but when he does it is usually around giants as it brings up painful memories of his home town.

9- Kain is 6’2”, 225lbs, Black hair, Green eyes, with handsome features. He usually keeps a rough 8 O’clock shadow, his hair is long.

10- He has recently taken to working as a mercenary, be it a caravan guard, solider for hire, or even a bounty hunter. He has heard of dire straits in Trunau and comes to offer his services.

11- Knows when to keep his mouth shut, disciplined from training.

12- While he may not be open about it, he forms bonds of friendship quickly with those he deems worthy and just, and would sacrifice himself for those friends, even if he never says so openly.

13- Kain had a brother and a sister, their bodies were never found at the site of the town’s destruction he keeps eyes and ears out for rumors for them, but holds little hope knowing they were most likely taken captive.

Step 2- Goals
1- He seeks to put an end to the chapter of his family and find out what happened to his younger siblings, saving them if need be no matter the cost.

2- Seeks only to make a living protecting people he deems worth of protecting.

4- He wants to find the creature that lead the assault on his town, and slay him once and for all.

5- Rekindle The Dragoons, so that something of his past may survive into the future.

Step 3- Secrets
1- He doesn’t know his siblings are alive, however, where they are is something even the gods save the big one can’t say ;)

Step 4
- Kain’s brother, Alexander Brandt, 3 years his younger was physically weak. He had always wanted to be like Kain, to join the Dragoons, but his physical condition was a large hindrance, but what he lacked in physical fitness Kain’s little brother made up for in intellect, It was his brother that showed Kain a new technique for holding a spear so as to be allowed to spin and wield it as a club for enemies that get close. Kain nor his brother were able to master the style and so it was dismissed, but Kain still practices it to this day, determined to master it.

- Kain’s sister, Amelia Brandt, was 8 when the giants leveled the entire community she would be 16 now if she is still alive. She had always been helpless, unable to do anything for herself. Perhaps that changed now, perhaps not. It doesn’t matter, Kain would still do everything for her.

-An orc captain that lost most of his mercenary unit to a counter-assault by the few remaining dragoons. The hobgoblin rode a warg and faced off against Kain, Neither landed a lethal blow, but Kain managed to come out ahead, knocking the hobgoblin off his steed and down the side of a steep hill. The orc leader, having been humiliated, and losing his warg and his band has since sought revenge on the mounted warrior.

- The Ranger in the wilds, it was at a time when Kain was overcome with anger, hate and grief, when he was found by the ranger. It was this encounter that kept Kain from a path of self-destruction and attempted revenge.

Cedric - One of the other surviving members of the Dragoons, a sort of rival to Kain during their test to join, he saw Kain as having been raised with a "silver spoon" due to his families long ties and high status in the town/dragoons.

Step 5-
- I remember running the orcs down, our senior member inspiring the rest of us as he slew 5 of the beasts, I managed to claim 2 of the rest, my first orc kills as a dragoon. We laughed and talked of our victory as we made our way back to town. That’s when we saw them. Boulders the size of trolls raining down on the town. It was continual, devastating bombardment. We watched as the Dragoons of the town, with no other options charged out of the gate. We could only sit and watch as the boulders focused onto them. There was no glorious charge, no meaning to their deaths. They simply died like animals, crushed flat under tons of rock. It was then that the orcs made their move, almost all of the defenders dead and crushed under the boulders, the walls crushed and splintered. Over 10 score of orcs poured into the town killing, raping, pillaging. We rode swift as shadows, but by the time we entered the Towns fields only one warband remained. Staying behind to try and salvage any looked over “loot”. I remember feeling the purest of rage, anguish and hatred that day. I spurred my mount onwards in blind hate and would have charged to my death, had the last senior officer of the dragoons not rallied the other 3 and charged off behind me. We broke into the score of orcs, felling several before they could strike back. In the following melee one of our own was felled. That was when I saw him, the leader of the band a horrid hobgoblin upon a dire wolf, or warg, in their tongue. Seemingly by divine purpose a path opened between me and him and I looked into his eyes. He smiled, and I hated that smile. We struck at each other several times, but in the end, using the technique my brother had taught me, I caught the creature off guard. And Even though I had far from perfected it, the strike was enough to knock him from his mount and send him rolling down the hill. Unfortunately, I couldn't pursue him and he lives to this day. His remaining orcs tried to flee, we ran them down like dogs. I remember laying to rest all the bodies we could find, ones that weren't paste. It was sickening. I also remember finding the broken and battered bodies of my parents, but never finding my siblings. Not knowing their fate haunts me more than anything still...

- Kain is often a quiet man, but when he speaks, he speaks with purpose and meaning. He often prefers to speak with his action, rather than his words and often judges’ man based on their actions alone. For good or ill.

