Treasurefox's Rise of the Runelords

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Starday, the 30th of Lamashan, 4711AR


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hp 39/43 AC 17

Wilhim shoots up screaming. Waaaaahhhh, ahh, what? S#$#... He yells, discombobulated and in pain.

Female Halfling Cleric 7 AC:21(22)/14/17 HP:45/45 F:+7 R: +6 W: +11(+2 vs fear) Init: +3 Perception: +5, channel 5/5, ::: Aggah 39/39hp

"Bad guy dead. We're all alive. And we are burning all the bodies. EVEN THAT OX, AGGAH!" Cleo turns from Wilhim to yell at Aggah.

"I think we're headed back to town afterward. Do you need another healing now, or can it wait until tomorrow? I'm pretty much drained from my normal spells. Just the wand left."

M Human Ranger 7 HP 72/72,AC18T12FF16,F7R7W4,Init6,Per12

Getting ourselves some care is smart. We can't help anyone if we keel over from running too hard.

Human Witch (Cartomancer) 7 AC:12/12/10(+4) HP:48/48 F:+5 R:+5 W:+8 Init: +6 Perception: +7

Brelin finds a rock to sit on, still reeling from her injuries

I don't think any of us is combat ready, but the road should be clear now... I hope

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

Aggah eats the heart of the ghoulish Ox. Upon doing so, she tastes the rotting, twisted soul of the animal.
I'll leave it up to you whether she devours the soul or hacks up a soul gem.

Wabbit searches for firewood while the rest of the group licks their injuries. The forest is quiet, but not without the sounds of wildlife. A gentle breeze brushes the group from the East, and the sound of riverwater is close by.

hp 39/43 AC 17

Ugh, I've got some of my own still I think. Wilhim checks his belt and pulls three of his formulas from it and two in rapid succession.

2d8 + 5 ⇒ (7, 7) + 5 = 19
2d8 + 5 ⇒ (6, 1) + 5 = 12

Wilhim shakes himself.Ahh, that's much better. He says climbing up to his feet.

HP 64/64 | AC 27 | T 23 | FF 14 | CMD 21| F +12| R +14 | W +9 | SPD 30 ft | Init +4 | Perc +9 Panache 3/3, Stunning Fist 1/1, Dirty Trick tattoo 3/3, Rage 6/6, Weal's Champion 1rd/day, LOH 3/4

It takes Wabbit quite a while to bring back the necessary amount of firewood as he's not that strong and he can't carry much wood at a time with his small frame.

But finally, he collects enough for a proper pyre for both the Ox and Aldern

Any last words for this misguided soul before we cleanse him with fire?

Female Halfling Cleric 7 AC:21(22)/14/17 HP:45/45 F:+7 R: +6 W: +11(+2 vs fear) Init: +3 Perception: +5, channel 5/5, ::: Aggah 39/39hp

"He should have asked for help." the community minded halfling says softly. Then gives one last simple prayer. Aggah is playing with a gem she seems to have found somewhere, but is content so Cleo leaves her to her fun.

M Human Ranger 7 HP 72/72,AC18T12FF16,F7R7W4,Init6,Per12

Furnok puts Aldren on the fire, some charcoal drawings finding their way under his clothes. Hope this keeps you warm. Will save me further humiliation

Obsession is a bad thing.

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

Aggah has what is called a Lesser Twisted soul gem (HD3)

Aldern and the Ox burn upon the pyre. Part way through, Hemlock and Orik cautiously approach. Once they figure out what is happening, they straighten up and join the rest of the group.

"It's all done then, right? Sandpoint's safe at last?" Hemlock asks

hp 39/43 AC 17

I don't know if it's safe, but it's safe from this a~*&#++. Wilhim replies.

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

Hemlock nods in approval "Do you know bout any other threats?"

Female Halfling Cleric 7 AC:21(22)/14/17 HP:45/45 F:+7 R: +6 W: +11(+2 vs fear) Init: +3 Perception: +5, channel 5/5, ::: Aggah 39/39hp

Cleo sighs "Yes, our serial killer here was sponsored and then abandoned by another... let me find that note we found at his mansion. I hope it wasn't stolen along with those drawings."

