Strange Aeons

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"That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die."

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DM Czernobog wrote:
Rysky wrote:
DM Czernobog wrote:
I have order, if we end up using the for your rules from whore adventures , The paladin immunity fear actually would only knock fear effects down two pegs. Which is still a big advantage.
... I don't think Paizo has put out that supplement :3

That's what I get for not spellchecking my voice to text thoroughly enough. Apologies all! XD

EDIT: @Rysky

** spoiler omitted **

yay! Okies, will get to work on em.

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Hmm, will most likely take Pugnacious, as True Devotion is more for the caster-y.

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Oh hai, Rysky! DK here.

This character is from a SA campaign whose GM completely disappeared after the first encounter. I hope that's okay. Here's Jacqueline's "fractured memory:" the only thing beyond hazy recollections that she remembers:


It prowled through the hallways.

Blood and gore indelibly stained the lecture halls, giving it a new, dark history, a place whispered of in years to come, a palace of suffering that would appear to the Sensitive in their deepest nightmares, calling to them like a dark siren, whispering of ancient lore and powerful secrets.

Even now, Jacqueline felt it, pressing against her mind, the blasphemies that had only recently taken place murmuring into her soul. It sniffed, its wings twitching in a gruesome shower of darkness and blood. Jacqueline's sign was branded into its forehead.

Taking a deep breath, Jacqueline stepped into its field of view, channeling all of her rage, her sorrow, her regret, into a hot-forged blade in her hands.

"You will stain this earth no longer," she whispered, almost tenderly, then leapt forward, dodging its ill-timed swipes and resisting the mournful, shredding wail. Finally, she slammed her red, crackling blade into her sigil, then as it faded away, Jacqueline said, sorrowfully, "I am sorry, Sorana. I'm so sorry." Then, she slumped and wept.

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Oh hai, Kitty!


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Yup :P

Creating a personality without thinking too much about the character's background was an interesting change for me. XD Anyway, here's Regina. For your convenience, I've included the full text of her various manifestation talents, as well as an explanation of what she can currently do (and what her limits are) down at the start of the fluff section. You may want to read that part first.



