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Enter the Stolen Lands, a wilderness claimed by nobles, bandits, and beasts alike:
Into this territory the fractious country of Brevoy sends its emissaries, tasking them with subduing the lawless folk and deadly creatures that have made it a realm of savagery and shame. Beyond the last rugged frontier stretches the home of voracious monsters, capricious fey, wily natives, and bandits who bow to the rule of a merciless lord none dare defy.
Can the PCs survive the Stolen Lands, bring their dangers to heel, and lay the foundations of a new kingdom? Or will they just be one more fateful band, lost forever to the ravenous wilds?

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Thats ok, they don't have to eat any. Just means more for the rest of us.

Choant wrote:
Well if we decide on an Asian theme we could eat the dogs... And the kittens.

That's how you get a pissed off swordswoman stabbing you with a rapier...have a nice day.

It's true I saw this happen once.

I like that we're already talking about stabbing each other. Makes for a good, family dynamic.

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Stabbing nobles is not uncommon. Now, consuming those you stab, that adds a whole new dynamic to the situation.

Actually out of all submissions I think I'm the only one with dog(wolf anyway), also I bet they eat PETA in some African countries lol!

As long as horse is off the menu.

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Lyrune wrote:
As long as horse is off the menu.

But it tastes so good with marinara.

This ranger ain't need to animal companions or magic, all I need is this shield to beat folks with.

So.... Friday the 13th is upon us...

That means it's time to reveal those who will accept the charter from the Swordlords and head into the Stolen Lands on a dangerous but potentially greatly rewarding mission.

Before we get to that though, I wanted to thank you all for the excellent submissions that you sent in. I really appreciate the hard work that you all put into developing characters for this game. You made the decision very tough because of the excellent work you did. In the end, I had to make a decision though and I hope that no one will be upset at not being selected. In the end I based the decision on what I felt would make a good, cohesive party, characters that had interesting backgrounds that I could potentially tie into, or concepts that I found interesting and wanting to explore, and other minor factors.

For those who were not selected, I would like to offer a few things. Everyone will be kept and you all will be the first ones sought after to replace any players should that become necessary. So, please don't just trash these characters. Second, my plan is to get this first campaign going and then start another group that will be sent on other missions. This second group will not be going through the Kingmaker AP but will be sent to Iobaria on a mission from the Swordlords as well. My goal is to create a meta-campaign that is centered around Brevoy, the River Kingdoms, Iobaria, etc. There will later be another group that will probably be focused mainly in Brevoy.

So, if you weren't selected, please let me know if you would like to be considered for one of these other groups when they get started. I don't anticipate that taking me long to get set up and started. If you weren't selected and don't care about being considered for anything else with me, just do nothing and best of luck on the board!

Well... Without further ado then, here are the six who will be part of this group to explore the Stolen Lands:

Celene - female half-elf oracle
Bella of the Everlight - female human warpriest
Numalar Auritonius - male gnome sorcerer
Valeska Talanova - female human tactician
Zokon Sanyev - male human slayer
Jarvek Orus - male half-elf rogue

Congrats to you six! You six feel free to post in the Discussion thread any questions you might have or get to know each other and we will also work out any crunch or background issues that need to be (assuming there are any).

Again, to the others, please let me know if you want to continue to be considered for the other campaigns.

Thank you, again, to all who submitted some very interesting characters! Happy gaming to all!

Well I guess never mind about the PM I sent you then.

Grats... for those that are chosen!

CyraXIII wrote:
Well I guess never mind about the PM I sent you then.

Not necessarily, just let me know if you want to be considered for the other campaigns or not.

Yeah, I like the secondary campaign idea. Congratulations to the chosen!

I'd be interested.

Sure, I'd be happy to have Radek considered for other campaigns.

Gratulacje to the chosen! Please keep me in consideration for any secondary campaigns or a drop out. Thanks!

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Congrats all who made it. May you all suffer horribly at the hands of vile Stolen Lands monsters such that you require rescuing in short order (by a team I am on.)

Definitely interested in another campaign, or as a replacement for the Stolen Lands when someone bows out (which, although not guaranteed, is likely to occur in most pbp games.)

What are your plans for the Iobarian portion? Is it kingmakerish in the sense that we would be building our own kingdom at some point?

Congrats, all.

havoc xiii wrote:
What are your plans for the Iobarian portion? Is it kingmakerish in the sense that we would be building our own kingdom at some point?

Assuming you live that long... sure, I might be open to that.

Consider me - consider me well! :P

Thanks! Happy gaming everyone!

Ok being a replacement

Woo! Happy Day! Thank you very much GM. Good luck to those up for the other games.

Continued interest in any other campaign you may have cooking.

Here is who I have as stated they were interested in a second campaign:

Mark Talbot
Richard Foxworthy
Pijana Orlovsky

Are there any others that are interested in the second campaign? If so, let me know ASAP as I'd like to make selections for it and get it going soon.


The second campaign sounds fun, you can count me in.

Liberty's Edge

Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!


I would be interested in playing Philgor in this AP

Human Fighter (Polearm Master)

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Pjiana is up for the show.

Avery Delman/Silverseabird, you don't have PM turned on and I need to contact you. Is there any reason you don't want to receive PM's?

Grand Lodge

I'd be interested, but don't have a specific idea in mind. Quite the contrary, I have lots of ideas I could bend to fit the overall construction of the party.

