Jorvik: A Land of Snow & Ice

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A dark mystery in the ancient city of York.

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Male Temple Hound (Wyld Fey)

Gelert is really just enjoying running with another Hunter, he still owes all loyalty to Duana, and he is also dedicated to her because of how long they've been together. Essentially Bunny is a nice diversion to the usual but the first sign of trouble or if Duana needs him he's back with her. :)

Hey all,
Sorry, been busy at University lately, and relative in Hospital.
SHOULD be more available by next week, but if I vanish you'll know I'll be back asap.



Evil GM

Thanks for letting us know.

Hope it is nothing serious (RE: Hospital) and everyone is fine soon.

Female Human Housewife/1

wouldn't gelert recognize the smell that was on duana earlier?

She wore Andy's clothes home and didn't shower after they were together...

Evil GM

Yeah, mostly that's what the Alertness roll was for. Also being an 'alpha male' type character has it's downsides (of jerkiness) not just pretending that you are the most important person in any room.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

hehe I wouldn't want to eat what this cafe serves; hope he lets me buddy up and cook us our own meal; clean his grill and coffee pot and make something worth drinking.

Evil GM

Hope this is alright,
my poor brain
at this time of night.

Anyway moving it on, as I said feel free to hassle any of the people (including Axe if he wants, he was working on the cook whilst you were talking in the cafe). Alternativelt move onto breaking into the flat - this is your story.

I think we're good to move on, if everyone else is ok with that?

My/Danny's main concern was making sure that Henri didn't circle back and catch us in the act of breaking into his gallery! I'm hoping that the 'distractions' that Duana and I set in motion will be enough keep him occupied. Permanently. :)

Female Human Housewife/1

Okay, Duana's vote is to use a gate to NeverNever to get into the gallery. Basically it's the opposite of how they worked earlier. They've been seen at the scene by lots of people. Now they should be seen leaving together, then... well, i dunno, head in the direction of Duana's place and slip into an alley somewheres using stealth, get in, get the box, go to the Winter Court, deliver it, and pop back out elsewhere, like, far far away from where the meet is planned.

Basically, if Henri has feelers lookin' out for him, which... i dunno what that pixie was, he's going to know that Danny and Axe were there at the least if he survives to question folk. Duana bought a few drinks to establish where she was should the authorities ask.

I dunno, I guess it comes down to whatever folk are most comfortable with. Danny's a smash and grab type dude like Harry, but harry always had the police looking out for him, not trying to reel him in. Gabriel and the police woman are... complicated and Duana certainly doesn't want the mortal getting any closer to her life, so she's going to want to take the secret way in.

Evil GM

Oh, I should say OOC that the NPC's presented in the other post are representative of what is occurring, and those in the community of York. Some may be relevant, some may be involved in other stories and some may be just generic NPC's.

Thanks Duana, for outlining the options.

Male Greek/Roman Demigod

anyone have experience in the never never in this region?

Female Human Housewife/1

Duana pushed some uh... ghouls into it by the river and nothing tried to eat her.

Evil GM

With the World-Walker Power Duana has she can sense the entrance and exits in the realm. And if I can have a Lore roll, from you Duana, I'll spoiler some information about what you will find on the other side.

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas.

Female Human Housewife/1

lore = 4d3 - 8 ⇒ (3, 2, 2, 2) - 8 = 1 all right!

Evil GM

With a +2 for the World-Walker Feat it gives a total of 3 = Good Intel on the other side.

Duana - You have a feeling about exactly where an exit is which will give you entrance to the flat in Henri's Gallery, by-passing any wards. And the entrance is an alley behind the cafe; with public access and no monitoring devices nearby (from your earlier Investigation roll).

On the other side of the portal in the Never-Never is the Wyld Wood, this particular place is on the outskirts where it meets the Centaur Plains of Yith. It is relatively safe place, especially to the Winter Knight and people with lots of steel and skill like your company. The area owes allegiance to neither court, with the Wyld Fae roaming as they please.

In this area time runs slower, so for every hour you are in the Never-Never only a minute will pass in the 'Real' world.

Any Questions?

Happy New Year!

JUST got back into town tonight.
Will catch up asap.
OK, sounds good. When I get the chance to actually, you know, POST, I'll RP it. Yeah, I like the idea of actually being careful this time. :)

(I guess I really should stop trying to play Danny like Harry, since he has absolutely NO firepower to back it up!) ;P
In actuality, I was TRYING to play Danny like my old college buddy. He could literally talk his way into, and out of, anything. I swear. (I was so jealous!) ;)

FYI- My wife's granny is not doing well.
Short version (Unusual for me, I know) Too many complications.
Sadly, she isn't expected to make it much longer. SO, if I vanish again this week,... apologies in advance.

Evil GM

Hope everyone had a great New Year.

Rags, hope your family bears up well and my heart goes out to you. Danny is really fun and the portrayal is brilliant. Thanks for the heads up, though I wish the best for you and the family.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

Had a great one; finaly home now from visiting my Parents; kinda weird to spend time out of touch with everything on the ranch; no internet or nothing for nearly a week.

