A River of Time.

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A Song of Ice and Fire alternate history.

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Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar seeks out his brother for a word, when they get the chance.


"I sparred with a man calling himself Kyros earlier, I forgot to mention him earlier with the excitement with the prince. He says he is a merchant from Myr who dealt with father. He is a damn fine swordsman, and beat me at wrestling. Do you mind if I invite him to the feast?"

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

I swear I posted something >.<

Darne paused and nodded "We should speak to father first to confirm their history before we invite him to a feast with the prince if you wouldn't mind waiting. I wouldn't mind speaking to him myself after we talk to father, I'm curious to see what a merchant from Myr is doing up at the Hall sparring with people and not haggling." he said chuckling a bit at the end.

Kyros of Myr...?

Knowledge, Education: 5d6 - 1 ⇒ (6, 1, 5, 3, 5) - 1 = 19

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

"Certainly. Let us affirm his relationship with Father."

"I think you are right. At my first convenience I will write to him. Maybe i can borrow your ravens to do so... when did you get so wise cousin? You half sound like you have turned into your old nan."

The man is not known to you, but Havish did do a surprising amount of business with a Myrish lace merchant by the name of Yunkesh. Havish had managed to position himself as a middleman for the Myr after having won a wager with the man some years prior.

I will leave an opening for the maester to contribute and Aaralyn to respond, then move us to the nights dinner after Havish has affirmed the man's relation to the family.

As far as Anders knows, is Yunkesh in Myr and/or could he be contacted by raven? In any case, Anders would wait until he is alone with the Naelareons before saying anything...

No ravens in Essos. No telling where he currently is plying his trade.

Aaralyn Karstark

Because I listen:
Aaralyn smiled at Lyanna's praise and chuckled a bit. "Of course you can use our ravens." She agreed "and that is because I listen to what old nan says! I may not always have it right, but I listen... even that year I wasn't talking to Rickard I heard everything he did say. The chance from anger to pleading back again. I just never replied to him because he never said what I wanted to hear." Aaralyn explained, though she was quiet for a moment before asking "Lya, did you father ever tell you how he and I first met?"

"He found you in the crypts..."

Dinner that night.

Darne is sat with the prince, discussing the weather and how the hold is shaping up.

Lothar is sat with Kyros (Who is in fact the son of a merchant who lost a bet to Havish and has had may years of trading partnership with the man.) discussing interesting things.

Maester Anders is sat aside his lord at the table.

Aaralyn Karstark and Lyanna will be entering the hall as soon as Aaralyn decides she wishes to enter having just left Lord and Lady Naelareon, Tele will enter after as she is a little busy helping with the elder Naelareon's dinner.

...and proceed.

Aaralyn Karstark

Voices and dream:
"Just outside them actually... my ear pressed firmly to the door." Aaralyn corrected. "He and his men had been heading back to greet my father I think, I'm not sure but... I did remember when I saw him the look on his face was and odd one. He asked what I was doing and I still remember my answer, "They're whispering" I told him and... the expression on his face turned to what I can only describe as fear." She said as she slowly crossed her arms over herself. "Lya... I... had a dream about those crypts... It felt so real... I knew that something had happened to Darne's father before I was told anything... It wasn't the same as in my dream but, something didn't feel right when I was told... and the voice I heard in the dream.." Aaralyn shuttered as she shook her head, pausing for a long time before finishing, "There was so much that happened and... I'm scared to tell you more because it could have been just a dream but..." She let the statement hang in the air.

"Do you think you have become a prophetess dear cousin? Maybe you can tell what my future bares?" Lyanna smiles and teases you, as she plays with a tassle of her hair.

Aaralyn Karstark

Funny you should ask:
Aaralyn looked at Lyanna, silver eyes glinting for the water building up in them, but all the same Aaralyn summoned all the courage her body had. She trusted Lyanna with her life, and she believed she had the right to know. "I heard them Lya... Your father screaming in pain.... Brandon call out to him but his voice... it was cut off like something was stealing it from him... Then Lya...." Aaralyn cut herself off, she was scared if she finished what happened it might come true. "I saw all this while I stood in the crypts... I could feel the cold and see my breath. There was more but, I don't want to say it..."

Her tone changes from from teasing to worry. No longer is she playfully brushing off your dream as whimsy. "Lyn, you are scaring me. What can be so terrible you can't tell me? No one dreams that vividly, not outside the stories of the children and gremlins. Please, tell me what you see... or tell me you are playing a horrid joke!" Her voice catches in her throat at the last.

