A River of Time.

Game Master Havocprince

A Song of Ice and Fire alternate history.

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Aaralyn Karstark

Aaralyn felt the cloth of Darne's shirt leave her hand. A small stab of rejection was there but then gone in the face of everything. Thus Aaralyn haunted Darne's steps.

After a moment she sped up and got in front of her husband. "Darne." Aaralyn stated a bit more forcefully so that he'd look at her. "Look at me, right here." She spoke. "I'm right here." Aaralyn reassured him. "Take a moment... You haven't even shed a tear for them yet."

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Darne snapped back to the world of the living with Aaralyn's insistence. He looked at her, his eyes filled slightly with surprise before her words touch him.

He smiles softly "Thank you, but my duty to my family and as Lord takes precedence...But I promise, I will find the time to mourn them properly once they have been given the rest they deserve. I need to get the Sept here and get things in motion for our people to join us in paying their respects to the man and his wife, for he has touched and enriched many lives with his life's work." he said softly. A hand gently touches her face as he finishes speaking, a gesture to show his thanks and to show that he would be alright for a little longer.

He started back towards the stables once more, he wouldn't let anyone else hold the responsibility of summoning the priest for this occasion. It would be a disservice to the two for someone other than family to bear such news.

Aaralyn Karstark

Aaralyn brushed her lips against the palm of his hand in a kiss, a reminder that she was there. "I will ensure you take time for yourself to morn." Aaralyn promised. "But I understand, I won't stop you." She promised.

When he left Aaralyn moved to find Tande. That poor woman just lost her best friend and wanted to check up and see how she was doing, or well... how she was dealing with this.

And a month and a week later the Sept moves his sorry arse into gear and gets the proper rites going. Anyone need anything else?

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Shortly after the discovery of his parents' death, Lothar approaches the Septon about wedding himself and Tele. Sooner rather than later.

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