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Looking run a Homebrew adventure set in Golorion.

This adventure is a series of various old modules re done for Pathfinder rules and altered to have a connection to each other with one overarching storyline.

Some modules are old 3.0 some are old 2nd (or 1st) edition, some are newer 3.5 stuff. None are official pathfinder modules though.

Here is the twist for recruitment.

Create a character backstory. I am not telling you where the adventure takes place; you can start your character anywhere in the game world you want to. The character selection will be made via roleplaying and thus moving you to where you need to be to begin and meet your fellow adventurers through the role-playing.

Start with a concept and a backstory. No Novels please but create a personality. Give your character some motivation. But see below…

Important info to include in your story!!!
Somehow, your character has to be in possession of a silver key. I don’t care how you got it. Your back story can revolve around this if you wish. The Key is non magical and you have never discovered any lock or door that it will open but for whatever reason you have it.

Pictures are great – got a picture of your character? Then link it in your application.
Along those lines: want to give your character a theme song? post a link to that as well.

I am looking for 5 or 6 depending on the number of applicants and will keep recruitment open till I have a good choice to choose from. (I will give 24 hours’ notice before closing recruitment).

Now on to the meat and potatoes of the character:

20 point-buy for stats.
2 traits as usual (any Paizo source including other AP’s)
One drawback allowed.
Max starting gold for class
Start at level 1
Max HP at level 1 - HP beyond level 1 are PFS standard (1/2 HD+1)
We will use the medium xp advancement.
No evil alignments please.

a hint:

If you include the basis for your traits in your backstory you have a better chance of selection (still not a guarantee though)

Allowed Races:
Core (human, dwarf, elf, etc.)

Allowed Classes:
All Paizo (including ACG playtest)*

The following are exceptions:

No firearms – so no gunslingers (Using older edition stuff and I never did include firearms in it when I converted)

Alchemist - though, I like the bomb concept, I really am not a fan of the wacky mutegens that turn you into some monster or whatever (seems to Jekyll and Hyde for my taste), Also – I have Alchemists’ in the story, but they are your traditional Alchemists (wizards or experts or whatever with a lot of ranks in craft Alchemy), making alchemist fire, and smoke sticks, or whatever; as well as knowing the formula’s for crafting certain items (story line foreshadowing)
If you want to play an alchemist please bear this in mind during character creation. I am not going to outright ban the class, let’s just put on our team player caps here and be reasonable in your choices.

No Sythesist Summoner (not because of balance issues, just I have a hard time following the game mechanics of it) other summoners are fine.

No 3rd party – Period - do not ask (this include psionics)

I use Hero Lab and have just about every add-on Pathfinder data package that comes with it. (You can send me a por file or I can enter it in myself.)
…Let me know and I will PM my e-mail…

*ACG classes may require changes as the playtest is updated.

About myself:
I am in several PbP games I post at various times throughout the day.
Weekends are slow times I may not be available to post.

I am looking at about 1 post a day but I am flexible. We are reasonable people and sometimes things happen. Any advance notice is appreciated and I will provide when necessary as well.

I will reserve 1 seat (maybe more) for a first time PbP player needing to get into a game. If this is you please indicate that in your application.

An Alias is not required initially, but it is appreciated.

Ok, Now my “pet-peeves”
I am stickler for clarity in character sheets and postings. As the reader I don’t want to be left guessing what your character is attempting to do. Or what your abilities are.
(More on this when the party is selected)

I hate these long strings of bonuses to a die roll without some explanation for each one. I need to be able to verify it off your character sheet or it is explained in an ooc addendum to your post. (Somewhere that is clear to me to understand) I will have enough to manage without having to figure out your character’s abilities as well.

I have limited access to the SRD info when at work (admin blocks) so, if there is something that needs me to look up, please be patient as I will have to wait till I am at home to look it up.

Please let me know if you want to take a prestige class, I want to work it into the story as best I can. And on that note, let’s keep the multi-classing to a reasonable level think character development not power development.

hints on the adventure, don’t peek if you want to be surprised:

This adventure will put you in many locations, from the oceans of the Shackles, to the jungles of the Mwangi Expanse, to the Osirion desert. Old Thasselonion ruins even a dragon (or two) thrown in for good measure.

