A River of Time.

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A Song of Ice and Fire alternate history.

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Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar meets Aarlyn's glare with as much stoicism as he is capable, and speaks.

"I am to be a father - and a husband."

Will: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 5, 1) = 11

Everyone jumps to action; the maester clears the chamber of servants; Darne moves to smooth over wild emotions; Aaralyn moves to question her maidservant; Tele tries and fails to get to Lothar's side as the world explodes around her; Rhaegar trades glances with Lyanna, the gears of prophecy grind forward between them.

Tele stands stern and unfazed before her Lady. "He is the only man who I could ever love and has already promised to marry. We only hid it so as not to tarnish your upcoming wedding... but I can not hide any longer."

Aaralyn Karstark

Aaralyn slowly smiled at Tele as she threw her arms around her. "We're going to be sisters!" She declared with joy as she released Tele and took her hands. "You should have told me sooner Tele! I could have been working on a proper wedding gown for you. Oh! Would you like yo use one of my gowns Tele? We can fix it up for you, or even make you a whole new one. I promised you what happiness I could give. If he is the one you heart wishes I will do all in my power to ensure it." With a half hearted glance to Lothar she nodded and continued "He seems willing, to be both a father and a husband. Tele my dear I wish you both nothing but happiness." Aaralyn said as she moved and motioned for Tele to go to Lothar.

With that, Aaralyn returned to her other friend. Taking Lyanna by the hand she told her, here with servants gone, what else she had seen. "Him." Aaralyn said as she nodded to Rhaegar. "It was him the vision showed me Lyanna..." She sighed after a moment, the more confident form giving way to a far more nervous young woman. Aaralyn looked to Darne, nervous, and admitted to her future husband. "I've... had prophetic dreams..." She admitted, the tone in her voice had changed from before. The tone she had taken up with Kyros one of authority, but now it was like a child who had gotten caught with this hand on a sweet they shouldn't have. "Nan told stories of people like this but... I always thought they where just stories.." Aaralyn squeezed Lyanna's hand to give her the courage to continue. "Yet I knew of your father's illness before I was told a single thing... and I've seen other things... terrible things." Aaralyn eyes then went to Rhaegar. "The worst parts... of fire, and blood... I fear your father's mind my prince..."

"Prophecies tend to prove true when we wish them to be so," Maester Anders warns them all. "With all due respect, when kings and queens work to fulfill prophecies, are they playing their part or exercising their power? Could one not argue that the function of prophecy is not to tell the future, but to make it?"

He shrugs. These are nothing more than futile intellectual musings.

"Notwithstanding, while I wish you all the best," he continues, addressing Lothar and Tele before turning his attention to young Lord Naelareon, "I cannot but think that Lady Lyanna's announcement may very well have ruined our chances at good and fair relations with the Starks. And so, I ask: will the Karstarks look kindly upon marriage with our house if we become the enemy of their allies and kinsmen?"

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar himself warms at the fierceness of his bride-to-be, and the change of heart in Aaralyn.

She may mistrust me, but I do not blame her given the manner of telling!

He awaits his chance to hold Tele, while trying not to soak too deeply in the implications of all else going on around him.

All I see is Aaralyn running around shouting words at people and then running to the next person before she can get an answer out of anyone.

Rhaegar raises his hand, calling everyone to silence. He looks Aralyn up and down for a second and then says but three commanding words. "Tell me everything."