Aaralyn Karstark

To honesty:
A shake of the head told Lyanna she wasn't lying. Leaning foreword she placed her head on Lyanna's shoulder. "I lost you..." She whispered. "You called for someone, I dare not say a lot for fear of ears the walls have, I will write it to you in our words later but... you called for him like he was the only thing between you and the stranger." Aaralyn hugged Lyanna tightly at that point. "And, someone in those crypts saw me... they told me that... I wouldn't be able to save you all..." She said, her voice breaking down as she had started crying.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar finishes chewing the chunk of meat in his mouth and replies to Kryos.

"I hope you have felt welcome here? You've come at a damn interesting time!"

Lyanna pulls you in close and holds your head. She whispers "You aren't going to lose me."

"If I had known I would have showed long before. I was planning on starting new ventures in your lands, but I do not know how well the trading will go with royalty about." The man claps you on the back in a friendly manner. "Better you deal with the stress than I"

Aaralyn Karstark

I hope not:
"I hope not..." Aaralyn cried into Lyanna's shoulder. "This world is hard enough as it is... you help me through it..."

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne smiled offering his brother a nod at him continuing to entertain one of their guests. He was surprised at how quiet his Maester has been since the Prince has entered the picture given his eagerness to offer advice and conversation at any other point.

Still, he did his best to continue pleasantries and small talk till his betrothed could join them. However, there was the small matter of there was only so much one could speak on the weather or state of the lands before you might bore a guest.

He decided to take a small gambit "Your Grace, I had mentioned before that I wanted to make sure you knew of our capability and our loyalty. Your father saw in my own something worthwhile and believed in his capabilities. And while it is your right to roam the lands as you see fit, I would ask for any help you might be able to offer in helping my House prove ourselves. I can of course guarantee comfort easily enough without much direction from yourself, but I would find myself remiss if I couldn't offer as much help with your goals in your time with us as possible. However, to do that, I would need to know more of what your plans are while you stay here. Would you trust me enough to divulge any of your plans so early in our relationship so that I may help you succeed as best I can?" he said trying to both delay the Prince's boredom and suss out a bit more information for the Household to work with.

Persuasion Convince: 5d6 + 2d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 1, 1, 1) + (2, 4) = 14
Rerolls: 3d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 5) = 13
OOF Man, those rerolls save the bacon a bit. 5,5,4,4,3 is 21? Not bad.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12


"Isn't that the truth? But we serve the crown loyally, and any inconvenience is a small price to pay.", Lothar says.

Though if Darne was not taking most of the weight upon his shoulders, I doubt I would say the same!

"As you help me Lyn. I tell you what, I'll make sure you go first." Lyanna chuckles a bit at the morbidity of the joke. "Maybe you would like to dry those eyes before we go to meet with your love? No good walking in if we look like we have been mourning your future marriage."

"Nobility at any price may just bankrupt you if you are not careful my friend. Family has to be smart when it plays those games."

"You may have something to offer indeed, but not here. Ride out and hunt with me come morning, we can speak away from so many prying ears."

The prince has withdrawn from the conflict. His status outranks your ability to force the matter. By withdrawing in such a way he has given away information to the importance of his coming, it is not a simple lark.

Aaralyn Karstark

Ah tears:
Aaralyn forced herself to chuckle at Lyanna's words. "I wouldn't call him my love, but he seems a good man." Aaralyn said as she wiped her eyes of her tears. "My betrothal gift actually went to my people. Food for them. Though he hasn't been asking about anything for the other two... maybe you could give him ideas for them? With everything happening we haven't had much time to get to know each other yet." She told her friend, trying to move onto a some what happier point.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne pauses at the deflection but nods to the Prince "As you wish Your Grace. Would you allow my brother, the Maester, and our other guest to join us for this hunt? The Maester is a wise man but he lacks the sun needed for a healthy body so a good venture like this is a fine way to keep his health. My brother is a strong man and would be a fantastic addition to any hunt. As for our guest, he's a friend of the family, one our connections to Myr and my brother vouches for his capability with his fists and a weapon. We'd make for a fine hunting party with their attendance." he said deferring to his judgement on the subject.

"I can understand as well, if you wish it only to be myself. Either way, I'd be honored to join you in the morning." he added afterwards.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12


Lothar looks a touch more sombre. And isn't entirely certain how to answer.

"Aye, that is true. But the prince has not pressed us hard. We will see how we fare."

"Ah see, this is why you have me around. I can argue you a well stocked library and a lovely wardrobe, or was there something you were looking for in particular?"

