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The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge

Ok, everyone! Something new coming in the future!

Starting with the new Season 6 scenarios being released at GenCon, I'm hoping to GM the new scenarios as they come out. I realize there will probably be a lot of people that want to play the new ones right away so I'm going to institute a lottery system to keep things fair.


Here's how it will work:

A few days before the new scenarios are released, I will make an announcement and add them to the spreadsheet. There is no limit to the number of people who can sign up for a game. Since scenarios are usually released on Wednesday nights, at some time on the Wednesday of the release, I will roll to see who gets in and the game will start immediately (likely the next day after everyone has checked in and I've looked it over).

Other GMs are welcome to take on the players who do not make it into my game via my lottery system.


The first three scenarios of Season 6 are set to be released on Wednesday, August 14 (the first day of GenCon). Since I will be busy GMing at GenCon that day I may not be able to roll for winners immediately but watch out for the announcement about open recruitment next week(end). The games will start up as soon as I get back from GenCon (Monday, August 18th).

Male Human

Sounds like a good idea to me. Count me in.

Anyone considering running Iron Gods at some point?

Rise of the Runelords|Dragon's Demand| Giantslayer|Emerald Spire

Since it looks as though Emerald Spire won't be playable in campaign mode (which I don't understand; with all the peripheral development around the dungeon the thing is practically an AP), I'm considering it.

Could someone put me down for The Paths We Choose. On mobile and can't edit the spreadsheet. I'll be running this at GenCon.

I put your name on the list, Tek, but there are six already on it. (And EF has 5 characters listed, so he's clearly got big plans.)

I'd sign up too, but I'm playing it at a local Con later this month.

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge

Lol, I'm playing all by myself! Multiple personalities.

I'm running it at GenCon as well.

From Bold's sign-up list:

GM Bold Strider wrote:
Must be Halfling (Only Half Joking)

GM Rah ran a few fantastic tabletop scenarios with all halflings.

Geekfest on when I made buttons for the gamers to wear - Rah's Halffinders

Those Halffinders games were lots of fun. They were modeled after PFS scenarios, but were modified, completely original, or stolen from pop culture. One scenario was based on the original Aliens film plot, with an extraplanar ship discovered in a cove along a rarely-traveled shipping lane.

If there are some adventurous players here I might be convinced to run a Halffinders group through some legal PFS scenarios.

Carrion Crown thread has been posted. Please check-in and start your roleplay motors!

Click Here!

Oooh a halfling only PFS group? :p

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge

The Flaxseeds are my entire clan of halfling characters! Most of them are mine but we had a few other Flaxseeds played by other people in Bloomington. It was always fun to have more than one Flaxseed at a table.

@Rah: Make it a game?!

Liberty's Edge

It'd make for a short game, anyway.

I'd join a halfling only game, only I'd have to make a char for it.

Rise of the Runelords recruitment is finalized.


1st alternate: Thestrongangel

Please report to the campaign thread: Link

Signboy77's PFS Scenario-rama

Just played "The Paths We Choose" last night. Overall, it was fun. We barely survived because the GM mistakenly ran one encounter as High-Tier. We were a party of: Level 6 Alchemist, Level 4 Alchemist, Level 4 Ranger and Level 4 Pregen Cleric. So a 6-7 tier encounter was a little rough.

For those that have GMed or read the scenario:

It was the 'Rescue Guaril' encounter. Maaarv was almost dead after getting hit with an ennervation and then failing the save verses the frost cone. Our saving grace is that we managed to get everyone below deck. It was sketchy there for a moment, though.

Male Human

Bah, I hate to do this but I just don't seem to have the time to sit down long enough to create this character with all the Gestalt and special rules and such. I don't want to hold up the game so you can call the alternate in. Thanks for the invite though!

Rise of the Runelords|Dragon's Demand| Giantslayer|Emerald Spire

Reading over Risen from the Sands, it looks to be designed for four characters. Is that also a guideline for PFS play?

-Posted with Wayfinder

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge

I believe all modules and APs are designed for four players but in PFS you use the standard rules of a minimum of four PCs (three players minimum with the GM running a pregen alongside them) and a maximum of seven players (ideally six, only seven if it is necessary and the GM is ok with seven).

When this came out I also heard a lot of reports that it was pretty tough so I have no problem taking six. I've been around enough to know that seven gets messy though (especially F2F).

Male Mostly Harmless Incorrigible Punster 5/ Militant Grammarist 3/ Contrarian 2

Speaking as someone who's prepped and run it twice:

4 L4s would probably work fine.
6 L4s could, conceivably, be a cake walk (with the right builds).

4 L2s would be a near-certain TPK.
6 L2s wouldn't be much better.

And some of the included pregens are better than others. (For instance, the Investigator is great as the resident skill monkey, as he should be; but regrettably is NOT equipped to handle this module at all. Similar story for the Swashbuckler.)

I've got a question for my fellow GMs (or anyone interested in offering an opinion):

Can an urban barbarian with a level in a spellcasting class use a wand during a controlled rage?

Can an urban barbarian (or a normal barbarian) use a supernatural ability (like a witche's hex or a domain ability) during rage?

Male Bear Burglar 1

That all boils down to "What does the DM think 'requires patience or concentration.'" Given that one has to concentrate if they're hit while activating an SLA, I'd say no.

Regular Barbarian: Nothin' Spell or Spell-like without Moment of Clarity. Supernatural doesn't require any concentration, so I'd say that's possible (but is entirely DM fiat.)
Urban Barbarian: I would say they CAN use a wand (since skills are explicitly allowed,) but not allow SLA, spell-like ability use, or the concentration on such things (if they have such a duration) since the text doesn't remove the 'No Concentration' bit. Again, it boils down to the DM fiat of 'can you cast in normal rage?'