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Aaralyn Karstark

Aaralyn nodded and moved to sit. This was going to be a long talk. "We had just been sent word that your Grace would be coming early. I also got word from my father. So I returned to my room to write back... Next I knew I was walking through the halls with the letter in hand. I heard whispers from the servants of Darne's father have a bout of drunkenness, this I found odd as I hadn't left them too long ago. How could he have gotten so drunk so fast. I felt something was wrong. But I moved on to hand off the letter I had written to the Maester so that it could be sent out. The door to the Maester's room was half opened so I stepped in to leave the letter upon his desk, when I did I heard rustling. I thought someone might have gotten in so I moved to investigate. I found a crow that had gotten into the Maester's ink so I moved to collect it and clean it. Yet when I reached for it the creature withdrew and I saw that this crow had drew something upon the parchment... another crow with three eyes. In that moment I felt like I was falling, and the moment I landed I found myself into a grove of godswoods trees, each one bared the face of those I see as family... There were many paths but I chose to walk down the path flanked up the godswood that had my parent's faces. It was such a long walk your Grace... I felt like it went on forever. The winds of winter twisted around me, snow and ice was everywhere, and crows above be cried out a sound that I could almost believe was my name... Then, the ice melted and gave way to the Naelareon home. I found myself before two doors... one which I knew as the door that lead to the Lord and Lady's chambers. The other I did not know, but upon it was a stag locked in combat with a dragon. I wondered for several moments if I could go through both, but in the end I chose the door which had the stag and dragon upon it. I opened it but I did not step inside right away. It was so dark, and a wind the bit right through me blew from within. I though about slamming the door closed and running... till I heard sobbing... Lyanna's sobbing." Aaralyn paused there, it was obvious that she wasn't finished... but she needed to collect herself before continuing.

She picked up and cup, filled it half way with wine, and drank deeply before she continued. "I called to her... and I threw all caution to the wind and ran through the door. Lyanna was in trouble how could I not? I would swear that I ran for what had to be a year, the cold of winter seeping deeper into my body. When I finally stopped I found myself in a tunnel with statues all around me and a group of people moving around, children as if playing. I looked at the statues and... I saw they where that of Lord Rickard Stark, Brandon Stark, and.... Lyanna. Then I heard it again. Whispers from all around, a memory from long ago. Then the whispers grew louder till they became a roar!" Aaralyn places her hands over her ears, remember the sound "Lord Rickard bellowed with inhuman pain, Brandon screamed for his father only for it to be cut off by a sickening gurgle... then Lyanna..." at this point Aaralyn was in tears, "Lyanna screamed for you... As if you yourself was the only thing between her and the Stranger... then the roar of all of them became deafening till one of the children I saw before turned to me. His voice was louder than everything else... and I remember his words... You can't save them all..." Lowering her hands to her gown, Aaralyn gripped the fabric tightly. "I told him to watch me. Then a winter winds found me once more and... I woke up. I hadn't finished my letter... I thought it was just a dream... a terrible terrible dream... then... I got news of Darne's father... and went Lyanna got here I broke down, telling her everything. She agreed that this was was not normal dream. Not something this vivid... this real." Aaralyn looked a bit shaken, yet resolved. "I know how this must sound, but it is the truth. I always thought things such as this were just stories told by Nan to scare you... till I experienced it." She admitted. She case a worried look to Darne. He hadn't said a single word and she fear he would see has as a crazy person now... even believing their engagement could be in jeopardy.

"If this was a vision and not a mere daydream, then you are predicting great tragedy. The stag and dragon must be Houses Baratheon and Targaryen. And the statues of the Starks in what could be a crypt may suggest that –"

He hesitates but is compelled to speak plainly, "You may have foreseen the death of Lord Rickard, Brandon, and Lyanna."

He sighs, "However, "you can't save them all" suggests that you could save some of them?"

"In light of all of this – Lady Lyanna's decision and the portent of your vision – I fear that the Karstarks will no longer favour a union with House Naelareon. Mind you, perhaps it doesn't matter if war is imminent and winter is coming..."

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne finally managed to start breathing again after the Prince had demanded Aaralyn tell him what she had dreamed. He hadn't realized he had been holding his breath at the time but it was evident when he finally began breathing again.

He listened carefully, trying to consider it all. He'd not heard visions, prophecies, dreams of future in this manner. Most of what he'd heard as a child was things of old women speaking of the monsters of the sea or proclaiming the sinking of a ship after bad weather.

He drank from his cup while he listened to her recounting of her vision, it certainly was vivid to say the least. He tried to recall a dream he could remember so clearly or with such great detail. But, he could not recall any such thing.