Female human ethermancer 1
NG Medium humanoid (human)
Init +4; Senses Perception +5
AC 12, touch 12, flat-footed 10 (+2 Dex)
hp 6 (1d6)
Fort +0, Ref +3, Will +3
Speed 30 ft.
Ranged ranged touch attack +3 (1d3 + 4)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st; concentration +5)
. . —alteration etherheart (cost: 1+)
. . —lesser blast etherheart (cost: 1+)
Str 11, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 18
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 12
Feats Point-Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Traits talented, twitchy
Skills Bluff +8, Intimidate +8, Perception +5, Perform (dance) +9, Perform (sing) +8, Spellcraft +5, Use Magic Device +8
Languages Aklo, Common, Elven
SQ alteration mani.: cosmic wards (cost: 1), alteration mani.: ultraviolet shift (cost: 2), blast mani.: conical shaping (cost: 2), blast mani.: extremes of infinity (cost: 1), blast mani.: scale model of the galaxy (cost: 2), blast mani.: shards of creation (cost: 2), blast mani: raw ether (cost: 2), ether point regeneration rate (1), ethermagic, ethermagic saving throws, maximum manifestation level (1)
Other Gear 50 gp
Special Abilities
Alteration Etherheart (Cost: 1+) (Sp)
Range personal
Target you
Duration 1 minute/level
Saving Throw as manifestation; Spell Resistance yes
EP Cost 1 + 1/4 level, rounded down
An etherspell with this etherheart affects the ethermancer directly.
Alteration Mani.: Cosmic Wards (Cost: 1) (Sp) Ethermagic 1
EP Cost: 1
Given the relatively undeveloped musculature of a spellcaster when compared to a martial combatant, ethermancers tend to learn how to make sheets of protective ether very early in their careers. The caster produces a number of faceted plates of ether, granting a +2 armor bonus to AC. This bonus increases by +1 for every two caster levels beyond 2nd, to a maximum of +4 at 6th level.
Alteration Mani.: Ultraviolet Shift (Cost: 2) (Sp) Ethermagic 1
EP Cost: 2
The light reflected by the caster's body and attended objects shifts into the ultraviolet, rendering him invisible as the condition. If the caster was carrying a torch or some other source of light, nobody gains any benefit from that source of light any longer. Objects dropped by the caster immediately become visible. Though still very much a solid mass of flesh and bone, by standing quietly, he gains a +40 bonus to Stealth checks while invisible. If the caster takes any action other than a free action, this etherspell ends immediately.
Blast Mani.: Conical Shaping (Cost: 2) (Sp) Ethermagic 1
EP Cost: 2
A blast etherspell with this manifestation is a 15-foot cone instead of a ranged touch attack. There is now a Reflex save for half damage. Only one shape manifestation can be applied to an etherspell.
Blast Mani.: Extremes of Infinity (Cost: 1) (Sp) Ethermagic 1
EP Cost: 1
A blast etherspell with this manifestation deals the caster's choice of fire or cold damage.
Blast Mani.: Scale Model of the Galaxy (Cost: 2) (Sp) Ethermagic 1
EP Cost: 2
Duration: 1 round / level
A blast etherspell with this manifestation leaves behind a number of tiny, starlikes spheres in the entirety of its area of effect. These spheres cause those who walk over them to fall prone unless they make a DC 10 + the caster's caster level + the caster's Charisma modifier Acrobatics skill check. Any abilities that grant a bonus to CMD against the trip combat maneuver grant a corresponding bonus to this Acrobatics check. Creatures that travel through the spheres at half speed need not make a check. If a blast etherspell has no area of effect, but is rather a single-target spell, the spheres are deposited in a 10-foot radius around the point of impact.
Blast Mani.: Shards of Creation (Cost: 2) (Sp) Ethermagic 1
EP Cost: 2
A blast etherspell with this manifestation does piercing damage and an additional point of bleed damage.
Blast Mani: Raw Ether (Cost: 2) (Sp) Ethermagic 1
EP Cost: 2
Duration: 1 round + 1 round / 10 levels
Eew, unprocessed extrauniversal goo! A blast etherspell with this manifestation entangles those damaged by it with a Reflex save to negate. If the etherspell includes a shape manifestation that offers a Reflex save for half damage, a successful Reflex save also negates the entangle effect.
Ether Point Regeneration Rate (1) (Ex) An ethermancer regains ether points equal to half their class level, rounded up, at the beginning of their turn.
Ethermagic (Ex) Regina is an ethermancer, and can draw power through the void for various evocations.
Ethermagic Saving Throws (Ex) The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against an etherspell is 10 + the highest manifestation level used in the etherspell + the ethermancer's Charisma modifier unless stated otherwise in a manifestation's entry.
Alteration DCs:
-Level 1: 15
Lesser/Greater Blast DCs:
-No Manifestations: 14
-Level 1: 15
Lesser Blast Etherheart (Cost: 1+) (Sp)
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target creature touched
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw as manifestation; Spell Resistance yes
EP Cost 1 + 1/4 level, rounded down
An etherspell with this etherheart is a ranged touch attack that deals 1d3 + the caster's Charisma modifier points of bludgeoning damage, plus an additional 1d3 points of bludgeoning damage for every caster level beyond 1st. A maximum of three manifestations can be added to this etherheart. There is no minimum number of manifestations that can be added.
Maximum Manifestation Level (1) (Ex) The maximum manifestation level that an Ethermancer can know.
Point-Blank Shot +1 to attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at up to 30 feet.
Precise Shot You don't get -4 to hit when shooting or throwing into melee.
I'm human. At least... I think I'm human? I don't remember, but I don't seem like anything else, so... I guess that's what I'm going to go with for now. J-just stay back, all right? I don't want to hurt you. I... I don't even know what this power of mine is...


Regina is an Ethermancer - a relatively rare type of caster who can draw energy through a tiny hole in reality itself. This energy lends itself well to simply being hurled in people's faces, and while it can be very flexible indeed - particularly the blast etherheart - it doesn't quite have the same degree of raw power as true sorcery.

As someone who hasn't yet fully developed their skills, Regina is capable of two main types of Ethermagic. Her Alteration Etherheart allows her to affect herself with her power - she can summon up wards to protect her or vanish from sight (although she can't really do much except take five-foot steps while focused on staying hidden).

Her Lesser Blast Etherheart, on the other hand, forms the true core of her power. While it can simply be hurled for a bit of damage, she can also add various effects to it. These include reshaping the blast into a cone of energy, switching its bludgeoning force to fire, cold, or piercing (with bleed), scattering tiny spheres that can trip up foes, and/or entangling people with a burst of energy.

