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Intrigue Initiative 3d6 Defense 9 Composure 9


Combat Initiative 3d6 Defense 13 Health 9



About Darne Naelareon


XP: 210 DP: 4 SXP:80 *Primary **Secondary ***Background

**Agility 3 Acrobatics 1B
***Animal Handling 3
Athletics 3 Swim 1B
*Awareness 3 Empathy 1B, Notice 1B
*Cunning 3 Memory 1B
*Deception 3
Endurance 3
**Fighting 4 Spears 1B
Healing 1
*Language 3
*Knowledge 3
**Marksmanship 3
*Persuasion 5 Charm 1B, Convince 1B
*Status 3
**Stealth 3
***Survival 3
**Thievery 3
Warfare 2
*Will 4

Initiative: 3D
Defense: 9 (3 Awareness, 3 Cunning, 3 Status)
Composure: 9

Initiative: 3D
Defense: 13 (3 Agility, 3 Athletics, 3 Awareness,4 Armor)
Health: 9
Move: 4

Destiny: 3
Attractive: You possess incredible beauty. Those who are susceptible to such looks find it hard to concentrate when in your presence. Whenever you roll a Persuasion test, you may re-roll a number of 1s equal to half your Persuasion rank (minimum one re-roll).
Favored of Nobles: Those of high birth regard you as one of their own. When interacting with characters of 4 or higher Status, you gain a +1B on all Persuasion tests.
Head of House: You are the head of your household. You command your house and are responsible for the upkeep of your lands, the security of your people, and the dispensation of your fortunes.
Add +2 to the results of all Status tests.
Flaw: Thievery You suffer from some malady or weakness. -1D to rolls with chosen attribute.
Honor-Bound: You are honorable to a fault. You must re-roll all 6s on Deception tests and take the second roll, even if it’s worse than the first roll.

Ring Armor 600 SS
Net 20 SS
Superior Trident 60 SS
Far Eyes 300 SS
Sachet 1 SS
Scents 10 SS
Whetstone 3 CP
2xWaterskin 16 CP
3xNobles Outfits 450 SS
2xNorthern Nobles Outfit 250 SS
Boar Spear 40 SS
Crossbow, Medium 400 SS
36 Ammo 30 SS

Leftover: 359 SS


Darne's life was a series of ever evolving circumstances while growing up. Almost before he could remember, his father had worked to improve their lot in life. He remembers the tales he has heard from his mother and some of his father's old fishing buddies of when their family barely made it by as fishermen. But, through hard work and careful planning Darne's family prospered and soon they were merchants. This was what Darne remembers the most. They weren't wealthy by any means growing up but they were never starving.

Darne joined his father on trips and voyages as often as he could, learning beside him in an attempt to live up to his father's motto, "Always Useful". He took every chance he could to learn from others and grow to help further the future prosperity of his family. Perhaps it was hard work and foresight or maybe it was merely chance but eventually the King recognized his father's deeds and thus the Naelareon line was born. But, both father and son of the Naelareon name were not ones to dawdle on success. Soon, with the help of their newfound resources as nobility, their name prospered and their lands did as well. But all things come at a cost and the cost of their nobility was his older brother's fate.

It wasn't too long after they became Naelareon's that fate would shine on them once more. A carriage overturned and it seemed attacked was left along the side of the road. His men had reported the sighting to Darne but no survivors were to be seen. But Darne refused to not give this scenario it's due diligence. It was thanks to him searching the waters close to the wreckage that he saw some of the flotsam. He pointed it out to his men and had them begin moving the boat towards the land as he dove into the water to search. It was due to his diligence that he saved the Lady of Pink Maiden, Lady Piper. It was through luck, action, and following the family motto that Darne found himself known outside of his father's shadow, if barely.

Thrust into the limelight after the event and with careful practice as a merchant under his father's tutelage. His brother, found success in the martial arts, something Darne practiced and learned due to the dangers of the time but his desire to fight did not lend past protecting what was his. But Darne's own success wasn't brought about by any deep desire or just conviction. While he was careful to never show it, fear ruled his heart and mind, and slowed his hand to action. His father's success was impressive, to go from such humble beginnings to the rank of nobility in ones own lifetime was perhaps a feat impossible to top. But such fear and determination to prove that one wasn't just lucky to be borne to another man's success is a powerful drive.

The events of the Great Tourney at Harrenhal pushed Darne into action. It seemed it was finally time that his House had begun to test the young man and his first challenge it seemed was the young Lady Aaralyn Karstark. While he hadn't chosen her for his potential bride, his Maester and his father saw her as his best fit and what was best for the House at this time. He had seen her, though he hadn't known at the time what she was to eventually be. He sighed, it was some rather impressive boots he had to fill in order to steal this maiden's heart from the young Tytos Blackwood. He cleaned his face, combed his hair, and adjusted his tunic. He couldn't stall any longer if he wished to prove he was his father's son.

Expenses and Rewards:

3 Silver, for a wagon ride= 356 SS left.
14 XP/2 Glory, 22 XP/8 Glory/1 Destiny.
30XP spent on Will 4, Training under Aaralyn.