A River of Time.

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A Song of Ice and Fire alternate history.

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Aaralyn Karstark

"Yes it would." Aaralyn said to Lothar in Darne's place. "Stay at his door Lothar. Tele please come with me and Darne." She requested before she gently grabbed Darne's arm in her own and moved him to the door, "We need to speak." Aaralyn told him as she lead him away from the group, having Tele as eyes for those who would talk ill.

When they got out of the room Aaralyn began.

Darne and GM:
"This is how we're going to handle this." Her tone was low and calm. "We have to inform the King, that is not in question. If he finds out about this and we didn't tell him... This house will never see another day. With the condition the King is in at the moment, we need to choose our words wisely, not only that but I suggest sending a messenger over a raven. The raven maybe faster but I'm not sure it would be accepted well. Sending a messenger may take longer but show more care. I will also add that it is very important the wording we choose. Explain that his son was in a hunting accident but that he is believed to pull through. But whatever you do, do not say that it was your hunt or that you suggest it."

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne started to speak up, wanting to suggest that Lothar might seek the Prince's Guard's permission before stepping on their toes but Aaralyn was quick to speak compared to him.

Aaralyn and GM:

Not only did she manage to keep his mouth shut, she maneuvered him away before he could protest and soon had control of the conversation. He had to admit she had a point and he himself had been thinking that a messenger was indeed better than a raven.

He smiled and bowed his head to her "You have some Wisdom in your thoughts. It would also give the Prince some time to recover and stir, allowing us to send a raven to update and offer better news to ease the first bit of bad news before the King has the chance for his anger to swell to large." he said in response.

He scratched his chin as he thought about the words needed but even he wasn't too sure how he could possibly word this message to soften the blow. The Maseter might be able to word this best...but he'd dare not interrupt his work in such an important time.

"I know that my father might think it best for me to handle this alone or even with your aid. He knows the King best and might have some pointers in how to temper the dragon's flame." he said after some thought. "Your thoughts?" he asked.

Aaralyn Karstark

Darne and GM:
"Always speak to your father if you feel you must." Aaralyn told him. "Illness may have settled in him but you still have him for a while longer. Listen to what he says, and all of it to heart. This, this is are great a threat as a man holding a blade to your neck." She wanted him, the grip on his arm tightly slightly. "Being in the King's favor, especially this King, is walking a knife's edge. Stay but a little and all will fall... I didn't have to worry about such a thing in Karhold. But I listened well when I was at Winterfell. Lyanna rode her horses, practice with her brothers, but I listened. I watched the Lord of Winterfell and his noblemen as a child, I listened to every word they said while their sons and heirs played with swords and chanced girls. I can talk circles around them, slashing them to pieces with my words before they even knew what happened, yet here I step with a feathered foot." Aaralyn explained. "My father told me I could lash a Stark from Winterfell, and I believe it. Just you wait till Lord Stark gets a piece of my mind... but I am not so arrogant to believe I could talk a dragon from its den. Take all the wisdom your father can give you Darne. For I've little more to offer here."

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Lothar tells a sturdy young servant:

"Bring me my battleaxe and handaxe. And get someone to bring me water and food."

Lothar waits with knife at his side.

Heal, Treat Injury: 3d6 + 1d6 - 1 ⇒ (3, 6, 1) + (6) - 1 = 15

With the able assistance of Lady Lyanna, Maester Anders works steadfastly through the night to keep the prince alive. Truth be told, it soon becomes apparent to him that there is little that he can do, but his constant ministrations, if anything, serve to reassure all those who can only wait and worry.

"He'll survive," he attempts to reassure the Stark girl. It's not quite a lie – he's a terrible liar – but his words sound hollow nonetheless. He attempts a friendly smile, which comes off as awkward. Then he tries to break the tension by expounding on the medicinal values of local herbs. Finally, finding himself unbearably gauche, he looks away and busies himself at his patient's bedside, making sure that his bandages are perfectly clean.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Aaralyn and GM:

Darne nodded feeling reassured and placed a hand upon her own on in a comforting manner. "Thank you, I think sometimes I worry to much of showing my father there is nothing to worry about and that I'll be every bit and more the man he wished me to grow up to be. I'll have plenty of time to carve out my own legacy without my parents sound wisdom and prove to myself that I lived up to their expectations and my own....but I'd be a fool if I didn't seek their console while I can." he said at length.