Female Halfling Cleric 7 AC:21(22)/14/17 HP:45/45 F:+7 R: +6 W: +11(+2 vs fear) Init: +3 Perception: +5, channel 5/5, ::: Aggah 39/39hp

"Here..." she pulls it out in triumph and hands it to the sherrif.

the letter:

You have served us quite well. The delivery you harvested from the caverns far exceeds what I had hoped for. You may consider your debt to the Brothers paid in full. Yet I still have need of you, and when you awaken from your death, you should find your mind clear and able to understand this task more than in the state you lie in as I write this.
You shall remember the workings of the Sihedron ritual, I trust. You seemed quite lucid at the time, but if you find after your rebirth that you have forgotten, return to your townhouse in Magnimar. My agents shall contact you there soon - no need for you to bother the Brothers further. I will provide the list of proper victims for the Sihedron ritual in two days' time. Commit that list to memory and then destroy it before you begin your work. The ones I have selected must be marked before they die; otherwise they do my master no good and the greed in their souls will go to waste.
If others get in your way, though, you may do with them as you please. Eat them, savage them, or turn them into pawns - it matters not to me.
Finally, forget about the one called Furnok. It has been foreseen that your obsession with him will be your undoing. Focus on the task I have given you, and only that task.
- Xanesha, Mistress of the Seven

I have time tomorrow, and can work on the loot list. If anyone knows of anything we are missing please let me know since I might miss anything.

hp 39/43 AC 17

I have some ivory (dominoes?) I never actually told the party about, but I'm also not trying to keep them to myself.

Female Halfling Cleric 7 AC:21(22)/14/17 HP:45/45 F:+7 R: +6 W: +11(+2 vs fear) Init: +3 Perception: +5, channel 5/5, ::: Aggah 39/39hp

there isn't a problem if Wilhim wants to keep them. You got them in the kids room right?

hp 39/43 AC 17

Yes, and I don't. They matter not one lickspittle to me.

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

Hemlock takes the letter and shares it with Orik, who mutters "I can't read."

He furrows his brow and while still looking at the letter, says
"Well, at least he was abandoned. I have some questions, however. First, what is this 'delivery' he harvested? Second, who are the Brothers?" He counts on his fingers as he asks these questions. "Third, who is Xanesha? Fourth, who is Xanesha's master? Fifth, and maybe I shouldn't ask, but why was he obsessed with Furnok, and how was this 'foreseen'?"
"I think this should be followed up on. If this Xanesha finds out that the wretch is dead, she might send someone else to finish the job. Though I wouldn't mind if she took out Jubrayl first, but don't tell anyone I said that."

hp 39/43 AC 17

Wilhim chuckles. I won't tell Jubrayl, but, I also don't know who that is so, you might be doomed, the short man jokes.

M Human Ranger 7 HP 72/72,AC18T12FF16,F7R7W4,Init6,Per12

Perhaps some cult or crime thing. Perhaps check out his townhouse at

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

"Jubrayl is..." Hemlock starts, with a snarl creeping over his lips. But Orik claps a hand to his shoulder and interrupts "Oh, don't get him started. He's the leader of the Sczarni in Sandpoint, but the Sheriff here can't find proof enough to arrest him."

Locals of Sandpoint know of Jubrayl. He's one of the rogues and troublemakers of Sandpoint. Fairly good looking and charismatic, but those with decent Sense Motive know that everything he says is dripping with slimy ulterior motives.

Furnok of Ferd wrote:
Perhaps some cult or crime thing. Perhaps check out his townhouse at Magnimar

"I agree." Hemlock replies. "Is that something you lot would like to look into? After some rest, of course."

hp 39/43 AC 17

Ahh, apologies for my little joke then.

Female Halfling Cleric 7 AC:21(22)/14/17 HP:45/45 F:+7 R: +6 W: +11(+2 vs fear) Init: +3 Perception: +5, channel 5/5, ::: Aggah 39/39hp

"A rest though... please. It has been a long few days." she sighs "After that I'll go, and would welcome any of you to do the same. It would be lonely just me and Aggah, but I understand completely, utterly, if this has been your limit."

M Human Ranger 7 HP 72/72,AC18T12FF16,F7R7W4,Init6,Per12

Rest would be good, go and see our families. I bet The Gingerberries are worried sick about Cleo

Female Halfling Cleric 7 AC:21(22)/14/17 HP:45/45 F:+7 R: +6 W: +11(+2 vs fear) Init: +3 Perception: +5, channel 5/5, ::: Aggah 39/39hp

"Oh... yes, Mom would be worried by now, I guess." she looks more worried about the prospect of facing her mother than she did the ghoul overlord bad Furnok.

hp 39/43 AC 17

A trip home for Cleo? Sounds lovely, who knows, maybe they trade with my parents.