- I remember my family, in the summer when the sun warmed the valley and the mountain I and my brother and sister would often enjoy the day in the fields, after I was old enough to ride a horse I would often take them horseback riding, letting them experience what I loved so much. How I wish for those days back…

-I remember the pride I felt at finally being accepted into the dragoons, I remember the pride of my family, and my brother when I came home, wielding the spear of the dragoons. A spear I still wield to this day, both in honor, and for its remarkable make.

-Kain has developed a habit of speaking to his horse, whether or not the horse understands, or even listens no one, not even Kain knows. But he enjoys it, and enjoys the humorous discussions he has with the longtime friend and companion who he has named Valere, (valor).


- Bit of story from the day everything he knew fell to ruin.
Smoke rising from the horizon, the thrill of the kill still fresh on me I don't think clearly, I smile and carry on as our leader, Sir Baldwin, stares towards the smoke. A look of worry on his face. After a few minutes I too come to realize that that smoke is rising from where our town was. Suddenly, their was a deepening feeling of sickness in me. Fear rose and gnawed at the edges of my mind as we rode swiftly towards the town. We crested a hill and looked down at the most horrifying sight in my life. Our town was under siege. An endless rain of flaming boulders pelted the city, its stone walls slowly beginning to crumble. I saw a house crushed under the weight of a particularly large boulder. I felt like I wanted to vomit. we watched as the Dragoon knights of the town charged forth from the gates hoping beyond hope to reach the giants before they buried the city in stone. It was a slaughter. Their was no glorious charge, no blowing of the horn there was only death. Boulders rained from on high crushing into the knights, over 50 died in the first seconds, with that many more following soon after. Mindlessly we began to ride toward the town. Denial of the greatest kind threw itself at my mind. This is a dream, its a dream it has to be I repeated over and over in my head. The last thing I saw before going below the tree line was a boulder smash the main gate down, and the last of my knightly order crushed under flying rocks as scores of orcs and goblins poured into the once proud city. It was thirty minutes before we reached the fields of the town, and from there we saw an almost empty battlefield. The entire town, nearly 3000 people, leveled, Destroyed, ravaged. Blood ran like rivers from under rocks and stone, the scene was one of nightmares, a literal lake of blood coated the ground. Quickly, denial become despair, despair became anger, anger, to hate. We charged into the remaining orcs, about a score of them. We slaughtered them all. The others seemed defeated but not I. All I could feel was empty despair and anguish. I left my fellows, I followed the raiding parties trails for days, My faithful companion and steed, Valere, carrying me the whole way. The Blackness of despair and the Red of anger burning so bright as to drown out my reason. Eventually I caught up with them. I saw the band, over 10 giants, 4 score of orcs and even more goblins and hobgoblins. I planned to take them all on. However, fate had a different course for me that day. Valor veered off against my wishes to a forest and even through my rage filled blindness I wouldn't leave him, your horse is your life, that was ingrained in my being by this point. That horse saved my life in more ways than one. Valere Eventually brought me to a strange man. Not a word he spoke, he merely beckoned me to follow. We walked many miles, and as I walked a calmness came over me. Slowly, as I watched the forest around me full of life, I began to come back to myself. Finally, upon reaching a spring of sorts I broke down into sobs. I cried for my family, I cried for my town, I cried for the wrong that had been done, I cried for me. The next few days I spent with this quiet guardian. He showed me how to better understand my friend, Valor, and our connection grew to a greater extent however it was clear I had much to learn. Eventually he directed me to the nearby town. When I entered the town, the past me was dead. Kain had died in his town, in those mountains with the rest of his family. I met with the only 3 survivors of the town, the other knights they told me that the bodies of my sister and brother had never been found, and that our house was one of the few to not have been demolished. I would not trust to hope, but I left the town both seeking my path in life, and to hopefully one day find my siblings. I became a mercenary of sorts, I only accepted jobs I deemed honorable or good, but I had no real reason for carrying them out. I was a half dead man, seeking a meaning to his life. But fate is funny, and here I am, after a about half a decade my travels have lead me here. Having heard a rumor of sorts about two orphans both matching the descriptions of my siblings. Most likely it is a vain hope, but I couldn't not come. Besides, I have other business here, rumor has it that hobgoblin warlord had been working for someone else. Further rumors had it that the said leader was in this area. I will claim vengeance for the lost souls of my town, but Never again will I let myself fall into that dark abyss of despair, and never again will I let one whom I protect die should my body still be able to defend them.

Small spiel from Kain in 1st person-

Kain speaks in a rather deep voice, with a slight hint of gravel to it.

Hmph, fine. If you so wish to know my story, I will tell you. He pauses a moment to glance out the tavern window at the amethyst clouds of the sunset. He starts speaking again while still staring out the window.

