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80's kid, Southern California, Reagan, Goonies, Saturday morning cartoons, Van Halen, running through woods.

Played 1st ed, 2nd ed, 3rd ed, 3.5 ed,...nope not 4.0. Our group continued with 3.5 for years, until the long campaign ended, when DM Rah suggested a 'new' system called Pathfinder in a sand box path called Kingmaker. We used Obsidian Portal to chronicle our games so I generically used Pathfinder Kingmaker as a user ID, and it just stuck, without foresight that I would switch over to Paizo.com in 2013. Previous, I was on DNDonlinegames and Mythweavers for about 8 years; so about 13 years of PBP as of 2018.

Other games/settings:
Cyberpunk 2020
Star Wars D10
Dungeon Crawl Classics