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About Maester Anders

XP 8
Intrigue defence 10
Composure 9
Combat defence 7
Health 6
Destiny points 5

Animal Handling 3 Charm 1B, Training 1B
Awareness 3
Cunning 3 Memory 1B
Deception 1
Endurance 3
Healing 3 Treat Injury 1B
Knowledge 4 Education 1B
Language 4 Common
Persuasion 3
Status 4 Stewardship 1B
Thievery 1
Warfare 6 Command 2B
Will 3 Courage 1B, Dedication 1B

Bastard Born Lose your family’s surname and take –1D on Persuasion tests against characters with a higher Status.
Nemesis Gain enemy.
Honor-Bound You are compelled to speak the truth.
Master of Ravens Dispatch ravens to bear your messages.
Third Eye Occasionally experience vivid dreams.
Animal Cohort (crow) Whenever you roll Fighting tests in combat and your animal is nearby, add +1D to your Fighting test.


Maester’s garb 4ss
Maester’s chain 2gd
belt pouch 8cp

Maester’s kit 50ss
Far-Eyes 300ss
candle (pair) 2cp
ink (black, one vial) 20cp

mule 12ss
saddlebags (pair) 1ss



Anders Rivers is the bastard son of Lord Blackwood by a lowly servant girl taken against her will on a cold winter night. Born despite the house Maester’s best efforts to abort the pregnancy, Anders’ birth would have been called an unlikely miracle had it not been deemed inconvenient and embarrassing by Lord Blackwood and his wife.

Fearing for her son’s life, the poor servant girl made sure always to keep her lord happy, and she was ever vigilant to keep the boy out of the way. He was condemned to hide in the kitchen and avoid the halls of the keep to avoid beating delivered without warning by his cruel father and his crueller wife. Anders’ childhood would have been grim and lonely were it not for his half-sister – Lord Blackwood’s daughter who, Anders would later learn, was rumoured to be born of Lady Blackwood’s infidelity. From a young age and against all odds, the boy and girl became inseparable. Eventually, their friendship would blossom into true love.

Growing up, he nursed his hatred for a father whose cruelty towards his mother and himself knew no bounds. And while many would have shied from conflict with such a powerful lord, Anders had the hubris to challenge the man whenever and wherever he could. Against the wishes of both his mother and his half-sister, Anders made it his cause in life to be a nuisance and to ruin Lord Blackwood’s plans.

So it is no surprise that when Anders asked for his half-sister’s hand, he was met with derision. Simply put, a bastard boy would never be allowed to marry a nobleman’s daughter. Hurt and embarrassed, he reciprocated by revealing before all the secret of his beloved’s birth. His beloved felt ridiculed, and Lord and Lady Blackwood were mortified and furious. Anders was exiled and warned that he should never return.

Heartbroken but driven to fight for love, Anders turned to the enemies of the Blackwood for help. With the help of the Brackens, the brilliant boy organized a daring and perfectly executed rescue. But he found only death: imagining him lost forever, his love had taken her life. Discovering his bastard with his dead daughter in his arms, Lord Blackwood vowed to avenge his daughter’s death. Anders only narrowly escaped.

At this point, he knew that there were few ways that he could escape the trap of his birth, and only one path made any sense to him: the Citadel. Impressed by his honest and courageous nature and by his cunning intelligence, the Maesters accepted him into their ranks. Anders proved an apt student, focusing his studies on the art and history of war for which he had an extraordinary gift, along with healing, stewardship, and ravenry.

When he received his chain, he made it a point to be assigned to a new house in the Riverlands for as certainly as Lord Blackwood blamed Anders for his daughter’s death, Anders hated the man who condemned him to a loveless life and vowed to ruin him one way or another.

Goal Wealth
Motivation Hatred
Virtue Courageous
Vice Miserly

Maester Anders is an average looking man in his early twenties, with dark hair and fair skin. He is entirely unremarkable. However, his eyes reflect a keen intelligence and intense nature.

Distinguishing features
In addition to the typical Maester’s robe, he wears a Maester’s chain with black iron, yellow gold, iron, and silver links.