I remember back when I first got accepted into the dragoons. The prestigious honor of what was our town's elite guard. The training had been hard, long hours with spear, mounted and unmounted. You had to learn to care for animals before you even got a saddle... Stories and legends of the dragoons of long past kept kids like me going, and I was told of even greater tales, of valiant hero's across the world. Those stories, likely more embellishment than fact, were stories we all hoped to carve for ourselves. Whether it was routing an orc raiding party single-handedly, or driving back a charging giant with a single charge. We wanted it, even if the act would come at the cost of our life. What a naive fool I was... we, were. He pauses a moment to take a long drink from his flagon before looking down at the table and continuing, Glory, legends, I wanted it all back then... life was cheap to me then. I had craved for orc raids to come, I had dared the universe to send troll or dragon at our town, for in my hubris I had thought of those merely as chances at a story of my own, of potential glory... Well, not long after I was accepted, the universe answered my challenge, And reality, is often disappointing. He slams the rest of his drank down his throat before placing the flagon back onto the table and finally staring at you, almost through you.

About a little under two years after I was accepted I got my wish. More than I wanted.... An extremely organized attack against my town demolished it down to the last pebble. Buildings, walls, everything was crushed under a rain of boulders, The only reason I am here now is because I had been given my first command on a patrol, my first task as an officer... Perks of having your father be one of the top 3 members of the guard... He pauses again, sighing before continuing. I saw a small band of orcs.. I should have noticed, I should have known a scouting party when I saw it. I had been taught to know them, taught that, should I notice them, to return to the city and warn of potential battle... Yet, when I looked and saw them along the hilltop near us, I saw nothing but glory, and charged forward with the unit, hunting what I should have known from the start was a scouting party of orcs. We ran them down like dogs after a chase, I had never been part of real combat until then, it was exhilarating... In my mind, we were supposed to return triumphant, I would brag of my first real combat... yet.. When we got back, it was all but over. I sat on a hill and watched as a rain of death leveled my entire life. Blood ran through the streets of the town like a river. I watched the remaining garrison of Dragoons tried to ride out of the gate, normally, most would already be outside if a scouting party had been seen. Usually, that alone would have been enough to ward off most attacks. But that day, no warning had come, and it was my fault... I watched as they were almost entirely crushed under a rain of boulders thrown by giants as they tried to leave the gates. Those that weren't, killed, were left scared, confused, and disoriented... they were drowned in a tide of orcs. Rage overtook me, fueled by grief, I ushered our group back to the town.. it was still several hours ride away. When we finally arrived back at town, there was only a small band of orcs left looting, most of the rest had moved on. A lot happened then, we managed to kill some of the orcs, but the pain was still their, no matter how many I killed, the hallow, empty pain just kept burning ever brighter... I hunted them for nigh on two days after having parted ways with the others until I eventually exhausted myself, nearly killing my dear horse in the process as well. I awoke several days later in the care of a ranger. He, he helped me, made sure I didn't do anything stupid. He even managed to heal Valere after I had nearly driven the best to exhaustion and death. Something I still remind myself of today... Anyway, I become a wanderer, a mercenary in a way. I have helped a town more often than once with problems of beast, by blade, or by merely ousting a false rumor. But the lessons I learned, won't be forgotten. The pain still comes every so often.

Thorn: A long, silver steel spear that Kain received from his father the day he was accepted into the dragoons. The spear had been in their family for generations, and had gold inlay running down the length of the light, metal shaft in intricate patterns.

Calm, good and kind hearted, patient, blunt, but knows how to be courtly, confident but not conceited, he always seem to be a little tired. As if the world weighs on him a bit much. He has seen, and been through, some rough times and wants to keep others from going through the same thing. He has very few goals in life at the moment, and so has no real energy and keeps on going through sheer determination and force of will. However, he always keeps ears out for anyone matching his siblings descriptions, and, now, he hopes to rekindle The Dragoons in this new kingdom, and one can tell a bit of actual life has returned to him, especially in his eyes.

Crunch for Arden Kain Brandt:

Updated character sheet for Kain. (please refer to this one from now on)

Classes: Cavalier 4
Order: order of the sword
Alternate racial traits:
Alignment: NG
Traits:Seeker, Tough Minded
ability scores:
Str: 18 [+1 at 4]
Dex: 14
Con: 14
Int: 12
Wis: 12
Cha: 14

HP: 53 [4d10+12]
AC: 21(23)T: 12 FF:20(22) 17(10+10armor+1dex+)
CMD: 24
Fort: +8 (4base+2con+1res)
Ref: +3 (1base+1dex+1res)
Will: +7 (1base+1wis+1trait+1res+2 morale)
BaB: +5

Move: 20ft
Melee: [Power attack]
Lance is with charging
Lance(Thorn): +14 [+12]
Damage: 3d8+21, [3d8+39]

Cold-Iron Lance As above

Mwk Cold-Iron Longsword: +10 [+8]
Damage: 1d8+3[5], 1d8+6[12]

Cold-Iron Morning Star: +4 [+3]
Damage: 1d8+3[5], 1d8+5[8]

1- Mounted Combat, Power attack, combat expertise, deadly aim, Ride by attack, skill focus (ride), Spirited Charge
3- mounted blade

Teamwork Feats: Escape Route


Arms, Armor and Ammo:
+1 Spear, mwk cold iron Longsword, +1 O-yori, +1 Heavy steel shield, Mwk cold-iron morning star, MwK composite longbow (4), 20 arrows.

