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The suns of winter, more like sons of winter. Karstarks, Starks none the less... we just happen to have the founder's first name with it as well. In the end the Starks and Karstarks are as close as two families can get. Many a Stark had taken a Karstark wife ensuring the bond renewal. After all that is all daughters are good for right? We're not people to them... Don't get a say in anything of our own lives as if the life isn't ours! ... I wish I had enough courage to change such a thing. I still remember when we when to Winterfell for a time, I was told father was trying to set up a marriage for the future. Myself to a Stark it would seem. I was only seven at the time, and I had met the boy father had in mind. Eddard Stark. He was, well to be honest I can't recall... he didn't even stick into my mind. But one Stark did! Lyanna Stark wasn't much older than myself, and she was so kind. The air around her was full of confidence that I couldn't help but be drawn to her. I didn't know then the friendship I had found. Lyanna and I made the perfect duo! She was strong, confident, and kind. I brought a bit of cunning, quick words, and charm to the table. When we ran around Winterfell I felt like there was nothing in our way!

Then it was time to return to Karhold... but Lyanna made a promise. She would write to me, and my father agreed I could write back! So long as I learned my letters of course. For Lyanna, my greatest friend, I poured all my attention into my studies. Before we knew it letter where written by us for us! Even the vast distance and winter chill could not keep us from speaking to each other. However brothers are... a different story. I remember when I was ten my brother Rickard, yes named for Lord Rickard Stark, snatched a letter from my hands as I finished writing it. I had planned to send it to Lyanna, speaking of... well... a small bit of attraction I had for one my father's guard's sons. Rickard teased me relentlessly!! Oh I was red with fury!!! So I screamed at him, I called to the heavens that until Rickard apologized to me that I would never speak to him again or even notice his existence. Well... I believe the stubbornness of the North is well known? I didn't speak to my brother or listen to him for a year, I would not be called a lier! But Rickard did come and apologize, though I would bet it was at the behest of out parents. It had gotten a bit out of hand at that point I will admit...

However it did teach me one thing, how to guard my letters. The next time Lyanna and I got to see each other in person I was thirteen. She and I came up with a bit of cipher so that she and I could pass information to one another without anyone else knowing! So when I returned home the Karhold once more I did so with a new bit that held the friendship between Lyanna and I together even more, our own little secret.

She told me when her father promised her to Robert, and I could tell... it tore her heart. I couldn't even properly comfort her from Karhold. I was too far away to help my friend. When the tourney at Harenhal came I was excited to see my friend again! I could give her support at such a time when not even her own blood could. Yet when I had readied myself to take care of my friend... I found sweet Lyanna taking care of me. I had told her my father had it set in his mind to marry me off to a family in the Riverlands that was well off enough to send goods like food up North, the winter had been long and... hard. My marriage was to save our people... How could I say no?

Lyanna took it upon herself to tell me of a few good families in the Riverlands. She had listened to a few of them when her Eldest brother Branden was set to marry a Tully. The one we settled on, was Tytos Blackwood. The Blackwoods had long been friends of the Starks, and they still followed the Old Gods so we'd have that in common at least. Not to mention their colors where black, red, and white! I wouldn't have to change my dresses too much!

Then, I couldn't believe it! Lyanna got Branden and Robert, he would do anything for her after all, to set Tytos up to dance with me. He was older than I, but that bothered me little, for he was handsome. I would bet his skills at dancing are only supassed by his skills in battle. His movements where strong and sure, they almost reminded me of Lyanna a bit for with him and felt... safe. Like with him I knew no harm would come to me.

Lyanna and I spent the rest of the night speaking of the dance! From time to time I would catch Tytos's eyes on me and Lyanna and I could only giggle. I could only hope my father would take the suggestion to heart. I had told Rickard to give the match a suggestion to our father... yet... I guess he didn't. I should have known better... Now... here I am. On the road to some new House's lands... I can't even remember what their hall is called! ... I miss Tytos.... I miss Lyanna... I wish she was here. She'd know what to do.

Goal: Security
Motivation: Duty
Vitue: Courageous
Vice: Arrogant

Agility 3
Animal Handling 2
Athletics 2
Awareness 3 +1 Empathy, +1 Notice
Cunning 5 +1 Decipher
Deception 3
Endurance 3
Fighting 1
Healing 2
Language 3
Knowledge 3
Marksmanship 2
Persuasion 5 +1 Charm, +1 Convince
Status 4 +1 Stewardship
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Thievery 1
Warfare 2
Will 5 +2 Dedication

Combat Defense: 8
Armor Rating: -
Intrigue Defense: 15
Composure: 15
Health: 9
Destiny Points: 2

Charismatic (Convince)


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Noble gown worth 100 silver stags
(2) Noble garbs worth 200 silver stags
Very nice noble garb worth 300 silver stags
Then a set of fine northern garb to go on top of those gowns worth 10 silver stags (I upped the price to make it nicer quality)
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