Human Witch (Cartomancer) 7 AC:12/12/10(+4) HP:48/48 F:+5 R:+5 W:+8 Init: +6 Perception: +7

The talk of family just makes Brelin even more quiet and she keeps to herself through the day.

She understands her friends needs though and tries not to push too hard

Yes, we all need rest. But we cant tarry. Evil is at work and the fates are obvious: we're the ones to stop it

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

"Of course. Take as long as you need, and just let me know when you head out." Hemlock replies.

The whole group heads back into Sandpoint. In some ways, the town will never be the same. There are no Scarnettis to lord over, the goblin menace is over, Longjiku Kaijitsu is no longer yelling at Ameiko, Shayliss Vinder is no longer capturing the hearts of horny teenagers, trade with the Farmlands has completely stopped. Most townsfolk have set aside their differences and come together after this second wave of 'Unplesantness'. Yet, still much of the town is the same. The townspeople are still very gossipy. Trade is still pivotal and prosperous. The Old Light remains a mystery, and the dungsweepers are absolute troublemakers.

We now have Downtime. I'm assuming one week of downtime, but let me know if you want to do less or more. Below are suggestions of common activities to do during downtime, and the rules I've engineered. You can pursue other activities (such as learning new spells, working for an employer, or crafting items). Just let me know.

The following activities assume one week of dedication. You can perform some minor things during that time, such as shopping here and there. You have free lodgings at the Rusty Dragon, so no need for lifestyle purchases (food, lodgings, etc).

Adventuring (risk varies):

Go on a minor adventure with a small team of citizens and mercenaries for gold and fame (does not yield EXP)

Choose one of the following adventures and roll one of the listed skill checks:

- Clear out the remaining ghouls in the Farmlands (heal, perception, or survival) (medium risk)

- Discover the truth behind the burned down mills (diplomacy, perception, or stealth) (minor risk)

- Establish trade with the Thistletop goblins (appraise, diplomacy, or linguistics) (minor risk)

- Lead an expedition to discover evidence of the Sandpoint Devil (climb, knowledge [geography, nature], or survival) (high risk)

The higher the success, the more gold and fame you will earn, depending on the risk.

Risk: There are many possible risks, including damage, fatigue, negative rumours, bad relationships, or making an enemy. At the highest risk, it is possible to die.

Carousing (minor risk):

Spend time eating, drinking, and making new friends

Choose between lower, middle, and higher class. You will be expected to pay for your entertainment, but your contacts could end up being powerful individuals.

At the end of the week, make a single flat charisma check. The higher the result, the more contacts you make, and the less money you spend

Risk: There is a chance that you make an enemy, spend extra money, or have negative rumours floating about

Crime (high risk):

Spend time finding contacts and committing a single, high payout crime

Choose between a low, medium, high, or insane risk job. The higher the risk, the higher the payout, but also higher penalties

At the end of the week, make three different skill checks based on the criminal activity (in the order listed). The more successes, the higher the payout. Certain spells and abilities may add a bonus to a skill check, subject to the DM.

Assassination (disguise, stealth, weapon attack roll)
Burglary (stealth, disable device, appraise)
Con Artistry (diplomacy, appraise, bluff)
Counterfeiting (appraise, craft [almost any], bluff)
Espionage (disguise, stealth, perception)
Fencing (appraise, diplomacy, knowledge [local or nobility])
Forgery (knowledge [local or nobility], profession [merchant or scribe], linguistics)
Interrogation (bluff, intimidate, sense motive)
Intimidation (disguise, intimidate, stealth)
Kidnapping (bluff, grapple maneuver, ride)
Lockpicking (stealth, perception, disable device)
Mugging (disguise, intimidate, perception)
Pick Pocketing (perception, stealth, sleight of hand)
Reconnaissance (disguise, bluff, perception)
Smuggling (bluff, profession [almost any], sleight of hand)
Trapfinding (perception, disable device, acrobatics)

Risk: There is a chance you get caught and arrested, hunted by an investigator, or have negative rumours floating about. If arrested, there is a possibility the character cannot attend the next adventure.