There will be headhunters, and cannibals, old fortresses (and new ones as well), even undead, Old senile sages and young ones as well, Pirates and bandits, maybe even slave traders and Pesh dealers.

Intrigue and scandal, curses, and disease. Maybe some blackmail as well

I am interested in doing some homebrewed golarion stuff. With that said, I do have a question or two about the setting:

where will it initially be set? is there a central npc that will be bringing the group together? Will/can we be pathfinders, or will we just be local heroes?

thanks for your responses in advance =)

Dotting for interest. Will have character posted hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

Shadow Lodge

I'm going to post either a sorcerer or a paladin, if sorcerer maybe a mystic the urge,
As for race, I'm going either aasimar or suli

Interest, going for a human ranger.

Also are you ok with posting a link to Mythweavers for a character sheet or would you prefer we send you the info and you enter it in Hero Lab?

I was actually going to message you asking for this stuff. XD

I think I'd like to play a Suli monk. I was in the market for a new game too as it looks like someof mine may be winding down into dying. :/

I'll work on a profile today. :)

Alternate question number 1: would you allow someone to play a male changeling? (it says in the race entry that they're always female, but I don't have the capacity to play a female, unfortunately).

If the above is yes, I would be submitting a Changeling Oracle.

If the above answer is no, I would be submitting a Half-Orc monk/fighter (actually a Ninja, but that's his story and he's sticking to it!)

Ok all will get answers as soon as I cai quick post to say I have read them.

I have an AA meeting tonight, will post lore after the meeting.

real quick though no on the male changeling (sorry)

Mythweavers is blocked at work may make some thing difficult. sorry.

okay, I understand about the changeling. I can bring back my half orc who died too soon....

I am definitely interested, and would like to bring in a tiefling inquisitor .. probably or either sarenrae or desna. I will have a story and character posted later tonight.

Shadow Lodge

My character is/will/may be a devout worshiper of iori and instead of suli I might go for one of the lycanthrope touched races

just be aware of the racial choices in the opening post...

@Vrog. start you character in any part of the world you think you would be from. I will work with those chosen to put you in the correct place.

there will be a central NPC. but I don't want to divulge too much. lets just say he/she will not make an appearance till later on.

do not worry about a central NPC to bring the group together. that is part of the introduction if selected. It will not be anyone you would have met.

@ Bane I prefer the info be in your alias. hero-lab is just a means I use for tracking and planning encounters based on party composition and abilities.

Alright here as Bane88's Ranger WIP

Looks interesting. Presenting Edrin the Tiefling (Rakshasa blood) rogue (chameleon).

Crunch is in the profile.


Edrin looked down at the cards on the table and furrowed his brow, his mouth angling in a brief display of confusion. He did not lose at cards often, especially not against old men with wind-blistered faces and a persistent cough. Still, a loss was a loss, and he himself was so surprised that he decided to give the old man his money, despite his instincts telling him to slip away. He placed the round’s hand down on the table, drummed his fingertips against it once, and carefully edged the stack of gold pieces towards his opponent with the ball of his thumb. The old man smiled from behind his whiskers, as white as the snow falling outside. He pushed the small column of gold back and shook his head.

“Keep your money. I want a story,” he said before coughing.

“A story won’t keep you warm, your belly full, or hot mead in your throat,” Edrin stated, unsure of the man’s play. “Take the gold or nothing.”

“I’ve gold enough already, lad. When you’re my age, its tales that pique your interest, just like when you were a child. I won the game, I’ve the victor’s right to name my prize. I want a story. Your story. You seem an interesting fellow, and I want to see if I’m right.”

“My story? How do you know I won’t tell you whatever tale comes to mind; some bard’s fancy that perchance crossed my ears in my travels.” Edrin was not amused when the old man smiled again.

“If it’s a bard’s tale I’ve like as not already heard it, and I’ll claim my right as victor for the truth, lad. And besides, I’m good at catching a bluff, as you just saw.” His wider smile showed a missing tooth. “Humor me, lad, your tale, from when you can remember to now.”

Edrin narrowed his eyes at the man, but sighed in defeat. He did lose, after all.