When she was done, the Maester spoke up rather quickly, but it was at the last line that caused Darne to hold up his hand. "Do not get ahead of our present. The Karstarks are not fools, they have a hard winter ahead of them, and if what my betrothed has stated is the come...then they will likely need our House more than ever for their people to survive. They are not as fortunate as the Starks, whom can call upon pretty much anyone of the North and demand aid. Nor for that matter do they have the status to be able to negotiate easily and in their favor with those with rich, fertile lands such as ours...The Starks may show a flash of anger, but it will be quenched shortly enough as there is too much of a history and too many family relations for the Starks to condemn the Karstarks." he said.

However, he left one thing unsaid...if there was to be a union between Lyanna and the Prince, the Starks could not help but be pleased by it. He could think of no Noble House that wouldn't at least behind closed doors be pleased by it.

"I think you are all forgetting something entirely. I am your Prince and my word is law. If I spread my protection over this union no house, no matter how great they may be, can do much to your happiness."

With that proclamation, Rhaegar stood and turned towards the hall. "Walk with me Lord Naelareon, we have much to discuss and not so much time to discuss it."

The prince walks a ways with you before finally sighing and turning to you. "Your betrothed has put us in a hard position. I had come here to discuss with your father the nature of your new house and its leanings within the political sphere... and now instead I have a another prophesy hanging over my head and an answer to more questions than I knew to ask. So, I will come round to what I need of you. If my father learns of your Lady's prophetic dreams and gleans their portents the seven kingdoms would not survive. I need allies, I hope I can count you among those allies. Together we must build a coalition of kingdoms and take the throne from my father before his deepening madness destroys us all. What say you?"

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne stood when Rhaegar asked him to walk with him. He looked at Lady Aaralyn with a gentle smile and nod before he followed his Prince.


Darne stopped once the Prince seemed to have found a good place and listened. There was a slight cringe at how this conversation seems to have started.

But as the conversation continued and a conspiracy grew, Darne tried to hide any signs of alarm on his face. He had heard the stories of the Mad King but he hadn't known their truth, much of the world of intrigue is based off manipulating information but for the King's own son to speak out and proclaim it worse than he had even heard...

Darne paused "I will speak with Aaralyn. This prophesy cannot have it's words leave her lips again if what you say is true. I appreciate the kindness you have shown us and the support you are willing to proclaim in our favor. Our House, it is young, my Father...I did not get a lot of time to speak with him of his vision of the future but I doubt he would have shared any. I think he knew that his time was coming not long after being risen...so he only set things up so that Myself and the next generation could shape our future. I am an ambitious young Lord...I don't wish to hand my House over to my children as some minor House, so I plan to become great, and I can see no better way than to aid my Prince in this endeavor. I had heard the rumors about your father...but I always held my tongue for I had never witnessed any such wickedness or craze with my own eyes and ears. But for you to speak to me of it, it shows you trust me with your life, and I cannot simply ignore that. I pledge that so long as I am able to lead my House...I will support you and your claim to the throne." he offered, dropping to one knee.

”My father has developed the madness like Aerion before him, his time imprisoned in Duskendale broke him it would seem. We cannot allow the realm to fall to turmoil. After your wedding, I will head south to Dorne to gather aid there while you build inroads with the Stark and Tully. I know you do not have history with me, but it would seem fate has placed us together for a reason.”

In the hall things have quieted down. Tele moves close to Lothar, tears in her eyes. She kneels and places her head against his strong chest. ”I thought it was just the food… so much more food than I am used to, but my belly swells my love and I couldn’t find a chance to get you free. I was going to tell you today, but you have not left the Myrish ones side this whole day.”

Lyanna watches her friend, trying to gauge her mood. The surety of their lives changed by a single dream. Things were changing, and for once in her life Lyanna knew not what was right.

And through this all, the Maester is left with a feeling of dread, wishing he had not been so right.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar holds Tele close.

"It is said now, and it is good news." , he says.