Of course, everything has its price - and none of this is free. Ethermancers constantly recharge their energy as the power of the universe flows into them, but it's rare that they regain it faster than they want to spend it. She can hurl basic blasts all day, but if she adds too many extra effects to her power, she'll have to take a break before she can do anything else.


Personality Overview:

Primary Motivator: Service

When she's not panicked over waking up in strange places and desperate to find safety, Regina tends to fall into the habit of wanting to serve and help others. She doesn't consider herself a leader, despite her natural charm - to her regret, she's better at bluffing and frightening people than she is at sweet-talking them, and she's more likely to use her charm to dance and put on a show than inspire others. Instead, she's likely to pick someone who seems 'safe' and stay with them as best she can, trading her service for protection.

Emotional Disposition: Curious

When relaxed, Regina tends to be somewhat curious about things. That's probably to be expected from somebody who can spend all day shooting magic out of their hands, and she has an appreciation for learning new things.

Of course, her curiosity has occasionally gotten her into trouble... and she knows it, so she tries to keep a lid on it when it would be inappropriate.

Outlook: Optimistic

Regina is generally optimistic despite her twitchy nature - she's on-guard for danger when things seem weird, but she also believes in the group's ability to overcome danger.

Integrity: Mostly Conscientious

Regina is generally honest and responsible, especially to her friends - however, she's not above flat-out lying or even intimidation if she thinks it's necessary. Even then, though, she generally avoids lying to the people she likes.

Impulsiveness: Spontaneous

She shoots magic from her fingertips. Unlike wizards who have to seriously study in order to use magic, Regina's power is something she neither understands nor is totally capable of controlling. What she does know is that the power keeps coming, and combined with her curiosity, she usually ends up acting before totally thinking things through.

Boldness: Cautious

That said, she's usually only spontaneous and curious until she thinks she's in danger. At that point, she tends to clam up a bit, or even instinctively react with a blast of energy as she looks for a way out of the situation.

Agreeableness: Agreeable

Regina values her relationships with others, and in many cases, she's willing to set aside her own preferences and desires in order to help them achieve their goals. This is particularly true for the person she's truly following, and she's reluctant to push too far - unless she knows something others don't, anyway.

Interactivity: Engaging

Regina likes socializing with other people, and she's a trained performer who's comfortable dancing in public. That said, the more attention she's getting, the further away she wants it to be - she's still twitchy, after all, and genuine intimacy tends to make her nervous.

Conformity: Conventional

In most cases, Regina tends to go with the conventional approach to things. She's curious about learning new things, but tends to accept what she's learned - and as noted before, she values group harmony.

Secondary Traits:

Sense of Humor: Gleeful

Regina rarely tells jokes when she's worried, but when she's relaxed, she tends to let her guard down a little and might even crack a few funnies. These tend to be aimed at genuinely making other people laugh.

Favorite Topics of Conversation: Magic, Dance (and all performing arts), Tasty Foods

Group Affiliations: Regina mainly sees herself as affiliated with the party - whatever form that might truly end up taking. Notably, this means she has little in the way of emotional support elsewhere - it wouldn't be wrong to say she's a bit dependent on the people who matter to her, and she has trouble being independent.

Religion: Regina does not follow any particular power. Note that this is not true disbelief - she generally accepts and makes offerings to a number of different deities at different times. She believes in them, but isn't dedicated to one the way many other people are.

Jacqueline's Personality:

There are two sides to Jacqueline. Not literally, as in two personalities, but an outward face and an inner self, that she only reveals and accepts in times of privacy and introspection.

Her outward face is unrelentingly chipper and verbose, even in the face of sanity-shredding horrors. She always keeps a smile on, whether a wild grin of exultation of the challenge of defending the innocent or uncovering ancient secrets, a gentle upward curve for tender moments and comforting, or a mask upon a mask of tearful remembrance for those long gone. Perhaps her greatest joy is that of discovery, of both lost knowledge and finally puzzling out how the anatomy of a creature with so many oily tentacles and squamous tumors could possibly work. No matter her gentle, more than slightly eccentric, head-in-the-clouds demeanor, however, Jacqueline doesn't have time for ignorance. She is always quick to educate, especially when hatred and paranoia arises from the ignorance in question. And when people refuse to listen, she unleashes one of her premier weapons: her slashing tongue. Jacqueline possesses a rapier wit both for jest and for hammering the point home to her audience. Jacqueline possesses the same attitude towards those of ill intent, and in the rare cases of true evil: educate, then intimidate, then, if they refuse to listen, pontificate upon the point of a blade of psychic will.