“Maybe my tale is interesting, maybe it’s not. It starts seven-and-twenty years ago, or close enough that it makes no difference. I was born in Mendev, which might sound surprising, but it is more common than you might think for those such as I to find life there. The dark influence of the Worldwound manifests itself in many ways, and sometimes tieflings are born. I learned later that my being born had nothing to do with the demons there, as it happens, but that’s for later. Needless to say, common or no, there are many places within Mendev where my kind is not looked on favorably. Mendev is a confusing place masked heavily in a façade of order, where things threaten to crumble away beneath the varnish. Still, the zealotry is strong, and tieflings are often looked upon there as curses or punishments or the planting of some demonic seed. My village was particularly sanctimonious, a superstitious lot corralled in a flyspeck of a settlement. I was cleansed in holy water often, mostly as a test to see if I was truly a demon, but also I suppose there was some hope that my limited fiendish qualities might somehow slough off in the sacred waters. Obviously, they did not, and so I was scrutinized every moment of my life, treated much as the unstable chemicals of an alchemy lab prone to explode at any second. I became good a hiding in those years. Hiding, lying, moving about unawares, disguising myself. I learned to find the fun in all of that, despite the circumstances. Well, that went on until a group of crusaders came riding through one morning. They were going about searching for those potentially under demonic influence. Demons have a way about them, you see, and they’d bribe, seduce, possess, and the like. Obviously I had no supporters in the village and it only took a few minutes before I my name was thrown out and they rounded me up to take me away. I never found out what they were to do with me, whether it was to question, imprison, or otherwise. When we stopped in the next town I gave the crusaders the slip and went on my own way.

“Now, I was still young at this point, not quite a child but not quite a man - so to speak. Still, I had my ways, and my practice in stealth led to a knack for thievery, so I got by. I knew anyone who saw me in Mendev was like to kill me or turn me over to the crusaders so I knew I had to get out of that country, so I did. First I debated just going to the Worldwound, thinking that maybe the demons would take me in as one of their own, but despite everything I knew that I’d be better than dead there, so I went south. I don’t remember much about traveling through Numeria and I don’t know why…maybe my mind blocked it out. I do remember being quite afraid at the time, however. Scared and covered in darkness. I mostly remember ending up in Ustalav. I found that people there either liked to gawk at me as if I were a mummer or street performer, or they seemed afraid. It made sense to me once I learned about Ustalav and the many horrors that roam that land. Another dark place, but I felt more at home there than anywhere I had been. I learned much of Ustalav and of myself soon after coming to the country, when I crossed paths with a traveling show - a circus of sorts, one that displayed a fondness for strange beings and creatures with strange powers. I was offered a…position, I suppose you could say. There were actually a few others like me, a few other tieflings, but they were different. Some had horns or hooves or whiplike tails.. One of them was quite old. Kanezzer, his name was. He was a sort of de facto father-figure to the tieflings in the caravan. He was the one that told me that I was no demonspawn. I asked him what I was, but he decided to keep it from me. He was as an odd fellow, a bit touched by madness in his age. He always thought someone or something was out to get him so he spoke in riddles and half-truths in some attempt to protect himself. I learned a lot about misdirection, wordplay, and such from him, whether or not he intended to teach me. He did tell me later what I was, but I will get to that.

“I traveled with the caravan for a good while. A few years, in fact. My obligatory “strange power” manifested in that time. Perhaps it was awakened by the exposure to all of the other abilities around me. I’m not sure, but as it turned out I had some manner of oracular ability. Mental divinations. I could pick up on thoughts, so they had me reading palms and telling fortunes. Mostly rubbish, but I could sense enough to get people to part with their silver. That went to the showmaster, a big but even-tempered man named Dalinov. He kept pretty much everything we earned, though. We got enough to eat, but that’s about all. I took to cutting purse strings half out of instinct and half out of rebellion. Maybe boredom played into it a little. I was about twenty when I parted ways with Dalinov and Kanezzer and the rest of them. A sickness had been ravaging the area and it hit the caravan. A lot of people I was traveling with contracted it, which put a stop to the show. Kanezzer got it, but in his final days he started spitting out all of the information he had accumulated or thought of that he’d withheld all those years. He was something of an oracle, as well. That’s probably what made him so crazy. He told my that my blood wasn’t from a demon, but a rakshasa. A rakshasa that he knew was once in Irrisen. Now, I don’t know how he knew that, oracle or not. I don’t know how old he truly was and how long he had lived, or how long rakshasas lived or anything about them, but he kept telling me overtime I looked in on him that the progenitor of my bloodline was a rakshasa that once dwelled in Irrisen. He was slow in dying. Everyone else had either died or fled the caravan, abandoning the wagons of the sick. Pretty soon it was just me and Kanezzer left, and I don’t know why I never left, but I figured that as long as that old bastard could hang on, I could too. I never got sick, either. Luck, perhaps? Anyway, he got to the point where he was only suffering and making less sense than usual, but he still refused to die. I gave him a merciful end with a knife to the throat and in his final moments I picked up on his thoughts. He said “thank you” and “Irrisen.”