Aaralyn Karstark

At first nothing but worry crosses Aaralyn face as the Maester speaks. Swearing inside the her hair will turn gray long before its time because of that man. But when Darne himself steps in the worried look becomes less and when the Prince speaks on their behalf it clears more. It wasn't until Darne smiled to Aaralyn as he left with the prince and Aaralyn visibly relaxed. The stress of the situation washing away. That said Aaralyn did look to meet Lyanna's eyes, offering an apologetic look. It was one thing to have dreams of this nature and share them... it was something entirely different to share them with the people they had been about. "I'm sorry Lya.... I just... felt I had to after how everyone was reacting. I was hoping if they knew... if they where told, maybe they wouldn't react so poorly to your choice. Because it is your choice. No one should take that away from you." She tried to explain. Yet after she still felt the worry in her stomach. The stag had to be House Baratheon, and the dragon House Targaryen. Before she thought the dragon in it was the King. For all knew he was mad, and she couldn't see the Prince murdering any Starks in the ways she had heard. Speaking of her vision out loud now brought up more questions though.

Aaralyn took a drink from her cup again before glancing over at Tele and Lothar. Her heart warmed at the scene of love. "Lothar." Aaralyn spoke. "I owe you an apology... I am sorry I jumped to thinking to worst of you. I should have known better, if only because I should have trusted in Tele's judgment. She's never lead me wrong before. Please take care of her. And Tele, when you make your choice on which dress you want let me know. A marriage such as yours is rare indeed, one based upon love and not duty. I want you to be the happiest upon that day."

Were it not for the dreadful feeling that all of this could only mean tragedy for House Naelareon, Maester Anders would have been happy for Lothar and Tele. A union decided by love was indeed a rare precious thing.

He knew this better than most.

Hearing Lady Aaralyn speak, he forced a smile and bit his tongue. Now was not the time to speak strategy. But Darne was right: perhaps there could be a way to preserve the delicate relationship with House Karstark? And perhaps the Starks could be convinced not to side with the Baratheon in what now seemed an inevitable conflict?

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar thinks back to that night, looks at Tele, then back at Aaralyn.

"Accepted, Aaralyn, and I will."

He does his best not to show his concern about Darne walking off into the forest with a prince of unknown intent.

Night passes uneventfully. Aaralyn tries to catch up with Lyanna as well as learn what has happened with Tele that she managed to keep the relationship a secret this whole time, alas her divided attentions and the late hours work against her doing either. The next morning, Lyanna suggests Tele, Aaralyn and herself do acquire the materials and make a lovely wedding dress for Tele themselves.

Meanwhile, the menfolk have gathered for a private hunt. Eschewing retinue the prince and the two Naelareon brothers go forth into the nearby woods to hunt, one grumpy maester in tow.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne manages to sleep through the night. It is filled with some minor stressful dreams but otherwise is restful. He awakens the next morning and prepares for the hunt. He slips on his traveling clothes and then slips his ring mail over it. After running into a bear suddenly in the lands the last time, he felt it best to be prepared for something stupid than to left laying on the ground with his entrails strung out.

He grabbed up his Trident and looked over the weapon, giving it a few swings in the confines of his room and privacy. He was pleased enough with the feel of it and it's condition. He stepped out and waited for the others to gather before finally moving along with them.

He smiled at his brother and chuckled a bit at the Maester. He imagined this was going to be an interesting outing for them all. He bowed his head to the Prince "Your Grace, was there any particular game you are wishing to hunt? I will admit I don't go hunting very often. I was surprised the last time we went out to find that even the bears have been out and closer than normal. But perhaps that was just in Lord Roote's domain." he said, to make sure that the Prince and his retinue were informed of the recent odd behavior of some of the beasts.

The prince looks you up and down as he approaches. Compared to your battle ready garb he is clothed in elegant riding attire and sports a short bow designed to be fired from horse back. "Bear you say... If I had known we would be hunting bear I would have dressed for it. Very brave of you to want to face the beast at close enough range to need mail and melee. But no, today I prefer we hunt the deer of the forest, maybe a stag might grace us this day."

The prince takes your garbing as a good natured jest and waits as you send for bow and horse for the ride.

Aaralyn Karstark

"I am unsure where to go for such things." Aaralyn admits. "I haven't had the need to gather anything like that yet but I'm sure we can find something!" Aaralyn said with a smile upon her lips. "What kind of dress do you want Tele? Do you have a color in mind?" She asked.