Evil GM

So from from Texas Valegrim; or the Southern States?

Yeah, I understand Vale.
Was Visiting family for the holidays too. Almost an entire week without interwebs.

I didn't know whether to cry or cheer! ;P

Thanks for the kind words DSXM. My wife's Grandmother passed away today.
We'll be fine, but we do have to get through this week and all of the required arrangements. So again, I will catch up asap.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

was in Southern New Mexico hehe.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

yeah, I know; most people dont realize it is a state in the US hehe

Evil GM

Rags, you have my condolences for your loss.

Valegrim, been playing Halls of Montezuma a couple of times over X-mas. About the Texas(US)- Mexican war of 1846; so got a vague idea of the geography. Good game; but a bit random.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

hehe; dont drink the water; does the game have the revenge of Montezuma?

Heh, only visited Mexico a couple of times, but watching others NOT be careful and getting it was as close as I ever want to be to catching it!

I'll catch up asap, promise.
I figure that by next week I'll be back to as close to 'normal' as I'm gonna get anytime soon. :)

Evil GM

A couple of my friends got married there last year. Apparently Californians can burn without sun lotion ;p

There might be a 'Revenge' card, or at least some bad disease. Although I was playing another game Monday; 'Wilderness Wars' the Franco-British wars of 1755-60. And I made my French opponent give his Indians small-pox.

Aw, now that's just mean! ;)

I played a few fun games with my family this holiday. I think the names were Agricola and 7Wonders. Apparantly my mother has no problem with being the first to play the 'not nice' cards on the rest of the family! :)

Oh, and FYI- I also saw Puss in Boots this holiday. Forget the fact that it's a cartoon. Or his part in Shrek. (Whether you liked those movies or not) Best. Action. Adventure. Movie. Ever. :D

Male Ferromancer

Guess who's got an internet connection afain? How's everyone been? I've had the weirdest few months of my life.

Evil GM

Yep, Agricola great game (so I have heard) somehow I haven't played it. But there is a running joke amongst our group with herds of sheep. A couple of friends literally have hundreds of games, every week we play 2-3 new ones!

Jericho (Ryuko), great to hear from you again. How are you doing! Do you want to step back in? Catch up and I'll find a good place to re-introduce you!

Evil GM

Actually thinking about it I am sure I have played 7 wonders, although I can think of a couple of games with a similar theme. Sounds like you had some fun Rags.

Male Ferromancer

I'll find a decent place to step back in over the weekend. Will also be seeing about restarting my other games, so look out for the other game to pop up so I can hopefully continue that.

Evil GM

Cool, the gang have worked out who summoned the ghost to kill the courier and are trying to recover the box. I'll try and catch you up properly, might do it in spoilers in the morning GMT.

In other news, I have started a face-2-face Dresden Files game. Should be interesting, was a toss-up between that or an Elric meets Jade Regent.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

weirdest year; do tell....

Male Ferromancer

Weirdest few months but yeah. Essentially I got into a love quadrangle of painful proportions and came out of it down 2 friends, a girlfriend and a lot of pain. Damn shame but oh well. Back to having my life be my own.

Wowsers. Sorry to hear that Ryuko. UM, welcome back?! :)

When your REALLY bored sometime, I can regale you with a tale of an X-wife and X-best friend. ;P

But you'd rather play 7Wonders. Seriously. good game. ;)

Male Human Super Cruel DM 10

It's cool. Working through the aftermath now but that's not the sort of tale to get in the way of gaming lol. I never even got the chance to make a declaration on this character and he was built around them. I'm gonna be catching up on about 7 different threads so I'll have some entertainment lol

Glad to hear it.
Cuz when you start thinking of catching up on your threads as 'work', your already doomed! ;)

See ya back in the thread Ryuko!

Female Human Housewife/1

Oh you kids and your geometry love.

Lucky you it wasn't an N-gon, huh?

Meanwhile, I can't get my husband to stay in bed with me in the morning. Apparently videya games are more fun than being around if wife needs something like affection.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

hmm; I often leave my wife in the morning when she wants to snuggle to; but I get up at 5am each day and she doesnt get up till 10 or later and I just cannot stay in bed that long; I get ansy; 7:30 is best I can manage. I doesnt at all mean I dont love her or her affection; so dont take it personally; your not in competition with video games; maybe he like me just cant lay there anymore; gotta move and get coffee and putter around.

Male Ferromancer

So. I got hit by a car...

I'm ok, a bit banged up, fractured wrist, couple cuts. But since I lost a chunk of ring finger I probably won't want to type much at least for awhile. So I guess you don't have your snarky encyclopedic ferromancer back yet lol...

Gotta love life throwing terrible crap at you.

Best few months ever.

Holy crud! I thought you were joking at first!

Get better soon dude!

On my end, we buried my wife's grandmother today. At least it was a beautiful day. January, and sunny at 72 degrees.

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

wow; what can you say after that. My best wishes for you guys

Heh. Hey, Happy new year everyone!!