Jacqueline's inward self, while sharing many characteristics with her mask, is significantly more melancholy. When in moments of reflection and privacy, Jacqueline is slumped, upon the verge of tears, feeling the echoes of a tragedy no longer remembered. The young woman knows that this is unsensible, even unhealthy, but can't shake the distinct feeling that if she loses this, her inner self, then she will lose something important and precious. One name rings out in these times: Sorana.

Jacqueline's Appearance:

The first thing that strikes most people about Jacqueline is how pale she is. Indeed, some would mistake her for a member of the undead if not for the vibrant, unmistakable light of life in her eyes. Long, snow-white hair frame a face that's unmarred but by a single, faded scar along her right cheek. Eyes the color of a mid-winter chill dance with thousands of whirling ideas and bright thoughts, and seem the drink in every last detail of her surroundings as if it was the last oasis in an endless desert. Indeed, she occasionally gets too caught up in the minutae to notice a tentacle waving in front of her face.

Jacqueline's frame is slender and willowy, graceful to a fault. She moves like flowing fire, graceful and balletic one moment, crackling with motion the next. Her usual garb accentuates this, with a tricorne hat always tilted a jaunty angle and a long, faintly scarlet overcoat over a richly black tunic and cravat, with sensible fabric trousers over her legs.

Essentially, like this.

Here is Zayne's submission so far.

To most, Horace looks like a rather weak person. He is scrawny, twitchy, and nervous-looking almost constantly. He rarely meets people's eyes and speaks softly, without much confidence. But their are moments. Moments when he focuses his will to show a whole new side that is either fantastically confident or just plain frightening. A side that has been with him since birth and plagues him to this day. A side that is not his own. A side that he has recently forgotten about since finding himself in a cell in a strange place with no recollection of how he got there. It is exceedingly happy about this. Oh the fun it will have.

At one point in his life, this other side slowly drove away all close to him. They'd catch a predatory look are a creepy smile from him and he'd have no clue it happened. They'd question him only to get a confused look in return. Once he realized what was happening, he managed to gain some control. He could use it to his advantage to gain people's trust or drive them away in fear. They had an odd symbiotic relationship. But the scales of power have shifted with the lapse in memory. New abilities have been unlocked. Someone wants out.

Sovereign Court

@Jacqueline Artorias
I saw the game that you and Zadok were in. I'm sorry that that game petered out. You have my condolences and assurances that if you are picked for the game, barring life threatening issues, i will narrate this game all the way to the end of book six.

Current Submissions

-Zadok Warren[Male Human Oracle]
-Donnen Phelps [Male Human Paladin]
-Trevor Culexis [Male Half-Orc Fighter Mutation Warrior]
-Nicolae[Male kitsune ranger beast master, infiltrator]
-Malevanidorian Ellemenirias [Male Elf Alchemist Grenadier ]
Zelda Tinker [Female Changeling Psychic]
Horace Day[ Male Human Spiritualist Fractured Mind]
Regina[Female Human Ethermancer]
Jacqueline Artorias [Female Magus Mindblade Kensai]
Saturday Daud [Female Human BloodRager Id Rager]


As a side note, I tend to cast in my RPG characters in my head as actors or voice actors. If you feel so inclined, pick a face/voice claim for your character! This is by no means required and is simply a fun activity. If your character doesn't adhere to anyone in the real world, I totally understand.

Karen Gillan, without a doubt. As Amy Pond, with the accent.

Jacqueline is actually supposed to have red hair, too, so it makes even more sense.

Oh, definitely something like Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia, but calmer and with a shield. I thought about him when planning Donnen with the scimitar and whatnot :)

What do you feel about a gunslinger? Let the eldritch abominations come, as long as I have ammo, true lead will see us through!

It's always reassuring when the GM is willing to make promises about the game ahead of time. I was looking forward to this AP well before it ever came out.

Choosing who to cast was extremely hard, but in the end I'd say a young Tim Roth, although geekier and less badass.

I've got the crunch on paper, will transfer tomorrow. But oooooh that fluff.

Dat fluff tho:
His name? He's not sure. Mr. Clean ...he was called that. He liked things clean. His hands clean. His jobs clean. He ...did bad things. Maybe to bad people? Hard to say. Pretty sure he's never met a saint. But ...these ...horrors-altogether different. This was worse. Mr. Clean likes things clean. And his brain isn't clean now.