Completely out of his comfort zone, Maester Anders follows behind the noblemen, taking the time to study the nearby plants and, perhaps, find some that could be of use in treating old Lord Naelareon's ailment.

He pales when the prince mentions hunting stag.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar seeks spear and bow before he joins his brother and the Prince for the hunt.

Axe will not do this day!

Lyanna looks to Tele, and Tele to you. A creeping realization finds it's way into your thoughts. None of you have ever really had to make purchase of cloth before. Oh, you had been introduced to the ideas of maintaining a holding, but northern lands you own the cloth that is gifted as part of tax, or is made upon your lands and within your holdings. You had never made a large purchase in your life, but how hard could it be really.

After a quick change of armament, the men are off. Making quick time from hall to the edge of town, the Naelareon men and their liege lord's heir make for the private seclusion of a small hunt.

Off in a wood, past the hustle and bustle of the hall. "Lovely day for a ride. Where do you suggest we go?"

Aaralyn Karstark

Right... well idea!:
Aaralyn sighed and nodded. "Right..." She began "I seems to have gotten a head of myself... Oh, Lyanna I think I have settled upon what I want for my second gift. Cloth, as much cloth as we can get. Enough to make Tele's wedding dress, as well as dresses for her and myself once we become ladies of House Naelareon." She declared. She smiled at Tele and said "Tele will be my sister, and a fellow Lady of House Naelareon. I want her to be happy and look the part."

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar thinks about good spots in the forest for stag.

Survival: 2d6 ⇒ (4, 1) = 5

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne tries to smile off the joke made a but at his expense. It wasn't his intention to make such a joke about the situation but it was clear that his inexperience in hunting and his attempt to warn the Prince of current odd animal activity were not good partners.

Will to smile through it: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 3) = 7

He coughed and sent a page to get him a horse and bow and when the subject of where to hunt came up, he scratched his head.

Survival: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 4) = 11

He tried his best to suggest reasonable locations where he had spoken to hunters before about their trade and was thankful when his horse and bow arrived feeling a bit embarrassed.

Perhaps the Maester could aid Darne and make that a 13?

The Maester has zero Survival skill, unfortunately! Would Lothar's roll above help?

Knowing something about animals, if not about how to hunt them, Maester Anders offers some advice to assist the hunters...

Survival, Aid: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 2) = 8

"Well, Tande might know how to get you cloth..." Tele helpfully pipes up.

The three of you discuss the lay of the land and decide where best to hunt. Hours later you find yourself at the ford of a river.. The prince stops you here and dismounts.

"So, now that we are well clear of the masses, why don't we discuss what we really came here for. How do you think best to aid me my friends?"

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar stands to attention, ready for whatever may come.

Unless it involves him requiring a silver tongue.

Awareness to spot anyone skulking nearby: 2d6 ⇒ (1, 6) = 7

Aaralyn Karstark

Oh really?:
"Oh? Would you mind introducing us Tele? I'd be very grateful for her help." Aaralyn said. "If we can speak to the places that trade in cloth, explain who we are and why we're there, that way I can take pricing right to Darne once he returns from the hunt."

"That depends on your plans," Maester Anders answers out of turn. The Maester knows that his manners irk those of noble blood, but he cannot bring himself to hold his tongue when comes the time to stand by the Naelareon who have been so good to him. "It depends on your plans and on how you interpret Lady Aaralyn's vision."

"Lady Lyanna has decided not to wed Lord Baratheon. Fair enough. But how will her family react? And her family's allies? And Lord Baratheon himself?"

He hesitates but decides to speak plainly. "And if she is to share your bed as I believe is the intention, how will Dorne take the news? I apologize, but it seems to me that your bold gesture at Harrenhal may very well have imperilled your efforts from the start."

"I have to speak my mind," he apologizes to Darne and Lothar, knowing that his words will not be well-received. "The truth must be spoken if strong alliance are to be forged."

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar is a little surprised, but values the straightforward words of the Maester.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne paused, the Maester's words had merit and perhaps the Prince had not thought of these things yet.

"My Maester's words are true, this will not be an easy task. There will be those who take these events as well as they would take poison. But, his council is in fact something for you to consider." he said calmly.