Gambling (risk varies):

Earn coin with games of chance and deception

Choose how much money you're willing to bet for a full week of gambling.

Make three different skill checks. A sense motive check, a bluff check, and a profession (gambler) check. You can opt for a sleight of hand check to reduce the DCs. The DC of each skill check is randomized. The more successes, the more coin.

Risk: The more you bet, the more you could lose. There is also a chance that someone becomes an enemy. If you decide to cheat, there may be additional consequences.

Pit Fighting (medium risk):

Compete in boxing and wrestling for coin and fame

Make a strength check, a dexterity check, and either an unarmed attack roll or a grapple maneuver check. The DC is randomized for each check. The more successes, the more coin and fame.

Risk: Pit fighting can involve a surprising amount of politics and skullduggery when people's prides are on the line. Regardless of your success, you may be subjected to some moral complications. Depending on your losses, you may begin the adventure with non-lethal damage and fatigue.

Relaxation (almost no risk):

Heal up, sit back, and enjoy some peace and quiet

You heal up to your maximum hit points, and gain bonuses for healing ability score damage, as well as bonuses to recover from diseases and poisons. You can opt to hire a doctor or priest to increase these bonuses.

Risk: If the DM feels like being a prick, he might somehow come up with something.

Religious Services (minor risk):

Dedicate your time to faith and community service

Choose one of the following checks: knowledge religion, diplomacy, heal, or profession (labourer). The higher the success, the more favours you can earn.

These favours are fairly loose, but some examples include a 50% reduction in spellcasting services up to 3rd level. A letter of introduction by the temple, or a service rendered by an acolyte or minor priest (burial service, baptism, etc).

Risk: There is a chance you get embroiled in a political or social complication.

Research (minor to medium risk):

Choose a topic you want to research. The broader the topic, the more vague the answers may be.

Choose one of the following checks: bluff*, diplomacy, disguise*, intimidate*, sleight of hand*, or stealth*.

* Skill carries risk of unlawful activities

Success on this skill check grants you access to the lore you seek. Additionally, spending gold (or personal gifts) in increments of 50gp nets you a +1/50gp on the check. Failure does not stop you from researching, but does carry a penalty.

Make a knowledge check relevant to the lore you are researching. You are considered trained for this knowledge check, and may roll twice and pick the better result. The higher the success, the more information you learn. If you spent at least 50gp, you also gain a book (likely notes written yourself) about the topic you looked into. You can consult this book in the traditional manner to gain a +2 bonus on future knowledge checks relevant to that piece of lore.

Risk: The biggest risk to research is faulty information. It is also possible to anger people in the establishment you're researching in.

Travel (medium risk):

Take a trip out of town to visit your family, explore Varisia, or make an early trip to Magnimar

Choose one of the following reasons why you're travelling:
- Visit family (diplomacy, gives morale)
- Explore Varisia (perception, give knowledge)
- Going to Magnimar (diplomacy, gives contacts)

For your travels, you will need to pay 20gp. You can reduce this to 10gp with either a knowledge geography, or a survival check. You can reduce this to 0gp if you succeed on both. There is a risk for failing either check.

Next, make the skill check listed in the reason why you're travelling. The higher the success, the more benefits you will reap.

Risk: Navigating the roads and wilds of Varisia is still a dangerous task. It is also possible that your trip turns out worse than anticipated. You may not discover anything, find new contacts, or build a positive relationship with your family.

Female Halfling Cleric 7 AC:21(22)/14/17 HP:45/45 F:+7 R: +6 W: +11(+2 vs fear) Init: +3 Perception: +5, channel 5/5, ::: Aggah 39/39hp

Back in town, Cleo will busy herself first in taking the longest hottest bath possible, and then working at making sure everyone hears the tale and gets a plate of something

cook: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (18) + 11 = 29

Yummy! A lovely Sheppard's pie with cider, maybe. Cooking with the Corwins relaxes her, centers her, though her goblin's reluctance to eat worries her to no end.

As she sits around the table with friends, she admits the need to go home for a day. Also she says she and Aggah will be heading back to the Thistletop goblins to see how they are doing and giving trade a chance. Other than that she plans and reading a bit, and helping about town and the temple.

Until they are ready to go that is. She's not so great at just sitting and waiting. Mom had a switch for lazy little halflings.