This time it was he who took her by the arm and directed the twosome along. Along the way, he grabbed a servant and asked that they bring refreshments and food along to his parent's room for four. This discussion could take time and he'd honestly never thought well on an empty stomach.

Once they had made it to the threshold of his parents door, he politely announced himself and Aaralyn before stepping in once they'd received an answer. "I've no doubt you've heard the news of our latest trouble...The Prince is injured and in not the greatest shape. Our Maester and the young Lady Stark are tending to him and they say he'll live but for now he sleeps. I've taken Lady Aaralyn's advice to heart and am hoping to prepare a missive to send to the King by horse. This should give us time for the Prince to wake himself up and to have better news to send by raven, but with the King's...nature, I thought it best to speak to you about how I might temper the anger that will likely swell at learning of his son's condition." he said a bit begrudgingly.

Your attempts at discourse seem to hearten the lady, though your ministrations to the wounded prince do not stir the man.

Armed with axes and stubborn pride, you ignore your bruises and guard the door.

Darne and Aaralynn.:
The former Lord Naelareon shifts his position as he tries to pull air through gravely lungs. "The king is our friend and patron, we must do what we can to keep that relationship. Soften any part we played in his harm, and make it the cruel vagaries of fate. We can not afford to anger our lord, that may well end us."

Any more he would say on the matter is swallowed up by a fit of coughing.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

The Watch at Night:

Lothar only allows those he knows well to even approach. He makes damn sure whom they are before that much.

The Prince needs a watchman, so that is whom I am this night.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne and Aaralynn:

Darne paused, partially out of hope he could ask his father for further advice but quickly it became more so out of concern for his father. He bowed his head when the coughing finally quieted down.

It was hard to believe he never saw the signs of his father being sick if he was this bad. He looked at Aaralynn and nodded before looking at his parents "I have to admit, I don't have the eloquence to put into words what I need to say to the King. It's easy enough not to admit fault in the situation but to write it out so...in noble terms, my learning simply hasn't gotten there yet." he said admitting his faults.

He proceeded to squeeze Aaralynn's hand at this point "However, I have a lovely wife to be with just such a background. Can I trust you to provide the words I need? I'll write it, lest the king or some Maester figure out that it wasn't mine...But, the truth of the matter is, the Prince's men failed him. Having guards fail to come to their charge's aid? My brother and the Maester performed admirably, Lothar leaping to his Grace's side and slaying the beast while the Maester quickly performed the healing arms. Then, going by himself on horse to fetch a carriage to bring the Prince back safely to the Hall where we can better care for the Prince." he said recalling what all he knew.

"Don't play up my role in this, I did little but fell one of the beasts first and then issue orders. But at least our House shouldn't be held responsible for this. I just wish the Prince hadn't taken my thoughts on armor so lightly." he said sighing and realizing that irony of the day's beginning.

Aaralyn Karstark

Darne and Aaralyn:
Trying to offer some form of comfort to the man that will soon be her husband, Aaralyn squeezes his hand in return. "You don't need to tell too much." Aaralyn tried to explain. "And if our King was in a more stable place, I would agree. But you father is correct that we need to foster the relationship this House has with the crown. Mentioning any form of failure could have him turn on those you mention. It could mean their lives." She pointed out. "After all he wanted to kill that knight that showed up at Harrenhal because he believed the tree on the shield was laughing at him... we must pick our words very carefully."

Anders & Lady Lyanna:

Finding her company rather pleasant and hoping to distract them both from their worries in this darkest of nights, Maester Anders tells Lady Lyanna his own heartbreaking story.

"We are perhaps not so different, you and I," he begins – ever honest and ever blind to the barriers of birth. After all, what could a bastard of the Riverlands and a princess of the North have in common? He recounts the tale of his low birth as the bastard of a high born and cruel father and confesses to her his love for his half-sister.

"I've never told this story to anyone," he warns her, his eyes tearing up and, without a word, asking for her discretion. He continues his story, explaining how he was exiled when he asked for his sister's hand, and how he returned to rescue her.

"But I was too late," he continues. "Thinking that we could never be together, she took her own life. She died in my arms! If I had stormed the castle only a day earlier..."

He can barely hold back his tears, at this point. "I apologize. It's a terrible story to tell. I shouldn't have... When did you and the prince first meet? Was it at the tourney?" He feigns a smile and attempts to change the subject.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne and Aaralyn:

Darne tried to think about this carefully, it was true that lives could very well be in the balance for the information sent. However, he did worry for the lives of his own House more than the lives of the Prince's guard.