Male half orc Cleaner Slayer. Enduring Stoicism trait. From a city far away, don't remember where. Bigger'n this. Easier t'blend. Cleaner. Not important now. Priorities: clean head; wipe out responsible parties.

Tall, broad, dark man. Close cropped black hair. Plenty of scars. Muscles like cords. Big, meaty hands. Somewhere between Mike Colter and Lee Marvin.

Clipped, direct sentences. (Unless in a role.) Quick movements, decisive. Not used to being scared. Doesn't like it.

Grand Lodge

GM I put forth a Tengu Rogue for consideration


I have no specific voice in mind for Regina, so go for whatever you want there. XD

Okay, here's try number 2, since I did something dumb and lost the first attempt.
Let me know if I've gotten too specific anywhere, of if I need to explain something.

Zelda Tinker:

Zelda Tinker
Female changeling psychic 1 (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4 29, Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures 60)
NG Medium humanoid (changeling)
Init +2; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +6
AC 14, touch 13, flat-footed 11 (+2 Dex, +1 dodge, +1 natural)
hp 5 (1d6-1)
Fort -1, Ref +2, Will +3
Speed 30 ft.
Melee unarmed strike -2 (1d3-2 nonlethal) or
. . 2 claws -2 (1d4-2)
Special Attacks dark half (1 bleed, 6 rounds/day), phrenic amplification (mindtouch[OA]), phrenic pool (3 points)
Psychic Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration +4)
. . 1st (4/day)—hypnotism (DC 14), mind thrust I[OA] (DC 14), ray of enfeeblement (DC 14)
. . 0 (at will)—dancing lights, detect magic, mending, prestidigitation
. . Psychic Discipline Abomination
Str 7, Dex 14, Con 8, Int 17, Wis 13, Cha 16
Base Atk +0.5; CMB -2; CMD 11
Feats Dodge
Traits magic in the blood, sensitive mind (perception), talented
Skills Appraise +4, Bluff +3 (+5 vs. creatures sexually attracted to her), Craft (painting) +7, Diplomacy +7, Intimidate +7, Knowledge (religion) +7, Perception +6, Perform (dance) +7, Perform (sing) +8, Sense Motive +2, Spellcraft +7; Racial Modifiers +2 Bluff vs. creatures sexually attracted to her
Languages Aklo, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven
SQ dependent, hypnotism (diplomacy), manifestation points, ability scores, read aura (perception)
Other Gear artisan's tools, blanket[APG], chalk (10), chalkboard[APG], entertainer's outfit, masterwork backpack[APG], scarf[UE], scarf[UE], scarf[UE], scarf[UE], scarf[UE], wooden holy symbol of Desna, wooden holy symbol of Iomedae, wooden holy symbol of Pharasma, wooden holy symbol of Shelyn, 1 gp
Special Abilities
Dark Half (1 bleed, 6 rounds/day) (Su) Dark side grants spells bleed damage to one target.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white only).
Dependent Shaken for 1 hour when you fail a Diplomacy check.
Hypnotism (Diplomacy, 1/day) Use power of suggestion to alter subject's mind or recover memories.
Manifestation Points, Ability Scores ([none], 16/psychic duel) Every combatant begins a psychic duel with a pool of MP equal to the combatant's HD + the average of her Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores. As a free action, a combatant can draw from this pool to generate MP. A combatant who draws any number of points from this pool is fatigued upon leaving the binary mindscape. A combatant who draws half or more of these points is exhausted upon leaving the mindscape, and takes a –4 penalty to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma for 24 hours thereafter. If a combatant expends the entire pool, she becomes unconscious after leaving the mindscape. The fatigued, exhausted, and unconscious conditions and the –4 penalty ignore all immunities and last for 24 hours; they can't be removed before that time except by a wish or a miracle.
Mindtouch (Su) 1 pool: detect surface thoughts of spell target (as the 3rd-round effect of detect thoughts).
Phrenic Pool (3/day) (Su) Pool of points you can use to modify psychic spells as they're cast.
Read Aura (Perception, 1/day) Read the psychic impressions left on objects or in places.

Important Memories:

-Waking up hungry as a child
-Living in a small hut on the edge of an idyllic wood
-Singing and Dancing at a tavern for money
-Her home burning as she's roughly dragged away
-Pain, cold, and a mad titter in the dark


Zelda is a petite, pale-skinned young woman with raven black hair that is as smooth as silk and mismatched blue eyes, one as bright as day, and the other as dark as night. She wears several layers and keeps the lower half of her face covered by a midnight-blue scarf with silver trees and songbirds embroidered on it. She wears red, black, and blue scarves around her waist under the oversized cloak she wears.