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HP 64/64 | AC 27 | T 23 | FF 14 | CMD 21| F +12| R +14 | W +9 | SPD 30 ft | Init +4 | Perc +9 Panache 3/3, Stunning Fist 1/1, Dirty Trick tattoo 3/3, Rage 6/6, Weal's Champion 1rd/day, LOH 3/4

Wabbit will engage in religious services as penance for his recent mistakes in judgment....although this is something he would do anyway diplomacy: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (12) + 11 = 23

He'll spend a part of each day reading to orphans and other children from the Tales of the adventures of Nolly Peltry, a Holy Chaldiran Text. I imagine this will be very popular with the children as Wabbit is quite the storyteller and relates very well with children.

Holy texts
The Peltry Fables
Tales of the adventures of Nolly Peltry, who survives and succeeds with help from diverse and fantastical allies, are popular with children while still valued by adults.

Chaldiran Religion:
Church of Chaldira Zuzaristan
Chaldiran clergy are self-sufficient, enterprising, witty, and generous, though rarely wealthy. They serve as merry role models of harmless mischief. Her priests are social to such a degree that they are sometimes considered invasive rumormongers by those outside her faith, but to her lay followers Chaldiran priests serve as optimistic community builders who remind them during major life events about the fortuitous benefits of celebration and friendship.[4]

Her paladins do not hesitate to throw themselves into battle against overwhelming odds, and are eager to be the downfall of evil foes who think they have luck on their side.

Their code acknowledges the joy of mischief and does not consider theft as inherently wrong, but prohibits them from drawing joy at the expense of others or perpetuating suffering. They act immediately to protect innocents—especially children—and help friends, and are paragons of charity and curiosity. They also charge themselves with acknowledging Chaldira when luck carries them or those around them to success.[5]

Holy texts
The Peltry Fables
Tales of the adventures of Nolly Peltry, who survives and succeeds with help from diverse and fantastical allies, are popular with children while still valued by adults.[5]
Right-Side Up
Priests often loan out this practical philosophical guide on overcoming hardship through positivity and productivity.[5]
While this day of pranks on 27 Lamashan is not limited to Chaldirans, followers of the Calamitous Turn often spend months preparing elaborate feats of mischief as holy acts of devotion.[5]
Swallowtail Festival
Chaldirans trade lucky objects, such as buttons and coins, during this autumnal Desnan festival.[5]

In addition to daily story time for the children Wabbit will seek to help out the local Desnan Clergy as Chaldira is closely aligned with Desna....Of course Wabbit will go first to any Chardiran Clergy but I don't know if there are any in Sandpoint.

Also Wabbit will perform the Daily

Chaldiran Obedience:

Steal a coin or button from someone that isn’t likely to miss it or need it. While unobserved, balance the coin or button on the edge of a weapon, flip it into the air, and call out how it will land. If you are right, find someone else to give the coin or button to—perhaps even its original owner—and explain how the token will bring good fortune. Gain a +2 sacred bonus on attack rolls with the type of weapon (for example, short swords) you used to balance the object. If you can’t find someone to take the coin or button after an hour, or if you were wrong in calling how it will land, hide it somewhere where it will be found and where the finder might deem himself lucky for discovering it. In this case, you gain only a +1 sacred bonus on attack rolls with the weapon type.

and of course he will seek to cause as much merry mischief as he can abiding by his Chaldiran code

Sandpoint will be a merrier town this week as Wabbit tries through merry mischief to bring smiles to the residents faces with his willing accomplices....the children from story time ;)

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

There may not be a Chaldiran faith in Sandpoint, but Desna is close to many of the Varisians who live in the town. The head priest, Abstalar Zandus, is a devout of Desna as well. Wabbit is loved immediately by both the clergy and children. By the end of the week, he is granted two favours by the Cathedral, and all of the curses he's suffered from the dark ritual have been removed.
This means that you no longer suffer a negative level. You also no longer speak Necril, and your aura of good has been restored. The two favours are yours to determine and collect at any time (I suggest now, since it will be a long time before you're back in Sandpoint).

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Female Halfling Cleric 7 AC:21(22)/14/17 HP:45/45 F:+7 R: +6 W: +11(+2 vs fear) Init: +3 Perception: +5, channel 5/5, ::: Aggah 39/39hp

The next morning, Cleo is bundled up with her pack she came into town with, so many days ago (it seems like a long time). Full of little gifts and treasures, as well as supplies for the journey. Also now with a goblin, her best friend at her side.