Terribly sorry, I'm not sure why pms were turned off for me, I have no reason to not want to receive them. They should be enabled now.

Vash still wants to play!

Sovereign Court

News Bulletin!

Due to employment issues our GM has withdrawn. We are not that hopeful about the chances of finding a new GM but if anyone is interested please pipe up! Our campaign has not gotten very far.

So if anyone is interested in picking up the reins for a campaign as our new GM please speak up!

On the same bent, two of our characters are also dropping out. We will need replacements for those; they are a warpriest of Sarenrae and a tactician fighter (Aldori sword wielder). However, players are usually much easier to find so we can worry about replacing those players when and if we can find a GM.

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I might have a go, if you're willing.
I have never run a strictly online game. Though I have run long-spanning, often character-driven campaigns (in a number of systems). Currently I'm running Kingmaker for my home group. We've finished The Stolen Lands and just started Rivers Run Red. I'm not sure exactly how one attains all the bells and whistles to access the GM side of stuff on the messageboards, but I am willing to learn. I would probably run with 6ish players (it seems good to have spares around here) and keep your exGM's promise to those who previously applied and let them get first consideration. Would probably also use Google docs and their drawing program to distribute maps and handouts, but before all that I'd like to see were you've been and get a sense of were you want to go (mostly by reading the 400+ posts start to finish over the next day or so--I already did the character sheets/backgrounds). Likewise I would encourage you to read my resume (well, any potential GM's resume really). Just click on the big, green sahuagin head in the corner. Feel free to follow my alias' about as well--good for a sense of my RP style.

Got work tomorrow, and my current group's prep, and that novel I've been thinking about writing, oh... and my unified theory, but I love the material, so I'll see how much I can cut through and be back in 24 or so unless you say: "No thank you Mr. Great Green God, and not just 'no sir,' but HELL NO THANK YOU SIR!"


PS If you've got questions, I have answers.

Sounds good so far...

GGG - I'm game if you are!

Liberty's Edge

So I saw your request for a DM, and I am willing. Do you still need one?

Sovereign Court

Corsario and Great Green God, thank you for replying.

It looks like you both have a fair bit of PbP experience.

Corsario, since GGG replied first I'm going to suggest that he gets first crack at the job. He said he will get back in 24 about it and if he changes his mind I'd say the job is yours if you want it.

The next step would be for us to replace the characters we are missing.

Liberty's Edge

Sounds good. Good luck GGG.
Let me know if it doesn't work out.

Corsario wrote:

Sounds good. Good luck GGG.

Let me know if it doesn't work out.

Ganorok...if you feel like running a Kingmaker Campaign as GM, I'd love to sign up. Been wanting to play Kingmaker since I first learned about it's existance-

so if GGG takes over here, how about opening your own table?(and reserving a spot for me, of course *gg*)

Orion, or you could join us here :)

Celyne wrote:
Orion, or you could join us here :)

would if I could, but GGG explicitly stated first chance goes to those who previously applied. Which is bad luck for me if those still want into the game as I guess inevitably those two spots will get filled that way.

Otherwise, i'd gladly join you.
(though not with orion, i think no GM would be happy to have a higher level guy crash his level-1 party) :)

Liberty's Edge

I have already DM a very over the top one. They started at level 7, using mythic rules, and we had a blast.
Too bad I felt the kingdom building was not suited for PBP.
So is not like I WANT to DM kingmaker, but I really feel for players when that loss a DM.
But I'll keep you in mind when I start a new campaign.

Hi there, this is Aest. I was told to drop by with a concept. Does anyone have a problem with a Daring Champion cavalier? This will be the alias I build it on, though I haven't started building yet. I'm thinking about Order of the Lion or possibly Order of the Cockatrice, and would be glad to use an Aldori Dueling Sword, though it'll slow down my damage in the early couple of levels.

I'll throw together a stat-block and 10-minute background tonight/tomorrow morning, and we'll see where things go from there.

I have no problems with cavaliers, but I'd prefer if you chose lion as cockatrice order cavaliers tend not to play well with others and i think the party will have enough problems without that to add to it. just my 2 cents.

Sovereign Court

Actually a daring champion with an Aldori Sword works quite well. You get Weapon Finesse for free and this is one of the feats you need to make Aldori swordfighting work. The Slashing Grace feat only works with one-handed slashing weapons, and unless you are a swashbuckler you won't get to use weapon finesse with such weapons. So the only way to add DEX to your damage AND to your to-hit as a daring champion is to go with the Aldori sword (or to dip levels in swashbuckler).

Remember that before you get both of those feats you will still be able to use an Aldori sword as if it is a longsword. If you are human you could take EWP and Weapon Focus at 1st level and Slashing Grace at 3rd.

Or if you dip one level in Swashbucker you won't need to take EWP because Slashing Grace would then work with normal longswords.

I elected to go with Order of the Flame because I felt it fit with what I wanted to do more. I was actually looking at Cockatrice for character reasons more than optimization, but Flame works just as well. Stat-block (minus gear) is up, and I'll have a 10-minute background up before I log off for the night, hopefully.

As for the Aldori Sword, I don't intend to dip in Swashbuckler to get it earlier. I'll be fine waiting until level three, and should still be reasonable at damage for those levels.

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