He thought about it all for a moment, what would the Naelareon's be able to provide.

He combed back his hair a bit in thought "One of our biggest strengths is our Mercantile history I would think. With access to the river and markets...we could be a good source to provide resources to a growing army. We ourselves are not ready to wage war, our House is still growing in strength and only our coffers have really prospered. Were we to openly show any strength, I'm afraid only enemies would greet us to strike us down at the moment." he said considering.

"But, these alliances will take time to forge. It will give us time to grow ourselves and with each ally you find yourselves, is another source of strength for us to help grow and help ourselves grow in the process. War isn't cheap, so a good source of iron and timber will be needed and our ties to the North will prove valuable indeed." he said smiling a bit as he mused and tried to work through all the possibilities.

"Oh I'm sure we could find Tande keeping the girls in line, that is what she tends to do. I think she feels more comfortable with them anyway. She has been running most of the household since the lady has been ill." Tele seems proud with herself over her ability to aid in the discussion. The flush it brings to her cheeks almost overpowers the sallowness that has crept into her face over the last few weeks.

"I will trust you know your business better than I. I hope that we can get my father to see sense when a large enough army stands upon his door, but we will have to burn that bridge when we come to it." Rhaegar sighs and looks out across the river and off towards the falls. "As to my intentions with the Stark girl... that would be complicated. If prophesy is to be believed I have no choice in the matter. Mayhaps when I take the throne I can keep the Dornish custom of the acknowledged mistress... that may be acceptable to my wife's family."

"But will your own subjects accept such an arrangement? And the Starks?" Maester Anders shakes his head. "Prophecies are fickle things and we should not presume to interpret them as we tend to give them whatever meaning we wish. The scholars agree that, in matters of prophecy, man must make his own way and let the prophecy speak for itself."

"For what it's worth," he continues, "my advice would be to stay true to Dorne and make friends with Baratheon if you wish to stand against your father. It would be counterintuitive to attempt to gather allies while creating dissension."

He shrugs, "But you will do as your heart commands. We always do."

And we always pay the price, he thinks to himself, remembering his own failed attempt at a happy love story.

"Many things can change between now and later plans. Let us hope things hold a different sway when the time comes. But, I will take your wise words to heart young maester."

As the prince speaks, a small group of deer wander out to the ford to drink and pay you no heed. A strange sight indeed to see these beasts with any wary behaviors.

Aaralyn Karstark

Then let us go:
"Then let us go." Aaralyn declared with a smile, glad to see her friend and soon to be sister swell with pride. "In fact," Aaralyn began as she took Tele's arm in her own. "I'll let you lead the discussion with Tande, it will be a good place to start for your training as a soon to be lady of House Naelareon." She pointed out.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar eyes the deer, thinking about where his own heart has led him. Is leading him.

Awareness: 2d6 ⇒ (6, 2) = 8

They are a fine collection of deer. Quietly they dip their necks to lap at the water. Cool stream provides satisfying drink to parched mouths. The wind turns and a few of the bucks raise their heads to track your movements as well.

Tele heads off to find the elder maid passing through the halls as if she had always been here. The ease of her navigation, and the candour she shows with the staff as she walks through reminds you that you have had no real time to learn the hall and its inhabitants. Tande is found at the center of a storm of activity, her harsh language and constant ramble being heard long before she is seen. As you make I contact, Tande smiles and says. "Took you long enough, was wondering when you would find the time."

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne nodded at the Prince's words "It's as you say Your Grace. Things change between day to day. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, I don't know enough in the world of politics yet but I am learning and sometimes even the outside perspective can make all the difference in winning a battle." he said as he looked over at the deer.

He wondered if they were within the Prince's desires. He pointed over to them "A small selection to be sure but it's young in the day, any to your liking?" he asked.

Aaralyn Karstark

Time is what few have.:
Aaralyn offers a friends and apologetic smile. "Yes, time is a rarity these days." Aaralyn said. "With the preparations for the wedding, the arrival of the crown Prince, and a dear friend... I'm surprised I've found the time to sleep." She stated, poking a bit of fun at herself. "But, Tele here speaks very hightly of you Tande."