"I'll be back in a week, I promise" she smiles to each of her friends and townsfolk she'll miss.

The road is familiar, though she's only ever traveled it once. It was a simple trip to see a temple opened. In truth, not even that, it was a trip to get Away, just for a few days, away from the ever present family and her mother who loved her but never seemed to approve.

"What's she going to say now?" she asks Aggah at the camp fire. Not that she'd tell her all the things she went through, no not a peep, cause it will just be I TOLD YOU, the world is a dangerous place, not fit to spit at, not a place for young halfling women.

Her home... same smell.. it is the first thing one notices. A tannery can be smelled miles away. Wrinkling her nose, she knew it would go away after a bit. She never even smelled it growing up. Silently she reminded herself to take a quick bath and suds everything in the creek before getting back to Sandpoint. <Aggah found the odor amazing!>

"CLEO!" one of the youngest of her cousins saw her first, and soon there were a gaggle of Gingerberry's all about. Plus a few weapons out at A Goblin following along. A stern "NO! She is just as much family to me now as you are, Uncle Potts!" got that set to rights, and Aggah mock chasing the littuns.

Then coming out of their small but comfortable home was her. Lovely but more tired than she remembered, shorter too, "Hi, Mom"

once home: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (18) + 11 = 29

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M Human Ranger 7 HP 72/72,AC18T12FF16,F7R7W4,Init6,Per12

Furnok is certainly ready for a bath and serious bedtime before he thinks of anything else and curls up under the covers with Bacon snoring away at the foot of the bed. Once he manages to roll downstairs and get a good meal, he freshens up and thinks on what to do.
Well, no sense loafing around and getting fat, I've had a great nap. Hmm.. I think there are still some of those nasty ghouls out in the farmlands.

Furnok heads out and posts some notices looking for stout types to go undead hunting. Only those with strong stomachs need apply.
Perception+Favored Enemy bonus: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (18) + 13 = 31

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Human Witch (Cartomancer) 7 AC:12/12/10(+4) HP:48/48 F:+5 R:+5 W:+8 Init: +6 Perception: +7

Brelin goes home too

She stares at the door for what seems like hours before she goes in. It never felt like her house, it was her mother's and being there just brought painful memories

Moving on instinct alone she sat on the table, lighted a candle and spread the cards. Again and again, looking for... something, anything

Finally she threw the cards away and screamed in anger. But nobody listened and the only reply was a night owl in the distance

This is pointless!! - she felt her anger bubbling up and tried to calm down

She understood the cards and knew the message, she just didn't like it.
She would need her new friends to get this through and honestly, they were stanrting to grow on her, even Wilhim.
She didn't want to get them in danger but she was beginning to understand that they didn't flee from it when someone was in trouble... maybe they were just what she needed

So she got up with newfound strength and got to work, readying herself for their next challenges

I wanted to buy a few scrolls to add a few to my spell list and keep the others. Is here any place here where I can find a few (1st and 2nd lvls)?

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

Cleo uses her money to hitch a ride with a caravan of Varisians for most of the way, and then walks with Aggah until she reaches her little Halfling village.

Cleo's mother, Gertrude, looks down on Cleo. She folds her arms and taps her foot. "A week, you said. You'll be gone for a week tops for the consecration of the Sandpoint Cathedral. And here you are, wearing foreign clothes, armour, weapons, some magic floating thing, and bringing a goblin with you. Unbelievable."
Then she throws her arms around Cleo, and with a ragged breath whispers "Welcome home, Cleo."

Cleo learns that the village hasn't really changed in the month that she's been gone. It's very idyllic and tight-nit, with very little to do with the outside world. Her vacation is short lived, mainly because she's put to work right away. When they learn that her powers with Erastil have increased significantly, they are extremely impressed. Several kids are eager to hear her stories, and even a few curious adults ask the odd question.

Once the whole goblin thing becomes normal, Aggah actually fits into the village pretty well. She's seen as an entertaining curiosity, especially when it comes to play.

Yet all good things must come to an end. Cleo and Aggah must brave into the wide world once again, facing horrors that the idyllic village could never fully grasp.