"Certainly, and maybe he wants something your brother can provide him. I do not trust your kings my friend, who sits on a throne of swords and finds it comfortable?"

"An acceptable plan. But, leave off the Myrish, I would that only loyal subjects come. We may have words that should not stray past your house... speaking of your house, where is this lovely bride to be? Are you hiding her for fear of me stealing her away? No worries, I do not plan to have my heart fall for another maid this life." The prince smiles and winks, clasping Darne's shoulder in a friendly gesture. The weight of that hand all at once comforting and unnerving.

Aaralyn Karstark

Was there?:
Aaralyn stopped for a moment and tried to think. Was there anything she wanted above all else? That Darne would be able to provide that is. Really she wasn't sure. "Truly, I don't think I've thought about it. I was thinking of just having you tell him of things I enjoy and allowing him to make the choice. We're already being pushed into a marriage, but that doesn't mean all choice is taken out of it. Tell him what I enjoy, and what I've told you of what I wish to do, then let him make a choice." Aaralyn answered with a slow nod. "Now, I think we should get to dinner before my betrothed believes I've run off."

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12


"That is quite the picture! And I have trouble arguing with it. I do not have my brother's gift with words.", Lothar ends with a guffaw.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne tried to hide the fact that the Prince fell upon the very subject that he had been trying to stall against. He smiled and took a drink from his cup before speaking "I am afraid I have probably taught her a bad habit of mine. I tend to spend my free time amongst the small folk, learning from them and of what they need. It tends to make one difficult to find and sometimes difficult to remove yourself from your people. I am sure she is likely cleaning up and making herself ready for dinner." he said trying to take the topic elsewhere to stall a little longer.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Persuasion Convince: 5d6 + 2d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 6, 4, 6) + (4, 1) = 26
Reroll: 1d6 ⇒ 2

alright so here is where it gets weird. So it's a 23 if this can be some kind of persuasion test. If it's a deception test then I take the first three dice. I have to reroll 6s and take the second result on deception tests so it's a 9 if its deception....and then if it's a status test then I get a 13 by taking the first 3 +2 for being head of house. Hopefully that takes into account any and all possibilities

We are going with a deception test, this is more to the fact that you are actively trying to hide information from a probing question. Thankfully, since it was an offhand question, and the prince was not looking for any deeper information a 9 beats the passive. You have avoided showing any nervousness at the idea of certain guests interacting with certain other guests. That being said... pushing the girls entering to this point is perfect timing.

The prince has no time to ponder your answer or ask any awkward questions as the lady in question enters the chamber, flanked by her lovely maid and her childhood friend. Kyros whispers to Lothar how he hopes that one of these lovely ladies is unclaimed, a statement that carries with it less than honorable connotations in the way he speaks those words.

For Darne and his Maester, the reaction of the prince is more pressing. He stops mid-sentence, half-formed ideas evaporating like the morning mist before the sun. His purple eyes now locked as they are upon the brown haired beauty that has entered, only one word passes his lips. "Her?"

Seeing the prince's reaction and, as always, fearing the worst, Maester Anders makes sure to keep Darne between the prince and Aaralyn, and to sit Lyanna further away still. Then, he calls for food and drink to be served, and for music to be played.

Aaralyn Karstark

Following proper form, Aaralyn stopped before the main table. "I do apologize for keeping you waiting. I had to see to my friend. Betrothed and your Grace, may I present Lyanna Stark of Winterfell. One of my dearest friends. You might remember Darne that she sent word that she would come down to help me with the wedding plans." Aaralyn reminded him. "So I do hope you two will not hold it against me," She said as she motioned to Darne and the prince "that I will be with her a great deal before the wedding and showing her around."

It wasn't hard for Aaralyn to tell what the Maester was doing. After what he had said behind closed doors she figured this would happen. Which served Aaralyn well as she had planned to keep Lyanna's attention to herself for now, till she could speak or more properly write, with her later. She whispered to Lyanna throughout the meal, which could be pass off a woman's gossip.

"And now the Maester has all the evidence he need for his thoughts, did you see the Prince's face?... Never going to hear the end of it from him now..."

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar whispers back to Kyros, urgently but with humour, not rancour:

"You should banish such thoughts, and swiftly. My advice for the day."

Lothar does appreciate the sight of northern noblewoman in front of him. His own love is of the same land. He glances at the Prince, to see how he fares.

Awareness: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 6) = 15

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne stood till the ladies were escorted to their seats and he smiled and bowed his head slightly to thank Aaralyn for the introduction of the Lady Stark.