Zelda is shy and generally keeps quiet unless she's singing. She loves to dance, and often does it when she thinks no one is looking. Her obsession though, is drawing. She'll doodle on just about any surface and if not stopped, will cover the walls with thousands of detailed drawings and sketches. Her main form of communication is by writing and doodling on a chalkboard. When she does speak, it's in a quiet voice.

She has a childlike innocence to her and a desperate need to belong that becomes apparent within a few minutes of meeting her. She doesn't take rejection well, and has spent hours going over what she did wrong. She's a sweet person and is more than happy to help if she can, and oblivious to sarcasm.

Dark Half:

While still quiet, the dark side of her personality is cruel, sarcastic, and not above using torture to get what she wants. She doesn't use the chalkboard to communicate, but she does titter madly with each scream of agony she causes.

Sovereign Court

I approve of the cast selections so far. Definetly helps me envision your characters!

Also, I've added the character creation rules and relevant info posted previously in the thread l, in the campign section for those interested in applying.

And so you did. My apologies!

@GM Mowque
Gunslingers are more than welcome!

Current Submissions

-Felix[Male Tengu Rogue]
-Zadok Warren[Male Human Oracle]
-Donnen Phelps [Male Human Paladin]
-Trevor Culexis [Male Half-Orc Fighter Mutation Warrior]
-Nicolae[Male kitsune ranger beast master, infiltrator]
-Malevanidorian Ellemenirias [Male Elf Alchemist Grenadier ]
-Zelda Tinker [Female Changeling Psychic]
-Horace Day[ Male Human Spiritualist Fractured Mind]
-Regina[Female Human Ethermancer]
-Jacqueline Artorias [Female Magus Mindblade Kensai]
Saturday Daud [Male Human Paladin Tortured Crusader]

Silver Crusade

Saturday is male, and a Paladin (Tortured Crusader) :3

Sorry for the confusion.

Sovereign Court

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Saturday Daud wrote:

Saturday is male, and a Paladin (Tortured Crusader) :3

Sorry for the confusion.

Np! Fixed :P

Silver Crusade

DM Czernobog wrote:
Saturday Daud wrote:

Saturday is male, and a Paladin (Tortured Crusader) :3

Sorry for the confusion.

Np! Fixed :P

Thankies ^w^

Here I come, ready to bash some skulls! (Lornis) Barbarian for 2 levels then Figther (Sensate,Lore Master or Phalanx Soldier depending on the campaign and the group) and then Ulfen Guard!

I've added a few memories to Mal's backstory. Also, I found the Master Chymist prestige class, for creating Jekyll and Hyde, which I believe to be fantastic to go with the Lovecraftian theme, and especially my Formerly Mind-swapped campaign trait. I could hade a colder, more Blood Knight-y mutagenic form (possibly switching between two aliases), so I believe that I'll aim towards it.

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Malevanidorian Ellemenirias wrote:
I've added a few memories to Mal's backstory. Also, I found the Master Chymist prestige class, for creating Jekyll and Hyde, which I believe to be fantastic to go with the Lovecraftian theme, and especially my Formerly Mind-swapped campaign trait. I could hade a colder, more Blood Knight-y mutagenic form (possibly switching between two aliases), so I believe that I'll aim towards it.

I played Master Chymist in one of my tabletop game, it was a pure blast. Flavorfull and strong at the same time!

This is Orannis' character, Beatrix the Lost. Qlippoth-Spawn (with the Pass For Human race trait, more on that little tidbit below) Spiritualist with the Ectoplasmatist archetype.

Crunch is on the alias. Fluff is here in the post for ease of access, but I'll be copy-pasting it into the alias later.

What She Can Remember:

Fear, mostly.

What she can put together, with snippets of recall:

As a little girl, a beggar in some "rustic" Ustalavian backwater. Everyone hated her, though none of them could say why. They chased her out eventually, they said she knew things she shouldn't.

A few years older now, a city. Caliphas? Karcau? Can't be sure. Still a beggar. People treat her even worse here, but also notice her less. A good memory: she does well one night, has nearly a gold piece worth of coins. A bad memory: another beggar -can't remember what they looked like but they were much, much bigger than her- tries to take the coins. Beatrix is stronger, somehow. Pushes them away, knocks them over. They draw a knife, she screams. Then the other beggar is dead before their knife could even be swung, a hole in them as if they'd been run through with a sword.

