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About DM Rah

Welcome to my GM alias profile. I've been gaming about 30 years, GMing since 1990, GMing Play-by-Posts since 2006, and started playing and GMing PFS games in 2012.

Current Games and Campaigns in Progress:
Touch of Fey - A Kingmaker Campaign A version of the Kingmaker AP modified to fit within my homebrew world.
Tales from the Feralwood A Play-by-Post secondary campaign in the setting of my Touch of Fey - Kingmaker Campaign.

PFS PBP GM disclaimer for how I run my online games:

Everyone needs a "statblock" in their alias and a "quick reference" in the Class/Levels field. Look here for instructions!

Text Formatting:
-"Bold" for speech (quotes optional, but I like them)
-Italics for thoughts
-"Small"italics in quotes for whispers
-Feel free to be creative with size, language (google translator can be fun for certain languages), but try to be clear in intent. If posting in another language for roleplaying purposes, give a spoiler in English.

Dice rolls:
I am more interested in keeping momentum going and giving more time for roleplaying and action. Everyone is free to make dice rolls for their characters, but in order to keep the game moving I will roll most reactive dice, such as perception, initiative, saving throws, and certain knowledge skills (particularly creature identification). If you think I missed a roll you should have gotten, feel free to say so and make the roll yourself.

I use google drive drawings for my maps, linked in the Campaign description at the top of the page. The maps are designed to be accessed and edited by both GM and players, so you should be able to move your own tokens and create notes right on the map.

Painlord's Guide for PbP Players