You (and Aggah) gain the ability to change the panicked condition into the frightened condition, and to change the frightened condition into the shaken condition. You can do this once per day, and the ability is lost after the completion of book 2.
In addition, another shard that orbits your head is activated and combines with the previously activated shard. Any time you use Aid Another, the bonus is increased by 1. Your previous bonus, the +1 to Will Saves, increases to +2.

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

Furnok, you beat the risk DC by 1, and it's a d100.

Furnok rounds up several new adventurers to lead into the Farmlands to eliminate the remaining ghouls. At his side are Hannah the elven druid, her dog Maximus, Orik, and Numanita, a carefree Desnan priestess, and daughter of Abstalar Zantus. The Farmlands are quite widespread, and the feral ghouls are still spreading their disease to the wildlife and the odd traveller. It's a long and grueling adventure, but by the end of the week every nook and cranny of the Farmlands has been searched. Furnok was especially instrumental in tracking and finding hidden ghouls before an ambush, saving his group from some nasty attacks. No less than 30 ghouls were killed, and each member of the party walks away with 250gp of valuables found within the homes, and an extra item each. Furnok gets to keep a set of masterwork brass knuckles. He notices that Numanita seems to have some interest in the stoic man.

hp 39/43 AC 17

Wilhim stays in town using the next couple of days translating the goblins' formulas and also uses his magical alembic to copy the identify potion into his formula book, on the third day he hears two familiar voices coming from the tavern main room as he comes down the stairs. Mom, dad? What are you doing here?

M Human Ranger 7 HP 72/72,AC18T12FF16,F7R7W4,Init6,Per12

Furnok is ready for another bath by the time all the undead bits stop moving. Hot, sweaty and smelly just like everyone else and Bacon's hide was all matted.

Well he needed a scrub anyway
GRANKKKK!!!!! Bacon protested as Furnok put him in the wood tub after pouring water on him.

Oh stop yer belly aching. You sound like a goblin trapped in a library.

After both of them were as they could be, the duo headed to the Rusty Dragon for some celebration with the crew. Some fine fried fish would hit the spot.

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

Brelin wanders the town in search of spell scrolls. The only one she comes across is in the Cathedral, which is a Zone of Truth spell. However, she eventually learns that Gandethus of the Academy is a knowledgeable wizard. After visiting him, she learns that there aren't any scrolls for sale, but she can learn spells out of his spellbook for a moderate price.

Gandethus spells:

Wizard spells. Spells listed with a (W) are on the regular Witch spell list.

Cantrips: 2.5gp each All
1st: 5gp each Alarm, Anticipate Peril, Bungle (W), Celestial Healing (holy water) (W), Darting Duplicate (W), Delusional Pride (W), Ear-Piercing Scream (W), Heightened Awareness, Hydraulic Push, Lock Gaze (W), Shocking Grasp, Stunning Barrier, Unprepared Combatant (W), Vocal Alteration (W), Youthful Appearance (W)
2nd: 20gp each Detect Thoughts (W), Frost Fall (W), Hidden Presence (W), River Whip (W), Spontaneous Immolation

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DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

Goblin Ghast Alchemist Extracts:

Wilhim is able to learn the following extracts
Adhesive Spittle, Ant Haul, Bomber's Eye, Bouncy Body, Crafter's Fortune, Expeditious Retreat, Negate Aroma

Don't forget to pay the material costs to write extracts into your book, except the ones you learn from a new level.

Wilhim's parents, Poshment and Fijit Skepps, are travelling merchants not unlike the Varisian humans. Poshment has always been a sophisticated Gnomish man with gold and white hair intricately braided down to his back. Now that he's a successful merchant, he can't bear to present himself in anything less than a courtier's outfit. His wife, Fijit, is a wild, red haired sorceress. She's very loving and expressive, and considers her husband to be her 'rock'. She cares little for the money, and instead loves to travel to meet new people, gossip, sing and dance.

"Hey, it is a Ponderbutt!" Poshment says happily. Fijit is practically beaming and races over to Wilhim to give him a big hug. After she's done, Poshment also gives Wilhim a hug. "We just came in town, and heard all sorts of stories about adventurers and whatnot. Heard there was a green-haired Gnome in the mix, some sort of potions master. Figured that might be you!"

Wilhim learns that his parents have been travelling south from Riddleport to Magnimar. After spending some time there, they'll begin a roundabout journey to Korvosa. Though his dad wants to travel in mostly a straight line, his mother insists they visit no less than eight villages along the way.