“Nowhere to go, I learned some things. About rakshasas, about Irrisen, about tieflings. Read books and consulted with sages and scholars, picking up as much information as I could. Spent the next few years doing that and honing my crafts and skills, but mainly sticking with the research. Then I left Ustalav and came here, to your fine realm of your Mammoth Lords. I was put up for a few weeks by that blizzard that hit east of here, and kept moving after that. Then I stopped at an inn for a hot meal and lost a game of cards to an odd old man whose thoughts I couldn’t read, then I told my life story.”

Edrin finished his tale and was surprised at how easily it flowed. Perhaps after so many years of guile and deception the truth was wont to flow free. The old man clicked his tongue and nodded in approval.

“Interesting, but I’ve heard better,” the old man said with a laugh and a cough. “Say, you never said where you got that key you wear ‘round your neck. You’ve been playing with it the whole time you’ve been talking.”

Edrin hadn’t realized that he had been fumbling with it. He glanced down at it. A simple silver key on a length of black string. It shone slightly in the firelight, just as it did when Kanezzer’s blood ran from his throat over it.

“It was given to me,” Edrin said simply.

“Aha! One of those half-truths that mentor of yours taught you.”

“Something like that,” the tiefling replied. The key had been Kanezzer’s, but he had never mentioned it at all. Edrin couldn’t recall if he had even ever seen it before that night when he put the man out of his misery. “But I think he would have wanted me to have it. Regardless, as I see it, your victor’s right has been claimed, and I’ve places to be.”

I couldn't find a picture for what I wanted (every tiefling is demon/devil-themed while everything rakshasa was far too catfolk). For a physical description, Edrin looks human with a few bestial traits, perhaps making him look more akin to a therianthrope-descended person than a rakshasa-one. He is six feet, of lithe build with medium length hair that is a mix of black, red-orange, and brown, as is his moustache. His eyes are catlike, amber in color, and many of his teeth are sharp. Where many tieflings have horns, Edrin has feline-like ears but they barely poke out of his hair. He has growths of fur on his forearms and his chest, also a mix of black, orange, and brown, and his feet are a touch pawlike, with short claws in place of toenails.

As for a theme song, this works nicely.

Liberty's Edge

I'm interested... I've been in one pbp that died in a good, but slow one. Bane knows me. ;)

I'm pretty open on class...maybe a sorc... kitsune looks stupid do so many others. I have yet to enjoy a magus, and they may be my favorite. :)

Hunchback Fox Sorcerer GO!

Liberty's Edge

Bane88 wrote:
Hunchback Fox Sorcerer GO!


Shadow Lodge

We seem to be a martial heavy group that doesn't have any healers
Was going to build a paladin, but perhapse I should make an oracle instead, and make the party healer

Perhapse a necromancer... Hmm
Maybe a mystic theurge

Theme song!


Just cause I have no idea whats in store, GM any suggestions on a favored enemy?

The story of Mickey Harvard:

Mickey Harvard was kind of screwed from the start.
Born the illegitimate son of an unexceptional woman living just outside of Sandpoint, Mickey lived a fairly normal life until the time he was about seven. That's when his father came home. Many people believe that humanity is the perfect balance of the four elements, this may even be the case, but in no way are they the masters of them. Mickey's father was a perfect balance of the acid of the earth, the cold of the water, the heat of fire and the lightning that falls from heaven, with a following of elemental creatures at his command, he arrived at his humble home. Eight years previous he had done the same and left what would become Mickey with his mother and a vow to return for his future heir. Now he had returned to fulfil his promise. Unbeknownst to the spirit, Mickey's mother had hidden him away well enough that he wasn't found. Enraged by this, the spirit slashed his mother's throat and disappeared.
Mickey crawled out of his hiding place to hear his Mother's final words. "This key is very important. Take it. Take it and run. Run as fast and as far as you can. And don't stop running until you're out from under his shadow. I love you." She takes a key from her pocket and with the sharp end cuts off a strip of her long dark hair. She ties it through the loop and with her last breathe of 'I love you,' leaves it in Mickey's grasp.
Mickey follows his mothers advice. He begins running. He runs the whole of Golarion. He trains himself in the ways of elemental spirits left in his lineage. Every element has a weakness and now Mickey trains to control them all to find the meaning of his key and hopefully end his father's evil existence.

Mickey is a master of many styles, eventually using all of the elemental style lines.
He has long dark hair and a heavy, deeply tanned build. His eyes shift from yellow blue green and red when he uses the styles.
He can really start from any place as that's kind of his thing. He uses strong kicks in combat trained by his constant travel.

Well, I was going to post my interest and then go be useful in the world, but instead I went on Hero Lab, and then dithered around googling for images.

Tenebral Sam's mother was captured by raiders on her way to join her husband in Absalom. She was sold to the most unscrupulous of slavers, and ultimately found her way into the Court of Ether, as housekeeper to one of the Svartalfar nobles. She was with child on her arrival, and the fey's fascination with the impending birth terrified her, such that she bargained with a dark outsider to rescue her child.

The demon transported her to the shadow plane, and left her in the care of a small clan of exiled humans in the Shadow Absalom. Though she had saved her child's life, he was born within arm's reach of his father who, on the material plane, still mourned the loss of his wife. When Sam was born, the demon returned, claiming that the bargain had been to save the child from a life of servitude. Sam's mother was returned to live out her days as a slave of the svartalfar, and Sam himself grew up in the shadow of the greatest city on Golarion.

From his adopted parents he learned stealth and secrecy, and he absorbed the essence of his birthplane. He also learned of his history. At the age of twelve, he found a portal to the material plane. He found his father, with a new wife and other children. Though his father welcomed him, his step siblings found him strange and alien, and he knew he could not remain there. Neither could he return to his adopted family in the shadow city, so he did what was necessary to survive.

His natural gifts made him a successful thief, but it also brought him to the attention of the local thieves guilds. For several years he has managed to remain an "independent contractor" in Absalom's underworld, but he knows he is walking a tightrope without a net. He will have to align himself with one group or another soon, or find a new occupation, preferably somewhere far from Absalom.

On his last heist, he found a little something extra among the spoils that he hadn't noticed rifling through the house. A silver key...

Tenebral Sam
Fetchling Ninja 1
CG Medium outsider (native)
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +4
AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +4 Dex)
hp 8 (1d8)
Fort +1, Ref +6, Will +1
Defensive Abilities shadow blending; Resist cold 5, electricity 5
Speed 30 ft.
Melee wakizashi +0 (1d6/18-20/×2)
Ranged shortbow +4 (1d6/×3)
Special Attacks sneak attack +1d6
Spell-Like Abilities
. . 1/day—disguise self
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 11, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 16
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 14
Feats Combat Reflexes
Traits indomitable faith, resilient
Skills Acrobatics +7, Bluff +7, Diplomacy +7, Disable Device +7, Escape Artist +7, Perception +4, Perform (dance) +7, Sense Motive +4, Stealth +9, Use Magic Device +7; Racial Modifiers +2 Stealth
Languages Aklo, Common
SQ poison use
Other Gear Studded leather armor, Shortbow, Wakizashi, Backpack (empty), Grappling arrow, Silk rope, Thieves' tools, 16 GP, 10 SP
Special Abilities
Combat Reflexes (5 AoO/round) Can make extra attacks of opportunity/rd, and even when flat-footed.
Damage Resistance, Cold (5) You have the specified Damage Resistance against Cold attacks.
Damage Resistance, Electricity (5) You have the specified Damage Resistance against Electricity attacks.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Poison Use You do not risk poisoning yourself accidentally while poisoning a weapon.
Shadow Blending (Su) Miss chance in dim light increases to 50%. This does not grant total concealment.
Sneak Attack +1d6 +1d6 damage if you flank your target or your target is flat-footed.