"Oh does she now, the dear. Probably all lies to bolster me with the new Lady, more's the pity. Well, guess we have to get you sorted, but I won't have you horning in on Hilde's place you get me? She is still the Lady while she draws breath, and you ain't my boss till you marry that star crossed lout and produce some children of your own. You get me missy?" Tande gives a wink to Tele as she talks. An overly exaggerated and easily noticed wink and smirk, a caricature of the action one might say.

"Does and fawn do not interest me over much, though it does seem that your realm is full of them." As he speaks an older buck catches your eye as it moves its way from treeline to stream. "Now that one is more like it. Lord Naelareon, this is your land so I graciously give you the first shot." The prince makes an exaggerated hand gesture of magnanimity.

Aaralyn Karstark

"Oh Tele wouldn't do such a thing, if she speaks well of you it is because she thinks such." Aaralyn said, a smile on her lips. "But I don't know about calling Darne a star crossed lout." She teased with a laugh. "You've nothing to worry about when it comes to Lady Naelareon. It might be different if I believed her incompetent or lacking in character. But I like Lady Naelareon, she is a wonderful woman and I hope her health recovers. If only long enough for her to meet her grandchildren, I've already settled upon the fact they will be call ducklings." Aaralyn said honestly and even added in her own joke. "However! The reason we have come to you this moment is that we seek a place here that we can get cloth at. I've no idea if you've heard yet, though gossip among the servants is common, but Tele here will be marrying Lothar. So soon you will have three Lady Naelareons here! But I want to help make Tele a dress, as well as get a supple of cloth built up so that after our weddings we can make proper dresses for Tele and myself. I hope to ask Darne to make this my second gift. Like how we agreed upon the engagement gift to food sent up North to Karhold."

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar quietly says:

"They are a fine group of deer. The bucks are paying a little more attention to us."

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne nodded at the Prince, if that was his Grace's request then he would oblige. It'd have to be luck for Darne to hit the Buck, he'd have to admit to himself. He'd never spent much time practicing archery and with their lives revolving mostly around the river, spears would have been better.

He took a deep breathe and aimed. He hoped he wouldn't make a fool of himself.

Marksmanship w Destiny Point used not burned: 3d6 + 1d6 ⇒ (4, 3, 1) + (6) = 14 13 it is

The older woman starts screaming, a noise like the northern wind blowing over broken walls. She runs up and throws arms over Tele, alternating between berating the woman for not telling her and planning out the woman's whole future from children to pets to furniture all in the same breath. Lyanna gives you a shrug, not knowing how to insert herself into the path of the living storm of excitement that was once the head of the house maids and lady in waiting.

By the time you calm Tande down and remind her of your presence she has plumb forgotten the rest of your words. After a quick reminder she happily tells you of the cloth merchants that come through on occasion, and how one could arrange such materials be brought to the hold for a price.

The air seems to part majestically as your arrow passes from your bow to its target. Against all your worry it finds its target and sinks in deeply. You have a split second to celebrate your victory before the small herd of deer startle as one of theirs slumps to the ground and begin to run... some directly towards your position.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne smiled a she watched the deer slump, it seemed he would not make a fool of himself today. He turned to watch the Prince, His brother, and to see how the Maester fair. "Thank you, Your Grace. But, dont let me have all the fun."

The Maester smiles pleasantly and patiently. While he understands how hunting makes better warriors, he simply does not enjoy it himself.

He is proof incarnate that one does not need to be a fine warrior to win wars.

Aaralyn Karstark

Loud, very loud:
Aaralyn covered her ears as the elder maid exploded with joy. She looked to Lyanna and just smiled give a small giggle. "I think she's happy Lyanna, do you think she's happy?" She asked as she removed her hands from her ears. Then shared a smile with Lyanna. "I hope to be this happy when you choose someone Lyanna." Aaralyn said as she squeezed the hand of her friend. "Whom ever it will be."

When they finally got everything to settle down and was informed of were they could get what they sought Aaralyn thanked Tande and asked "Do you have one that you would like to deal with more?"

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