He sighed "I worry, if we were not to offer some explanation of fault as to why the Prince was injured that he would simply blame us as his mind wanders for an explanation. There is fault in the Prince's men's inaction...to allow a beast to best them in action to protect and serve their only charge." he said beginning to scratch his scalp a bit in aggravation at the conundrum.

"Perhaps we'd best see our Maester as well for advice on this? He might provide some insight we hadn't considered. Just as you were versed and taught differently than myself, he too was learned in a different manner." he said trying to make sure they found a solid answer.

Aaralyn Karstark

Darne and Aaralyn, and another?:
"Or, we speak with one who already is use to handling a mad man." Aaralyn told Darne, rather annoyed with herself for not thinking about it before. "I'll be right back." Aaralyn said before she stood from her chair and quickly made her way through the hall to return to the prince's room, though she never entered.

The Knights who hold an oath (Yes this includes Lothar):
Aaralyn came back down the hall way and stopped almost abruptly before the two King's guard members. She made no introductions. I need you two, to come with me. Lord Naelareon wishes to speak with you concerning the letter to the King about his son. If I may, I suggest Ser Selmy." Aaralyn boldly stated. "I am aware that among you two Ser Dayne is the more senior member and should have final say, but because of that fact is the reason I request Ser Selmy."

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

The Tale of two Knights:

Bleary-eyed, Lothar turns to face his future sister-in-law. His grip on his battleaxe is still firm, though he has only recently cleared the crumbs from his face.

"Of course. Where are we required?", he says as he stands up.

After ten million years, I am back to finish this post.

"Yes, at the tournament. We talked before during the tournament." Lyanna says awkwardly, your story and the situation seem to have touched her deeply.

A Knight, a Warrior, a Lady and a Lord walk into a room.:
Selmy enters the room with the others. "What would you have of me here? I have no taste for politics and skulking in closed chambers."

Aaralyn Karstark

Dealt with madness:
"I need what particular skill, that few even within the walls of the red keep can claim. We must tell the King of what happened here. There is no way around that... However you spent a whole day with King Aerys after you saved him and have guarded him since. Tell us how to speak to him, to save this house as well ask your and See Dayne's life... Please. This family gave you the steed you needed, now give them the words to help?"

Persuasion Convince: 5d6 + 1d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 4, 1, 6) + (6) = 23 22


"For what it's worth, I understand that you need to follow your heart," Anders continues. "But... If I had known then what would happen – that she would end up taking her own life – I would never have professed my love and asked for her hand. I would have ignored my heart. I would have run away. And truly, for me to have ever imagined that she and I could be together and happy was pure folly. Her death... is my fault."

"So I ask you: what if the price is too high? Are you ready to tear this entire kingdom apart for the sake of your heart? You know that the people you love are those who will suffer the most, if and when this whole story comes to light..."

"I am sorry," he finishes with tears in his eyes, which he is quick to dry. "That's not fair. The heart wants what the heart wants. I'm not making any sense and, in any case, it is not for me to speak of these things. Perhaps you should get some rest. I will stand vigil."

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

The Witness to Words:

Lothar looks deeply uncomfortable when he realises the import of what Aarlyn is saying.

What could she want of me? I have no silver tongue like Darne!

"For someone so learned, you are an idiot. You did what you thought was right and someone died, is it better to do the easy things that belittle the lives of everyone around instead? Your sister died because you fell in love, don't make mockery of her love as well. She knew what she was doing and chose what she did. Women are not just things to be acted upon, never in control of our own choices and I will ask you to remember that bit of knowledge if you can stuff it into your already full head." Lyanna glowers at Anders as she sits down to continue her watch over the injured prince.

The others:
Selmy listens to Aaralyn's words and mulls them over. "I do not believe their is much to be done here. For my part, Dayne and I will survive. We were ordered to protect the Prince against human foes, not against nature and the Stranger. For you, honesty will most likely be the best choice of weapons. Tell the King his son was injured by a stag while a hunt and that you marshaled all of your resources to preserve his life. Impress upon him that as always you will spare no expense to protect the life of a royal and see him delivered home. I do not know if that will save you, but it would be your best path to take."

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12


Lothar nods.

That all sounds like good advice!


"I didn't mean ––" he starts, then stops. Right or wrong, he has misspoken and the best thing to do now is to say no more. Embarrassed and flustered, he tends to his patient in silence, thinking upon her words and his past...