I've always liked the feel of the shadow dancer, and a fetchling ninja seems like the right way to go to get there.

I would like to submit Dred Delgath for your consideration.

Pics to come, BTW.

He he.... Mick Pics....

I would like to submit Allie "Cat" Calico for consideration.


This song fits pretty well.
It's in Japanese, but the lyrics are below and make some sense. It also sounds like him, the way he fights. He swings his legs a lot and is really mobile. It kinda looks like break dancing with how he swings his feet.

Does anyone know what putting a 6 in the pathfinder point buy gives you? Mine only goes to 7.

Ooooooon second thought.
It appears that there is a big controversy over taking the elemental style feats and such with Master of Many Styles, so it would appear that I'm having to take Monk of the Four Winds, which is a bit less original, but I'm still taking the style feats at later levels.

Shadow Lodge

you can't go that low in point buy, sadly, so no 3 int barbarian types sadly enough, lowest you'll get is 5 (with racial mods)
what are you dumping so low?

Charisma and I only wanted to go to 6 or 5. That gives me an 8 or 7 with racial mods.
My idea of him is more of the strong silent type (go go cliche rangers) and doesn't need to be liked so much.
It's mostly that I can't go as low as I'd like to portray him as. I don't really need the extra points.

Shadow Lodge

makes enough sense, I've always disliked dumping charisma, no matter how much I am called a munchkin by you I've never had a character with an intentionally dumped charisma, which is the archetypal munchkin dump stat

I'm really not doing this to munchkin him, he gets Cha bonus racially and I just don't see him as a people person.
It really wouldn't be all that low if I /could/ buy it that way.

Shadow Lodge

I know, I just find it amusing
Hmm paladin, oracle or sorcerer
We have pleanty of martial characters for selection and there is a rouge,
What we lack is a blaster and a healer

Why not cleric?

You know even with a low charisma it states that he is just unsociable and possible weird and has weird quirks about him.

Dotting and is interested.

Shadow Lodge

I prefer oracles over clerics

with the right mystery, you could be a blaster and a healer

Got the flu

Too sick to post

Shadow Lodge

right, I'm thinking either bones or flame, depending in part if the party wants a necromancer (and if the DM will allow one) and getting the bonus cure spell known per level (boom automatic healer :P )
hope you feel better soon

posting for consideration.

doh! just realized I was ninja'ed by Tenebral. will have to reroll Torah.

Liberty's Edge

Working on Kiernan, a kitsune lost in the world...

It won't let me use the alias. Hmmm.

Hmmm. Now it will. :p

blondebandit posting Kisari Montali Bard 1(Dervish Dancer)[WIP] for consideration.

Sorry Torah. Wasn't trying to steal your spot or nothing. If you have your heart set on a ninja, I can get where I'm going another way.

Just a note, i am reading submissions.

Fever down to 100 feeling a little better.

Taking some sleep aid pills to help me sleep better.

Plus theraflu liquid flu medicine i suspect i will be out cold within an hour or so

Hope you feel better soon Ed.

BTW, I will fully flesh out the profile if I get chosen, I know what I plan to do with him.

Also, found a better ♪song♪
The elemental symbolism thing is very him.

He is also named Mickey in honor of my Jujitsu teacher, not the mouse.

I'm almost done with the crunchy bits...will be adding them soon.

Edit: mostly up, spending and minor stuff from here.

Get well soon! Flu sucks. :p

I would be interested in trying this. I've done a decent amount of Pathfinder, but this would be my first PBP. So far I've only used my account for buying things, so I'm not really sure how this generally works for character proposal/if I really shouldn't propose another sorceror character with elemental influences given that two other people have done that. But I thought the tattooed sorceror archetype sounded cool, and that's the type of character he ended up being.

Tatsuo Arashi: Human tattooed sorceror with the crossblooded draconic/elemental bloodline. In terms of gameplay, he's an offensive spellcaster focusing on electricity damage. He might take some levels in Dragon Disciple later on, but I haven't decided just yet.

I guess I'll fill out the profile more as I decide on more details? I can also provide a HeroLab file, but it may not be complete since I don't have all of the sourcebooks. Tatsuo also may not have a theme song, but he will definitely at least have some poems written for the the first part of his genpuku.

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