He picked up a glass and smiled at Lyanna "Lady Stark, I see the journey has done nothing to temper your beauty. I hope that means that everything fared well? Please join us for salt and bread." he said politely.

Once everyone was seated, he laughed a small bit "I must say my first day as Lord of my House has been eventful. Not only has Your Grace graced my halls but now a Stark has come to join as well." he looked around and chuckled "I fear based on how my first day goes, I may soon be know as the man who can't serve Salt and Bread appropriately." he said grinning.

"All joking aside, I couldn't ask for better company this night. I wish to make a toast to everyone's health. May you all find prosperity, happiness, and health!" he said raising his glass.

Words flow like wine around the table.

Lyanna Lifts he glass "To happiness", the prince "To health", and the Myrish man "To prosperity." Good humor and fair feelings keep the conversations light through the night.

Kyros nudges Lothar "I think the Lady's maid servant there likes you, she keeps smiling every time she looks your way. Though, that might just be the life she is carrying inside her making her giddy." He nods sagely as he delivers the offhand comment.

Lyanna strikes up a conversation with the maester, attempting to alleviate the poor man's fears as best she can so that his worry does not become Aaralyn's worry.

The prince continues to small talk with Darne about the state of the land and tomorrow's hunt... though he does seem a bit distracted.

For her part, Tele quietly makes sure both Aaralyn and Lyanna are well supplied with drink while they are busy being the focal point of so much attention.

Aaralyn Karstark

Awareness(Notice): 4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 1, 3) = 12 11

Aaralyn catches Tele looking off at Lothar and Kyros, she seems to be scowling at the myrish man though she can not tell what the two of them are talking about.

Aaralyn Karstark

Aaralyn raised an eyebrow slightly, before she motioned for Tele to come to her. When she did she leaned in close and whispered

"Is there something I should know? I just mean that you've been look at Lothar and that man with a scowl on you face... Is everything alright?"

Tele whispers back in a worried tone. "Do you know who he is? Lothat has been spending considerable time with him today and I don't like the look of him. The others are saying he just showed up, and no one knows who he is or why he is here."

Aaralyn Karstark

"I don't, but I will." Aaralyn reassured her. Then she gently shifted the sun pin upon Tele's dress. "You know you can always come to me if you need something, if things such as this come up speak with me. I cannot help if I do not know whats wrong." Aaralyn said as she gave a kind smile to her. "We'll speak more tonight." She promised.

After Tele returned to her place Aaralyn cleared her throat a bit and leaned a bit foreword. Her silver eyes focused upon Kyros. "I am embarrassed to admit that I have not been informed of our other guest. Such a failing on my part, I must apologize." Aaralyn said. "Might I ask who you are?"

to Lyanna Stark

"We did not expect you so soon, but I know that Lady Aaralyn and Lord Naelareon are more than happy that you are here now," Maester Anders starts, trying his best to be pleasant despite his concerns. "I will inform your kin in Winterfell – and your betrothed in Storm's End – about your safe arrival. Undoubtedly, they will be relieved as it is a long and dangerous journey from the north."

"You will find the weather here more clement," he continues with a smile.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Awareness: 3d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 3) = 12

Darne is trying to feel the room for how best to juggle his attention. I'm hoping this is good enough to notice the Prince's distracted state at least. It might give Darne a chance to have a truly private conversation with the man.

Kyros stands for Lady Karstark, soon to be lady Naelareon, and deeply bows to the young woman. "My deepest apologies my Lady, I am but a humble merchant from the lands of Essos. Truly, no one that a high lady such as yourself should be embarrassed for neglecting." The man continues to hold the bow for a second more and then raises to his full hight and smiles. "But, I do appreciate the notice paid so far by this house for my needs as a guest."

The prince seems preoccupied all of the sudden, almost as if the Lady Lyanna might have struck an interest for him... though considering she is by far the most beautiful woman you have met this is not hard to understand. The supporting members have drawn attentions elsewhere, so now would be a good time to attempt whatever you have planned.

"Oh not at all, I will of course have letters for my family. I will have them for you tomorrow if you would send them." It is hard to be angry with such a lovely innocent woman as this, pity that she has become so embroiled in the interplay surrounding your house. An unforeseen complication of the best laid plans it would seem.

Conversing with Lyanna Stark

"Of course," he answers politely. "I am at your service."

For a moment under the charming woman's spell, Maester Anders seems about to say... something. But he holds his tongue. What follows is an uncomfortable silence, which Maester Anders ends awkwardly, "will you miss your home when you become Lady of Storm's End?"

"Of course, you will," he interrupts himself, blushing. What a stupid question!