Aaralyn Karstark

I understand now:
"I know what to write!" Aaralyn declared after a pause from listening to Selmy. "This should work, 'To our glorious King Aerys II Targaryen,
I, Darne Naelareon, now Lord of House Naelareon am morose to inform you that while out hunting your son, Rhaegar Targaryen, was attacked by a stag which did great harm to him. Our Maester will be with him day and night, and even now believes that your son will live. I swear that we will do everything within our power to ensure your son's recovery. No matter the expense or sacrifice this house will see this through, for it was given to us by you great King and it is to House Targaryen that we will eternally be grateful and always be useful.
Forever your bannermen, Darne Naelareon.'

Aaralyn finished, she was a bit out of breath and it was obviously she was more than a bit nervous about this. "That is... all I have I'm afraid."

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12


Lothar watches Aarlyn's hand dance over the page, wielding quill as she does so.

Impressive, especially for a lady!

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

The pow wow:

Darne looks over the letter and nods his head. This looked like it would adequate. He sighed, hopefully this would be taken well. "You have a way with words Lady Karstark. Please, take the letter to the Maester and get his opinion so he will be in the loop. He'll know who or how to send the message." he offered, praising her.

He slumped and looked at Sir Selmy. "I appreciate your honesty. This has been a very stressful time and we are all worried for the Prince, even still...I may have said things in the heat of the moment that I did not intend. And for that I apologize if I have say or done anything to offend you." he said solemnly. He swore that his father had retired when he did on purpose to cause him to grow gray hairs early in life.

The gathered group.:
"The measure of a man is his control during trying times. You would do well to keep a tighter watch on your words." Though Selmy's words are gruff, he does not seem all too offended. You get the feeling that if he had been offended by your words you would not have lived long to regret them.

You pass the rest of your time in awkward silence, broken only by the wheezing breaths of the injured prince.

Aaralyn Karstark

The group:
Aaralyn moved past Selmy, giving him a nod, before leaving to return to the Prince's room.

Aaralyn stopped at the Prince's door to greet Dayne before stepping in. "I need you to read something Anders." She said as she handed over the letter. "Darne wished for your opinion, and I would also like Lyanna's as well." Aaralyn explained before she looked to her friend, then the Prince. "How is he?" She asked.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

The Gathered Group:

"I imagine we send that letter and wait?"

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

The menfolk:

Darne nods to his brother. "Aye, that's what will happen. Our House will do it's best to care for the Prince in the meantime and hopefully, we will be able to send a raven letting the King know that his son is alive and well before too much anger can brew." he said simply.

He looked at Selmy "Do you and your fellow kingsguard require anything? I will do my best to accommodate you two so that you can watch over his room as long as you wish. I can also offer men to guard him should you two need a break." he offered.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

The Men:

"Darne, is there anything in particular that you wish me to do, while we wait?"

The Naelareon brothers:
Ser Selmy nods acknowledgement to Darne's question. "Food and drink will be all we require. We will sleep in shifts and watch over the prince as is our duty. Your men will not be necessary to our watch. If you will excuse me, I am needed at the watch in question."

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

The Naelareon Brothers:

"Certainly, Ser Selmy. We will watch over His Grace."

"He'll survive," Maester Anders answers with a tired sight. "Only the Gods know now how he will fare, however."

He reads the letter, which Aaralyn has handed to him...

Any chance I can actually read the said letter, or get an idea of its content?

To our glorious King Aerys II Targaryen,
I, Darne Naelareon, now Lord of House Naelareon am morose to inform you that while out hunting your son, Rhaegar Targaryen, was attacked by a stag which did great harm to him. Our Maester will be with him day and night, and even now believes that your son will live. I swear that we will do everything within our power to ensure your son's recovery. No matter the expense or sacrifice this house will see this through, for it was given to us by you great King and it is to House Targaryen that we will eternally be grateful and always be useful.
Forever your bannermen, Darne Naelareon.'"

Selmy gives a curt nod to Lord Naelareon as he leaves, a sign of some respect not due the lesser lord by a member of the King's guard. Unnoticed by all til now, Tele slowly makes her way beside Lothar, her whisper quiet movements carrying her lightly to the man of her scarred heart. "If my lord would allow me a moment..." She waits nervously for the men folk to acknowledge her. Her tiny form shaking slightly as she waits.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12


Lothar turns to his fiancee with a start, still tired and stressed. Then he sees whom it is, and smiles.

