Part 1 The Hassashar Trade Route (Thunderscape PbP) (Inactive)

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>combat map rd1<

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Yep. Sorry about that.. irresponsible procrastinator and hide from failure in hopes of a better tomorrow ... kept meaning to come by and post. I guess I've lost the drive/creative dedication to do homebrew.

Ever since I went from a boring desk job to a physically active job, my daydreaming downtime and creative moods have dropped. I got a bump in pay so I no longer need to take side jobs - finishing up the last one this weekend. I'm assuming with more time on my hands I'll be back into it.

I bought the first few modules of the Thunderscape AP, and played around with a few ideas what I wanted to do with them, but I'm not certain I want to do that AP at all.

I have an idea of a campaign I'd like to run, but I want to give myself a little more time to vet the logistics before I mention it.
When I start a new game, I'll PM you and give you first right of refusal in recruitment.

Sorry again... I'll mark inactive.

Male Human

I'm willing to give it a go!

M Humanborn

alrighty, let me know when. keep in mind it takes me awhile to make a character.

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