He fills her cup, smiling, embarrassed.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne looked around and held back his smile for the moment. He leaned close to the Prince "I see things are troubling you, if you ever need to speak to me in confidence, then come see me in my room. I'll make sure the guards guard the door for your privacy." he offered.

He leaned back and began offering small talk on varying topics to those that engage him.

Aaralyn Karstark

Aaralyn gave a small side chuckle before she looked to Lyanna. Lyanna knew that look, this man had failed to answer Aaralyn question. She only ever asked twice at the most. She returned her gaze to Kyros and the expression, while still pleasant, was must sterner than before. "That is kind of you to say but that wasn't what I asked." Aaralyn said. "Maybe the journey from Essos has taken it's toll on you. Thus let us try this again." She paused, allowing the room to go slightly more quiet. "What do I call you?"

However when she heard Maester Anders's question she couldn't keep her mask. Laughing slightly and shaking her head at his question, Aaralyn held a finger up to Kyros "Forgive me I need to address something." Shifted her weight in the chair she looked to Lyanna, leaning close and asked

"Do you want to tell them? The more here who know the easier it might be. They won't be able to say it was me who turned you against Robert. Not with so many here to hear it from your own mouth."

Persuasion(Convince) for Kyros: 5d6 + 1d6 ⇒ (5, 3, 3, 1, 5) + (3) = 20
Reroll 1: 1d6 ⇒ 5 So 21

Dice for Spoiler:
To Convince Lyanna: 5d6 + 1d6 ⇒ (2, 4, 5, 4, 2) + (5) = 22 20

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

"Perhaps., replies Lothar, trying to be nonchalant.

Deception: 2d6 ⇒ (1, 3) = 4

Been trying to figure out how to approach this for the last few days. Aaralyn may have just done what I expected of her but what I have not figured out all of the ramifications of... this is going to hurt.

Kyros gives an annoyed look towards Aaralyn, but is saved by her sudden focus shift to Lyanna.
Darne continues to attempt to move the Rhaegar, finding purchase within the trust of the prince.
The Maseter makes a fool of himself.
And then two women decide to make announcements at the worst possible time.

"Lothar, I'm with child." Is overshadowed by "I'm not marrying that oaf!"

Aaralyn Karstark

"WHAT?!" Aaralyn said as she looked to Tele. After all she knew Lyanna's announcement already, but Tele's came out of no where. Her head spun around and looked to Lothar, and if looks could kill the youngest Naelareon's blood would have been upon the hall flood already. "You've been sleeping with my hand maiden?!" Aaralyn snapped at him, her anger clear to see "and you got her pregnant?!"

Will: 4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 5, 5) = 17

Aaralyn held up her hands, indicating that she needed a moment before she put them back down while taking a deep break. She then looked to Darne, locked eyes and said "Fix this, or I will." Then her attention turned to Tele. Standing from the table and said "Excuse me." after which she moved to Tele and pulled her aside, away from the others.

"Tele, what?" Aaralyn asked, keeping her voice low. "Since when? Why didn't you tell me he was the one you wanted?" Though she looked at Tele and sighed. "But most importantly... are you happy with him? If so I'll make sure this works out properly..." Aaralyn promised then couldn't help but smile a bit "We could be sisters."

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Will: 3d6 ⇒ (2, 2, 3) = 7

Darne's face said it all. He was surprised and alarmed at the news, the clattering of his cup dropping from his hand and falling to the floor was only a further admission to how bad this situation might be.

He looked between Aaralyn, Lothar, and Maester Anders wildly to make sure everyone was on damage control and the same page for the moment.

He cleared his throat "It seems emotions have overflowed much like the wine I have offered. Let us call it a night, I am sure many of us have something we wish to speak of privately with our friends." he said trying to smile despite the sudden explosion of issues that came forth only moments before.

Persuasion Convince?: 5d6 + 2d6 ⇒ (5, 1, 1, 4, 5) + (2, 6) = 24
Rerolls: 2d6 ⇒ (4, 1) = 5
One last Reroll: 1d6 ⇒ 5
25 after rerolls and bonuses taken into account.

Maester Anders pales when he hears Lady Lyanna blunt words. This is worst that he could ever have imagined! With wide eyes and a tight-lipped smile, he takes advantage of Darne's intercession to discreetly excuse himself from the table.

"Everybody out!" Maester Anders hisses to the servants who all seem to have stopped their good work to listen to news that will assuredly spread like wildfire.

Status, stewardship: 5d6 - 3 ⇒ (3, 5, 4, 6, 6) - 3 = 21

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