"Of course, my lady. Brother, if you will excuse me?", he says to Darne, as he prepares to leave with Tele.

"The letter reads right," Maester Anders comments, hading Aaralyn back the letter. "Perhaps in the morning, the prince's condition will have improved and we can say with greater certainty that he will survive?"

He returns to his good work, mixing a tonic for the morning and preparing a poultice to ensure that the wound is healing cleanly.

Aaralyn Karstark

Aaralyn took the letter back and handed it off Lyanna. "What do you think Lyanna? I tried my best to instruct Darne in what to write. I have a feeling this will be most of my future." She told her with a sigh. "I can hold off and send the letter by morning, but it does need to be sent very soon. We cannot allow them to believe we're hiding anything."

Tele leaves with Lothar, worry plain on her face. "Lothar, what has befallen this hold? The prince shows, he is injured, and now the King's wrath may descend on this house. All in the span of a day, what are we to do?" The woman, so long the epitome of northern solemnity and stoicism, shudders with her words.

Lyanna reads slowly, mulling the words in her head as she imagines the reaction of the King. "It will have to work. I could not bare to see what the King may do to these lands if this finds him in the wrong mood."

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne nodded politely to both men as they asked for their leave. He paused as he had much to consider.

Once he was alone he raised a brow. Lothar's bride to be was beginning to prove to be quite a curious woman. Her ability to be unseen was beyond what he'd expect out of a handmaiden.

And then there was what he believed to be respect coming from Ser Semly. Was that perhaps simply due to what he had done in the field, was it because of the Prince himself, or perhaps it was because of what his father had done in the past.

He sighed, he'd not find such answers tonight. The Maester hadn't come to give him any good news today so he assumed the Prince was as good as he was the last time he saw him. He rubbed his temples, this was becoming quite the difficult ascension to Lordhood.

He silently prayed that things would be quiet for a while and that the Prince would recover well enough and fast enough. He thought to himself after the prayer, Hmm, perhaps this is a sign I should be a more pious man. Though, I suspect my soon to be wife would be at odds with me if I favored the Seven over the Old Gods.".

He made his way towards his bed, hoping for good news to awaken to.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Private Discussion:

Lothar listens carefully to his bride-to-be, embracing her.

Then he replies, softly:

"The Prince was injured by a stag on a hunt that he asked for. The maester is taking care of His Grace, and I have faith in his ministrations. With good fortune, and the blessing of the Seven, the King's wrath may not fall upon us. We stand or fall together."

Aaralyn Karstark

"Sadly there is nothing I can do more than I've already done to mitigate for that." Aaralyn said with a small shake of her head, taking the letter back. "I will send it with the dawn, but luck is the only thing that could help us now. Why couldn't I of dreamed of this? Then maybe I could have stopped it... Or better yet dream of when would be the best time to send this stupid letter..." She muttered. Honestly she wondered if she even wanted to sleep tonight. "I'm going to get everything ready to send this off. Till the morrow." Aaralyn said before she left the prince's room.

She paused for a moment and looked to Ser Dayne. "Ser Dayne, may I ask you a question that pertains to being a knight?"

Ser Arthur Dayne smiles slightly as he answers Aaralyn's question. "You may."

"And if we fall, what do you think will happen to our child?"

Aaralyn Karstark

I'll admit this has been stewing in my mind since I saw Ser Jaime Lanister knighted and brought into the King's Guard at Harrenhal." As if to clarify what would come next. "Which comes first?" Aaralyn asked in a curious nature. "The charge or the Gods, or the oath to man?"

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Private Discussion:

"Tele, that is why I must do everything I can to prevent that dark day ever coming."

"Each knight would answer you differently I would think, and that is the narrow path each of us must walk. For myself, my oath is to my Lord first. Why do you wonder about these things?"

Tele seems to calm a bit as you reassure her and help her to talk through her worries. "I wish it didn't have to be you putting your life in harm's way."

We can clean up the final conversations as need be, but I am pushing us ahead.

The final time before the wedding passes in a state of tense anticipation. No letter from King's Landing is forth coming. No letter is sent telling of a full recovery. The prince languishes in bed, having not stirred in all this time. Lyanna dutifully watches over him, taking care to feed and clean the man as needed. Maester Anders is skeptical of the prince ever waking.

All about is commotion now, as bride and groom prepare for vows before gods and man. The hold bustles with activities and noble and commoner alike are filled with excitement for the festivities. The winter cold had locked most in their homes while snow fell upon the land, thankfully not as deep nor as savage as it fell to the north, and much of the blanket of white is left unmarred by human feet.