Someone saw. Things got worse. She was going to have to run again. But there was an... Out... This time... But she... Can't... Remember...

She knows during this time she learned to do things, amazing things. To seize a great and terrible power within her, but how and why?


Beatrix is a scrawny young woman whose dark, straight hair, pale complexion, and sharp features mark her as a native Ustalavic.

She wears an old and worn, though still functional, shirt of thick hide over tattered peasant's clothes and never seems to be able to completely rid herself of incidental grime, giving her the general countenance of a beggar.

Certain things about Beatrix don't quite add up to those who observe her. She's perplexingly strong for a street waif, and close scrutiny reveals she is prone to muscle spasms that Beatrix herself does not seem to notice.


Beatrix mostly tries to go unnoticed, a survival tactic she's possessed her whole life. She is prone to telling people what they want to hear regardless of whether or not it's the truth, another survival tactic, though she is honest about never having known any family.

She has a great deal of sympathy for those existing below the bottom rung of society, with experiences similar to what she can recall of her life. She tends to be cold, otherwise, assuming that if others were not experiencing misfortune they would be burning her at the stake instead of asking her for help. Curiously, she feels some level of instinctual trust in the other PCs, and she finds this mostly frustrating.

Beatrix is frighteningly perceptive. She has sharp situational awareness and reads people very well. This, combined with her occasional ability to seemingly glean knowledge she should not have from her environment, tends to make people uncomfortable.

Lastly, my concept for the whole "Qlippoth-Spawn with Pass For Human" thing:

For DM Czernobog:

I really wanted the Lovecraftian flavor the Qlippoth have, but was also keenly aware that the in-world RP hurdles for Qlippoth-spawn are several orders of magnitude higher than other Tieflings. My solution was this: all of Beatrix's deeply horrendous earmarks of her heritage are internal.

By this I mean the obvious: she has numerous redundant and vestigial organs (which, incidentally, explain her preternatural durability) and bizarre, complex networks of hyper-tense tendons (and thus, her abnormal strength for her frame). But it also goes beyond that, to the degree that it's almost as if her Qlippoth heritage is another, discrete creature inside of her.

These vestigial organs and muscles wriggle and writhe beneath her skin. They largely pass off as muscle spasms, but someone in physical contact with her when it happened would distinctly feel something moving beneath her skin. Were she to suffer a severe enough wound to significantly "open up" part of her, one might actually see creepy little tentacles or whatever wriggling out of the wound.

This "second presence" also possesses some degree of it's own sentience. It is the source of her psychic abilities (spells, command over ectoplasm, psychometry) as well as "whispering to her": it is not quite "voices in the head", but the second presence within her is the source of her unnaturally keen observations about her surroundings and other people, as well as the source knowledge she simply could not have with her lack of any kind of education (i.e. background sill ranks in History).

Please let me know how you feel about this. If you think I'm reaching a bit, or anything about it doesn't work or is a potential gameplay concern for you, I'd be happy to re-tool the concept.

Yeah but you can't get into the class until level 8. Nearly all over prestige classes are level 6.

Zayne Iwatani wrote:
Yeah but you can't get into the class until level 8. Nearly all over prestige classes are level 6.

Good thing I'm a patient guy.

Due to the massive influx of submissions, are you going to consider moving the selection date up?

I'm thinking an investigator, and picking up Sleepless Investigator at 5th level. I should have it up relatively soon.

Working on retooling my Tiefling Inquisitor of Dispater. Lawful Evil but a team player, skill oriented. Originally made him for a Strange Aeons submission, just have to alter him for these creation rules.


My apologies. Nicolae's personality is a bit interesting. When there are no blades or weapons displayed, he can be quite brave and boastful. However once weapons appear, he becomes quite the coward. He makes his way to the safest place possible before attempting to help anyone but himself. He doesn't care for pain one bit.

Regina isn't going to panic just because she sees a weapon, but... she also tends to get less inquisitive when she thinks she's in danger. XD And she's not terribly comfortable with her powers, either. Ethermagic is weird that way.

Submitting a rebirth psychic for consideration. Details in the profile. Still have to do some number crunching, but the only thing I'm undecided on as far as choices is choosing between horrifying mind and second tongue for my remaining trait. I may still add some stuff to the personality section, but anything already there I'm happy with.