Human Witch (Cartomancer) 7 AC:12/12/10(+4) HP:48/48 F:+5 R:+5 W:+8 Init: +6 Perception: +7

Brelin copies a few spells from Gandethus and then heads home

Detect Thoughts, Frost Fall and Hidden Presence. 60 gps

There she fetches her new spell book and begins copying a few spells to her deck.

Ray of enfeeblement, Blindness/deafness, false life

Then she strores the book in the house For safe keeping

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M Human Ranger 7 HP 72/72,AC18T12FF16,F7R7W4,Init6,Per12

Furnok work up with a hangover. It reminded him of the time he woke up with one in jail because he didn't want to wait for the festival.

He blinked and noticed Bacon was upside down and looking at him.

Wait, his head was hanging off the end of the bed and Bacon was right side up. Turning to the right, Furnok noticed Numanita's feet sticking out from under the blanket and then looked back at Bacon.

I really overdid it, right?


This mean what I think it means?


Were you there all night?

Grnnkk. Bacon blushed.

Hey! Stop that, it couldn't be like that.

Bacon blushed again.

hp 39/43 AC 17

Wilhim laughs. They never to understand alchemy do they dad? But yes, that's me, and I actually can brew potions now. He hugs his parents. So what brings you down to Sandpoint, besides the usual business I mean?

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

Numanita looks just as hungover as Furnok is. She slowly and groggily gets up and starts dressing. Then she walks over to Furnok, lifts his chin with her hand, and gives him a kiss. Then she walks out, with the closest thing to a spring in her step that she can muster.


"Not at all, my dear boy. They don't understand the fine intricacies of magic used to make potions." Wilhim knows that his father has almost no idea how potions are actually made. He firmly believes that wizards cast magic into bottles, and the spells turn into liquid.
His mother Fijit answers "I wanted to visit Madame Mvashti and see if she'd do one of her famous harrow readings for us. Plus, I wanted to check out the theater here for the local comedy."
Poshment says "I have several trading partners here that I wish to visit. Remember that difficult deal I made with the Tian man? Well those glass panels provided a fortune. I'm going to try to take some to Korvosa this time around."

I'll be moving us along soon. Finish up anything you need to do before we set out.

hp 39/43 AC 17

Wilhim spends the rest of the week with his family making potions for them to sell in the next town with the funds they're able to provide.

M Human Ranger 7 HP 72/72,AC18T12FF16,F7R7W4,Init6,Per12

Furnok wobble-springs up as well and gets a little hair of dog for his head and feels much better after his little romp.

Bacon promptly runs outside to tattle to the other pigs about all the things his master does,

Furnok, after tossing back some fried eggs and bacon, heads out and secretly purchases a little something to help Bacon.

Hand of Mage 900 gp

hp 39/43 AC 17

After spending several days with his parents Wilhim goes to his room and begins to write.

Wilhim's note.:
After visiting with my parents I have decided to take my leave when they depart. I suspect that will be before most of you return. While our start was quite rocky, I believe that we came to an understanding near the end. I have taken relatively little of the money we acquired with me. That said, I have a feeling you may yet need somebody who can read and speak ancient Thassilonian. I made a friend during my research, he helped me acquire some materials I otherwise would not have been able to. His stomping grounds are in Magnimar and you'll likely be able to find him in the Friendly Merchant, a tavern in the Underbridge district. Ask for The Gentleman. I urge you to seek him out. Something about the brotherhood of seven reminds me of something I remember during my research. I'll try to pass on more information if I remember anything.

Your unlikely ally,


Once done with his letter Wilhim settles his tab at the tavern and gives Ameiko the letter with instructions to pass it on to Sandpoint's heroes.

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

I have Furnok on Scouting duty. Cleo has volunteered for Provision duty, though she's not very skilled. There is an opening for Navigator, and Nightwatchers. More importantly, I need to know if people are travelling by foot, mount, or wagon. I also want to know if you're okay travelling offroad or not. Rations will be required, water won't be an issue. Spellcasters may want to consider travel spells. Travel time is going to be roughly 2-3 days depending on speed and delays.

DM Intervention 1/1 l Loot List

Ameiko wishes Wilhim well, and delivers the letter to the group. When she does, she also says "Say, if you're headed to Magnimar, would you mind if I tagged along? I have to deal with the estate my father left there, and I'm not looking forward to it."

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