Magic Items: +1 Lance(thorn, Kain's father's spear), +1 cloak of res,
Magic Consumables:
2 Cure light wounds potions

Misc Items:
MwK backpack, belt pouch, powder horns(5), 150ft silk rope, grappling hooks, flint and Steel, fishing hook, holy symbol, Explorers outfit, waterskin, sunrod (3), Caltrops (4)

Gold: 27g, 6s

Skills: 4+int/level (6 SPs)
Perception: 5 (+11)
Sense Motive: 5 (+10)
Diplomacy: 5 (+11)
Bluff: 1 (+6)
Intimidate: 4 (+10)
Ride: 5 (+13)
Handle Animal: 5 (+9)
Climb: 3 (+10)
Swim: 2 (+9)
survival: 1 (+5)

Know. Nobility: 2
Know. History: 2
Linguistics: 2
Know. Religion: 1
Profession (mercenary): 2
Know. Local: 3


Precocious archetype
ability scores:
Str: 20
Dex: 14
Con: 16
Int: 05
Wis: 16
Cha: 10

HP: 44 [4d8+12]
AC: 21 T: 11 FF:20(10+4armor+1dex+6NA)
CMD: 23
Fort: +5 (3base+2con)
Ref: +4 (3base+1dex)
Will: +1 (base+1wis)
Special Qualities: scent, lowlight
BaB: +3
CMB: +9
Move: 50ft
Bite: +8
Damage: 1d4+7

Hooves: +3
Damage: 1d6+5

Light armor Proficiency, Powerful Maneuvers, Sure footed, power attack, combat expertise,

Military Saddle, Saddle bags, Chain shirt barding

Acrobatics: 2
Perception: 2
Stealth: 1

Animal Skills
Expanded Tricks (Ex)

At 3rd level, a precocious companion gains twice as many bonus tricks as normal for an animal companion. A hunter’s animal companion can’t use the additional bonus tricks to learn hunter’s tricks. At 15th level, the DC of the Handle Animal check to push a precocious companion to perform an unlearned trick is only 15, instead of 25.

This replaces evasion and improved evasion.
Perspicacious Mind (Ex)

At 4th or 7th level, whenever the precocious companion would normally gain the choice of a listed score advancement or a +2 bonus to Dexterity and Constitution, it instead gains a +2 bonus to its Intelligence score and a +4 bonus to +4 its Wisdom and Charisma scores.

This replaces the 4th- or 7th-level ability score advancement.

Silverwing, Griffon mount:

ability scores:
Str: 18
Dex: 16
Con: 16
Int: 06
Wis: 14
Cha: 08

HP: 40 [5d8]
AC: 25 T: 13 FF:23 (10+4armor+3dex+8NA)
CMD: 24
Fort: +9 (4base+4con+1resistance)
Ref: +8 (4base+3dex+1resistance)
Will: +5 (1base+2wis+1resistance)
Special Qualities: Darkvision, low-light, scent
BaB: +3

Move: 40ft, fly(avg) 40ft
Melee: (permanent magic fang) [Power attack]
Bite: +9
Damage: 1d6+5

(N/A until level 7) Claws: +10
Damage: 1d6+6

Light armor Proficiency, Hover, Death from Above, ??

Exotic Military Saddle, Exotic Saddle bags, Chain shirt barding

Fly: 4 (+13)
Perception: 1 (+9)
Acrobatics: 1 (+8)
Stealth: 1 (+7)

During his travels, Kain found a lost young Griffon being hunted by a pack of bugbears. Being the soft heart he is, he charged in to aid the creature, besides, he already had signed a contract to help clear out local hobgoblin and bugbear groups. After a rather rough fight, he found the baby griffon was wounded, and decided to keep it to try and nurse it back to health. Over the next few months, he cared for the creature, and a bond grew. During the time, he decided to name the young griffon Silverwing, in regards to the almost silvery sheen and appearance of the griffons claws and fur/feathers. (Hey, Kain never claimed to be creative.) After it was healed, Kain would attempt to let it leave, however, it proved rather stubborn in its decision to stay with him. Admittedly, Kain was not keen to argue either, and over the next several years the two formed a bond strong as Adamantine. Taming a Griffon is an impressive feat, forming a bond of friendship with one, even more so.