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Aaralyn Karstark

"Well, the idea is odd to me. I am a Northerner after all. We have no knights, only fighting men. Thus who they are loyal to is never in question. I only know of one knighted Northerner, and he was wounded badly protecting me." Aaralyn explained. "But when you become a knight, according to what you are charged with, you must protect the innocent. Yet, you serve Lords who so rarely care about such a thing. Thus I am trying to understand it since I will soon be married to a Riverland lord and thus dealing with knights more often. Yet I can't seem to wrap my head around the idea of them... Because either way you fail at an oath. If you keep the one to your lord, you could fail at the one your gods charge you with... yet if you follow the one your gods charge you with, you could fail at the one you've sworn to your lord." Aaralyn pointed out. "I would say that your answer tells me you care not for the charges the gods commanded of you... yet your actions often say the opposite. The way you handled the smallfolk of the kingswood, paying for what you and your men needed while there, when you had the right to take it without question. Then you even took it a step further and brought their grievances before our King. Yet according to your words you'd slaughter them all without blinking, every man, woman, and child if our King commanded it?" Aaralyn asked curiously as she gave a small scratch to the back of her head with her free hand. "Do I have that right?" She asked. "Maybe I shouldn't be asking such a thing... after all everyone, including yourself, stood by while the villages of Duskendale were burned. While children were murdered for the crimes of their parents... I mean Lord Denys Darklyn should have died for what he did, all we consider adults who took part should have. But the smallfolk do nothing with politics... nor do the children of nobles..." Aaralyn said as she leaned against the wall beside the door way beside Arthur Dayne. "If one disregards the charge of their gods so, can one truly call themselves a knight?"

Moving along part

So the day was finally here, and Aaralyn was surprised that nothing had come from King's Landing. No threat, no word at all. She didn't know how to take that, but for now forced herself to believe no news was good new. Aaralyn found herself even more surprised at the fact none of their guests had yet to arrive. She thought at least one or two families that had been invited would have gotten there early... Would none come at all? Even her own kin? Maybe with the winter returning they couldn't make it down at all. Not the mention her dreams had been silent... nothing like the one she had cropped up again... maybe... it was really a dream after all?

While going through her day, Aaralyn found time to visit Lyanna, and the Prince. "No change still?" She asked, knowing the answer though.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Private Discussion:

"It is who I am. It is why we are together."

Lothar besports a smile, despite the troubles of recent times.

My brother weds today!, he thinks as he walks towards where his brother readies himself.

Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9 Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9

Darne tries to keep his nerves under control as both his wedding is upon them and the fact that the Prince has not awoken yet. Still, there have been no marches upon the House by the King and his army or anything really at all of the fact.

Still, he awakens the day and goes about his normal rituals that have come to pass the past month. He makes himself presentable and then makes his way to the Prince's chambers to check on his state before going forwards with the needs of his hall. The day was busy with dealing with details of the lands on top of all the extra issues relating to the wedding. The extra stress had begun to show slightly upon the young Lord's face but beyond that, he managed to keep the facade of nothing was wrong.

A knight and a lady.
"You forget your place lady... do not think to impugn my honour. I will not speak against my King to the nature of his retribution, it is not my place. Our liege deemed it necessary to make an example of those families that would subject their rightful ruler to imprisonment, neglect, and torture. I would myself have been more lenient as you say, but what is done can not be undone and is of no aide to argue about now." The Sword of Morning stares down Lady Aaralyn, though his tone stays measured and neutral.

Lothar and Tele:
"It is..." she says as she chokes back a laugh,"... but that doesn't make it easy."

A Noble Wedding Day.

Lyanna sits in a chair brought for her long ago, her frame having long since left its mark upon the furniture's surface. Still she seems to find no rest in her watch and the lines of worry have given her a kind of dignified stature that only enhances the youthful beauty she already possessed. Her face says more than any words she could muster, no change, but still her hope remained. She would watch until her eyesight faded and her strength was no more.

Initiative 4d6 , Combat Defense 11 , Health 12 | Intrigue Defense 7 , Composure 12

Unquiet steps resound in the hall.

Lothar has returned from washing and dressing for the wedding.

He nods to to Ser Dayne, having at least some familiarity with him in spending so much time around the Prince's quarters, as he knocks on the door.

Darne and Aaralyn are busy - for good reason!

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