A River of Time.

Game Master Havocprince

A Song of Ice and Fire alternate history.

NPC List:
Lord Havish Naelareon
Lady Ruothilde Naelareon
Odo, Lord Naelareon's captain of the guard. An efficient and uptight bore of a man.
Tandi, Lady Naelareon's primary Lady in Waiting. She is the daughter of a dear friend, has not gotten the hang of higher manners.
Engaram, the halls caretaker. Old and creaky.
Blacwin, weapon master hired to teach the skill of combat.
Warin, tax collector. very important man that no one likes.
Jayman, the lost eldest brother.

Lord Karstark
Rickard Karstark
Dear Nan (A.K.A Helen)
Ser Savaric Pendron Captain of the Karstark guards

House Naelareon:

Defense 26
Influence 36
Lands 32
Law 23
Population 37
Power 37
Wealth 41
Defensive structures
Hall costing 20
6 points remaining
Influence purchases
Male Hier costing 20
16 points remaining
Land purchases
Small town costing 20
River costing 3
Light woods costing 3
Roads costing 5
Grasslands costing 1
0 points remaining
Power purchases by GM
Trained Garrison costing 5
Green Infantry x2 costing 10 total
Green Archers x2 costing 8 total
Trained Personal Guard costing 9
Trained Scouts costing 5
0 points remaining
Wealth purchases
Maester costing 10
Port costing 10
Marketplace costing 10
Minstral seat costing 10
1 point remaining