Regarding SLAs (spell-like abilities), I didn't include them because I already believe they are unusable in any form of rage (including urban). Wands and Supernatural Abilities seem a lot more within the grey area, and the message boards have very little postings about it.

Shadow Lodge

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If you can, they put out a PFS PbP survey, in hopes of improving the game. If you have a little time please head over to HERE and check it out. Please also spread the word.

Kingmaker Tactical | Strategic
DM Rah wrote:
Can an urban barbarian with a level in a spellcasting class use a wand during a controlled rage?

Given that an urban barbarian without a level in a spellcasting class would instead use the UMD skill (which is CHA based), I'd say yes. The added level of training in spellcasting ability should only make that easier.

As for the supernatural ability question, I think YMMV. Some abilities might very clearly require patience or concentration; others are much more grey.

Dark Archive

If there are any souls who have yet played The Midnight Mauler, I have a recruitment page going.

Pop in if you are interested.

Male Human GM 3 (PFS# 8548)

I'm working on my maps for the next adventure I am running and I really like the Google drawings that I have seen a lot of GMs use. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to lock a portion of the drawing so a player doesn't accidentally move an object? Specifically the map.

I don't think you can lock a portion of the map. You could set the map to view only and move the tokens yourself. An alternative, but more labor intensive way, would be to create a view only map, then create smaller, editable combat maps.

Male Human GM 3 (PFS# 8548)

I was afraid of that, well I will have the map and all objects grouped and place the character tokens on the top. Should work out ok.

Shadow Lodge

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If any DM's out there wouldn't mind, I've created a thread OVER HERE discussing the possibility of making running 1-5/1-7 scenarios give infinite DM credit. It's not official or anything, I was just thinking about the subject and wanted to hear different opinions. Both sides, really.

So, like I said, if you get a chance, please head over and give your side.

Signboy77's PFS Scenario-rama

So, I'm having trouble finding the announcement for the PBP Gameday 3. I tried searching the news and blog - can someone post a link?


Signboy77's PFS Scenario-rama

Thank you! I don't know how I missed it.

Dark Archive

Venture-Lieutenant PBP GM Tyranius PFS Reporting Tool | Scenario List | Scenario Sign-up Sheet

Yay! Occult Playtest drops Tuesday

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge

Yeah, I saw that. Should be interesting. I honestly haven't looked up too much about it yet but psionics is the one thing PF is missing compared to 3.5 so I guess it was overdue. I never played 3.5 and have no experience with psionics so I don't know what to expect really. Some people seem to love psionics and others passionately hate it.

Silver Crusade

Aasimar (Angelkin) bloodrager 5 |HP: 48/48 |AC: 19 |FF: 12 |T: 17 |CMB: +9 |CMD: 21 | F: +7 | R: +4 | W: +2 |Init: +4 |Perc: +6 |Sense Motive: +0

Psychic Magic is to Psionics as Mythic is to Epic.

So, the two are related, but (in theory since we haven't had the playtest drop) built completely different. The Paizo folks have said they never really liked 3.5 Psionics, so I imagine that this is going to be quite different.

I've always been a psionics fan. I love DSP's continuation of 3.5 psionics, but I'm looking forward to Paizo's spin on the topic.

Dark Archive

Venture-Lieutenant PBP GM Tyranius PFS Reporting Tool | Scenario List | Scenario Sign-up Sheet

Medium seems like it would be really fun to roleplay. Spiritualist seems like a fun different take on a summoner.

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge

It's nice to see they finally updated the factions on here. About time! They changed back in August and I was surprised they didn't have that ready to go back then.

Dark Archive

Venture-Lieutenant PBP GM Tyranius PFS Reporting Tool | Scenario List | Scenario Sign-up Sheet

Yea that surprised me also. Didn't seem like too hard of a thing to update.

Did they also update them on the reporting tool yet?

Rise of the Runelords|Dragon's Demand| Giantslayer|Emerald Spire

They haven't updated the PFS descriptions yet, AFAICT. At least as of last night, if you click on your faction icon the page it links to still has the old factions.

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge

I believe reporting has been updated. All characters have been switched to their 'equivalent' factions (Taldor -> Sovereign Court, Qadira -> The Exchange, etc) and you should be able to go through your characters and change to any of the new factions as you need. I noticed that my one Sczarni character did not switch to The Exchange automatically so make sure to double check all of your characters' factions.

Silver Crusade RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

I gotta say, most of them look fine, but I think the Liberty's Edge one looks kind of goofy. :P

I'm not a fan of the design for Liberty's Edge, The Exchange, or Dark Archive. I feel like they are on the right track, but the colors are wrong.

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge

I had the same thoughts (as did many others) when they first released the new symbols. Liberty's Edge is the worst, it looks like highlighter yellow.

Rise of the Runelords|Dragon's Demand| Giantslayer|Emerald Spire

I'll reserve judgment until I see them at full size. Liberty's Edge in small size reminds me too much of a crossed knife and fork to take seriously, though.

The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge

Larger versions have already been released a long time ago; there was a blog post about the new faction logos and they are in the new Guide from this past August iirc. I don't really like Liberty's Edge or The Exchange at all because I think they are cheesy but more importantly I think the colors all look weirdly neon, especially Liberty's Edge and Scarab Sages.

Rise of the Runelords|Dragon's Demand| Giantslayer|Emerald Spire

I noticed that about Liberty's Edge, too--that yellow is strange. The design at full size is a little less silly, but they need to change the color scheme.

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