I figure it has to get better now!?! :)

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

hehe already back to the daily grind of my life, wife is in a cleaning frensy now and it isnt even spring lol

Male Ferromancer

Anybody wanna gimme a lil breakdown of what's happened sp far that Jericho would be aware of? I've been digging through but I'd like to step back in soon so if ya got a suggestion where now's the time DSX. Let's see what a wonderfuo ferromancer can do!

Evil GM

I'll try and get something up in the morning. Currently the party are all together; traveling through the Never-Never to get into a Necromancers' house. He ordered 'The Ghost' to kill the Courier - Tybalt and steal a Ivory/bone box (which contains something very dangerous). Once there they hope to find the box. I'll get something concise in 10 hours, but if anyone else wants to give you a run-down. It is very much appreciated, even to the tune of 1 Fate point! to all.

What I was thinking of was popping you back in the Real World, but things are stalling a bit ATM. There are some connections to your PC background.


Though this might mean you are away from the group (although they often split up), I was thinking that you could have followed a different lead, tracking the ghost to a church yard? I would do a summation post for you, but this is where you would restart. I would also like top keep this in spoilers as the party would possibly join you and I don't want them to feel I am rail-roading too much.

Male Ferromancer

Absolutely. Sounds great. Glad you included my background, that'll spring me some good tags/compels. Starting in a graveyard sounds good, post up whenever you're ready.

Also, everyone remembers declarations right? Go read up on that part of the rules. It's my personal favorite section, as it effectively lets you place aspects on places/things/ppl with any skill.

Also Also, forgive any typos in the near future. I'm bandaged on my fingers and have a removable cast on my wrist. I'm a bit clumbsy

Male Efreeti, advanced manthing 45HD

ooh; that should have been a spoiler; I didnt know it was a necromancer's house.

Evil GM

I was thinking that I would do 2 spoilers; what has happened to your PC and the below one that has more of a Meta round-up of what has happened to the party. Although this will not include personal details or secrets (at least 1 ‘got lucky’), but they are in open posts anyways; in case you wanted to read them.

Therefore, What has happened to Jericho so far!

  • Woke up in a Police Cell, with vague memories of the night before.
  • The night before, he fought with a ghost that was killing a man. (Later you find out this is over a Ivory box).
  • Investigating the crime scene you meet up with Axe, he knows the kid charged with murder.
  • A witness comes forward to you 2, she lives in a overlooking house. Lucy(?) saw the ghost kill her friend Tybalt and you come to the rescue distracting it. Axe’s friend stumbled upon the scene and tried to help the dying man.
  • Lucy seems to be a young woman with immense magical powers, an enigma. He over-flowing garden is beautiful.
  • Lucy then told that Tybalt was picking up a box from her.
  • Her boyfriend Tim stole it for Tybalt. Tim came around and talked to you. The box had to be kept in the light as Tybalt put something into it. This something felt powerful.
  • Danny also turned up at the woman’s house.
  • Lucy said; Tybalt told her of a second buyer, a vampire who wanted the box. Axe & Danny left to go to a bar and speak to him.
  • Gelert popped in he was very interested in the ghost manacles, you noticed a maker’s mark and that it was similar to the item of Jericho’s fathers.

So what I was thinking could have happened next is that;

  • Jericho checked out some archives and historical references. He comes up with a name for the ghost. Delving further into church records at the Minster Library, Jericho learns the name of the ghost & that it has been inactive for a while. The records seem very concise and extensive.
  • Jericho meets a mousey young woman, also visiting and the studious young librarian whom also works at the university.
  • The librarian (rolling his eyes & with a wry smile) tells him that a Church of England priest was looking for information on a malevolent spirit. He gives the Vicars name, provided Jericho takes his place as Chaperone at the York Uni Valentines day Ball. The next set-piece to start the next arc.
  • Jericho does some financial digging and finds the church is well funded for so small a congregation and thus goes there the following afternoon.

I’ll get a IC post up later on but basically this is 5am on Day 3, the very start of the day.

By the way, under the campaign tab, there are NPC descriptions.

Here is the Meta round up of what has happened. Basically what the others have been up to whilst you have been doing your thing. Therefore if they say that they tell you what has been happening you can already know it briefly.
  • The box that was stolen was for the Maeve, she had heard of its power.
  • The ghost was bound by Henri, an art dealer. And it killed Tybalt and stole the box.
  • Henri has the box and was commissioned by the Vampire Lord of the town to steal it.
  • However, Henri might have manoeuvred the Lord into this. Because Henri wants the box to resurrect his wife.
  • The Vampires are going to war with the ghouls (they live outside town).
Sorry there’s lots of other stuff going on, but I’ll write some more. And I don’t want to spoil all the surprises, although I am sure it was pointed out the Henri was a Necromancer.

Male Ferromancer

Ok, mind if I make a Lore roll to see if I can learn anything about this girl? And I'll look up potion rules and be by later with a couple potions for ghost hunting.

4d3 - 8 + 4 ⇒ (3, 2, 1, 3) - 8 + 4 = 5

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