My submission for this Campaign. I'd Like to submit Annabel Hardins, The Fallen Gunslinger.

If a gunslinger is acceptable, her details are all available on her Alias page through the link. If not, I would be happy to submit a replacement.

Woof, stiff competition. Well, I guess I should get cracking. Thinking I'll go with a Gloom Chymist, the new alchemist archetype from Blood of Shadows...

Silver Crusade

Trying to cobble together a more concrete personality (that's always hard, as all my characters tend to evolve and change so the personality I put down for them at the very beginning doesn't really tend to stick :3) and whatever fragments of memories they hold onto.

Also trying to decide on Avatar, though this one I really like the red eyes, since Dauds have those.

I hold off on creating aliases until I've been accepted - I play a lot, and alias bloat is a thing. XD ...Hopefully an easier thing to resolve someday, but still.

Sovereign Court

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[b}Current Submissions[/b]

-Felix [Male Tengu Rogue]
-Zadok Warren[Male Human Oracle]
-Donnen Phelps [Male Human Paladin]
-Trevor Culexis [Male Half-Orc Fighter Mutation Warrior]
-Nicolae [Male kitsune ranger beast master, infiltrator]
-Malevanidorian Ellemenirias [Male Elf Alchemist Grenadier ]
-Zelda Tinker [Female Changeling Psychic]
-Horace Day [Male Human Spiritualist Fractured Mind]
-Regina[Female Human Ethermancer]
-Jacqueline Artorias [Female Magus Mindblade Kensai]
-Saturday Daud [Male Human Paladin Tortured Crusader]
-Ysvigg Redcloack [Female Human Unchained Barbarian]
-Haroldin [Male Human Psychic rebirth discipline]
-Annabel Hardin [Female Human Gunslinger Musketeer]
--Beatrix The Lost[Female Tiefling Qlippoth-Spawn Spiritualist Ectoplasmatist]

Thank you for the new submissions! Things are starting to heat up and I'm loving what everyone is coming up with.

Sounds interesting! Go for it.

@AlmagaforSounds like you understand the necessity behind LE in a non evil party. Looking forward to see what you've come up with.

@Jacqueline Artorias
The deadline is also to help give me time to prepare. Pushing through my workload as well as setting the game up. I chose the tenth to give me a wide enough berth to accomplish this. Plus I've seen lists far larger than this but I plan on treating everyone's with the same amount of care that was put into them.

No worries/ An alias is not required. I understand how unmanageable the sheer amount can be for an avid player.

I've never seen one in game , but that sounds fun.

@Saturday Daud
I know many players who develop their character and backstory as they play and I think that approach is no less valid than writing a small novel before the game.

Silver Crusade


Didn't get to transfer stats yesterday but am on it now.

Digger's entry. Just equipment left does equipment work with us trapped in an asylum?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I am putting together a cleric of Nethys who thinks they blew up the world... or are those visions a blueprint to pull it off?

Still working on my investigator, should be done tomorrow as I have off from work.

I would like to Dot here with a Human Cavalier Huntsman. Ill Have the crunch up tomorrow at the latest.

With regards to the "casting your character" query, I could very much see Beatrix played by a young Tamsin Greig.

Sovereign Court

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Since I mentioned previously how I've a fondness for casting actors/voice actors for rpg characters, then it goes without saying that I enjoy interpreting the game itself as a kind of television show. So I'll be posting mood music throughout the chapter to fit scenes, visual aids for locations or items, and maybe throw out face claims for certain NPCs. Little stuff like that. For example, here is the theme song for this game. Consider it, the shows opening.
Theme Song

Now I know this might not be everyone's bag, and that's cool. A lot of people appreciate solely using their imagination for games. Immersion is different for all of us. I will be spoilering all the 'show' stuff so you can play without being bugged by it.

Bring it on! More the merrier.

Love Investigators. You got time.

That sounds pretty out there. Looking forward to seeing put together. :3

@Beatrix the Lost
Great and unconventional choice. Not many people know Black Books.

@Mr. Clean
Nice to see the crunch behind that fun fluff. I'll add it to the list once we get a few more so I'm not posting the list multiple times a day.

I'll check that song out. I was actually thinking about this. The Sword's album Apochryphon is very apt. Execrator would be Mr. Clean's theme.

Going for a Dwarf Hunter who is too old for this but cares too much not to help, voiced by Logan Cunningham (Bastion/Transistor). Should be ready by tomorrow.

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